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@nu_kovak said:

Kovak strolled into the bar, casting a careless crimson gaze over the decor. With a dismissive sigh, he glided to a table and sat silently, his masked face still.

Lord I'Voree's white eyes wandered over to the masked stranger. Hm, what was his business here?

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@schizofred: Once again the elusive scoundrel escaped her clutches. Dashing across the room and beneath her bed as he simultaneously fired another barrage of blaster bolts towards her. Sparks sizzled as those bolts met her fiery blade, over half a dozen blaster bolts now let burn marks along her walls, floor, and bed. "There will be no loss of limbs, but slow, antagonizing cuts. A pain so ripe that you will sing for me, a death song." Once again the air filled with the scent of ozone as she called upon the Force. Lightning streaked from her arm and her doors frame. The electricity singed deeply into the wall and the lights flickered off. Coating the room in absolute darkness, save for the sinister glow of her saber. The moment the scoundrel had exited her bed chambers the doors security locks frizzled as sparks flew out. Her electricity had malfunctioned her door and it slid shut on her. She screeched in defiance. Damn that smuggler, damn him and his luck!

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@tiamat: (Hehehe! Lucky bastard.)

Xaemon hopped into a taxi and made his way back to the Promenade. "That was TOO close..."

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@schizofred: (No, he missed out on being a truly 'lucky' bastard. ;) hehe)

Two hours later

The pale skinned Sith leaned back in her chair. "Sister" she elongated the word. "Do not fret over this simpleton, he is beneath you. I have acquired our information. The Dark Council will be pleased." Her voice snake like as she watched her angry sister stalk from one side of the room to the other.

Casting a glance at the bald woman she calmed herself. Slowly walking towards her as she accentuated her curves with every step. She then climbed into the woman's lap and let her red finger teasingly slide along the woman's face. "Heee, will pay" she exhaled breathlessly as she leaned in towards the others ear. Her tongue playfully licking along its outer contours.

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@tiamat: (O_O Wait, no! I want back in!)

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@schizofred: (Xaemon! Think with the right head for once!) xP

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Darth An'arche holocommed Lord I'Voree from her chambers on Korriban. "It seems someone on the Dark Council has sent two Sith to Nar Shadddaa. I've altered your mission. You primary task is now to find out what they are doing there and who employed them." "Yes, my mistress." The Rattitaki bowed. The transmission cut off, and the young woman pressed her finger tips together, her elbows resting on her desk. Erghast and Zavros seethed in her mind. "You will not fail us, An'arche. We will become Emperor." "Oh, do shut up." She rolled her brown eyes.

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"So sister, how was it that you came upon this information?" her naked body coiled around her lover as she purred.

Her pale sister closed her eyes and re-imagined the carnage. Invited her crimson lover into her thoughts so she could experience it first hand. They were now back at the Cantina, Xaemon had just left to follow his would be suitor. Out from the shadows in the corner she stalked towards the bar, a young naive yet beautiful blue Twi'lek asked what she could get her. Scenes of screams and bloodshed filled their thoughts next as she tortured the alien at her own housing. Blood began to seep beneath the door as she licked her fingers clean. Opening her eyes she turned to Darth Tiamat. "Get dressed, we should not linger here longer than we have to." Licking her lips Tiamat ran them across Oni's once more before rising from the bed. Moments later the two would be gone.

The two sisters were complete opposites as they swiftly stalked down the alleyway. Tiamat was barely clothed and drew every eye to her womanly curves. Like a ghost behind her Oni was clad in a dark cloak, trailing in Tiamat's shadow as the round the next corner.

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@tiamat: The Rattataki Sith closed his eyes, drawing upon his force training to lead him to the Sith agents. His white eyes opened with a smile as he quickly made his way out of the club. He wandered through the streets of Nar Shaddaa before stepping before the sisters. "My lords. Do they send Darths to run errands now?" The Inquisitor nodded, his tone not without a touch of sarcasm. "I'm on a mission from Darth An'arche of the Dark Council. She requests to know what you are doing on the Smuggler's Moon."

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@ivoree: Tiamat stopped and let her eyes wonder over their newest visitor. Behind her Oni kept her hooded robe lowered over her face, never once looking up or giving any recognition to what was happening. She was wrapped in the force, a coiled viper ready to strike at a moments notice. "We're here on behalf of the Council, perhaps Lady An'arche should take matters up with them." Her hand annoyingly coming to rest on her hip as she cocked it out even more. Her black leather skit splitting to reveal her long, shapely legs wrapped in her thigh high stiletto boots.

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@tiamat: His eyes watched the sultry display of the Twi'lek. He folded his arms over his chest. "Specifically WHO on the Dark Council? No one notified my mistress of such a mission. She's beginning to think they don't like her…" He smirked.

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@ivoree: "WE do not answer to you" she said plainly enough. "If the Council does not wish to convey their tasks with one another, then your mistress will have to take it up with them." There Horsemen of the Council were just folk lore to most members of the Sith, and Empire. Only the members of the Dark Council themselves knew of their existence or of their identities.

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@tiamat: Lord I'Voree placed his hands on his hips. "Very well. A lowly alien slave such as I could not possibly assert his will over such masters of the Force." He spoke contemptuously. "But I'd suggest you choose your masters wisely. If there is something amiss among the Council… well, my mistress would be displeased by any treachery." He swept his arm into his chest, drawing himself into a bow. "Thank you for your precious time, my lords. I will convey your words to Darth An'arche." He turned and walked away from the pair. Having studied both sides of the Force, the former slave thought himself superior to Dark Sith, especially having worked his way up through the Sith ranks as an alien and a slave, and his pride was evident.

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@ivoree: "We do not pick sides, we are Sith. Power is our nature." She proclaimed this proudly. Her Sith alchemy tattoos visible on her body. Her mind reached into her sisters with a telepathic plea. "Follow her, Sister. Find out if the Council is acting against Darth An'arche. We have already lost much with the fall of the Emperor. Should the Council fall.." her words hung in both their minds at that last thought. Everything the Sith had accomplished since their return would be lost. This could not be.

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@tiamat: I'Voree retreated into the shadows in the dank alleys of the Smuggler's Moon. He switched on his holocommunicator. "Darth An'arche. I… regret to inform you that I have… failed in your mission." His sorrow was a ruse, but he really did respect his mistress. This was just a manipulative way to attempt to avoid her full wrath.

"UGH. What now?" The Force-walker snapped. "Must I do everything myself?" "That's what you get trusting your business to an alien." "Shut up, Erghast. Your kind is at an end. Imperial racism is really quite disadvantageous, it weakens our empire by alienating potential allies. You are a fool." "You will weaken our Sith heritage, heir of Kallig!" "I don't recall asking your opinion!"

I'Voree rolled his eyes as the Dark Lord of the Sith rambled against her inner dialogue. "Perhaps you should know the Sith here were a red Twi'lek and a Rattitaki woman. They gave no hints as to who precisely sent them."

"I bet it was Mortis." She hissed. "He never liked me. Begrudgingly agreed to allow me on the Dark Council. But I'll have you know, I'Voree, they put me here because they need me. Never has a Sith acquired so much power so soon and survived. They fear my abilities. I'm sure they plot to kill me. But who would be so foolish to scheme under my nose." She stroked her chin. "I will meditate on this. Oh, and speak with Khem, see if Zash is home. She is supposed to have information on a lost relic. I want to know more."

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@ivoree: (D'oh! >_< I just realized I have been calling the pale one by the wrong name. lol She is Vecna, while the other one is Oni.)

The growing legend behind Darth An'arche and her rise to the Dark Council was well known to the Horsemen. They knew of her power, and this relic, this holocron. It could grant to her even more power, but at what costs. How many spirits could she keep locked away inside that pretty little head. Oni stayed cloaked in the dark, shrouded in the force. Satisfied with her findings she soon retreated to her sister. "It seems she seeks the relic Mortis has sent us here for."

Tiamat's face curled up in disgust. That Mortis would dare to try and manipulate the Horsemen in his game against the new Darth. "Inform our brothers of Mortis intent, and meet me at those coordinates tonight. I will go pay our visitor one more visit." Her look sly and devious.

"Leave the smuggler out of this, Sister" as if she had read her mind. "We have deeper issues on this moon."

She sighed helplessly in defeat, tossing her hands aside as her shoulders slumped. With the issue at hand settled Tiamat wandered off to find Ivoree, where ever he might be held up on his smugglers moon of a paradise. Oh how she longed for a hot bath..

Vecna vanished into the darkness and retrieved her own holo-communicator. "Bothers, we have been deceived.."

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@tiamat: (I was wondering... thought about informing you. xP)

I'Voree took a taxi back to the spaceport. When he arrived he approached his ship.

An'arche's Togruta padawan exited and approached him. "What news from my master?"

The Ratattaki gave a mock frown. "Is that all you care about, Ashara? But I've been gone for so long. I've missed you." He moved closer to her.

Ashara fidgeted with her hands out of awkwardness. "Of course, I'Voree. I'm glad to see you too."

"Still afraid of our little attachment, eh, Jedi?" He took one of her fidgeting hands in his and kissed it delicately. One of the perks of being An'arche's favourite pet Sith was his proximity to her lovely apprentice. "Ashara, do you know if Zash has surfaced? Have you gotten any more information on the relic in my absence?"

She sighed. "I'm afraid not. Khem is quite stubborn about letting Zash take hold of his body. Can't say I blame him. She is pure evil. What she planned to do to my master..." The Togruta shook her head disapprovingly.

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@jay_august: Looking on she pondered to herself, "Well isn't she a pretty little thing." Without braking stride she continued to walk towards the pair alone. Her heels clacking with each step, drawing even more attention to herself. Those shapely legs once more playing peek a boo beneath her leather skirt as she swayed her hips. "I wish to speak with your Master" she seemed to ignore Ivoree at this point and continued to let her eyes scour over the your Apprentice.

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@tiamat: (Yes, yes she is. xD)
Ashara's fiery indignation against the intrusive Sith boiled over. "Who are you, and what do you want with my master?" She placed her hands on her hips.
I'Voree couldn't help but chuckle at her outburst. Not Jedi-like at all.

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@schizofred: puts creds on table. "the strongest alcoholic beverage u got"

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@jay_august: "I ! am Darth Tiamat" she hissed back, "And you will address me as such, youngling." Cute she may be, there would be a proper protocol that this girl would learn. Mmm, she would love to teach her all sort of things. "My business with your Master is none of your concern." She eyed the girls lightsaber and smiled. "Do you care to press this matter?"

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@tiamat: "You bet I do. I don't answer to Sith." Her eyes narrowed as she drew her double-bladed saber.

"Ashara." He motioned for her to back down. "Serenity." He taunted with a sly grin. Ashara huffed and withdrew her weapon. Turning her to the dark side should be so simple with her temper. But her stubborn insistence on remaining a Jedi made just for the challenge the Ratattaki enjoyed. "If you would like, my lord, we could reach her on the holochannel on my ship."

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@jay_august: Serenity? She eyed the Ratattaki more curiously. What game were these two playing at, it was that word that caused her to utilize the force with her empathic ways. There was conflict in this one, she clung to the light but was shrouded by shadows. A slow decent into the dark side would assure this Ashara's fall. Devious. "That will suffice" she waved them on, her eyes lingering on the Togruta with a hunger.

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@tiamat: Ashara shuddered as she felt Tiamat watching her. She quickly retreated into the ship followed by Tiamat and then I'Voree. He called upon An'arche on the holoterminal. The bluish image of the Darth flickered into view. "What is it?" Her eyes fixated on the Twi'lek. "Darth Tiamat. To what do I owe the pleasure?" Her tone was flat.

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@jay_august: When the image arrived Tiamat fell to one knee. "My Lord" she gestured respectively with her bow. She then rose and looked at I'Voree and any other guests. "Leave us" she commanded, waiting to see if she would be obeyed, or defied.

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@tiamat: "Go." She shooed away her padawan. I'Voree pulled Ashara back into the crew quarters. "Well, you have my audience. Do not waste my time, Darth." An'arche pointed.

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@jay_august: "Of course, my Lady. It has come to my attention that your agents here are after a Relic, the same relic that my Sister and I were here to collect. It has come to my knowledge that Darth Mortis has erred, calling upon us without the full force of the Dark Council." Her distaste was evident. The Horsemen were not to be utilized without the full support of the entire Council, this bold move could only mean one thing. He looked to use this relic to remove someone from the Council. "We do not wish to be caught up between your inner war with Darth Mortis. However this slight cannot go unpunished. I bring you this news so that you may use it to your advantage, my Lord."

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@tiamat: "He gave you power to strip it away. We must destroy him." "The Council has been splintered by the war. We cannot afford to lose someone so great. Perhaps he can see reason." An'arche's brown eyes wandered as this internal dialogue went on among the Sith lords in her head. "This is grave news indeed. I am most pleased by your confession, Darth Tiamat. The Empire needs your strength and our unity if it is to survive. I will bring your suspicions before the other members of the Dark Council." "Do you suppose he wishes to claim the Emperor's throne?" "He isn't strong enough. We are."

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@jay_august: "We will retrieve the relic and hold it for safe keeping. Once the Council has come to a decision we will surrender it to their greater wisdom." Business concluded she wondered about pressing personal matters, a bit of fun. "Your apprentice.. she still holds on to 'their' code. May I play with her?" Her appetite seemed to grow and it had been so long since she had, had a Togruta lover.

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@tiamat: "Hm." She pursed her lips. "I do believe she would find you repulsive. It took finesse to win her over to my side. Lord I'Voree handles her now and oversees much of her training. Take the issue up with him. And do show him respect. He may not be a Darth, but he is my emissary and quite skilled in his own right as an Inquisitor."

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@jay_august: Her lips pouted, a pity she thought. But no matter, she goals were now on a much higher prize. "Yes, my Lord" she bowed respectively once more as the transmission ended. She strolled out of the chambers and passed by I'Voree "Do keep your pet on a leash" her words tossed towards Ashara. She then leaned in towards his ear and whispered longingly "Or she will find my collar to be much tighter." Her breath fell against his skin as she breathed heavily. Continuing on she walked towards the ships ramp and then stopped to turn around. "My brothers will obtain the relic. I would not cross paths with them. They are not as forgiving as I." She winked towards I'Voree and then proceeded out of the ship.

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@tiamat: Ashara glared. I'Voree's body stiffened as she whispered in his ear. He swallowed as he watched the red Twi'lek make her exit. The Togruta smacked him. "I see you looking at her, Vor."

His white lips curled into a smile. "Oh, don't judge me so harshly, my dear Ashara. I am only a man. What have I taught you? Desire is natural, but we can choose to be master of our actions. Passion bridled into submission and used as a tool, that is the path to the power of the Sith and the control of the Jedi. Together we will walk the path to transcendence." He placed his hand on hers. "Jealousy and fear are dangerously ensnaring emotions. Be wary of them. Embrace the emotions that give you strength. As if that Twi'lek could surpass my passion for you, my beautiful Ashara."

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The Jedi-class Defender lowered from orbit into a secured hanger bay. Steam rushed out as the shocks settled the weight of the starship and the ramp door lowered. Beneath his dusty brown hood cloak the Jedi Master was clad in his typical armor with cortosis weaved plates. His family blade dangled at his side as he walked out confidently. The force was his ally.

Covering his short cropped brown hair the Jedi pulled up his hooded cloak. Encasing himself in the garb to better hide his features, and his saber. His hazel eyes peered from beneath the cowl as he began to make it way out of the hanger bay.

"Beep, boop, bip, bip" signaled out a droid behind him, catching his attention to make him stop and turn.

"No T7, stay with the ship and work on those coordinates. Tell C2 to keep the ship warm, this shouldn't take long." The droid seemed depressed as it turned on its wheels and went back up the ramp. The blast doors slid opened as the Jedi exited the hanger. As soon as the hanger bay doors closed behind him he could help but feel a cold shiver within his bones. "The force" he whispered to himself as he looked around. He could sense their presence, he was not alone on this smuggler's moon..

With a swift pace beneath his boots he entered the fabled Slippery Slope cantina. An associate of his named Corso Riggs had told him of a retired smuggler who ran this place. If there was information on what Andy was looking for. This scoundrel was sure to have it.

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Ashara Zavros: Intelligent and eager to prove herself, the Jedi Padawan Ashara Zavros is the latest in a long and storied family lineage of Force-adepts. Throughout her childhood Ashara heard stories of her ancestors' adventures. These tales were an inspiration to her, and Ashara devoted herself to the study of the Force and the Jedi Code, determined to be among the greatest Jedi that the Order had ever seen. Her knowledge of the Jedi Code, along with her prowess with a lightsaber and command of the Force, quickly catapulted Ashara to be among the top pupils. But while she was undoubtedly gifted, Ashara was also headstrong and proud. This pride can often lead to insecurity, and Ashara is quick to frustration and will sometimes question her abilities in the face of adversity. But even in the face of the most difficult obstacles, a steadfast devotion to the Jedi Code has kept Ashara on the path of light. Now Ashara continues her training under the tutelage of Masters Ocera and Ryen, each of whom believe that one must travel across the galaxy and gain firsthand experience in order to truly understand the Force and both the burden and the gift that it represents.

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@schizofred: puts creds on table. "the strongest alcoholic beverage u got"

Xaemon poured him a drink.
@tank_: Xaemon sighed, stooped over the counter. His stupidity had gotten an innocent woman killed. He could use a drink himself... he looked up to see a hooded man approaching the bar. He regained his characteristic smile. "What can I get for you?"

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@schizofred: "Good evening, friend" he smiled politely as he reached out with his hand. "The name is Andy Sunrider, and I was wondering if you might be Xaemon?"

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@tank_: He shook the man's hand. "That depends. Does he owe you money?" Xaemon shot the man a wink.

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@schizofred: The Jedi smiled and laughed at his coy joke. "No, not at all. In fact quite the opposite. I might have some republic credits for him. Provided he has some information I was told he might have. A man by the name of Corso Riggs ring any bells?"

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@tank_: "Ah, yeah. Corso." He rubbed his stubbly chin, standing up straight. As he recalled their escapades on Ord Mantel "Good kid. Did he end up finally joining the Republic Forces? Boy's a soldier if ever I saw one... but you mentioned creds." The smuggler leaned forward leaned forward. "I can definitely say I'm you're guy. What kind of information are you looking for?"

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@schizofred: "Indeed he has and from my last conversation he is not the most junior member of Havok Squad." The Jedi took a seat at the bar as his hand slipped into a pocket. Retrieving a republic credit chip that he then slid on top of the bar. "A smuggler from Yavin 4 recently had a shipment come through here. Rumor is they're still here and in her cargo is a ancient relic." He waited there to see if his new found friend would continue the story or if he was wasting precious time.

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@tank_: "Havok Squad? Well, I'll be damned." He grinned. "Kinda makes me miss the good ol' days of adventures, us galavanting around searching for lost treasure." Xaemon's expression darkened as he asked about the relic that had given him no shortage of trouble. "Maybe I've heard of it, but... it's more trouble than it's worth, believe me. A couple of Sith lords have been nosing around. Tried to... coerce me into giving up more information. Killed one of my Twi'lek girls."

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@schizofred: "He is still a private, but the kids got spirit." He did not have to be a Jedi to sense the mans sudden change in mood. The mention of Sith Lords explained the presence he felt as he got off his ship. He sighed somberly, "I'm sorry for the girls loss. I wish that I could of made it here sooner. Matters in the outer rim are still chaotic and needed my attention. It is very urgent that I get to this relic before they do."

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@tank_: Xaemon swallowed. "Alright. Come on." He nodded his head for Andy to follow as he stepped out from the bar and into one of the private rooms.

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@schizofred: He nodded and followed the man, taking care to sense his surroundings with the will of the Force. If there were Sith around he would need to be on his guard.

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@tank_: Xaemon locked the door behind them. "Okay, now I don't make a habit of selling out my friends, but this relic... holocron or whatever, it needs to be gone. I don't think my guy knows what he's got. You're looking for a Devaronian, goes by the name Gault Rennow. I think he put down in his safe house in the Corellian Sector. If he hasn't already conned somebody into taking that cursed thing off his hands for double the price. He's a tricky one. Got a real streak of luck. Avoided the worst of the underworld, managed to talk his way into a partnership with a bounty hunter to dodge the price on his head."

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@schizofred: (It was a she! but this works just as well xP lol)

He leaned in as the man seemed to whisper secrets he wished he didn't know. "Do you know anymore specifics on this safe house of his?"

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@tank_: (ROFL! You never insinuated the smuggler was a she...)

Xaemon cocked a brow. "Sure. Yeah. For a price. I'm crossing family for this. Not giving up that information for free."

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@schizofred: He lifted the credit chip up between the two of them. Handing it over as he spoke "You're saving lives, and most likely his as well. Should the Sith get to him before I do.. Well they won't be asking nicely."

@schizofred: (I was going to turn her into her! hehe)

Risha: A scoundrel who slips by on charm and wit, Risha is known as many things; a mysterious loner, brilliant starship mechanic and a manipulative thief being only a few of them. Raised the daughter of a violent gangster, Risha spent her childhood learning the tricks of the trade; her father taught her how to handle a blaster when she was a child, and being raised around fellow gangsters allowed her to pick up the many skills that she would come to rely on. A lifetime of adventuring has given Risha a unique view of the galaxy, and her experiences have crafted a particular street-smart wisdom that is well beyond her years. Her wisdom is wrapped around a cynicism that protects the person who lies beneath. But for the few who are persistent enough to dig below her shell, it becomes apparent that Risha is far more than just another scoundrel.

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@tank_: (Ahhhhh. Risha. xD I've kept most of the canon up to where he gets Drayen's treasure. Just nixed most of the Republic involvement. So, he would have worked with Risha. She technically could be Gault's associate if you want to involve her. I just picked Gault because for some reason my mind when to Devaronian. LOL)

"Alright. I'm a sucker for getting paid for good deeds." He took the credit chip. "I can take you to him. I'm sure he won't part with his cargo easily. Maybe I can convince him you're looking to buy."

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@schizofred: "It may be dangerous, are you sure you're willing to risk that?"