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@tank_: "I just had a lady Sith try to cut me to pieces. I'd rather be anywhere than here right now. Besides, you look too reputable to be a convincing buyer. You wouldn't get within one hundred meters before that son of a Hutt smelled out a fraud. You could use a bit Captain Xaemon's underworld expertise."

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@schizofred: His hand clasped on Xaemon's shoulder "Lead the way my friend."

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@tank_: Xaemon grinned before unlocking the door and holding it open for the man before locking it back up behind them. He gave reign of the club to another of his Twi'lek girls hoping this time no one would murder his help. He reached under the bar, pulling out his blaster and fastening it around his waist. They took a cab from the Promenade to the Corellian sector of Nar Shaddaa. From there Xaemon led Andy down the diversely populated streets situated between high-rise buildings. "So, I gotta ask. What's your business with this relic? What's so special about it?"

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@schizofred: "I'm going to destroy it" he said plainly enough. "By order of the Jedi Council." He unfastened the strap that held his cloak together, revealing his padded armor suit beneath it a lightsaber dangling at his side.

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@tank_: "Hm. Jedi. Imagine that." Xaemon nodded barely surprised. They all seemed to wear the same drab robes. "Well, I guess you will know what to do with it after all." He arrived at a more dilapidated building. He stopped at the front door, stooped, and examined it closer. "Other way." The smuggler stepped into the alley way and pulled back the dumpster revealing a second entrance. He rapped on the door. A slit on the door slid open.

"Xaemon? What are you doing here?"

"Found you a buyer. He's got an offer you can't refuse."

"More like an offer you can't refuse, friend. You got that thing I told you about?"

"Yeah, got it on me." He winked.

A clicking sound came from the door, and it swung open, a Devaronian standing in the room. "Well, come inside before someone starts to think I associate with scum like you."

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@schizofred: As he stepped in he could see the uneasiness of the Devaronian. In an effort to try and get in front of the situation and defuse the outbursts before they started he spoke up. "Don't be alarmed. Xaemon speaks the truth, I am a potential buyer, and yes your suspicions are correct. I'm from the Republic." His eyes looked around to see if he could locate the relic, not seeing it he then searched out with the force to try and sense it. There, he thought. A small smile crossing his lips as he felt its presence here. It wasn't too late. "The republic is no thief and we are prepared to compensate you for your troubles."

A large crash echoed throughout the housing area. He went to continue but suddenly the room fell to complete darkness. Seconds later security lights lit up. "We're not alone" Andy's hand reached for his lightsaber but refrained from igniting. He had to get them to safety, but first he needed that relic. "Where is it!?" Time was of the essence now.

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@tank_: "Well, if you aren't here to reform me of my wicked ways and come baring credits... I'm all ears..." Gault nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden crash. "Dammit, Xaemon. Who'd you bring here on my tail? Rogan? Nem'ro's guys?" He drew his blaster rifle and scampered back for cover. "Second crate on the left." He motioned with the barrel of his rifle.

Xaemon meanwhile had pulled his blaster from his holster and was looking around the darkness nervously. "It's not my fault! I'm saving your ass. That thing got Seely killed. Got to get rid of it before we're both dead."

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@schizofred: Quickly he went towards the barrel indicated. As his hand reached for the relic he could feel the dark side of the force resonating from it. The hair on the back of his neck stood stiff as he felt the chill of darkness try and grasp at his heart. This artifact was more powerful than he had expected, more powerful than any of the Council had expected. It was the Corrupter, a conduit to the dark side that could implant the seed of darkness and cause it to spread. This one relic was responsible for countless civil wars and deaths. He pulled his hand back away from the relic reluctantly. Shaking his hand out he tried to get rid of that icy feeling the relic had left on his senses. Removing his cloak Andy then scooped the relic up inside of it, wrapping it around tightly to avoid any physical touch.

Sparks spat out wildly from the blast door Xaemon and Andy had entered, the metal melting like a hot knife cutting through butter. The end of a crimson lightsaber sliced through and it would only be a few seconds more before the door gave way. "Go! Run! Find another way out" he shouted towards the two smugglers. "I'll delay them as long as I can." He tossed the relic that was rolled up in his cloak towards Xaemon. "Take this to hanger bay 182 and see to it that my droid T7 gets it. Now hurry!"

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@tank_: "Don't need to tell me twice. I'm outta here." The Devaronian bolted out of the room, Xaemon trailing behind with the relic. The two reemerged on the streets of the Corellian Sector, each going their separate ways, the captain hopping a taxi and heading for the spaceport. Looking around cautiously, the smuggler made his way to the hanger bay.

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@schizofred: The astromech's sensors picked them outside the hanger bay and was already in motion to greet the visitors with curious beeps. C2 slowly waddled behind him prepared for translations. "Good evening, sirs. I am C2-N2, and this lively one is T7-O1. Welcome to the hanger bay of Jedi Master Andy Sunrider, hero of the Republic and Council member of the Jedi Order." The droid was going to continue with a long winded greetings until T7 wheeled back and ran into his chassis with an irritating beep. "Oh, yes. How may we be of service?"

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@tank_: "Stow it, goldenrod." He raised a hand. Protocol droids always irritated him. "I got this relic Andy literally threw at me. Probably should get it onto your ship. Some bad people want their hands on this thing."

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@schizofred: "Boop, boop, beep!" an appendix reached out from the droids head to retrieve the relic from the smuggler.

From up the ships ramp a third robotic voice entered the fray. "Clarification, meatbag. Where is the Jedi now?"

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@tank_: (Lemme guess? HK? LOL)

"Probably fighting some Sith down in the Corellian Sector."

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@schizofred: (Yup!)

The sound of metal against metal rang out from the ramp as the mysterious droid made his way down. His silver framing showed an elegance in his creation. A customized sniper rifle was slung against his right shoulder, his lifeless yellow eyes showed no emotion. "Protocol 172c4 activated. Tin can, scrap metal. Have the ship prepared for take off in 20. The bacta tank should be filled." The droid continued to walk as it talked, never once looking back.

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@tank_: "Okay... well, guess I'll be going then." He turned to exit the hanger.

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@schizofred: (Bye! lol, sorry all the companions who are alive are on some other mission. So no warm greeting. :( )

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@tank_: (You just didn't want Xaemon hitting on Kira. Ha!)

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@schizofred: (She wouldn't go for that scruffy looking nerf herder! hehe, she has a Knight! ;)

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@schizofred: (-points to his stubble- lol I'm going to have to get Andy to cross paths with Ashara. Someone has to redeem her back to the light.)

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@tank_: (Hmph! You steal her away from I'Voree? :( )

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@tank_: (Doubt that. xP But he'd be interested to learn about Jedi ways. He's pretty set on being mostly Sith. He's just light.)

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@tank_: (Could be an interesting set of interactions trying to sway Ashara one way or the other.)

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@schizofred: (An'arche is the devil on one shoulder, and Andy is the angel on the other. lol We can set it up sometime down the road.)

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@schizofred: starts drinking it. "so what have you been up to?"

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@ragman1138: "Oh, you know. This and that. Stuff I really can't talk about." He shrugged.

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@xaemon: i been doing assassination stuff. pays well

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@tank_: Nice! She's even got the double blue lightsabers! (I think currently she has two yellow, but I eventually might want to give her two blue to match her eyes. O_O) If only she was orange.

I was thinking today how Arruna would fit into this setting. I was thinking she would still be a Padawan.

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@tank_ said:

@schizofred: (An'arche is the devil on one shoulder, and Andy is the angel on the other. lol We can set it up sometime down the road.)

(I'd like to see this. But I'm not sure An'arche is the devil per se. While quite evil herself, she understands the importance of balance and reform within Sith culture. I'Voree has much more interest in drawing Ashara to his side aka away from the stringent ways of the Jedi, but his side also could hardly be considered the dark side. He attempts to tap into the light and dark sides of the Force.)

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The red Twi'lek was spread out comfortably on her silken sheets as she rested for her days ordeals. Her head shot towards the opening of chambers as a red Zabrak stumbled forward falling to his knees. "Gorin!" she shouted as she scampered off of her bed and to his side. Her hand delicately caressing his cheek. "What happened to you?" her eyes distraught at the grievous wounds he had sustained from the lengthy lightsaber duel with the Jedi, He growled in response as his lips curled up into a sneer. Soon after another Sith stalked into the room, their brother Oni. "There was a Jedi" he clung to his arm tightly as he leaned against the doors frame for support. "He got to the relic before we could, gave it to some smugglers and held us off as they made their escape."

Tiamat listened as her brother retold the accounts of the night. She laid Gorin down onto the floor and began to weave her hands along his massive muscles. His wounds began to heal rapidly as she continuously mended him. "Just one Jedi?" she questioned back in disbelief. What single Jedi could do THIS to her brothers.

"It was him" Oni growled out in disdain.

She stopped what she was doing and stared up at her pale brother. His name need not be spoken, not among the Sith hierarchy. If he was here it could only mean that this relic was far more powerful than the Council had led them to believe. She cursed herself for them not going together. "We should inform the Dark Council at once."

"We should kill him!" he spat back, but almost fell over with fatigue.

"Yes, brother. Because that worked out so well the first three times." Her eyes were icy cold as she stared him down. "We have allies here. We will inform them and move accordingly. But first you need your rest. I will summon Vecna and she can use her Sith Alchemy to speed your healing. That is final." Her care for the Zabrak continued until she knew he would be safe. She closed her eyes and gently kissed his horned head. "Rest well, my sweet" she whispered quietly and than raised to her feet.

Twenty minutes later she found herself fully dressed and at the hanger bay. Pressing into the com-link she awaited her response. "This is Darth Tiamat. I have an urgent message for your Master."

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@tiamat: "Ah, the illustrious Darth Tiamat." I'Voree began with his usual smug Dromund Kaas accent. "I'll patch you through." With a few clicks he reached Darth An'arche.

"Do you ever comm me with good news, I'Voree? What is it this time?"

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@ivoree: "Lord An'arche" she piped in. "We thought it best to inform you, and the Dark Council immediately. HE is here." She hissed with a putrid hatred for the Jedi responsible for killing their Emperor. "The Jedi, Sunrider has beaten us to the relic."

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@tiamat: "Sunrider? That little gnat who murdered our Emperor?" Her words were venomous but more because she wanted to kill the Emperor herself to usurp his throne. Her ascent would be far less dramatic now. That perturbed her. "I will discuss this with the council. I have no doubt you and your siblings will be sent out to assassinate the Jedi and claim his prize. He cannot be allowed to interfere with our plans further, I'm sure they will see reason." Taking Andy out would also be a convenient way of avoiding the Emperor's fate, and she was quite certain he would not stop there. No, he would take out each member of the Dark Council until the Sith Empire could no longer stand on it's own. "Await my instructions. I will convene the council."

The Force walker clicked off the intercom, seething in her chair. "Bring forth the treachery of Mortis at the same time." "No… deal with Mortis later. This is far more pressing.""It would be so convenient if you all would just agree. You four are tearing my mind apart!" She grit her teeth. "We relish not making this easy for you. You enslaved us! We intend to make you suffer.""Oh, you're dead. Helping me won't kill you.""I for one have rather enjoyed my time here. It's better than that old tomb. In this body, I can achieve power that I never did in life."

An'arche set about contacting each of the Dark Council members, arranging for them to meet together to discuss the fate of Sunrider. She swept into the chamber, her Inquisitor's robes trailing behind her, red as blood. "My lords." She made sure to make eye contact with Darth Mortis. "I have come before you to request that we unleash the Horsemen upon our enemy. He has acquired an item, a Sith relic of great importance to our endeavors. If he succeeds in his intent, a priceless piece of Sith culture and power will be destroyed, yet another blow to our great empire at the hands of this… Jedi. I'm sure we all know this knight of the Republic will not stop until our Empire is in ruins. We must end him."

Darth Ravaged clutched his fist into a ball. "Yes, we must crush the assassin once and for all."
Darth Marr nodded. "Yes, let it be done."

A crooked smile spread across the young woman's pale face. "Excellent."

Soon after the Council was adjourned, Darth An'arche contacted Lord I'Voree once more. "You will be my eyes once more, I'Voree." She sighed. "How I wish I could be the one to devour that miscreant. I would taste his blood. But it is not my position, so I will intrust it to only the best. Inform the Horsemen of their newest goal.""Taste his blood? That's disgusting…" "What if we could turn him?" "Don't be ridiculous.""SHUT UP."

"It will be done, my mistress." The Rattataki nodded respectfully. "Darth Tiamat, my lord has spoken with the Council. Given the power of this Jedi, you, your sisters, your brothers, myself, and her young Padawan will all go in search for Sunrider. Failure is not an option. If you find him, do not engage until we are all together."

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@ivoree: "I will bathe in his blood" she seethed in her hatred for this Jedi. "I will inform my brothers and sister of our new arrangement." Her eyes fell on the male Rattataki, lingering for just a moment as she licked her black lips. All of this hatred, all of this anger was driving her emotions wild, making her horny. No, this was not the time nor the place. "We must find out if he had made orbit, if he hits hyperspace we might lose him."

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@tiamat: I'Voree smirked. He could sense the strength of her emotions welling up within her. It barely felt as if she had control over the intensity of her passions. So powerful and yet so weak. This is why he scorned the Sith. "Oh, I'm sure a certain cantina owner would know a thing or two about that. Probably best not to leave him to your brutish techniques."

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@ivoree: Her eyes flashed with recognition of the smuggler. Yesss she had almost forgotten about him in her lust for revenge. "The rogue scoundrel is mine."

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@tiamat: "Oh, and what's your plan? Seduce him? Torture him? Kill him? I'm brimming with anticipation. Go see how that works." He was really just goading her anger. She would probably want to relish the poor smuggler's demise, her emotions deviating her from her primary goal. He wanted to find the Jedi first. He wanted to meet the man who brought down the Emperor. What power he must possess!

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@ivoree: Electricity danced about her forearms as she glared at the inquisitor. "I will enslave him to my will. Through the arts of Sith Sorcery he will obey my every command." The electricity faded away as she stood tall, regaining control of her passions that fueled her.

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@tiamat: "Great. You do that. Let me know when you have the Jedi's coordinates." He wrapped his hands behind his back and walked off.

Ashara ran after him. "A Jedi? You're going to find a Jedi? Please tell me you don't intend on killing him."

"Relax, Ashara. I have no intention of killing him. I want to talk. I think we could both learn much from this man. What do you think? But we must be swift. The Sith will be fast on his tail." Jedi were nothing if not predictable. They followed strict rules and regulations. He should be able to deduce a rough estimate of his ships location given a proximity to the cantina and the usual location for Republic dockers. Then there was the artifact. It should have a potent radiation from the Dark Side of the Force. He must be receptive to its call. The Inquisitor hurried off to begin his own search.

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Darth Noxius

Real name: Kier-Ke Gaard

Race: Human

Birthplace: Alderaan

Affiliation: Sith/Dark Side of the Force

Lightsaber: Single blade. Red.

Physical Traits: Sith Engravings on skin.

Look: Exar Kun

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@pyrogram: Technically for years, but I'm lazy on this site lol

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@ivoree: Turning on her heels she made her way out from the hanger bay and back to her brothers and sister. They had much to prepare for, the Emperor's death would be avenged!

Entering back into her luxurious apartment complex she gathered her brothers and sister's attention. "The Dark Council has given us a great honor. We are to bring down the Jedi, Sunrider. Head to the docking bay and begin to tear apart every Republic soldier you can find. We will draw out this Jedi with the blood of the innocent. Let him come to us." She eyed them all individually. "But first I have one more matter to attend." She said no more and turned back out of her estate.

As she entered the Slippery Slope cantina she summoned the force to choke the two guards at the entrance to death. Brushing their throats with just a small gesture from her hand. Stalking into the clubs main entrance she let her arrival be known with a fiery display of lightning and carnage as she laughed manically. Electricity streaked out from her hands and wrecked havoc on the club.

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