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Having taken the first steps in colonizing Earth, the Symaarians established outposts in order to better defend the backwater frontier world from potential alien threats. Though they have fought on countless battlefields and against a myriad of terrifying foes, the Symaarians have no intention of harming the humans they rub shoulders with now. In fact, they intend on learning from them. Those Guardsmen who shipped out for the fortifications on Earth were originally stationed on nearby Mars, where they heard a great deal of rumors concerning the third rock from the Sun.

(OOC) House rules:

  1. Chaos and destruction of the outposts must be kept to a reasonable limit. I'm saving these for an RPG later.
  2. The purpose of the Guardsmen is to fight and die, so kill them at your leisure. Again, be reasonable, because the more Symaarian blood you shed the more likely you'll be getting an Imperator War Titan shoved down your throat.


Sort of like if alien war veterans came to Earth looking to start families, mingle, and generally have a good time.

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(Gonna break the ice.)

Ramsauer adjusts his decorated collar, makes sure his medals are all aligned, and checks his epaulette decorations for the twentieth time. First impressions are everything in his culture, and he wanted to make a lasting one on the growing crowd outside the walls of Outpost Beta in New York City. As the hydraulic gate lowered, the full weight of the sunrise hit him in the face. He raised a hand to shade himself with, smiling. Today was going to be a beautiful day.