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"Hell is empty and all the devils are here.- William Shakespeare"

6.0833° N, 118.3000° E

Taganak, Turtle Islands, Southern Philippines


The sound of industry echoed across the small island, the rusted cogs of machines grind and the white hot flares of cutting torches flicker in the low light of the harbor. Several large hoists lift steel crates up and onto a cargo ship. Its hull slowly erodes from the sea winds and salts. Ropes and chains coil on the concrete ground like a parade of anxious starving serpents. The steel crates are stamped with neon orange bio-hazard signs. Men in white containment suits operate the wenches and the various machines knowingly aware of the purpose of this shipment. Though money is the god of the stricken and poor. An earshot from the bay, a warehouse jigsawed with tin and scrap aluminum panels was riveted together and served as the processing plant. Scientists from every corner of the globe gathered in a small makeshift lab in the eastern wing of the building. Respirators cover their faces, as did shame while they developed and produced a chimera virus. Several of these men stood in front of a thick window, glaring into the room beyond it. It was dark and appeared to be void but if one looked hard enough into the dismal room, the smear of hand prints and tears clouded the once clear glass. If one would be so daring to listen, you could hear the heartbeats and whimpers of the imprisoned and the torturous sound of a constant drop of stagnant water on the soiled floor. And if one would be so bold to venture inside, in the dark, you would be bombarded by the foul stench of decay, ammonia and despair. Though, they would not because beyond that window was test subjects, those unlucky enough to have lived on this island before it was ransacked and burnt to the ground. An ultimatum came forth soon after; work or die. Most chose life and servitude while these souls where the last of the resistance, if there was ever one truly. "The virus has taken full effect. Commence solar replication." Said one of the scientists in a cold harsh voice. He motioned to the man at the edge of the room, his hand squeezing a drop lever and like an executioner swinging down his ax with a smile, the lever was pulled down and the dark room exploded in a bright light. Screams bellowed and in the window a man slams his blistering body into the window, the force throws him back but leaving blood splattered on the glass and he collapses in agony on the floor with the six other subjects. "The virus is successfully weaponized. I shall report the news to our Lord and his guests." The scientist swung his head to the side before he started to walk, revealing a dark red spider tattoo on his neck. His long skeletal like arm swiped an access card across a sensor on the exit door. Before leaving, he punched a code on a security device and shut the door behind him with the sound of several bars locking into place.

He walked up a set of black iron stairs, twisting in a spiral to a second story office converted into a conference room. Its walls where bright white and unlike the scenery around the room, it was well kept. Men in suits sat at a narrow table in tall backed executive chairs, gluttonously shoveling food down their faces. The scientist spoke out, alarming some of the guests "Project Nosferatu is green lighted. Thirty tons will be shipped out tonight as scheduled while we finalize production of the next shipment within a week." The men shook their heads with a smile as they begin to converse. One man did not however, elderly and nearly blind. "I invested in this so called revolution because I was promised triple the amount forwarded within a six month span. Its been two years and I am nearly bankrupt. Your, Lord hasn't even shown his gratitude nor his fa...." A dead silence came to be just as the sound of heavy boots thundered slowly across the laminate floor. A chill took the men as they stared down at the table save the poor sighted elder who was looking in the opposite direction. He felt the cold surely, however fear gripped his heart more so than the eerie chill of the presence whose crimson gauntlet dug his clawed sheathed fingers deep into the fine leather of the chair behind him. Like the deepest tone of an organ the presence spoke "Your investments are much obliged comrades. However, though my promises may have seen themselves elsewhere presently, I can assure you my gratitude as well as my..." The clawed hand spun the chair slowly clockwise. The old man gasped and for those few seconds, his entire lifespan was a blink of an eye. His weary head raised up to see a barrel like chest covered in a pitch black body suit. Straining his neck the man saw the chiseled grey toned profile of the Prince of Spiders. His hair was like a black curtain and his eyes glowed like rubies held up to the sun. With his other hand the assassin wrapped his fingers around the back of the man's head and finished his sentence. "...Face." Only to swing his head back and drive his forehead like a ram into the nose of the elderly man. The chair swiveled swiftly from the force and spun just to toss the limp carcass off and onto the floor. Tenjin caught the chair with his mighty palm and took a seat at the head of the table. "In my absence I have allowed many things to happen which could have been dealt with just the same way as I dealt with this nonbeliever. Violence and fear. Salah." The present low light of the room began to lessen in luminescence and a multitude of black cloaked figures swarmed around the table. One dropped to his knee next to Tenjin and spoke in a ghostly tone " Several mercenaries had not reported in, upon inspection we found them incapacitated. Currently we are seeking out the infiltrator and will bring you his head, my Lord." Katsuro leaned back slightly in his chair, a grim smile broke his once statuesque persona and his dark mind developed quite the idea. 'Perhaps, rather than sending a death squad to do my bidding, I should greet our uninvited guest personally. While, my comrades here can enjoy their feast and be rest easy knowing they can trust Katsuro Yamamoto with their lives." His face drew a smirk as he placed his boot the the dead man's head just as he rose to his feet.

Tenjin made his way slowly down the staircase, he wore a black trenchcoat which dragged on the step behind him as his hand slide down the rail, a clawed finger dragged on the metal releasing a slight screech. His red hanya mask was fitted over his pale face held in place by a red sash which also muffled and deepened his already low voice. He could sense a presence, a life energy pulsating around him. He would not need to travel far for his conflict. Katsuro's fists clenched tightly, knuckles turning white as his hands trembled. It was not fear, but the thrill of combat that made him shake. A sick addiction as strong, if not stronger than to that of the Black Lotus. He lifted his left hand up to the side of his mask and pressed a small button releasing a surge of Black Lotus smoke into his powerful lungs through his demonic facade. Instantly, as he blew the smoke out through the mask, the smoke contorted into a skull like image only to be whisked away by a draft somewhere in the warehouse. His eyes scan the darkness around him, his breath controlled and his mind focused. He takes a few steps and looks upwards at a hole in the roof revealing a bone colored moon in a starless sky. Bathing in the lunar light, his kevlar plated armor shown, heavy, weighing him down slightly. The lotus smoke had began to take effect, calming him and holding his rage at bay, for now. Tenjin began to expel his negative chi outwards as he felt the power of night course in his veins, sinews and muscles. "Come forth warrior...reveal yourself." The Human Hayabusa had made himself known if he had not done so already. "If you are an assassin, you are an unconventional one indeed..leaving the mercenaries alive. You did not come here accidently either, you have a purpose." Tenjin walked in a circle, scanning every shadow, nook and possible cover, those blood red eyes hungry for signs of life or movement. "These islands are difficult to travel and have no regular means of transportation to and from save private boat or aircraft. Hence you came for a reason. Though, whatever reason you came you've jeopardized my operations and therefore you must die." Katsuro stopped to stand in the very middle of the circle of light and welcomed his guest to attack.

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"Come forth warrior...reveal yourself." The voice, cold and calculating, called out to Ethan as it stood amidst the large crates in the now empty warehouse complex. "If you are an assassin, you are an unconventional one indeed..leaving the mercenaries alive. You did not come here accidently either, you have a purpose." A chill ran down Ethan's spine as the man spoke. His dark presence was accompanied by a cold embrace. "These islands are difficult to travel and have no regular means of transportation to and from save private boat or aircraft. Hence you came for a reason. Though, whatever reason you came you've jeopardized my operations and therefore you must die." This last statement confirmed that this was the man Ethan was after. Though all his senses brought him to the conclusion that this was no man. The spirit oozed corruption, a dark taint like no other flowed through every fiber of his being. For years this demonic being had reveled in its malevolence allowing its power to reach unimaginable levels. The taint had spread in the short time he was here and from miles it could be felt by those with even the slightest affinity to it. Ethan came prepared, though he was unsure if the knowledge he possessed would be enough of an advantage to succeed against such opposition. He stepped around the large storage crate stepping directly into the circle of light his armor glowing vibrantly, drawing heavily on the ambient energies, fueling Ethan's physical and spiritual abilities. As the two stood in front each other the contrast was evident. There auras seemed to clash as they danced around them, neither gaining an edge. Ethan grasped his escrima sticks firmly in his hands, studying the man's mask. The intricate markings were unfamiliar too him, yet his reading were picking up some type of gaseous release system behind the ceramic design. The escrima sticks danced between his fingers, flourishing before he swung them around his head, leading into his first strike...


Ethan's omni tool displayed digital documents, which he scanned vigorously whilst sipping on a tall glass of lemonade. The orange hues of the holographic device enveloped both his right hand as well as the entire forearm, illuminating the dimly lit room. "Tenjin? Wait a minute." Ethan was familiar with this name. His father had fought alongside this man in his early days, when he served as general of the Les Assassins Silencieux. That bit of information brought Ethan to his feet. This man was deadly and dangerous. Just the type of person who could be a real game changer. Though high, the bounty on his head was something that could not be cashed in, Ethan deemed him more valuable dead than alive. He knew he had to move faster before the other assassins began to set up operations, if they reached him first, capture would be almost impossible without having to engage his own. He stormed down the halls, flashing a quick smile a Lara, who was walking in the opposite direction with Impero. Ethan hesitated for a slight second when the thought of bringing Impero along dawned on him. His skills as well as his martial arts prowess would supplement Ethan's abilities well and would make the capture a less difficult task. Yet Ethan could not deny himself the opportunity to face this old assassin alone. A true test of his skill, or a stupid risk? For someone who had just returned from the dead he thought nothing of putting his life on the line. His daring nature constantly got the best of him. He began doubting his choice to go at all but his feet continued to carry him forward. The moment he hopped on his motorcycle all restraint was drowned out by the roar of his engine as it tore out of the facility, taking off into the air as it propelled off the ramp.

By the time Ethan arrived at the Industrial Island the moon had risen. The hum of his one man aircraft was low as he pulled into the Island's airspace. He'd already bypassed the shielding network around the land, sending the same signatures as class 3 security freighter. Whatever that was. After activating the cloaking device on his jet bike via his omni tool Ethan leaped out of the seat, landing silently behind a guard in front of the door to the security tower. All it took was a simple sleeper hold to incapacitate him, as well as five of his fellow patrolmen before he was able to reach the top of the structure and take in the view of the location. Riddled with crude machines and a dark aroma, Ethan found himself struggling to focus at times. That's when he realized the struggle was no mere hiccup on his end. There was great dark energy here. He was sure Tenjin was the source of this and he knew this would be one of the moments where technology would be of little use to him. With eyes shut Ethan inhaled rapidly. A slow smooth exhale followed and Ethan eyes sprung open. "Eureka!" Ethan laughed at himself for a moment before diving through the glass window, descending toward a large building, which also happened to be emitting large amounts of solar radiation. "If that's not a dead giveaway I don't know what is."

Right then, great pressure struck Ethan's chest. A sniper caught wind of his descent and struck him with a dead on blow. The armor absorbed the blow but the impact through off Ethan's concentration. The suit rapidly increased the gravity around him and he plummeted to the ground hard, tumbling as he did so. He landed in a lone warehouse near the central hub. The place was dark and empty. Had it not been for the ceiling breaking Ethan's fall there would be absolutely no luminescence to speak of. He rose from the debris, unscathed. The armor did a its job, preventing both fractures as well lacerations. Ethan dusted himself off, yet before he had time to calculate his next step the powerful thud of a heavy boot could be heard casually striding through the large facility. The spacious area amplified the sound, giving it an eerie effect.


A swiping strike soared towards Tenjin's ceramic mask, Ethan intending to shatter it. "You know at first I thought you were a myth..." The more info he could get on this man the better. "Come to find out, your not only real, but your real good at snuffing out life." In the same motion Ethan positioned his right foot at an angle beyond Tenjin's heel. The moment Ethan's arm retract his body spun on his heel and He was behind the masked assailant. "I don't want to fight you, but I kind of get the feeling your not the type to come willingly. Plus, its much more fun this way." With their backs facing one another Ethan flipped the escrima sticks in his hands then threw his arms back. With the electrical surge tips supplemented by his own inherent magical energies as well as the energy from the suit increased the potency exponentially. This would outright kill any normal being, charring whatever it made contact with. Ethan was sure Tenjin armor, combined with his possible durability levels would survive the shock. But there was a possibility that if Ethan could effect his spine he could cause some temporary paralysis. Ethan ended his opening with an acrobatic somersault. He extended his legs as he twirled trying land a hit whilst gaining some distance, which hopefully would allow Ethan time to comprehend and accommodate for whatever he was to be on the receiving end of.

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The obscure killer lifted his head towards the large windows that made up one of the walls in the office building above. The men gathered in a straight line, like vultures waiting for a beast to die. They wanted violence, a group of cowards who relished in the thought of murder living vicariously through living shadow. Katsuro despised it. They treat him like a dog whose only purpose is the pit, to maul other dogs like him for sport and for the entertainment of others. In a way however, this is all Tenjin was in the end and he was aware of it. Clinging to trivial concepts such as glory and honor in a world of lowliness and scorn. One day, when his value was extinguished and his body broken and aged, he would die alone with only a blade lodged in back to join him in hell. Therefore, he fights. He butchers and slays in the name of others for a profit in hopes of coming across someone merciful enough kill him while he stands. Now, for the many years of servitude he repays the world back with a virus specifically designed to kill in the light or bow in the darkness. He turned his face away from the office building when he heard footsteps behind him only to bring his devilish visage to the side and gaze upon Ethan. The man walked from the gloom and into the ring of moonlight. Though invisible to most, Katsuro seen the warrior's aura but also the man carried with him the lingering sorrow of the Land of the Dead. It stained his energy but upon knowing this, Tenjin could relate to that sort of pain. The black veiled assassin watched as his nemesis purged out energy, flowing and fading. A deadspot of Neutral Chi occurred as the two absorbed and assimilated it. Slowly however, as Ethan would expel and his aura, Tenjin began to corrupt it, darken it and ultimately convert the airborne energy into Negative Chi to fuel his incoming onslaught. Katsuro stood in the midst of it all and lifted his hands and shifted his body to combat position just as Ethan bolted in like a tiger from the reeds hellbent on bloodshed.

The prince of spiders would meet his foe halfway with a few swift steps, his coat in an uproar as well as his long ebony hair. A furious blow was unleashed by Ethan , his escrima stick ripping through the air in attempt to shatter the death poet's mask as well as his strong jaw. Tenjin shot his right arm upwards, pulling his forearm close to his massive bicep to have the weapon smash into this makeshift shield. The force of the blow sounded slightly through the building, Katsuro slid almost unnoticeably, his boots grinding on the concrete as his upper body rocked to the side. The devil of Okinawa simultaniously whipped his left arm downwards only to twist his torso as his fist raced heaven bound for Ethan's chest while the intruder stated "You know at first I thought you were a myth...Come to find out, your not only real, but your real good at snuffing out life." With great speed Ethan placed himself behind Katsuro. Tenjin's fist had formed a iron palm strike ceasing with his arm full extended producing a small ripple in in the air from the force of the potential strike. The man was fast and powerful, an adversary Tenjin should not take lightly. "I don't want to fight you, but I kind of get the feeling your not the type to come willingly. Plus, its much more fun this way." Just as Katsuro pulled his left arm back, he shifted his feet to bring himself partially facing Ethan, who now launched another attack. Katsuro's right hand collided with the side of one escrima stick pushing it off course, however the other weapon found its target on the lower right side of Tenjin's back. The electrical attack would have brought Katsuro to his knees however, his armor was kevlar plated; an excellent insulator. Yet the shock sent his nerves into a frenzy for a split second making Ethan's well placed acrobatic kick unblockable as it caught Katsuro's chin. The strike sent Tenjin's neck snapping backwards as his feet lifted several inches above the ground. Fracturing the lower part of his mask from the impact sent a cloud of stored Black Lotus smoke streaming in the air. A hissing sound accompanied it. The morbid smog dispersed in all directions, reacting heavily to the veiled executioner's aura forming monstrous faces before disappearing into the darkness. He regained his footing upon landing only to slowly tear the sash the bound his mask to his face. The ceramic facade fell from his profile only to shatter into many crimson shards. Shadows seemed to flow behind him, cloaked figures revealing themselves briefly before fading to black beyond the lighted perimeter. They would not interfere with their lord's battle, knowing better to observe his wrath than to get in the way of it. Tenjin called out "Fetch..my..swords."

In that moment, Tenjin ripped of his trenchcoat and tossed it onto the floor only to rush forward towards his attacker.Katsuro, as he ran, reached onto sheathes on his thighs and with lightning speed shot his arms outwards with the flick of a wrist sending twin projectiles forward. The blades where force activated, catching the wind pressure and unfolding into large four sided shuriken. They spun like buzzsaws and curved into wide opposite arcs. His large arms crossed each other when he sent those hellish devices around Ethan to disappear into the void, with only the low hum of thier flight recognizable. The men in the office area whispered to each other, laughing to themselves as Ethan pressed his attack, One turned his face to another just as one was speaking, only to find himself struck by horror when a windmill shuriken tore through the window and began to decapitate and disembowel his peers to the right heading towards the man with great speed. As he turned to run, he watched the scientist to his left fall into two halves while the weapon spun blood with its rotation. He was struck down when the shuriken crossed paths only one inch apart and continued on course spraying blood across the white room. Meanwhile Katsuro continued his attack focusing solely on Ethan. As he neared the warrior he sent out a vicious heel kick, before hand shifting his ankle in such a way a spike protruded from the back of his boot. He sent this strike in a diagonal motion aiming to puncture Ethan's upper thigh or rip open his leg with the sharp tip of the spike. Simultaneously Katsuro lashed out with a spinning backfist, drawing power from his legs and attempted to land his blow on Ethan's orbital bone and eye area. After the spinning backfist his right arm had been drawn backwards and now sought out his foe's floating ribs. Tenjin then performed a back handspring only to catch the retuning windmill shuriken, blood stained and flesh cover, just to send the diabolical weapon out once more; one to seek Ethan's left chest and the other his right leg. The angered Yamamoto stood by and watched his projectiles take flight awaiting his more favored weapons to be brought.