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November week 1:

Hey this’ll be the place where I try to keep you up to speed with the RPG side of the site & point out some things you may be missing.


First up we have the return of teams with the collaborative RPG ‘CP v. TI: Tenebris’ headed by CellPhone Girl. A simple summary would be that ‘$#!7’ is about to go down. These two teams are on the warpath over the possible return of CPG (who sacrificed herself in The Enemy Within) who can either herald great good or disastrous destruction. It’s off to a great start with posts by Edward Windsor, Azrael, Abattoir, Requiem/Andromeda & the return of Crimson Eagle.

The story so far:

A meteor is on chart with the COP’s island & a warning is broadcast to the populace ordering evacuation & telling the team to get to work. Requiem & Crimson seem to be the first on the case but unfortunately for them (although we get a cruel treat) Abattoir is already causing havoc turning the public against each other telepathically. Not only that, but Azrael is also prepared as she lands on the island ready for a brawl with The Umbra Sorcerer.


READ ‘On angel’s wings’! This is a standalone piece of wonder, I don’t know about you but this has won my vote. Yes it’s slander but it’s awesome slander. Top marks for creativity as well, the use of newspaper clippings gave a sense of realism that I feel we don’t see enough. Ziev to me seems to be the villain I love to hate & for that Icarusflies gets a high five. Again, read this. It’s a long post but it is undoubtedly worth it.

Another gem would be the writing magic (see what I did there) that Umbra brings with his return with ’The Fool’. Umbra is back & he is getting dark on this one but then again Halloween night things tend to end up this way. I think we’re going to be getting a paranormal adventure with run ‘n’ gun themes featuring everyones’ favourite boy witch. Plus it’s part 1 of 5 so I can’t think of a better jumping on point.


Azrael creates Heaven Hell on Earth with this thread of pure 'awesomeness', which is now a word, giving you a look at the underworld in such depth that you may be convinced the author is Satan itself. Wanna know the history of CV hell? Read this. Wanna know who's who & where's where? Read this. Want to know what hell is? Read this, but this is heavenly (Same joke twice, I know... I'm sorry). Your dream/nightmare of being able to adventure & explore hell is right here so kudos to Azrael wish I'd thought of it.

So that was that, enjoy it, did it help you? Then you can tell me in the comments. Something missing? Repeat step one.

See ya next week?

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Woah! Awesome iudea! lol

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Where's the piece about Canine and his million battles? He needs to slow down.

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@Affirmed said:

Where's the piece about Canine and his million battles? He needs to slow down.

XD He's good at it, But it might catch up to him

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@shadowknight666: Im surprised it hasn't already caught up to him

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@Tellumo: Thank youuuuu!!!!! :D

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Nice work!

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Awesome! So I assume that the news will remain here or will it be sort of like blog posts?

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@Crimson Eagle: Hopefully a weekly thing, I'll start a new post each time but link in the old one, I think that makes sense.

@Affirmed: I'll put out a special on his birthday, I already have to start writing it though he's everywhere.

@Icarusflies: No probleeeeeem! :D

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I approve.

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Awesome and thank you for the mention! :D

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This is great stuff!

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@The Umbra Sorcerer: Eh, you earned it. :)

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Very nice. Just hope one of my things gets a mention next time.

Like 'The Sky Breaks'. That sh!t is tight.

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@Tellumo: I didn't know about this is a Great idea .

I will be available to do some reporting on the front lines of Cops vs T.I :o/

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Nice work , never seen this before