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Footsteps were heard pattering across the floor from a distance; inch by inch Gabriel crept back rubbing his hands together to get some heat. "Vamos… vamos… (Come on… come on)." He grew frustrated, his back was close to a wall and in front of him various men running towards his way. The narrow hallways were grim with the flickering lights bouncing off the stained grey walls. Electricity sparked at the end of the batons the men were holding.

"Vamos, vamos (Come on, come on.)" Gabriel grew frustrated, he had done it before. The friction increased as smoke began to come out of his palms. The young teen smiled with relief. A flame emerged from his hand, only to sizzle out.

"O dios... (Oh god…)."

Ten Hours Ago

The young Hispanic munched on an apple as he sat on the side walk. It was evident he lost some weight; stealing food from stands in order to survive. Gabriel understood no one and he doubted anyone understood him. He wept at times as he bit into his apple, missing his homeland but knowing full well that he had to return "healthy." The young man finished his apple as he threw its core into the trash can. He got up as he unintentionally bumped into a pedestrian.

"Watch where you're going!" The man yelled as he stopped to look dead into Gabriel's eyes. The young man looked into the dark eyes of the man, intimidated. "What? Can't talk? No speak?"

Gabriel walked away, trying to avoid any type of confrontation. "That's what I thought!" The young man continued to walk, his curious mind boggled him and turned around to see the man walking across the street texting on his phone; unaware of the car at full speed.

"¡El Carro! (The car!)" Gabriel shot his hand out wanting to get the guy's attention. Suddenly the world seemed to go slow around the young Hispanic. People ran toward the car, the driver shouting inaudible words. Gabriel looked in shock as the police soon arrived, running away from the scene, running away from the crowded people surrounding a man burnt a giant wave of fire.

The young teen ran and ran, entering an ally to be alone. He slammed his fist against the wall, tears streamed down his face as his head leaned down. "¿Por qué tengo este maldición sobre mi? (Why do I have this curse upon me?)"

"Yo te puedo ayudar."

Gabriel immediately looked up at the man who spoke. He was a rather skinny man with a suit and a briefcase with him. He walked closer to Gabriel, "Soy un científico y yo estudio los genes mutantes. (I'm a scientist and I study mutant genes)"

"¿Mutante? ¿Soy un mutante? (Mutant? I'm a mutant?)

"Si, y te puedo curar… (Yes, and I can cure you…). His voice was tender, but firm. Hope had arrived, he can finally go back home and live a normal life, get rid of his "disease."

2 hours later…

Smoke began to seep out of the generators. Gabriel's hands twitched. His ears caught voices around him.

"Raise the voltage."

"Ma'am, if we continue we might kill him."

"I want to see what makes his fire spark. Besides, we have more test subjects on the way. Raise the voltage!"


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intresting stuff man, always nice to see the use of non English language's and translations..

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“STOP IT! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Quentin pressed his hands to the sides of his head. A shock baton slammed into him, and plaster flakes fell from his cheeks. Black veins of plastic began to spread out from the impact point, fizzing with electricity. “I TOLD YOU TO STOP IT! STOP HITTING ME!” Quentin grabbed the man’s head with crackling fingers, his face an impassive black mask. The man screamed, smoke rising from his mouth. He collapsed to the floor. “I told you to stop it…” Quentin slumped to the floor, weeping.

8 Hours Ago

“Quentin dear, you need to at least think about it.” Aunt Gail looked at him over her coffee. Quentin wouldn’t meet her gaze, instead picking at his apple fritter. “No. I’m just fine. I don’t want to live there.”

Aunt Gail sighed. “Quentin, it’s for your own good. You’re a big boy, I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to. But I want you to seriously think about it.”

Quentin refused to look up. “Fine”, he muttered.

Aunt Gail gathered up her purse, stood up to leave. “I have to go to see the doctor now Quentin. Will I see you later?”



Once Aunt Gail left, Quentin left the coffee shop and sat on the front steps. It was too much work to go to work. What was the point anyway? He didn’t think he’d live to 25 anyway. How’d he do it? Aunt Gail thought she’d hidden all the blades, and she was regulating his pills, but he had a way. He’d find one. His life was his own, he could do what he wanted with it.

A man sat next to him on the step, saying nothing. Quentin glowered at him, then turned his head so he couldn’t see the man. Maybe he’d just go away. Quentin wanted to be alone, but he had nowhere to go. His apartment was depressing (and he wasn’t sure if it was still his anyway). And Aunt Gail would just be lurking around her house. Couldn’t the man tell he wanted to be alone. He was probably working with Aunt Gail. Stupid ****. He hated her so much. B!tch.

“Quintessence, isn’t it? Big fan.” Quentin turned slowly to look at the man. He was some business man or something.

“Who gives a f^&*?” It was all a stupid game anyway.

“Don’t be like that. With a little guidance we all know you could be the next Superman.” The man put a hand on Quentin’s shoulder. He shied away.

“Well, I’ll just leave this with you.” He put a GPS next to Quentin. Quentin made no move to pick it up.

“You can get back at Aunt Gail with it.” The man stood up and left. Quentin pretended not to be interested for a minute or two, then snatched up the device. He felt satellites tuning into his brain, giving him coordinates to…somewhere. No, someone. Seeing pathways down streets, Quentin stumbled towards the place he was to be.