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With a slow but steady stop the cab stopped. “Here you go, Crystal Bay. Although I don’t know why you want to be here, I’ve heard some strange stuff going on here, man” The man said, but Number Seven remained silent and handed the cab driver the money for the ride and drove off. Number Seven spun around taking a soft grip on the backpack, the sound of the birds in the trees all around, and the old and new buildings made the place look real.

The clouds started to darken and the sun gleamed as it neared the horizon, the red and yellow light made a reflection on that was not far. He hadn’t notice any movement around the area when he got there, he must have been standing there for at least five minutes.

Number Seven didn’t look like a tourist or a hiker. He started to walk towards the general store across the street, carrying his backpack in his right hand and the left hand was deep inside of his trench coat pocket. The door opened with a ding and closed again, Number Seven looked around the place, the smell of newly baked bread and coffee. He made his way to the counter; dropping the backpack on the ground he placed both of his hands on the wooded counter.

“Hello?” Number Seven said as he took a quick glance at his surroundings to see if he could see anything. The place looked more and more like a ghost town than he thought. “I see that the disappearances have made the people pick up and leave.” He said as he looked out the window seeing signs all over the place that said ‘For Sale’ or ‘Out of Business’

“That’s exactly what happened.” An old voice spoke behind the counter. Number Seven’s eyes widened as he turned his head, the old woman stood there and looked deep into Number Seven’s eyes. “Why haven’t you?” He asked the old woman. “Oh, I’ve lived here all my life.” She said as she stepped from the counter and her eyes wandered somewhere else. “Ma’m?” Number Seven said with a frightening look.

The odd old woman stood there for some time but when she moved she didn’t say a word to Number Seven and walked away. He shrugged and picked up his backpack and made his way out, when he opened the door and the bell rang the old woman’s voice was heard from the back. “I wouldn’t be here if I were you.”

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Armistice cruised along the skies under stealth as he made his way towards Crystal Bay. He had never heard of the place before his recruit (Speck) had brought it up in one of his reports of the intel collected while on one of his walkabouts. Based on the limited amount of information given, one of the patrons of Loners Bar had mentioned strange goings on and their planning on checking it out. It was not much to go on, but he had picked up some faint readings that did not match any profile he had so far. It was probably a dead end, but it would not be the first time, besides, whats the worst that can happen...

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The air was chilled as night crept over Crystal Bay, clouds mixed with the darkness, partly hiding the moons glow causing lines of silver to shiver over the hollow waves. Standing no more than a foot away from the where the tide met the soft and darkened sand, was the most peculiar sight! A thin man in Victorian dress, his grey top hat just at a slight angle. The rest of his outfit seemed to compliment the statement he was making. With, long grey pinstripe jacket with black stripes, the white chuffs of his shirt sneaked out, underneath he wore a waistcoat and trousers to match the jacket, the shirt was finished with an old style neck tie of the most vibrant crimson, which matched his eyes. His hair was raven black and his skin was the same colour of a thick fog, he was handsome in an elegant type of way, at his side sat a long black cane that ran from his mid-section down to his feet, the handle was a silver raven with his wings spread. It had been a long time since he had set foot in Crystal Bay back before it even had a name, something or someone had mimicked his power in a way that could not be ignored.

Crimson eyes looked over the dark waves and then snapped to the right, a sharp snarl rolled over the beach towards him and he lifted an eyebrow and slowly moved his head towards the sounds. A creature was moving at an incredible speed, towards him, vicious snarls and roars escaped it’s lips as it moved ever closer, it leapt towards Arrow and he smiled, lifted his hand “how droll” he said to himself. The creature passed through him and rolled into the ground, kicking up sand and water as it landed in the dirt, Arrow did not turn to face the body instead he was focused on what was in his hand. An almost transparent human soul, blue flames seemed to encircle the outline, but there was something very wrong, it was dead. Arrow seemed confused for the first time in over a millennium he was transfixed on the soul in front of him, when humans die their souls lives on, it leaves the body, in some cases it becomes ghost but more often than not they move onto another world. He had never come across a soul which had died in the body, even as the lord of hell.

The creature had begun to get back to its feet, even after having its soul removed it was able to stand, Arrow released the soul from his hand and it vanished gone forever. “Fascinating” he looked at the creature in wonderment; it was so primeval everything about it was instinct now, He could now take it in for what it was, once a human but changed to something new, to something more vicious. It still had two arms and legs, but it’s hands where now deep black claws, the knees moved back when it went on all fours allowing it greater speed, but when it stood moved back forward allowing it a sturdier stance for fighting. The eyes where all black and the face still retained some human features, it mouth was the same but the ears slightly more pointed. He wondered what other changes had taken place underneath the skin and just at that the creature launched another attack.

It moved just as quickly as he did, if not a little faster, he propped its mind trying to see what it was thinking, but there was nothing but a vast emptiness. He kept just out of its reach, placing a small shield of air between him and it, allowing him to study it a little longer. Its movements where fluid, each one meant to cause large amounts of damage or to kill, he could feel its strength against the shield, he had seen vampires made and werewolves and many other creatures, but this killed whatever was inside it, there was nothing left of the man apart from his dead soul and he loved it. Something so dark and deadly, he knew of only one thing now, he must know what made it and where it came from nothing would stop him from his goal. Lifting his cane as the creature charged again, the shadows seemed to come alive catching it from every angle. “Dear boy, let’s see what can kill you shall we.”

He by removing its heart and the creature still growled and snarled, he cut all of its veins with one sweep of his hand, blood now escaped its mouth, nose and ears and yet it remained alive, never even showed a sign of pain. “Outstanding, really you are” he said walking around it as it dangled in the air suspended but his shadows. “I do believe we are going to be here for hours” he said breaking every bone in its body “Absolute hours indeed” he smiled to himself as more and more blood poured from his victim, the moom glistening across the top of the ruby before it sank into the darkness of the sand

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Number Seven stepped onto the empty pavement. The gray clouds covered the sky above his head as few drops of rain landed on the pavement. He looked up at the sky not seeing the drops but he felt them land on his face, his eyes closed as he took a deep breath in. The night was dark, more darker than he had experienced, the light poles made the street look like something out of a movie, the rain made things worse. His hair soaked of water and his black leather jacket was wet inside out. His eyes widened as he heard a low growl behind him, he fumbled in his pocket of the jacket as he spun around but his face a mask of surprise, with a backhand to the cheek Number Seven flew off his feet and landed on his back on the pavement, groaning of pain. Looming over Number Seven like a demon, his face seemed normal, but his eyes were red with blood.

The creature picked up Number Seven, as the creature took a firm grip on the leather jacket and raised up to his face. The smell of him was horrible, a dead corpse rotting for months. The creature made a smirk which Number Seven was not happy about. He was thrown at a wall, making a large crack in the wall Number Seven landed on the pavement again. He had his seraph blade in his hand and mumbled under his breath. "Sansanvi" a blade shot out of the tube, the handle had a little yellow glow, the blade itself was covered with a text which was not a language recognized to people among him.

Number Seven rolled to the left as the creature moved at him with incredible speed only by bumping into the cracked wall. His blade firmly in his hand he stood up and approached the creature, dodging most of the creatures slashes and with one strike straight to the creatures heart, it made a sound like it was trying to catch air. Number Seven took the blade out of the creatures body and chuckled, the creature stood still and looked after Number Seven who was on his way to walk away. It roared and attacked Number Seven, it's teeth sank into Number Seven's pale skin. With a scream he turned around facing the creature. "What on Earth are you?" he said as he approached with a great speed towards the creature, the creature slashed at him with his claws and blood spitting out his mouth, Number Seven's blood.

Taking hits to the rib, Number Seven was getting weak, his blue eyes began to tire. With the last slash of the creature into Number Seven's chest, the claws pierced his skin black leather jacket open, his chest was not harm. Taking a deep breath Number Seven jumped up at him with the blade in both hand and with a great strike into the creatures shoulder. The creature stood slowly up, Number Seven still holding the blade he took it out and without hesitation took it's head off. It rolled down the pavement as blood puddles appeared.

Number Seven took a deep breath with a relief that the creature was dead. He looked back up and at the general store where he saw the old woman standing in the entryway, her eyes full of hatred. Number Seven stepped back, leaving the backpack behind, as he saw in the shop another creature, it's eyes glowed in the dark of the shop. Dozen more appeared on the rooftop of the general store and were not glad, they growled and acted like animals. His eyes widened as he took a glance at his blade and then the creatures again.

"Holy crap." he ran down the hill towards the forest. With a great speed dodging tree branches and jumping over tree roots as they came out of the dirt. The creatures followed him with greater speed but Number Seven had a head-start. His blade firm in his hand and at great speed he jumped and grabbed a thick tree branch, he looked back seeing nothing as he started climbing up the tree. The forest was dark and empty, the sound of owls and crickets both near and far, the slippery tree branches made it harder for Number Seven to get to higher ground. Hearing the growls and roars as the creatures used their claws to climb up the old mossy tree.

"I regret coming here." he said to himself as he shook his head. The first creature grabbed Number Seven foot and pulled him down, but as his hands were strong enough to hold himself the slippery tree branch was not, he lost his grip of the branch, his heart stopped beating and his breath stopped as Number Seven reached left and right to grab something. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." he thought for himself as he knew it was the end for him. With a loud thud he landed on one of the creatures, who was thankfully thick around his belly. With a quick thinking he crawled and ran as the creatures jumped down the tree and engaged.

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“Well I have enjoyed my time with you” Arrow said with a malevolent smile, the creature hung in the air suspended on by the shadows, it’s almost lifeless body hung slumped forward. It still growled but it was a shallow echo of its past fierceness, the creature strained its body and looked into Arrows eyes. They were so peaceful, but not a peace that makes the creature feel at ease, nor one that makes it safe but a lonely peaceful, it felt like it was the only thing left within this world, a dark menacing peaceful…oblivion. It began to thrash trying to break the hold that Arrow had over it, the predatory instincts completely gone and replaced with survival. It wanted away, away from what stood in front of it for the first time since being born it understood more than killing , it had begun to learn fear. Arrow began walking around his prey, emptied of blood and its bones had turned to powder but it still was able to move and think, “You are simply put marvellous. To think what one could do with a whole army of you.” A spark came to life behind his dark eyes “But you have begun to bore me.” With a quick flick of his hand the creature turned back to a human, the mutation fully retracted, it had taken him over half an hour to figure out what the creature was and how he could manipulate its D.N.A structure with magic.

A sound from the town drew Arrows attention from the now lifeless body, he recalled his shadows and the now human body landed with a thud in the wet sand. “Seems I am not the only one hunting tonight.” His gaze fell on the moon which had now broken out from behind the clouds, a single rain drop splashed against his ivory skin. “Would you look at that and here is me without an umbrella.” With that he vanished, leaving the rain and ocean to wash away the empty husk of what was left over. Reappearing he watched as a strange man climbing a tree, numerous creatures not far behind him. Arrow was far enough away not to be seen and he had made sure to reappear downwind of the creatures, it had been rather easy to track the stranger, after all according to Arrows powers he was the only living thing in the woods tonight. “Let’s see if your worth saving”. Closing his eyes he read the man’s aura of the things he was and the things he could be.

A flood of bloody images scored across his mind, images that pleased the dark lord, for the man had potential to great things, evil things but great none the less. But he needed a little push, he was still too close to becoming a hero, it would take time, but as any immortal knows time is all we truly have. The man crashed from the tree landing on one of the creatures below, he quickly gained his feet again, the wood land around them now even more dangerous due to the rain. The creatures charged and then all stopped suddenly as Arrow appeared in front of them, eyes wild. He pushed out his dark power so the creatures knew what they were dealing with. They growled and spat but none dared come closer than they already had, his body screamed for the kill and he was more than willing to oblige. Turning he faced the man his eyes burning into him, his eyes never left him, when suddenly all the creatures in the woods turned human, their souls restored. “That’s just the start of the magic trick.” Arrow said still focusing on NumberSeven , then the humans began to fall dead one by one, Arrow had made his entrance and now offered his hand. “My name is Final Arrow, perhaps you have heard of me”

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His breath was loud and unsteady as he looked back seeing the black eyes in the dark woods chasing Number Seven. His grip had a tight grip on the blade Sansanvi, it was the only thing that could save his life since most of the people in the town have become cursed or ill. His wet medium long hair struck his eyes making him blind of few seconds to slip on a rock and land on the back of his head with a thud, missing Sansanvi down on a wet grass. Number Seven's eyes were closed as he couldn't stand up, the headache was killing him slowly, rubbing his head he shrugged the pain off which wasn't easy and stood up.

Hearing the low growl and footsteps near him he looked back and saw the creatures slowly engaging Number Seven, he turned to see a small light appearing in the corner of his eye and seeing his blade on a wet grass. He raised an eyebrow as they stopped but still growling and roaring. What the -, Number Seven thought as his arm lowered. His head spun around then his body, his eyes widened seeing a man. Few questions raced up to his mind, but he was silent. The man didn't wear clothes suiting for a walk in the forest at this hour, he looked like a magician.

The rain dropped down on Number Seven's face, he didn't seem to care. The wind although made him shiver, the cold wet t-shirt stuck to his torso, his blue jeans were difficult to move and felt uncomfortably wet in places he wasn't used to. Number Seven's fingers ran through his wet black hair, taking it out of his face. He tightened the grip of his blade as the man before him spoke. "That's just the start of the magic trick." the man said, he hadn't noticed that the creatures around him were human, the scars covered their bodies. The frightened faces were on everyone, they looked around as they stood there half naked. It's black eyes still intact but faded away as colorful eyes appeared.

Up until then their bodies fell down on the wet ground, lifeless. Number Seven spun around his face full of disgust but something in him smiled and laughed. His heart raised a beat as he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. "My name is Final Arrow, perhaps you have heard of me." the man said, Number Seven shook his head but the name sounded familiar. "So you control if they live or die?" Pointing the weapon at the people behind him that were still falling, slowly one by one. The people looked at each other as they couldn't move. "What do you want?"