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This is a simple, non-canon battle thread.

"Aaahhh" sighed Jacky
Jacky loved this place, so quiet, so peaceful, nothing at all to distract from the task at hand. Long rays of sunshine slightly illuminated the evergreen forrest bathing frostbitten bark and dewey green grass in much appreciated warmth as the Sun began its ascent. Jacky breathed in deep and his lungs were filled with the crisp, wild air. Small critters scurried 'cross the earth, rustling bushes and scaring deer, while flyers flitted from tree to tree, knocking frost from the perfect pines which floated down as light snow and it smelled like purity. The musical melodies that cascaded downward from the wooden towers ceased when Jacky appeared; it was as if they knew. In the middle was a bare, circular, isolated island. Brick bridges connected the western and eastern sides to the forrest 'cross a ten meter wide blue body of water which could only be described as a mote. Surrounding the surreal woods were mountains. The trees climbed these colossi until the thin air couldn't support their growth miles above and away from the battlefield. The last feature of this little locale started at four points centered around the isle, sprawling everywhere and connecting atop the center point of the forrest. From here shooting straight up in a graceful arch culminating in a spectacular spire was the Eiffel Tower,... just because. 

Jacky had earlier appeared with the Eiffel Tower in the forrest and, releasing his grasp upon the delicate damsel, made his way through the forrest, walked upon the water, settled on the center isle where anyone who wished for some unobstructed, one-on-one combat could find their fight and now surveyed the mountain range meant to keep the fight contained. Jacky constructed this place from scratch for this express purpose using his time and space abilities. He imagined the people of Paris would be upset about their missing tower and what was about to happen to it but... meh, he would deal with that when the time came. For now, here was a place where heroes, villains, and neutrals alike could come and pit their skills and powers against each other and they don't need an excuse to do it.

"Well let's start then"