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@fadetoblackbolt: Yay!

Is he going to be the same as he was on LW? I enjoyed your Sith there and was a shame we didn't get to explore stuff more.

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@tiamat: Xaemon's green eyes widened. "Oh, shiiiiiiii..." He ducked behind the counter. "She's back. Good thinking, Xaemon." He facepalmed, gripping his blaster. "And scaring off my patrons." He fired a few shots toward the Sith before rolling behind a table. "Deja vu all over again. Hiding behind tables... not a good idea." His finger pressed down against the trigger again, the crimson bolts directed at the Twi'lek. "Hey! You're here for me. Leave them alone."

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@tiamat: Yep, same character. Just his name (because I forgot his old one lol) and his species have changed (because I was stuck using movie looks on LW). The rest is all the same =)

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@fadetoblackbolt: Sweet! =)

@xaemon: Suddenly her saber flashed alive with a crimson glow as if it had already been in her hands. She speed augmented by the force as she batted away the first array of blaster bolts. His words sparked a more sinister reaction as he let loose another stream of bolts. This time her parries were more articulate. Deflecting two of the bolts towards fleeing patrons, scorching theirs back to watch them fall in a slump of death. She cackled once more "WHERE IS HE" she screamed with a vengeance. A powerful suggestion thrown behind her words through the force. She was not here to play games.

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@tiamat: "I'm guessing you mean the Jedi. Just calm down, and we'll talk about this like civilized adults." He felt sickened by the innocent loss of life. "I'm not talking to you while you're killing my guests."

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The long black cape billowed in the wake of the fearsome Darth Noxius. His name chosen for the specific method at which he most commonly disposed of his enemies. Most Sith were given a title that reflected their tyrannical and grandiose power. Generic names like Darth Slay or something to that effect. But Noxius was different, he chose his name because he wanted his opponent to know what was coming for them. He was not just a man, nor was he just a Sith, he was a virus. He was the unstoppable plague that the Dark Side used to infect and devour the Galaxy.

Calling Nar Shadaa an unpleasant world was like saying that being struck by a lightsaber was a bad thing. It was a cesspool of the absolute worst that the cosmos had to offer. Unlike a true and noble virus, one that would infest and destroy all around it, the disease and filth that emanated from Nar Shadaa was just vile. It simply clogged the senses, bogged one down and left them trapped in the muck. There was no grand purpose, no elegance. It was the basest kind of world imaginable. And this, Noxius had learned from his informants, was where a Sith relic was to be found.

What an insult.

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@xaemon: Patrons cowered beneath tables crying as others stumbled over one another trying to exit the cantina in any way possible. She had caused the desired effect she had come here for. Word would spread like wildfire, and with the pending deaths in the hanger bays the Jedi would be forced to reveal himself. "Talk?" she laughed sarcastically. "Now you wish to talk, Ha!" she laughed again. "All of these innocents could of been saved, their blood is on your hands, Xaemon."

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@tiamat: "You're evil. My actions do not determine yours. Don't even try to guilt me like that." His jaw tightened. "Nothing I've done could EVER warrant this bloodshed." That's it Xaemon, keep her talking. Have to buy Andy time to get away with the relic.

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@xaemon: "Tell me where he is, or more will suffer." A thunderstorm of electricity poured down around her showing her true potential. At her whim she could cause unimagined chaos and carnage among the innocents locked down in fear. Blood would stain these floors.

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@tiamat: I'Voree and Ashara arrived at the Jedi's hanger. He pushed her to go forward. "Andy Sunrider?" She looked around anxiously. "I'm Ashara Zavros. The Sith are on their way here. We need to get you out of here."

Xaemon closed his eyes tight, trying to tune out the screams. Dammit. "Hanger 182."

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Noxius wandered into a nearby cantina. Worlds such as this were full of cantinas. It served as an easy place to exchange smuggled goods and arrange for meetings between potential clients. Shops, cantinas, slum-housing. That was all these systems amounted to. So pointless.

This particular cantina was relatively full. Full of scum, mind you, but scum who might know something. Noxius moved his hand beneath his cloak and removed a small canister and held it above his head.

"Attention, lowlifes. I am a member of the glorious Sith. I am seeking any who know the whereabouts of Force-Users; Jedi or Sith, who've entered this moon recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated and will result in a just reward."

The cantina exploded into raucous laughter. Noxius surmised that people looking for information would often impersonate a Sith Lord in order to ascertain some manner of leverage. Noxius sighed and pressed down on the plunger at the top of the canister in his hand. A faint green haze emanated from the cylindrical object and filled the cantina, as gasses do.

"Everyone in this room has now been infected with a virulent agent, it will cause your organs to dissolve and be expelled orally within an hour. I am inoculated since I am the virus's creator. Anyone with information pertaining to my interests will receive the antidote. Should I receive sufficient information to reach my goal, I will deliver the antidote to everyone in this room. If you attempt to fool me with false intelligence, I will administer a secondary agent that will slow down your death and cause massive haemorrhaging and extreme spasming that will result in the breaking of your spine. All before you die. And I'm a Sith. Don't lie or I'll know."

Four creatures of differing species stood and tentatively raised their hands.

"Ah, much better."

Noxius moved forward and began to question the four volunteers.

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@fadetoblackbolt: (Feel free to have any of the patrons be a off duty security guard or something and force them to give you my hanger bay area. I'm the one with the Relic! Unless you are looking for a different Jedi who has a different relic.. lol)

@jay_august: He could sense the bloodshed of the innocent as they cried out. So an unexpected visitor coming to see him had his forces on high alert. HK was already requesting permission to assassinate the Togruta. Pressing the comm in on his end he answered from behind the heavy blast doors. "Good evening, Ashara. Thank you for the warning and the wise advice. Tell me why are you really here?"

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@tank_: That's the plan :)

Then let them all die. Muahahaha

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@fadetoblackbolt: Depending on the situation with Ashara and I'Voree I might be taking off into space soon.

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@xaemon: i might have, it all depends on who exactly your friends are

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@ragman1138: (Do you have any goals or direction on where you want to take your character yet?)

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@tank_: (nothing yet. It's all kinda up in the air. i'm open for suggestions)

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@ragman1138: (No suggestions currently. I'm still trying to juggle being the only Jedi among the sea of Sith. They breed like rabbits! lol)

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@tank_: prolly because our force powers are cooler and we can kill at the slightest whim.)

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@tank_: (sith lightning, BAM!. or because our outfits are cooler, lol)

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@ragman1138: Sever force > lightning.

But you have me on the outfit part. lol

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@tank_: I'm more a fan of deadly sight or sith mind walk. LOL If teh jedi had awesome outfits, i'm sure more would be jedi

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@tank_: (made the account brosef. Will be on later, PEACE. You can help me figure out more of his abilities tonight muahaha)

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@tank_: I'Voree rolled his white eyes, and the Rattitaki pushed forward. "Look, Jedi. Some of the most powerful Sith are on their way here NOW, torturing and killing every one to murder you and claim that relic. Now, you can sit here and be slaughtered, or we can get the hell out of here. We can discuss motives later. I'm not about to defend you and risk Ashara's life protecting you. I personally don't want you dead yet. I think you have a lot of wisdom you might be able to teach me and the young Padawan. I am ultimately a Force scholar. Now, if you would please let us in and get us out of here, that would be great."

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@gliok_kaftern: Cool. Just hit me up with whatever you need bro.

@jay_august: (Reposts her It's a trap picture lol)

"I know very well what forces are coming. The Horsemen and I have faced off before." Though he would not admit never all four of them against just himself. Parwyn, and Kira had been at his side each time the four came after him. He did well to just hold off the two brothers early that night, and had it not been for HK's sniper fire pinning them down he might not of escaped.

Andy let his commitment to the force take hold, searching out with his feelings towards the two mysterious guests. This Togruta seemed to have inner turmoil, she was battling the darkness inside of her. She needed a light in the darkness, a darkness he knew all too well. It was for her sake alone that the blast doors slid open.

"Let us go then." He eyed the Rattitaki curiously but greeted him none the same. "Anthony Sunrider, Jedi Master of the Republic." His hand stretched out towards the 'Shield' his defender class starship.

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@tank_: (LOL!)

"Yeah, yeah. We know who you are." The Inquisitor strode forward. "Come, Ashara. We don't want to be here when the Sith arrive. That would be awkward to say the least." The two boarded the ship before I'Voree turned back to the Jedi. "I am Lord I'Voree, emissary of Darth An'arche. The Dark Council wants you dead, and my mistress has all intents on getting her hands on the relic you've acquired."

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Xaemon closed his eyes tight, trying to tune out the screams. Dammit. "Hanger 182."

Her black lips curled into a smile as she turned to walk away. Using her connection to her brothers and sister to telepathically send them the whereabouts. The hunt was on..

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@tiamat: Xaemon slumped back down onto the floor, his back against the wall. He hoped the Jedi would make it out okay. If this woman got her hands on that Sith relic... well, he was pretty sure there wouldn't be any good to come of it.

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@jay_august: (It ate meh post >__> )

"Your mistress then will be disappointed. For I intend to destroy the relic."

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@tank_: "Personally, I think she'd be happier than if the relic ended up in the hands of her enemies. Which is what was going to happen previously. Where is it, can I ask? I'd be interested to inspect it. I have an interest in Sith relics given my role under the sphere of Ancient Knowledge. And how exactly does one go about destroying such a piece?" He rubbed his chalky white chin.

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@jay_august: "I do not believe that to be wise. The relic is safe let it stay that way." The ramp closed in behind them and the ships engines roared alive as they were engaged for lift off. Andy motioned for them to sit around the table in the conference room. "Please, have a seat." There was a silence as he gauged them ivory white man. "Why don't you begin to tell me the real reasons behind why you are here." There was more to their game than just this relic.

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@tank_: I'Voree and Ashara sat as directed. The Rattataki smirked. He was enjoying this too much. "I wanted to talk to the man who killed the Emperor. You must be very powerful indeed. I want to understand more about your connection to the Force. I'm sure you have some amount of wisdom to bequeath to us humble seekers." He placed his white hand over his chest indicating himself.

The Togruta spoke up. "I just didn't want to see you killed by those awful Sith. I'm sure Darth An'arche would listen to reason. She's been very kind and helpful to me. The same with I'Voree. They are not what I was taught the Sith were. They are more open-minded. I've felt more accepted by them than by the Jedi order."

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@jay_august: "I take no pride in the Emperor's death. As your own Dark Council knows he looked for perform a dark ritual that would of wiped out the entire galaxy. His lust for power had drove him crazy, he would not see reasons."

He looked at Ashara and wondered what trials the poor child had endured. "I appreciate you not wanting me to be killed by then" his smile widened with his humor. "The path of the Jedi is not an easy one. Tell me, who was your Master? What happened to him.."

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@tank_: Ashara looked down with shame. "I got him killed... my master, Master Ryen. Lord An'arche told me to clear the Jedi enclave for her so that she could bind the ghost of my ancestor. I... I told the Jedi of her plan. They attacked her leaving her no choice but to kill them. I couldn't go back to the Jedi, not after what I had done. She took me in as her own apprentice. She told me I could be whatever I wanted, Jedi, Sith..." she glanced toward I'Voree, "or something else entirely."

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@jay_august: He listened in intently. "I know of Master Ryen, he was stern but a good Jedi. Knowledgeable in the ways of the force. I am saddened to hear of your loss, of our loss." His tone somber to show he too cared for the loss of her former Master. "Tell me what did this Lord An'arche want with your ancestors ghost?" He sat forward more curiously. Not just of the ghosts, but of the young Togruta's family line. For he too came from a long line of force users. He knew of the pressure one could be put under for expectations.

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@tank_: "Another Sith, Darth Thanaton wanted her destroyed. He was very powerful."

I'Voree continued. "To be able to combat Darth Thanaton, my mistress became proficient in the ritual known as Force walking, the ability to bind Force ghosts into her being to channel their power. Kalatosh Zavros was one of these ghosts she sought to utilize in her fight against the Sith Lord."

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@jay_august: "Tell me, Ashara. Are you against slavery?"

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@tank_: She looked at him strangely. "Of course."

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@jay_august: "Is that not what Lord An'arche is doing to these spirits? Binding them to her will for more power. Enslaving them to her."

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@tank_: "They are evil! They deserve to be imprisoned. My ancestor was even going to kill me if Lord An'arche hadn't intervened."

I'Voree chuckled. "Besides, it's more action than they've gotten in centuries. Some of them have even started to like the opportunity she's given them to live through her and not be bound to some dusty old tomb."

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@jay_august: "Then should the spirits not be vanquished, Ashara? Laid to rest instead of abused for power?"

He turned his attention towards I'Voree as the ship flew out from the hanger bay, rocketing up towards the skyline. "What would you do with the relic? Should it be your decision."

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@tank_: She glared at his attempts to poison her against her master, anger welling within her. "If Darth An'arche is to invoke change within the galaxy, she needs power. You don't know her."

"Shhhhh. No need to get upset, Ashara. His question was legitimate." He placed his hand over hers, stroking it gently with his thumb as he spoke soothingly. The Sorceror turned back to Andy. "Well, what sort of relic is it we are dealing with?"

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@jay_august: He could sense her growing anger through the force. Their manipulation on this child was woven deep. "That is right, I do not know her. Why don't you tell me a bit about her. If you do not mind."

"Corruption" he looked at the inquisitor knowingly.

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@tank_: She cooled down with the coaxing of I'Voree and the opportunity to describe her master. "She was a former slave who was forced into the Sith Order under pain of death. She grew in the Force as she was trained until she became so powerful she defeated Darth Thanaton and claimed his seat on the Dark Council. She and I have talked a lot about the Jedi and the Sith. She helped me see the inconsistencies of the Jedi. She let me go and speak with Jedi to arrange peaceful debate between the Sith and Jedi. She lets me study whatever I want; nothing is taboo to her. Lord An'arche wants to reform the Sith, throw out the slavery and the xenophobia."

"Easily said for a Jedi." The white skinned man scoffed. "You believe all dark side power is only corruptive in its influence. But if you completely deny the dark side of yourself, you are missing a part of who you are as a sentient creature. The Force is light and dark, two sides of the same coin. The dark powers can be harnessed in some cases by skilled practitioners."

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@jay_august: "I would like to meet this new Master of yours, one day." There was no threatening tone in his voice or emotions. Just a certainty.

"You assume much, I'Voree. Perhaps it would interest you to know that I am wed to my former Padawan." He smiled with the thought of Kira in his mind. Of how he missed her soothing presence, her smell. Her humor. "I know of the dark side all too well." He recalled the dark acts he had done those months under the Emperors thrall. "Interpretation and use are two different things."

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@tank_: Ashara beamed. "That would be wonderful..." She paused. "But I have a feeling she is a bit frightened by you. You did kill the Emperor. She's afraid you will try to kill her."

I'Voree started. He grinned. "W-what? You married your Padawan? Well... I guess maybe Jedi aren't so stuck up as I originally thought if they've finally embraced the notion of love and the resulting attachments." His eyes widened as he turned to Ashara. "See, what did I tell you. There's hope for us yet." He winked. Then he returned his attention to Sunrider, raising a finger, a purple electricity crackling at its tip. "The Sith enslaved my people, tortured my family, executed my father before us. My hatred gives me power, drove me to become Sith. Such a strong emotion allows for a potent connection to the Force." The electricity vanished and he set his hand down, smoothing over his robes. "It is a tool. I do not let it define my actions. Sith relics corrupt the weak and should be kept from such but can be used by those with the means."

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@tank_: (You just blew I'Voree's mind. LOL)

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@jay_august: "I did not intend to kill the Emperor when we first encountered him. Quite the contrary, I wanted to end this war. To negotiate piece and to have him see reason. But his lust for power was too great. Trillions would of died had I not stopped him. Tell me is An'arche's search as blinding as his made him?"

"You would be surprised what can be found in the Jedi archives. In fact marriage was once encouraged, my own ancestor too was married. It seemed this concept was abolished some 300 years ago by a Jedi Master, Atris." He sighed as this man believed that hatred gave him all this power. "Master your emotions, instead of letting them master you. Then, and only then can you hardness their true meaning. You care for Ashara, yes? Tell me does your emotion of hatred override your sense for her?"

The artifact, the corrupter. "No good can come of this relic. It perverts the mind and manipulates those around it to great evils. That is why my companions for this mission were all droids. They are immune to its taint."