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1 Week Ago or 7 Days Ago or 168 Hours Ago, There's More But I Can't Be Bothered, Long Story Short This Happened A While Ago, Happy You Numberphiliac?!

The metal interior of his bedroom projected a cold vibe akin to a prison, Tellumo sensed this so he coated the walls with a collection of posters described as 'Moe'. A spark appeared in the room, this spark grew into a bright light which spread and spread further to coat the entrance of the room. With a sonic boom shaking the foundations of the room a silhouette stepped through the bright doorway. This shape moved forward becoming clearer to reveal itself as Terra, she spoke loud and confidently with the elegant demeanour that is expected of a god.

"Alphonse it is time for you to fulfill your end of our -!"

She broke her sentence when she noticed that he remained asleep, despite the flattened sun in the room which followed the small explosive sound. The Goddess, visually displeased, slapped the snoring runt, still not awake she followed the forward motion with a back hand, finally awaking him. He awoke with a shout.

"I'mma burn you martian raccoons!"

Until taking in his surroundings and guest.

"Hey dollface, what's going on?"

"It's time, ascend to the higher plane with me where we shall remain for eternity as the God and Goddess of Earth, as husband and wife."

In that instant he promptly threw up in his mouth and then left the room via the base's teleportation technology.

Kinda now-ish, not enough numbers for you then?! How about 42?!

It's been one week. One week is all it's taken for the Gods who most have brushed off as myths and stories to destroy the history that Tellumo had built as a hero, New Orleans, Ninjas, Vampires, Tenebrasque In, Zodiac, hell even the Vine Prodigies. Their human guises are that of corporate world owners, billionaires, media moguls, they hold the worlds in their hands and they're aiming it at like a gun with the crosshairs on Tellumo.

Our scene shifts to one of the largest news stations on the planet, figure out which one it is yourself. Headlines flow 'Tellumo Terrorist Watch' etcetera, etcetera, these braiwash the populace. Luckily Alphonse isn't the dullest knife in the corpse, he knows that he needs help, his team is being watched so they're of little use, except in the case of divine intervention, then again divine forces are the enemy right now. The only way he can get the help he needs is through the almighty power of irony.

He bursts through the doors of the studio, blasting away all who oppose him with blasts of air. As he pushed away the elderly newscaster he looked into the camera with a look of intensity that has never been seen before.

"By now you probably think I'm some kinda evil mastermind, you are wrong and you are dumb. It's not your fault, we're all dumb that's what makes us human, we learn and get better, which baby came out with an astrophysics degree? But right now you can't afford to be dumb. You can't afford to be human. Because humanity isn't the one in control right now, it's Gods. All of them, the Roman, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, Lovecraftian, there's more that I can't think of when I'm trying to Jeff Winging it. They wanna take me and make me one of them, I like being human, even one with powers, I like being dumb, reckless and being able to have emotions and not have my life defined by ancient God bulls#it. So you can wage war against me, 'a terrorist', or you can be human and learn the difference between reality and what you're being forcefed. I think that's it umm Row Row Fight Da Powah!"

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Proelius scowled. "There there, Terra." He comforted Terra, a look of rage in his eyes. The God of War ground his teeth. "He doesn't appreciate your gift. Twas an agreed upon condition, and by Jupiter's beard, it shall be fulfilled." He hugged the goddess of the earth close. "Vulcan." He said, looking towards his blacksmith. "My armour." Vulcan nodded and began to walk away.

"He just ran away!" Terra bawled. As Proelius pulled away, she hit his chest several times, angry and sad, tears rolling down her face. "I offered him godhood and he declined it!" Proelius stood. "Hurt him. Hurt him bad." She growled. Proelius smiled wide.

His armour fit him perfectly. Vulcan's assistants fitted it onto him, and Proelius grasped his uncle's twin gladiuses, swinging them a few times before sheathing them. "I do what I do in the name of Terra." He growled, and a light enveloped him. "Lord Jupiter," he said, dropping to one knee and bowing deeply. "I request your leave to collect a contract, agreed upon between Terra and a mortal, whom has assumed the identity on Earth as Tellumo." A crash of thunder sounded Jupiter's blessing of his mission, and the light flashed brightly, nearly blinding the God of War.


Proelius approached the mortal, as he monologued to a camera. "Tellumo." He announced. "I come to offer you again, one opportunity remains for you to fulfill your contractual obligation, as agreed upon with Terra. I extend my hand in peace." As a symbol of peace, he extended an olive branch, long enough for Tellumo to grasp the other end. "However, remember whom you are dealing with. I am the God of War, and I have the backing of Lord Jupiter. The contract will be fulfilled."

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"You want me to WHAT!" an emissary to earth in keeping the population stable, so far he has been helpful in mixing some agents into common foodstuffs to induce infertility. He has sent several key ingredients to China, India, America and one more country in southeast asia in order to curb down their population boom. Theoretically in practice he could just simply just kill every single breeder in there and chop off their genitalia but such actions would generate reactive actions from a pantheon of super beings and even gods, to the ones above. Not that he would have any problems, but such a thing would ruin the masquerade which would lead to him having to search for another planet. No can do, since he likes the blue dust. "Fiiine, I guess it cannot be helped then" him and Gaea have an odd relationship, he is given cover and anonymity in return for him to balance out destructive human action that may cause damages to the earth.

She makes everybeing thinks that he is just a 'ghoul' a grave-robbing revenant bent on eating children, a walking rumor of things to come for naughty youths. An arrangement that was a secret behind secrets, no angel or godhead besides both of them knew in this arrangement. Effectively putting a 'nigh' in the title of any and every omniscient, such as thus he wears a person and such as thus he takes a role. Besides his role as a gatekeeper the man-monster also wards of would be cosmic threats that rank in the beings that could accidentally bump into the earth and crumble it into dust. In the surface of terra he is but one of the monsters told in stories, as part of a signed agreement. An odd relationship at best.

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

Yet deep down she still harbor feelings for him, his job is simple. 'Break' the mind of the boy so that he can be manipulated into a boy toy. Gaea's plaything, essentially a blank template with a stepford setting. However when someone of his caliber is called and given special clearances it means that this task is not an easy one. He is not allowed to kill yet maiming is a viable option. She wants him alive. Her secret service is on the move.

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Fucking Hierarchy. Dave thought bitterly as he stabbed yet another grunt through the head with time splitter, twisting the thing's head off with a flick of his wrist. He had been fighting for so long, killed so many, and yet the Zolkri kept on coming. SWIPE, off went another head, radioactive blood spurting out from the cleanly cut stump. Another twirl of the blade brought the sword cutting through the arms of a brute, hot life fluids spraying out as he turned and aged the monstrosity to dust.

Turning around deftly and taking out his bow, he let loose a single arrow so dense that light itself bent around it. The air split with the furious crack of a sonic boom and the roar of air igniting in the path of the tank weighted arrow, slamming through an entire line of defilers and sending them all crumpling to the ground as the arrow screamed out of the planet's gravitational field. And with a single fist into the ground, he let loose a burning shockwave in all directions, creating a ring of pure fire and raw negative energy that spread in a planar pattern.

The incadescent red blast vaporized the lot of them, securing yet another world from the Hierarchy...maybe for a day...maybe for the rest of this damn war. Fuck if he knew. But then a blip came up on his HUD as Ormag detected a signal. A burst of divine energy, a message sent through the stars. Origin...oh yeah his girlfriend's home planet. He tried to corner Nufai on it once before, but the slippery skinwalker eluded him. Apparently Gaea found out about the primalborn's doings through her connections in the celtic pantheon.

What's more, she seemed to be claiming that some human was in danger of messing with...shit really? If this dude is looking for the Masari's dreaded Marathon rings then he was all sorts of bad news. No time for musing. "Got a situation earthside, Masari interference." Dave crackled into the commlink. "Are you certain? I'm not seeing any visions concerning our forerunners." Rose responded curtly, skepticism present in her voice.

"Sis, I ain't gambling a ring being set off on a vision." Dave said cooly, looking towards the direction of Earth. "Jade, you think you can drop on by?" He asked, a response soon coming in. "Sure! Just lemme wrap up with this iconoclasm infestation and I'll be over! Love you! :D" She giggled over the link, prompting a small smile from the Novian. "Same here babe." Dave responded as he had his ship beam him up into it's silvery bridge before inputting coordinates that would bring it within orbit near mars to allow him to teleport directly onto the surface of the Earth with pin point accuracy.

But in another corner of reality on the black throne from which no hope shines sat another Primalborn, one who had forsaken his purpose for his own desires. "Has the message been...edited?" Asked a low voice that echoed upon itself, dripping with malevolence. "Yes my lord." Came the psychic intonation of a massive writhing, pulsating mass of grey matter within a jar. "Good...all goes according to plan."