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Above Revorstex

Bleudlest was a rather particularly violent general of the Order and it was for this reason he was one of the leading guards in orbit. He once butchered a fortified base until all that was left was gore splattered on every wall. A vicious member ideal for eliminating anyone so foolish enough as to try and attack the home world. Of course nobody predicted any one would be so audacious as to actually stage such an attack. For centuries the order massacred whoever they pleased, a dark taint on the galaxy of the worst sort. Many psychers who investigated the domain believed it was almost a opening for demons even though the Order made no efforts to even know of such things only a fool would dare make an attack Bleudlest had figured. However great minds it seemed were also willing to launch such actions. All he could see was the black and red of the space that made up the Crimson sector. The 'peace' that filled him looking at the mysterious apocalyptic space that defined his home a image that was torn asunder in a moment to short to be calculated. The sight had drastically changed in under the timing of a heart beat it was just there instantly.

The scale was frightening the ship was larger then even planets the planets themselves felt a gravitational pull to it because of the horrific scale. To craft a machine of such scope seemed like a daunting impossibility of a task to carry out. From the back where the engines roared it looked like some kind of star more so then a engine. It seemed unfathomable to power something of such scale. Size mattered not Bleudeth told himself though, it was still metal it stood no chance against the Crimson Order's might how could it. Five thousand soldiers of the Order lit up with radiant blood red armor and malicious weapons. It was a sixth of the planets roster of Order's, what hope could anything stand against such might? With a not to clever "Rip Them Apart!" He and the many others charged at the monstrous vessel and beginning to release all their might on the ship. To no avail the energy seemed to vanish and re-apear on the opposite end of the vessel. The liquid burning substance floated like trails of blood like an omen. There was no sign of having harmed the ship itself however. Then the mechanized behemoth moved as if it were a creature living, the notion of the action completely baffling to the Order that had attacked. Then like fur raising on a cats back a incalculable amount of guns came to bear. These guns were called a neopin firing rounds of plasmic spikes that were the size of a car. The space around the impossible scale craft filled the heavens with these potent rounds by hundreds of millions. Their was no need to aim or be precise just spray and let simple numbers do the math. Five thousand men and women of various races, against millions of guns firing hundreds of millions of rounds they never stood a chance.

The round had bypassed Bleudlest's barriers and struck his hand half his palm burnt and liquified in a instant. Then it exploded and despite his efforts to shield himself his entire arm was blown aside leaking blood into the cold abyss of space. For the first time perhaps in all history a member of the Berserk order fled the fight. Bleudlest flew towards the planet he called home when another round landed directly into his back. The powers he used desperately attempting to contain the explosion but it still left a crater in his back portions of his spine visible in the bloody opening as he crashed through a tower of the castle of Neshimanar. The population beginning to panic and go for weapons to defend themselves. Looking out the opening he could see the mighty blood sea of Tamut it's boiling ichor parting in mass waves as a series of ships began to land. Distant gray lines indicating hoards of synthetics approaching. The cracked war torn world the first target of a force without number. The black skies did nothing but remind Bleudlest of that titan of a ship near the planet. For the first time in life he knew despair. He had warned the queen away on Fyrant. A warning sent just before a beam of pure light stronger then even some of the mightiest lasers reduced the tower to nothing little more then ash and dust falling on those below. Soon nannies would begin spreading around the planet turning the very people of the planet into the Synthetic forces. Gradually turning the planet on itself…….

Symaar Primus Council Champers

Olair was stunned to have seen so many so willing to aid her considering the paranoia. For a moment she was at a loss for even words. Her wrists snapped out the two aileshtat she carried by default resting them by Torquemada's ax feeling it the best sign of respect to be given at the time. Before she could speak though a message came through. "Sesil!" A flicker of movements sent in commands into the small holographic display she had used.

"The Beseliv class. 24,000 miles L by 10,000 W and 8,000 tall. It could easily obliterate any ship in singular combat. Probably the same to fleets even" the screen changed to show the first world under assault by the Traitor. The dessert landscape engulfed in a global conflict already. "They came sooner then predicted, I can't imagine what numbers they can present on a battlefield. Im sending a warning to a few others in hope they can help. I imagine the Imperium wants to begin mobilization for its own defenses though I hope perhaps a few might come with me however. Even if we can't defeat her, intel could be gathered." She passed a smaller version of the computer to Vindus Arrelian.

So the rest were aware she read it out loud. "To those of you receiving this message near the edge of known space a assault has begun. This force would end all life as you know it, that is the finite goal, those who don't submit are likely to be wiped from the galaxy. This is a emergency broadcast to try and muster the best defense possible before it's to late. This is Deveyeant leader Mintaya Olair asking that you take emendate action if you have received this broadcast. Coordinates are accompanied with the message and all information we have at this time." With that handled she looked back to the Master of the Administratum. "Feel free to take what action you wish, isn't much info left that I'm able to give. On top of that an entire sector is at stake already." The alien queen remarked with a bow as she began to leave. Every minute wasted was some thousand people robbed of life, and likely another thousand made into worse a mockery of it.

Location and facts:

Should you be lost where its going down at see http://www.comicvine.com/forums/rpg-9/the-beserkcrimson-order-cvnu-location-746138/#20

they've struck Revorstex first. The Crimson Order(Order's having been the idea for Lantern's of the Nu). The planets inhabitants are all available as NPCs. Note while they'll work with you they're still murderous brutes better up front then at your back.

Deveyeant to English Dictionary

Neopin *needle. Generally used in context of a weapon that fires a solidified blade of plasmic energy that once it connects to something explodes.

Aileshtat *blade usually one of plasmic energy

Sesil *equivalent to the F word

Beseliv *Basilisk

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