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The memories of my world race through my head and my nose begins to bleed, the world spins as the voice takes control of my mind and the landscape begins to crack as my power unfolds. The barren forest around me shutters for a brief moment before all around me is blown outwards, from my body a large wave of energy is emitted. My eyes glaze over and the true color shows through the red envelopes my pupils and my skin almost rips from my body. Underneath a metallic substance overlaps my bare muscles and it almost speaks to me Been so long master it has, why wait so long to let us out. The world holds no bounds for us when we are unleashed your father showed this when he told you that we are one. Just like they were to him, why he live long he did.

I shake my head and the substance falls from my body like flakes of skin in heaps and I speak to it "Dont speak unless spoken to, Fathers skin I know was the true controller. His mind was at peace before the substance awoke inside, the one thing father was not was strong minded. His mind was fragile to begin with much like this worlds version of him, but unlike him I know how to control you...Now Jinko leave my mind. Bury yourself until I call forth for you, My trip down memory lane let you out so that I could heal nothing more." The pale skinned boy known as Goki spoke to himself waiting for the tripped version of his father to arrive. The substance reabsorbs back into my body and I push it further and it speaks one last time Anything for you master.

The knowledge that my goal to becoming the godlike son of most fearsome man would soon be fullfilled when I defeat this fake of my father.

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After the confrontation at the LaS mansion my anger took full control, this man who believes himself to be the most powerful thinks the world of himself. His words angered me in such a way I reacted much like my old self would have my body hungered for a fight and the way to prove the little snot isnt the big badass he thinks he is. I told him to meet me at the remnants of the Old Hellfire Club base, the one place were I showed my true power. And the place where my soul began to change for the better, that one persons own will can have them do anything they want.

Memories flood my mind as I make my way to my old Home, the one place where I felt I had a family. But those times are long gone and I have a new family and if Goki has no need to be along side my new family and against me in the new Hellfire then I will have no choice in this matter. Two days ago i meticulously unlocked all the mental barriers and locks within my own mind keeping only one large and strong lock in place the one that kept Genesis at bay. My body trembled with power as I got closer to the old HFC base, almost as if my body hungered for this place again. I stepped up to the front gate and as I reached for the door knob I heard a loud humming then the door grew hot, my eyes widened as I figured what it was only to be sent flying backwards through the air and into tree after tree.

"Took you long enough father thought I was going to have to pass the time waiting blowing all these trees away." His body also trembled with power, but this meant nothing compared to mine.

Darkchild rose from the ground and his bare skin began to turn pitch black and his arms twitched and churnned as if something beneath them wanted to escape "Do not worry my boy, this shall not take long." and his arms burst in  a right light then the light died down and underneath a dark mass remained. His arm changed and contorted a large smile appeared on his face as he aimmed his arms at Goki "It is time that I show you why my classification is Dark User" Darkchilds right an left arms then changed into makeshift guns created from the darkness and he began to fire brimestone after brimestone shots at Goki while running at him.

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Time Slows down as Goki enters his form of speed force

The shots of brimestone move slow and he dodges them rather easily each time he moves around the shot he makes his way closer to Darkchild. The massive man lifting his right arm and attempts to slam it down, the mans arm almost still moves at this high speed. Darkchilds body moving slowly but the darkness still "alive" while in his speed force. Goki speeds up to his father and snaps his fingers and the world slows back down to the normal pace.

Goki smiles his fist against Darkchilds chest "Boom" and Goki opens his fist palming it against Darkchilds chest and firing a blast of fire and light. DC skids backwards not actually lifting off the ground just being pushed backwards. A hole in the middle of his chest, Goki leans down looking through the hole "Hmm looks as if I missed by a few inches...wont do that again." His body engulfs in flames and he runs at Darkchild unleashing a flurry of kicks and punches each landing their mark. A low ting can he heard as each blow landed, Goki places his hands on Darkchilds shoulders and flips over him still grasping onto DCs shoulders and then tosses him as his feet land on the ground. Darkchild flies over Goki and spins in the air.

As Darkchild flies through the air he talks to himself "I thought I told you not to bother me during this. I do believe I ordered it to happen." The substance comes to the surface for a moment forming a face and it looks at Goki But master this man is almost ten times stronger than you, and he uses the same kind as us. A little help would be advized if you were to fight him at this time. He looks as if he will not hold back  The face has no emotion to it except concern for its "master" Goki looks at it then to Darkchild "Fine...just dont bother me again unless addressed. Stay below the skin and do not come to the surface unless I ask." Goki then stares at his father and his body begins to tremble with energy and his eyes begin to glow as he begins to unlock his own guards.
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Darkchild flies through the air his body going limp for a brief moment, the hole in his chest taking all he can energy wise to heal. As he lands the tissues connect and the hole is closed. He gauges himself trying to figure his own sons power while trying to figure out a way to get close Close quarters is where you will be good at you fool, Why not strike him their. A voice rings through his mind and he dismisses it "Go away I wont need you for what I have planned. Just parts of you." And as he finishes that sentence his hand comes down to the chest plate he had fashioned over his mid-section. Grasping the clamps and pulling them off the four monstrosities fall from their wrapped position and to the ground. Soon after finding their are unwrapped the tentacles raise themselves up and look Darkchild in the face. He smiles saying"Hungry?" Then he pulls his arms towards himself as if charging for something "You know I was alot faster at one point in my mutation my second one to be exact, a sleek body moved much easier than a large behemoth of one. "His body began to retract almost shrinking "See before coming to this fight today, I gave a time limit...three days. That was the time I needed to perfect something I knew I would need to use. Having a smaller body wouldn't give me super speed but it sure as hell makes moving alot easier."

As he spoke his body slimmed down resembling that of a sickly creature but his face stayed the same, the dark red eyes still burning with fury and excitement. Soon the power escaping his body stopped and then he looks forward at his son cracking his neck "Les we forget my friends." and with that the tentacles slam to the ground pushing him into the air and he runs at Goki using the four appendages as legs leaving his arms an legs open. As he nears Goki his arms turn into long blades and he pushes off the ground and he too unleashes his own combination of attacks. Firing blast after blast from his arms and using them as weapons as he swung at Goki along with his legs.