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The Adsawa Rainforest waterfalls

These Rainforrests are on an island off the coast of Africa, not belonging to any nation. Nobody owns this land, it is free from all international interference so has thrived to become one of the most bio-diverse Forests in the entire planet. This was because of an enchantment placed upon the forest many hundreds of decades ago by the God of Nature, but that has been removed. So the Forest is now open to anybody to visit, if they can cope with the great dangers within. Snakes that are so venomous they could defeat an elephant in 20 seconds, Gorillas that have grown so large they rival even the strongest beings, It is said these beastly animals have evolved to be-able to lift over 10tons, because of the lack of human interference and pure survival, Evolution has created one of the most hostile, yet tranquil places on earth.

The birds sing all day every-day sending echoes throughout the leaves and the great canopies that stretch into the clouds. It is said even people in the coast of Africa can hear the beautiful calls of the Mockingbirds. Some say these are to trap unknowing tourists and travelers into the jungle to never return.

The Forest rains magical rain, the purest water that you will ever find on the tiny blue planet, free from pollution and other toxins it is always safe to drink for animals and the one human who thrives and lives in peace on the island.

The great Waterfall is the meeting-place for all of the animals in the forest, it serves as a water giver and no blood-shed has ever been shed, not by man nor ape. No Leopard will hunt in this sacred place, it is as if it is the will of the jungle. Pure instinct, built into everything that lives on this island stops any animal feeling hostile to another in these waterfalls....A short-lived peace in this dangerous place, ravishing in its divine excellence.

Outside of the beautiful and enticing waterfall lies the Malumbas Valley...

Malumbas Valley

The peace of the waterfall, so tranquil and splendid now lies ruined when you enter this valley, Home to the great Leopards and Baboons that will tear your tender flesh off its bones, dig deep into your chest as they claw out your heart. It may look like a peaceful place, but do not be deceived by the jungles alluring presence. It will only lead to death.

Many traveler and poachers have tired to visit this valley and hunt the animals, but to no avail. They fall prey to the animals as the hunter soon becomes the hunted, the very nature of the place means it takes the best to be able to even hope to live, let alone thrive in such a hostile valley.

Nature if not kind, is not unfair - If you do somehow survive the journey to the Valley, you will be rewarded with the freshest water in the lands, and beneath the valley lies a river that is coated with Diamonds from a Volcano eruption many decades ago.

This river is not defended by anybody but defend naturally by everything. The animals and harsh terrain make it almost impossible for a normal man to reach its quiescent undergrowth.

The trees are so tall and magnificent that the rain takes over 20 minutes to penetrate the thick leaves and fall to the ground, So dense you would need a knife to even get through without being injured by every thorn and nettle.

The River of Peace and Tranquility

It only takes a simple glance to get entrapped into the serenity of this river, Travelers from all over the world wish to come and view the still water undisturbed by any animal, simply sitting on the side is enough to cure all anger within, This is not a hard location to visit, that is what makes it even more magical.

No fish live in this river, it is undisturbed. Apart from the occasional snake that slips in to cool down, despite the large amount of rain this is a very hot and exotic location.

Examples of the wildlife

The animals in this location are possibly the most dangerous types of these animals that live anywhere on the planet, they have evolved to become possibly the most hostile and biologically advanced version of themselves, They are all at their Apex of evolution, Each being 2x lager than usual. Stronger and faster.

However, this brings in poachers and it can cause this jungle to be even more dangerous than it really is.

The Great Mountains of Reckless death

This may be possibly the most dangerous location in the whole island, Ripe with falling points, snakes that are hidden and other horrific dangers this can be a deadly mountain.

Recklessness can lead to instant death if you fall. Or even misplace your hand and mistake a snake for a branch.

This is the prime location for the Giant Gorilla however, so expect to find groups of many, also groups of many violent Poachers attempting to capture and kill them.

If you do however, brave the harsh conditions you will have one of the most breathtaking views on the entire planet, it has even silenced the most traveled members of society.

But it has actual value on-top, Once you reach the summit of the peak mountain, it lays entrance to a cave...a cave filled with a rare substance known as Acundamite, This is Five times more rare and 10x more expensive than Diamond.

The Protector

It is said he moves as fast as the birds, steps as light as an ant and has never been seen apart from a few folk tales from poachers who have lied to their friends, Nobody knows his name or where he came from. It is said he has super-human speed, can talk to animals and "blends" into the very jungle that he resides him.

He comes out to defend animals that are in harm every-so often, not always but he can be there when somebody is in need of rescue. He carries a spear, and is rumored to have a pet jaguar.


Purpose of this location - This location is open for anybody, It can be used to have treks with characters to try and find the Diamonds, Set up camps etc...It can be used for training characters in Jungle combat, anything that you like.

Rules -

I will add more information onto this thread later if I get the time.

  • Standard CV Rules apply
  • No major destruction, please keep it minimal, small forest fires allowed etc...
  • No NPCing with The protector, for now I will do that whenever I can feel it will work.
  • This may sound weird, but Sell the Animals reasonably. They are 2x stronger than usual remember.
  • Have fun and don't get lost trekking!

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*Insert nitpick about how evolution doesn't work that way :P*

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@lady_rosalina: Well it does, depending on how you see it ( Or not...But lets just say It does!!) and its my rules anyways!

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@pyrogram said:

@lady_rosalina: Well it does, depending on how you see it ( Or not...But lets just say It does!!) and its my rules anyways!

Being big is only an advantage when there's enough food to go around and space to move in. When food is scarce and spaces are cramped, Island gigantism rapidly becomes island dwarfism.

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@nerx: Then get some!!! :D

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Albert sucks down a giant tree

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