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James was walking down the beach. It was night and the moon was full

"Now the werewolf's are coming. Ha ha" he laughed.

He saw this bright light coming near and near from the sky. It was on fire. And then suddenly it split. He thought it was a plane but a plane was not that bright. He then jogged off the beach and then something gotten in his back. He fell down, he was in pain

5 minutes later

He heard the sirens. And then he went unconscious. When he woke up he was at the hospital. No parents no family just some flowers that someone sent me

"Who would have bought me flowers?" he said to himself.

He was trying to sleep. But he could not sleep. It was too excited to be the wounded in the hospital. He was used to be watching the wounded. He could not move anything. Just blink, breath and eat. And of course talk