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Sahara Desert

Windy and Calm 73 Degrees

6:12 PM

"Were are them fools they better show up". Garison stood there with Meeko in the hot sun waiting calm for there opponents to arrive. It was him and Meeko. He had time to prep though, he knnew some strategies to win against Warsman because this isn't the first time they battled

Although for Octagon Freak he was unaware of he didn't know anything about him. He used the little time he prepared, and his jacket busted open revealing his darkness eye with 20 tentacles that could rejuvenate any time with magic energy.

Garison had 5,000 magic points to begin with the number decreases every time he uses magic. He stood there with his mace planted on the ground with both hands around it waiting

The breeze made Garison's hair dance through the air and also his clothing danced as well. The animals ran away in fear of the 2 leaving the area because they sense a lot of danger coming from them

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Meeko and Garison stood there waiting for Warsman and Octagon Freak, Skatey had Dark and Necroplasm Auroa coming out of his body and his chains rattled

Meeko and Garison took there stance and looked at ther opponents

Meeko looked at Warsman and grinned, he took out his Dark Axe and waited for Warsman to make a move

"Im waiting"

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Warsman smirked, slightly impressed at Meeko's arrogance.

"So full of yourself. Here, let me lighten your load."

The Russian vanished, leaving an after-image in his wake, a false image of light. He reappeared behind Meeko and then in front. Soon he was teleporting all around him, aiming clawed and un-clawed blows at him like angry lightning: fast and powerful. After-images swarmed around Meeko.

Soon, the cyborg stopped, teleporting a few feet away and seemingly master over fatigue, which he had none of.

The sun began to set, as winter in the desert left little time for day and much for the night. The only part of Warsman's dark body visible to the human eye was his set of gleaming crimson eyes, which glowed ominously in the light of Meeko's aura of bright necroplasm. His teeth reflected in the light for an instant as he formed a cruel smile.