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Cassandra has been through a lot in her life.  Breaking of with Thunderbolt and not speaking to Kitty.  She got pregnant nine months ago.  She has not told Thunderbolt of her pregnancy. She now resides in the hospital.  Her water has just broke.  Cassandra is now in labor.  Her mind is all over the place.  Eight hours later Matthew Iron Funez was born.  Cassandra used Bolts last name because it was his child.  Cassandra waited for her baby.  She wanted to hold him.  The doctors have told her that the baby is fine but she doesn't believe them one bit.  Cassandra gets up and slaps the doctor.  "Where is my child !"

The doctor steps back and says "I don't know."  Cassandra is furious and has no words to say but run.  She gets out of the room and begins to run towards the nursery.  She pushes doctors left and right and finally reaches the nursery.  She notices a woman with long blonde hair with and a black suit.  "Kitty let go of my child."  The woman disappears in an instant.  The doctors grabs Cassandra trying to restrain her.  "Leave me alone."  Cassandra begins to scream.  She feels a pain in her back.  Wings come out of her back sending the doctors against the wall.  Claws come out of her hands and feet.  "Find the key to domination."

Cassandra begins to run towards the window.  She hits it and the glass breaks.  Her wings spread and her eyes glow red.  Her destination was "Funez Tower" where Thunderbolt new team resides.  Kitty should be there by now.  She owns a jet called "The Viper."  Cassandra reaches the tower and yells.  The windows break instantly.  "Where is Matthew?"  Cassandra sees "The Viper" and she knows Kitty is here.  "Clarissa come out, come out wherever you are."

The key must be found.  With his power world domination can be made.  Evil we need it while good will protect it.  You are the lock and Matthew is the key Stone.  Together you are unstoppable.  Thunderbolt does not care about you one bit.  The armor keeps saying things Cassandra would never say in her life.  Kitty hates you that is why she stole your child.  She knows Matthew is the key to world domination.

“Where is my son !”