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Welcome weary traveler to Space Bar!

Transporter malfunction Alert Transporter Malfunction

"WARNING!!" (You have not just been abducted by aliens!)

(Customers to space-bar arrive accident as the tele-porter is randomly beaming people up.)

(Please bare with us at the bar, two drink minimum as we reverse the "polarity" )

Get Drunk in zero G, swap parasites with strange beings from another Galaxy, Gossip with time travels, but most of all go wild as the place has self repair Bio-technology built in. We have every food, every kind of gambling or entertainment at Space Bar! Have Fun ^_^

As For Rules just be respectful of the customers religion race species or creed.

Or we call the bouncers to disintegrate your mother before you were even born

Welcome Wonderful People To Space Bar!

Please note that the establishment of Space Bar!

is not in any way responsible for items & or people

lost found Or disintegrated

Suggestion box

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Ever confident and exuding an aura of pure badassery The Corsair strollen into the bar on her long, blue-scaled legs. Laughing a daring, almost arrogant laugh she swung her long white hair back and hooked her thumbs into her belt showing off the prominent golden buckle.
"Aye, this place looks good! Barkeeper? Slide me a Ferravian Ale!"
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"Zrizzz fizz vizth .....Welcome to Space Bar! How may I help you" slides over Ferravian Ale" In a glowing green bendy twisty glass" Would you like to perhaps see the menu Sir & or madame "

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She looked interested at the seemingly artificial being an unidentifiable spark, maybe amusemtn something other that was hard to tell with half human hybrids, took a seat at the bar, put her ellbow on the desk and took a big draught of the Ferravian Ale. Two little streams of the pitch black and highly alcoholic liquid ran down both sides of her mouth as she bent forwards to further examine the barkeeper and said.
"Mhmmm... That ale is good. Exaclty the right temperature. But do you also mix Pangalactic Gargle Blasters? Don't know if they are illegal in this sector but they for sure are in 56 others."
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Outside the starstruck home of depravity(Space Bar) a portal opens.Four figures drift through the vacuum of space,holding their lungs.One wearing robes casted a field of energy over them.They gasped for air."Damn you Odysseus!" yells Justician at the Archmage."I'm not the one who sent us here,boy.The Daedra did."..."Well you didn't stop him."..."What could I have done?I was holding off his sieges." "BE QUIET!" yells Akuma angrily."We need to get out of this airless place." "Errr.... Maybe we could hold out in...there?" Achilles said looking at the structure.Odysseus 'flew' the field of energy surrounding them to the structure.Once inside....they didn't know what to think of the glorified tavern,or it's residents.They backed to the darkest and loneliest corner they could find and took seats....hoping not to cause trouble.

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"Here you Go...fzizz Wellcome to Space Bar!! kerzizbit..Sir & or Madman one Pangalactic Gargle Blaster , please drink in good health!" Droid bot moves in a robo dance over to the soilent green Tap to clean exit pipe

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A deep breath was the only sign of concern as she took the smoking glass and took a nose of it. The fragrance of a Pangalactic Gargle Balster compared to nothing, the strongest drink in the known galaxy. Unlike any other its ingredients came from seven or even more different worlds. Anything different than a short nip would have been not only dangerous but outright stupidly suicidal. Barbie, widely known as The Corsair, was known for many things but moderation was certainly not one of them. In a feeling that defied simple description of even words the taste of the possibly toxic drink blasted through her throat and eliminated all other signs of taste but itself. One wise man had once described the effect of the PGB as "It's like your head is smacked with a gold ingot which is wrapped in lemonslices". He was absolutely right. When she had recovered a bit from the extraordinary experience she leaned forward again and watched the strange dance of the barkeeper.
"Cut that madam or sir crap, dude. Captain will do."
With disgust her deep blue gaze fell on the Soilent Green Tap.

"Say Pal, you're not really selling this crap, are you?"
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"Frizzzit,,,Why Yes insert name fizzip Captain,,We here at Space Bar serve only the finest of organically grown ingredient in our Soilent green" finish's cleaning pipe then does another little robo waddle back over " Today's special fizipziiiz insert name Captain, is Dinosaur stake with soilent green sauce uummm humanlishish fizizbapbangrrrrr"

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A finely swung white eyebrow was raised in irritation. Nervously blue-scaled clawed thingers beat a stakkato on the surface.
"I don't have a problem with organically grown ingredients as you call them. I like my Grox- or Bantha steaks medium raw if you know what I mean. But I do have a problem with the Soilent corporation. Last time I raided one of their supply ships I found roughly three dozen shivering kids from the Delta Nine colony in that fridge. Their mothers had been deported two weeks ago already..."
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@Barbie: "Oh No! insert name Captain I assure you we here at Space Bar frown heaviliy zizizz on using illegal harvesting methods in food production, if perhaps you need further confirmation you would like to take up any Fizzzbap bang inquiries with an Organic?"

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@SpaceCadet: There were still things that told of her dissatisfaction, to an observer familiar with her special habit and her unique anatomy that could have been quite clear. The way the finer scales on her shoulder where they blended into the much softer human skin stood slightly up. How she stroked over the hilt of her antiquely styled laser pistol. That and a million other things.
"Yeah, I think I'd like to speak to... an organic as you put it."
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The Body Bot switch's on & off then goes back to it's work, a red light flash's over the door to the back of the bar & in walks a strange creature with a news paper under one arm pulling up it trousers with the other smoking a Cuban cigar, A lavatory flush can be heard in the back ground

" Yea Welcome To Space wow! " Looks you up & down " Damn Baby and so on can I wet your whistle there miss ? " said the man pig pulling a pint of beer for him self & sipping it "Ahh good stuff only the bestam I right? or am I right heh Heh heh"

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"You-You-GARR!" Harris says frustrated.An 'innocent' female reptilian creature was what he was talking to."But you agreed to go on the date with me.." says the creature. "You never said the word 'date'." "I was issuing a mating call and you answered." "I thought you were a street performer!You asked me to come to some party and I thought 'what the hell.'You never said you were an alien,you had that crazy cloaking thingy on,and you never told me the party was in space!" The reptile woman/thing hissed."Fine,you just lost your ride back to that dirt planet of yours!" "Wait-no-DAMMIT!"  hits his head lightly against a wall as the serpentine deceiver left him stranded.
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@_Punk_: Body bot walks over to you" Fizzip Banh waddaWelcome To Space bar How may Ifizip Serve You sir & or madam"

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@SpaceCadet: .........Slowly walks to the bar,not answering the strange robot.He lays his head on the counter and cries in pure awe of the stupidity pf the situation.
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@_Punk_: body droid still stuck in greeting pose suddenly waddles back over to table to clean away plates

seeing the depressed kid was depressing him "Hey Kid Cheer the hell up kay she weren't worth it here have a beer"

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Smiling she plucked the cigar from his mouth and puffed a few rings in his direction. Quite some time since she had enjoyed a good cigar. Maybe Trogarian ranked as the universe's best smokewares but Cubans ranked in as a pretty damn close second if it came to her. Eyeing him over the edge of her exotically formed glass she took another sip of the PGB. A walking anthropomorphic pig was perhaps pretty wild but she had seen weirder alien racess on her long journey, in fact one made up 50% of her genetics.

"Don't wet yourself, piggie. And the name's Barbie, not Baby. Maybe you hear of me, wouldn't be surprised if you did. But there's one thing I'd rather talk about than names and that concerns that nice little label there."
With a long and dextrous, almost elegant finger the well known privateer pointed towards the prominent Soilent Green label over the tap.
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@Barbie: Man pig looks in the direction barbie is pointing at the soilent green machine a look of understanding forming on his face

he takes out a second cigar & lighting it off a small robot cigar lighter on the counter "Ah well yea that..OINK!! betweens you & me beautiful lady that label aint, eh technically accurate iffen yous knows what i means, heh heh"

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begins hitting his head on the counter....
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A kind of chuckle escaped from her throat, a charming mixture of human giggling and the growling that Kllk called laughing that combined to a deep arousing sound. Relaxed she leaned back a little and her hands began nestling on the collar of her adorned leather west. The agitation that nearly made her blue eyes convert to the reptilic yellow of her father subsided and she breathed calmer.

"Hahaha, I won't sue you for sure. The more these bastards lose, the better. I mean I'm a lot of things. A rebel, an anarchist, a thief, even a killer if the situation demands it. But there's one thing I'll never be no matter what. And that is a freaking cannibal."
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@_Punk_: Man Pig looks around a little worried in case you decide to damage the bar "There there kid she aint work it see OINK! dem lady lizard gals are all cold blooded takings a fella off world ta strand him some place....OINK! with out so much as a quiky for his trouble" Man pig looks around crafty like " Hey kid iffen you need a means of transportation I gots this fine looking dame wuth her own spaceship...that is providing you gots something to trade" said Man pig blowing dollar shaped smoke signs

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@SpaceCadet: Harris lazily looks up at the....less than satisfactory creature.He would of normally vomited,pulled out a cross,or leap in fear but he was a bit rested out...."What did you have in mind?"
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@_Punk_: "See we cans always use the human OINK! touch iffen yous knows whats I mean there little buddy some one to clean the place take orders that kinda thing ya knows genial like....hey space travel don't come cheep specifcalies the kinds you be needing anyway there kid this aint no alpha alpha Centauri situation we gots here you are way of the beaten track Way OINK Off"

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@SpaceCadet: "Oh,I would never guess the amazing 'wadda' bot over there wouldn't be suitable enough."(Sarcasm)
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@_Punk_: "Meh!" he shrugs " It's either the Body bots or me, whats a pig man to do huh? thems other crew are like,, not the most sociable lot ,OINK! to froggin dangerous by half, and thems that are sociable are more like a robot then the robots head inna cloud types all pie in the sky with out counting the change in ya hand if ya know what i mean"

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Creed wiped some dust off his jacket as he stepped into the bar, the cargo he hid with wasn't the most pleasant but at least he was here. He takes a seat at the bar and rests his head

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@SpaceCadet: He could barely understand the Pig's babbling.He just wanted to get back to his 'dirty planet'."How hard can it be...." he says standing up."Alright...just as long as you fulfill your end of the deal,pig."
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@_Creed_: Body Bot walks up behind you "FIZZZZZZZ WELCOME TO SPACE BAR HOW MAY I SERVE YOU" volume changes dramatically in between words

"...................zzz try our new.........MONKEY FRESH...................." droid starts shaking a bit.

@_Punk_:"Heh Thats Man OINK! pig on accounts of me being all eloquent & stuff"

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@SpaceCadet: Creed jumps after hearing the loud robot Jesus! Crazy tin lady! NO! Just... I dunno' go to somethin'! Creed puts his head back on the counter
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@_Punk_:"ok then kid we have a deal...now that that's settled I'm of now so you take over the bar, ands god lucks with dat yea.....HEY ROBOT dis guy here's working here now" Body bot turns on then off "Yea she'll fill you in on all the stuff "Laters I'm off to get me some lizard lady action OINK!" as he walks out the door after putting on a space suit your hear a shuttle take off

@_Creed_: "Fizzi would sir like a complementary SOILENT GREEN welcome to space bar" then the body bot waddles off doing a little robot dance

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"Got it...." he said as he walks around to the other side of the counter.He just...well,waits.Luckily more of the creatures were partying rather than drinking.He scrubbed a glass to pass the time and look like he was doing work.
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@_Punk_:Red walks into the Space Bar ignoring all the psychedelic lights & dripping slime then sits at the bar "Circle master" she said then sat on a spiral shaped chair made out of what looked like ping pong balls "Hey don't I know you from some where?" she asked the barman

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@Redletter: walking up behind you the body bot says "WELCOME TO SPACE BAR how may fizzz i serve you?"

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@Redletter: "Coming right uppp-WAIT A MINUTE!" he said realizing who the woman was."Your that freaky Frankenstein woman who left me in a dumpster....with a lot of unidentified scars...."
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A small ship had flown all the way from Earth, and was still full on power. It landed near the bar, and it's ramp lowered. A man in an armoured suit walked in, and sat at the bar. He removed his skull mask, and ordered some of the ale that Kaligar Roxom so highly recommended, Ferravian Black Ale.

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@Sideslash: "Welcome fizzipzzWELCOME TO SPACE BAR!sir & or Madame Please walk this way" Body bot pours him a Ferravian Black Ale in a glowing blue neon glass bent around in a complex spiral patterns

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@_Punk_: shrugs shoulders" You're going to have to be a lot more specific Ive left a lot of people in dumpsters scarred"

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@Redletter: "......I was twitching before you nearly kicked my head off my shoulders.."
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@_Punk_: "Oh hmm what were you wearing at the time" continues trying to sip alcohol out of bendy glass

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@Redletter: "I can't remember.I'm wondering if I should start running..."
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@_Punk_: "Nah,, i mean who would serve me alcohol then,," red down the drink "Another circle master there chief"

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@SpaceCadet: "Interesting." Archeron would have liked to see how advanced the robot's technology was, however, it seemed unable to tell species' genders apart, indicating it was more likely than not, an outdated device, and yet, it was perhaps ten years ahead of Earth tech.

Now a conversation from across the room caught his attention. He sipped his Ferravian and suddenly coughed. His throat felt on fire, and tears rushed to his eyes. A corkscrew of pain and pleasure twisted through him from head to toe. "WHOA!" He yelled, placing the interestingly shaped glass down, coughing gently at the taste of the alien beverage. He turned, and in a loud, boisterous voice, proclaimed to the two across the room, "I highly recommend the Ferravian Black!" As he said it, he realised where Kaligar's loud energetic personality derived from.

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@Redletter: Serves the drink cautiously.
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@Sideslash: suddenly out of no where the body bot droid teleports in carrying a delivery advertisement in holo graphic billboard form across its chest

"Would you like another Drink sir & madame Fizzzziplerrrrrrrorrrrorrizzz"

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@_Punk_: "So what have you been up to then ?"she said putting her feet up on a hovering anti gravity Robot foot stool

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@Redletter: "....Um....I got trapped here by a lizard woman....."
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@_Punk_: o_o............"look if your going to be a sarcastic forget i asked"

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@Redletter: "I didn't believe it the first time either....."
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@_Punk_: redletter looks around at the freakish amount of whacked out aliens " Ok I'll bite....so you got trapped here by a lizard lady, after seeing Godzilla attack Martial City Last week I'll keep an open mind"

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@SpaceCadet: "Uh..." Archeron cautiously appeared to be studying the advertisement, whilst scanning the bot under the table with a handheld scanner. "Another Ferravian Black, if you please." He pocketed the device, and would check it later on.