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climate rain

((you first))

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These new powers are a boost to my personality.Who ever knew I could run this fast? Well, it doesn't matter. I love this powers! Sonicmora sped up a wet hill, barely avoiding tripping on a tree trunk. he was going faster than 100 MPH. He could go faster, but he has not tried yet. But this rain was slowing him down. His air shoes made a squishing noise everytime he stepped on the wet green grass.

He made it up the hill, where he tried to stop.Instead, he lost traction making the sudden stop. He was forced to do front flips, as he tumbled down the muddy hill. His face was covered with mud and was also eating it. He spat some of it from his mouth.

"Blech! What else can go wrong?"

The hedgehog's comment may of just jinxed him.At the bottom of the slope, dozens of rooster robots were waiting for him. They looked like the same ones that attacked him the night Sonicmora turned into the hedgehog you see today. Seeing the robots below, he huddled his whole body together, forming his posture into a ball. Now, he recieved the traction he was waiting for and speed.

He was treading down the slope at more than 200 MPH, slicing and dicingblades of grass in the process. The hedgehog left a trail of cut grass and the mud that once was covered by the grass. He also left a blue spark behind, because of the speed his was going down the slope. The robots began firing balls of energy from their mouths, but they were too late and their accuracy was weak.

Sonicmora hit the group of robots, leaving destruction behind.He collided onto a tree, reverting back to his normal posture. He was hanging upside down on a tree branch. He could catch the robot's parts spread out in a circle. They made a hissing noise and electric sparks shot out from their bodies.

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not to far from where the clumsy hedgehog had hit Hayden was standing there...by a burning middle school she had not caused the the fire but she might as well had.

she made no effort to help anyone.she glanced over at the robotic rooster parts as the began to spark she would've chuckled but that would have shown her softer side.

hey little one are you ok? he was blue and had spikes on his dorsal side and what was crazy about that is he managed to make it over a steep cliff and survive. hayden thought to herself this is no ordinary human? if he was even human at all.

you stand to your feet! ahora! she screamed

The ninjan women had spoke to him in her native laugage just incase he happen to be a scout sent from gwen to see if hayden had killed sha yet..which she had not she was actually enjoying earth despite it's lust for war's it was as beautiful as ninjeta.

brown hair was blowing wildy in the wind she had the same body structure as sha but sha was smarter than she was and sha has blue eyes while her are hazel.

another differance is sha's fighting level was a 1 and hayden's was a 3.This might not have seemed like much but on ninjeta that number was 300,000 and with the gravity that planet generated she could crush sha before she even attacked her.

you i want to test your skill hayden said taking a wei pah chi stance

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Sonicmora was still hanging, helplessly.A woman walked up to him, maybe for his aid. She looked strong just by looking at her muscle tone. Sonicmora had a feeling she was mad too. She began speaking, asking if he was okay. Instead of responding, he was shaking his legs and arms around to free himself from this unfortunate outcome. It would take time to be skillful at using this hedgehog form.

The woman then began yelling in gibbrish at Sonicmora, still hanging.The hedgehog stayed still too make sure she would not attack him. She looked mad or something at him, but who knows why. The hedgehog only kept a scared face. He did not want to aggravate her anymore. She looks lethal and could probably kick his blue bottom.

"Listen lady, I don't understand what you are saying, butcould you help a hedgehog out and help me down?"

She began speaking again, but this time he could understand.She set herself in a fighting stance, one you could probably see in martial arts movies. The only thing that came through Sonicmora's head was the sense that he was going to get hurt. So, he began shaking his body once more.