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Inside a Secret Dojo:

Erika, known by her fellow heroes as Mantoid, approached the dojo and walked to the desk. "I'm here to spar with..." She caught a glimpse of a bright smile in the corner. John, also known as The Spartan. He walked up to her and asked her if she was ready for this. "Well, we have sparred together some, but not using powers." She felt an arm go around her shoulder. To really be trained, you need to know how your friend fights. she thought.

After the two were successfully logged in, the person at the desk stood up and gave some rules:

"This is the Dojo, you are fighting on this arena, it is 40 feet by 40 feet. It should give you plenty of room."

"If one gets knocked out of the arena they are disqualified."

"There is to be no killing, only defeating of the opponent."

"Keep this in mind, use your powers, stay on your toes, and try to win!"

Also, the person at the desk told them that he could heal most wounds rapidly, so he didn't want them to hold back. Erika and John both nodded. She smiled at him.


Erika went into the ladies room. She got into her shorts and tank top. Most people wouldn't spar in these clothes. She took off her pearl necklace, and ring and put them away in a locker. She walked out of the ladies room, ready to start. Her "M" on her belt sparkled brightly. Mantoid stepped onto the mat. Nice and cold.

She waited for The Spartan.
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The Spartan was ready to go.  He had already shown up for the session in a set of white martial arts pants and a short-sleeved black Underarmor (TM) top.  Cracking his neck from side-to-side, he snapped it into alignment.  Then, he began to loosen his shoulders and arms out.  Then, after stretching out the muscles in his legs, he decided to get a feel for the arena.  He placed his hands on the mat, then stood up in a hand stand.  Then, The Spartan sprung to his feet.   Wanting to see how his agility would work, he ran up and performed a round-off, back handspring, back flip combination.  He had cut it slightly close to the edge of the arena, but he would adapt to it.

Quickly, The Spartan looked over towards the changing area and saw Erika come out.  Now, she truly was Mantoid.  The "M" on her belt was kind of cute, but The Spartan knew never to let cuteness get in the way with his combat - or at least not a whole lot.  Walking over to her, he said, "You ready for this?"

With that, the large Greek lept backwards and performed three back handsprings and a back flip, landing exactly in the center of the arena.  Then with his hand, he motioned Mantoid to come out and meet him in combat.

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Erika walked out to the mat. She saw her opponent standing in the middle of the arena, in a ready stance. Erika sauntered over to the middle, and then both Spartan and Mantoid stood still. Time to show him my skills. They both bowed in.

First, I’ll use water. Mantoid’s hands lost color first, then her whole body became water. She performed a short hop backwards, then extended her hand. A sphere of water was forming out of thin air. As it grew, Mantoid’s hand started to open to its full extent. The sphere reached perfect size and stood motionless, suspended an inch away from her hand.

Then, Mantoid let the water sphere leave her hand. It hurled toward Spartan’s chest. To make sure to hit him, she made a fist with her other hand and opened it rapidly. She thrust it forward and a powerful stream of water pumped out of her hand, heading for the area at and around his legs.

As she stood there momentarily, she caught her breath. Then Mantoid rushed forward at Spartan, leaped high into the air, and threw three front kicks at him. The kicks extended fully, and came back into the chamber position so fast that it appeared to almost be a blue blur.

She rolled on the ground as she had overshot him. She didn’t stand up yet, her back to her sparring partner. Now, to fake him out. Mantoid remained motionless for a second, then heard a slight noise behind her. She immediately sprung up, and performed a spin kick, in a full circle around herself.

She landed on the ground and turned around.

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With blinding speed, the sphere of water shot out of Mantoid's hand.  Also, at that exact same moment, a blast of water was shot out of her other hand toward's the feet of The Spartan.  Therefore, the Master of War lept up into the air to avoid the shot to his footing; but was hit head-on in the chest by the powerful sphere.  The impact sent the large Greek's body flying backwards as it slammed onto the ground of the arena.  Still sliding backwards, The Spartan rolled backwards up onto his feet.

Just when Baron Arkelis was preparing to issue a counter-attack towards the Beauty of the Sea, he had to jerk his body to the side quickly.  Three perfectly executed front kicks came within an inch of the Greek's face.  Arching his back, he leaned backwards and carefully avoided the deadly assault.  Then, Mantoid rolled backwards onto the ground as if she were slightly injured by something.  Therefore, in order to prove whether or not she was injured, The Spartan tossed a small piece of wood next to Mantoid's head.  As soon as it hit the ground, he saw the beautiful warrior spring to her feet and perfore a deadly spin kick.  Her attempt would have been devastating if it had worked.

As Mantoid spun around to her feet, The Spartan took off in a charge directly towards her.  By now, the Greek's adrenaline had increased and he was moving at incredible speeds.  Just then, he raced towards her and suddenly lept high above her.  In fact the leap became more of a dive.  With perfect form, The Spartan's magnificent physique soared over Mantoid's head.  As he was going over, the Master or War reached down in an attempt to grab Mantoid's tank top.  If he successfully grabbed it, then The Spartan would perform a massive throw when he landed on his feet.  The recoil would then send his opponent slamming to the ground......

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Mantoid saw that it had only been a small piece of wood. Smart move. She quickly stood up only to see that Spartan had rushed toward her at great speed. He then jumped high into the air, and reached down his arm. She tried to dodge the arm, but it came out too fast.

He grabbed her by by the top of her tank top in the back, and lifted her off the ground. She was yanked up with great force, and then he landed. She was being hurtled down towards the ground at high speed.

At the last second, she transformed back into water, and she hit the ground hard. Water went flying in all directions.

Despite being water, the massive blow had hurt her some, but not near as much if she hadn't have transformed. Water started rising in the air, and then it came together, as Mantoid.

"Miss me?"

She transformed back into flesh, as she propelled herself forward with water propulsion from her feet.

Mantoid was heading straight for Spartan, arms extended.

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Just as he was throwing her, Mantoid's body suddenly became water.  The Spartan could not believe it.  Never before had he fought a being with abilities such as hers.  Although he was slightly intrigued at it all, The Spartan needed to quickly refocus his mind on the match.  Just then, Mantoid transformed back into flesh, then flew forward as if she was propelled.  At any rate, she was bearing down upon The Spartan with incredible speeds.

As Mantoid's body shot through the air, the mighty Greek leapt up and twisted his body radically.  Twisting through the air, his torso was risen so that he would not get hit in the chest by Mantoid.  However, while mid-air, The Spartan was struck in the side by one of Mantoid's fists.  The impact rocked the Master of War's body and sent if falling to the ground.  With that, The Spartan held onto his side as the wind was knocked out of him.

Quickly recovering to his full constitution, the large Greek rose to his feet and assumed a fighting stance.  Just then, he lunged forward and rolled on the ground.  As he rose to his feet, he spun around with a spin kick aimed towards Mantoid's face, then spun low with a knee-down spin kick directed towards her legs.  The speed and for of his kicks were nearly flawless.  Now, all that he could do was hope that they had worked.

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Mantoid had missed the Spartan's chest, but still had hit him pretty hard. He fell to the ground, gasping for air. She stopped and slid on the ground due to the momentum. As she slid, she saw that he sucked in air, and was still on the ground.

She got up, and suddenly she caught a glimpse of Spartan's foot connecting with her jaw. Pain echoed throughout her mouth as a pinch of blood appeared.  She was mid-air, thinking about the massive surge of pain. She thought about what had happened, and her eyes closed.

She seemed to be in the air for minutes.

Then she rolled as she came into contact with the ground. Mantoid lifted her hand and sent a gust of icy cold air towards Spartan.