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The costumed hero stood silent as she watched a seemly bad situation, become much worse. The Cardinals began attacking their once queen, what was going on here? Then talk about Catalina... that name... she never seen Catalina before, but heard of her once or twice and now to find out Catalina was Ziccarra's daughter? Ugh this was worse than a Jerry Springer show! It was more like a Spanish soap opera!

Nova was about to leap into battle to help the two women against the ninja like warriors, but a man stood in he way.

"Zoe... is it..." Ugh not even thirty minutes as Feral Nova and her secret identity already ruined! She would have glared at Z if she wasn't in a life or death situation right now. "You... look... ravishing."

Chills went down the heroes spine as she took a step back. She was nervous, but she did her best not to show it. "Being brought back to life does that to you, you should try it." This guy... was creepy as hell right now.

"“Your…skin…it’s beautiful….LET… ME… HAVE… IT!”

Well that solved the mystery, Ziccarra wasn't the crazy one in this room at the moment. Before she could do anything a bright flash of light engulfed her vision, causing her to become slightly disoriented as she did the only thing to protect herself, used her powers. With a quick flick of her wrist a wall of fire appeared out of thin air, stopping two of the daggers as the third one pierced into her left bicep. "Ack!" She shouted as she reached down, only to find whatever had jabbed into her arm, was already gone! But her crimson fluid quickly stained the ground the stood on. It must have been some sort of energy based weapon. With her vision back she glared at Kane. "My dry cleaner is going to be pissed!"

Without hesitation Zoe went on the attack. Her legs pushing forward as she closed the distance between the two. She had to be careful, if she used her pyro abilities inside this small building, she could accidentally catch it on fire as well, the less fire she used, the better. As she was just a couple of feet away she pushed herself upward, lifting her right knee upward and aiming at his upper abdomen for a flying knee to the diaphragm to knock the air out of his lungs, if the attack hit she would also bring her right elbow downward upon his back to do a double attack in one.

Landing back on the ground she glanced over at Ziccarra, the cardinal's attacking her at every angle, but she never missed a step. Being able to block and attack at once, it was like watching a dance. The other blond in the room however, wasn't as graceful. Yes she was holding her own, but she wasn't able to keep up with the Cardinal that was coming at her from behind.

"BLONDIE, BEHIND YOU!" She yelled, hoping that she caught what she said. Throwing her fist outward towards her as an amber ball of fire slammed into the Cardinal that was about to stab her in the back, sending him flying into a wall.

Quickly Zoe turned her attention back to Kane. "So, I'm assuming you're a Liafador, otherwise the Cardinal's wouldn't obey you, right? So what's your story? You want to take over the world too?" She tried to make conversation, more to keep his mind unfocused than to actually make small talk.

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In an unprecedented move the young heroine; lunge forward putting her knee flawlessly flush against his diaphragm. The Baron staggered back a bit somewhat winded by the guileless force of the blow, he didn’t stagger far enough; he imprudently allowed her to exploit an opening. He elbow crash down upon the back of his head, foregoing the pain, he lunged forward out of further harm; seemingly swallowed by the darkness.

The force of her blow, nearly knocked him unconscious; a moment’s reprieve allowed him to plan a method of attack.

From the darkness he calculated a weakness that she exposed to him herself; a willingness to save people. “Cardinals…” he whispered, again; this time the room filled with members of the hooded cell.

“Take…over …the …world?” His voice resound from all corners of the warehouse, temporarily managing to halt Z and Fantasy. The transcendent presence he gave off, made Ziccarra’s orphic nature seem childish.

“No…Child…I wish…to end…everything…this Earth…stands for” He whispered again; his first gambit wasn’t anything somatic, rather an attack on her psyche. From the weathered pipes, the infamous TDT fell. This chemical usually came in powder format, however now he furnished it to be inhaled.

“ZOE your nose!” Z screamed, crafting a TK barrier around both her and Fantasy; because of Zoe’s placing, she couldn’t be protected by the shield.

Kane dropped down from the rafters, landing in a crouched position; he sprang off the balls of his feet. He pushed his right forearm towards her mandible; hoping the thrust would propel her head to the right. Swinging his left arm around whilst ducking simatenously, he attempted to hoist Zoe at the waist and; send her flying with a German suplex, if he connected he’d torque his hips still maintain the hold two slam her two more consecutive times.

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Solace city, Gothic city on a damned island. Jack waltzed off the transport boat with his hands stuffed in each coat pocket, a small smirk on his face while a cigarette puffed away in his mouth. That carefree visage masked the fear of humans, always made a synthetic nervous, he could feel the judgment inches beneath their fleshy skin.

The first stop, the only stop was walking towards the nearest police station, and walking in. Once inside, Jack progressed to the desk jockey, placing both hands on the counter. "Good afternoon sir..I would like to speak with the goddess please.." Jack asked as if simply asking for the time, making the cop chuckle a bit before leaning in, thinking it was some sort of joke. "Very funny pal, nice glasses..We don't have the goddess's phone number or anything..Might have to go flick on the signal! BAHAHA!" The cop just started to laugh, Jack continued to smile.

Goddess> hero> responsive to criminal activity. Jack gave a few nods before his hand transformed into a large machine gun, pointing it at the desk jockey, his other arm morphing into what looked like a flame thrower. "And now...We wait.."

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“Hey Z, you got time for a mission?” Charlie asked via intercom. “I think she’s still on the fire fiasco; I can handle it though” Lebreau said, tossing her backpack to the side. “Where am I going?”

“Solace City Police Station, Main Island” She let loose a deep sigh before, fixing her blond wig to her head. “That’s the most crooked police precinct. Alright, I’m on it” straddling her bike; she revved it up; and sped off.

“Any idea, of what the hell I’m speeding off into” She said, gradually shifting lanes between two cars. “Yeah some maniac, opened fire at the police station” She scoffed, not that she didn’t respect the men and women in uniform; but the cops of the Main Island, were the biggest jerks into town.

Stopping in front of the station, she could hear the shots ringing out; from the outside. Quickly, removing an ice arrow; she front flipped through the window, before releasing the arrow at his machine gun hand.

She hoped the arrow, would freeze his hand allowing her to ready another arrow. “Alright, big guy shows over! Back away from the counter!” She screamed, fixing one of her luck arrows on his chest.

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@lebreau_liafador: The ice arrow froze his hand solid, preventing an event that wasn't even going to occur. This was of course, all but a ruse to attract the goddess to the synthetic hero's location. It..Failed. Jack frowned as he hand clicked back into just that, a hand, breaking the ice block away from all the movement. "Ahh! You're..Not the goddess.." He raised his dark brow, also showing that his hand seemed totally fine from being frozen solid a minute ago.

In a classic inhuman ignorance, Jack walked a bit closer to the vigilante with his hands not raised up, making a few of the cops draw their weapons at Jack. "I..Really don't see the fuss?"

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“She’s a little busy right now, so you got to deal with it” She said, sidestepping with her arrow still fixed on him. “Why do you guys keep calling her a goddess? She’s not immortal…fricken idiots!” Her eyes immediately, took to the police officers; some of them had the nerve to be aiming at her!

“Listen buddy, I don’t know what your business is with ZIC…I mean the goddess; but if you don’t get out of here; we’ll be needing a double casket”.

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@lebreau_liafador: "I was merely referring to here say, I assure you that my intellect is satisfactory..Sorry..I get into my HAL speak sometimes..Would you do me a favor, honestly, and close your eyes?" Jack didn't wait, knowing she was more than capable of listening to a command. His shoulder slid open like a trap door, popping out a silver can that beeped a few times in the air before releasing a massive flash bang, stunning the police.

Without a moment's hesitation, Jack sprinted over to the archer, grabbing her gently and with ease and leaping out the front door while his legs started to extend. In moments, he sprung himself up onto the police rooftop with the human, releasing her as soon as they landed. "Pardon the Zorro theatrics, but come on, that was pretty good.." Jack shot a smile before his hand formed into a welding torch, walking on over to the roof access door and welding the steel shut to prevent entry.

"I am Jack, 0f trades. A multipurpose synthetic life form programmed to help the good cause..Any other questions? If not, I need to know who I can trust in this meat bag hell hole..."

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As she sprang up to the roof top, her grace quickly grew pale; her head spun with a nauseating dizziness. “Oh, I’m going to throw up” she squealed before; pulling herself together. “Wait…You’re a…good guy?” Her head tilt to the right slightly, she slowly begin to saunter around him; as if she were sizing him up.

“Jack huh? The call me Quiver; and I don’t appreciate you showing up here antagonizing the police. It causes unneeded problems, we have enough of those with all these super freaks showing up lately.”

Lebreau shot him a glare before returning to her previous question; a question he failed to answer in the police station. “Why’d you come here looking for the Goddess?”

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@lebreau_liafador: "The Goddess or "ZIC-" as you referred to her..Is the most witnessed vigilante on this island, it was only logical to seek out her attention with something like attacking police. You see Quiver, it was all just to grab her attention, I never intended on harming anyone.." Slams on the other side of the door could be heard, inaudible to human ears but Jack could listen quite plainly that they intend on battering the weld down. "We don't have much time Quiver..I really am sorry for the ruckus but, I'm here to join the cause.." The synthetic smiled at her with an expression more human than most.

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“Do yourself a favor” She said, removing her hood, but being completely careful not to expose her face. Her voice became soft; reflective of how she felt, placing both of her hands on her elbows she slowly pace back and forth.

“Don’t trust anyone in this city” she said, turning her head toward the welded door; finally alerted to what he mentioned. “The crime rate; it’s still below Gothic City; but it’s getting worse. People don’t believe in the justice system” she said, readying a stun arrow.

“I can’t take you to see the god…damnit, we need a better name for her” She said, releasing her arrow the moment they conquered the threshold; knocking them all down in an instant. “I gotta run” she said, doing a front tuck off the roof; down to the street below.

“If you need me…call me” she said, shooting an arrow with her number in it.

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@_jack0ftrades_: That's my last post for tonight, we can pick it up tommorrow.

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@lebreau_liafador: Jack snatched the arrow right out of the air, looking back at the cops for a moment before smiling at the arrow. "Always likes myself a bit of a noir story..."

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His voice was cold, sadistic, it was unlike something she had heard before. Taking a shaky breath she balled her fist as more beings came into the building. Her hands balled up into fists as she could feel the pain in her left arm surge up to her shoulder, her jaw tightening to try and keep her cool. Just then, a plume of smoke could be seen coming from the sprinkler system in the building.

"ZOE your nose!"

Quickly covering her mouth and nose with her hands she held her breath, she couldn't hold her breath for very long, she was going to have to get out of here, or some how vent the chemical out of the building! Then the Liafador came in for the attack, like a panther he sprung towards the pyro hero. She needed to avoid attacks if she could, she was holding her breath, if she was hit not only would she lose the air she had, but she would also be forced to breath in the chemicals.

She quickly ducked under the first attack as his forearm swung above her head, but the second attack she wasn't prepared for. His left arm wrapped around her waist, as she was then lifted up into the air and over his head until the back of her head, neck and shoulders slammed into the ground first before being picked back up and slammed over and over again, every time a portion of the air in her lungs being pushed out, struggling not to take a breath as he finally let her go.

Her world became blurred as she laid there for a moment as she could feel her lungs begin to spasm on her, her diaphragm cramping, begging for air as she forced herself on her knees. Her body throbbed with pain as she lift her head over towards Ziccarra and Fan, the young hero lift her right hand off the ground and sharply motioned it downward towards them, her way of telling them to take cover for what she was about to do.

Right now, she needed air, but first she needed to air out this building. Turning her head to face Kane, she grit her teeth as she felt a warmth overcome her body. Without warning her body erupted into a deep ruby inferno, engulfing everything around her immediate area as it rushed towards the only source of oxygen at this moment, the windows. Her flames exploded from multiple windows in the building, as if a bomb went off on the inside. This lasted for just three seconds as the flames quickly died down.

But by this point she couldn't hold her breath anymore, she had to pray that the chemical was no longer in the atmosphere of the building as she gasped for air, the oxygen reaching deep into her lungs as she then let out a horsed cough. The room was now a total mess, covered in scorch marks as some areas had small flames still clinging to life. Some of the cardinal's were now scattered along the floor, smoke emitting off of them while only a few were struggling to get up, heavily burned by the attack that just came to pass. She had never preformed an attack like that, and she wasn't planning on to, but desperate times came with desperate measures and Zoe wasn't about to breath in whatever that crap was.

Pushing herself back up from the ground Zoe stumbled a bit as she felt a throbbing pain behind her neck and shoulders. She had to silently thank her aunt for the idea of wearing a helmet mask, because it probably had just saved her from passing out from all those slammed to the ground.

"Well, if that's really your plan." Zoe began, "Your gonna have to kill me first, but as you heard," she couldn't hold back that playful grin. "I don't like staying dead for too long."

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@feral_nova: OOOOOH. I love it when you get all aggressive!

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Hidden beneath the shrill fabric of his mask, Kane’s eyes grew bulky; the sudden realization of Zoe’s offensive retort, prompt him to flee. He could never make it out; the small fire adolescent. Coiling into a ‘ball’ he took the force of the blast; though brief, the earth riveting impacting shattered the windows. The forceful wind pushed Kane to the edge of the room, his ability to think critically tested immediately; grabbing the steel beam in between the windows, he saved himself from death.

His strong latissimus dorsi muscle assisted in pulling up almost 120 pounds of extra weight. Crouching a bit, as he devise his next offensive campaign; the extreme heat along with the added armor singed his skin.

His hand quivered uncontrollably, it was impossible to tell whether he was injured or, seething with anger; regardless the Beta-Wave Baron returned to a vertical base, ready to assault the young teen. Spinning on an axis he tossed a psy-blade into one of the main pipes above them; causing a rupture in the sprinkler system.

He knew her flames would eventually evaporate the water, but another manifestation such as the one she previously exhibited would cause a dense smog. “Now….My turn” he whispered, slowly rubbing his hand across the cement floor.

The floor began to glow with a vibrant purple hue; his energies began to violently shake the foundation of the building. After a loud whirring sound, the floor erupted into a violent explosion; this was his attempt to bring the entire building down.

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@shanana @lebreau_liafador Jack stood upon one of Solace's older radio towers, hanging onto the supports with one hand while leaning out to look over the island city. It was indeed beautiful when you couldn't see the organics that infested it below..And the things they caused..Never the less, Jack placed his finger in his ear as if plugging it, though he was actually making a phone call in his processor. Ringing the number that archer gave to him days ago.

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The persistent vibrations of her phone slowly, stirred her from her sleep; this was the curse of being a teenage vigilante. Turning over on her side, she answered her phone in a drowsy stupor. “…Hello…” she whispered trying to identify who was on the other line.

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@lebreau_liafador: "Hey! This is Quiver right? It's Jack, you know, the robot.." Jack chuckled as he started to climb down the radio tower now that he had the signal connected.

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“Yes, I know; you’re the only person in the city that has this number” She replied wiping the ‘sleep’ from her eyes. “What’s going on?” She asked, wondering if it was really important; to wake her from her sleep for.

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@lebreau_liafador: "Just some intel actually, well I nee some. What do you know about operating assassins in the city? Any big time names I should be keeping an eye out for? I'm planning on hitting them off one by one here soon.." Jack leaped off the tower once he reached a safe height, now casually walking on the crowded street.

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“Are you absolutely sure this couldn’t wait until the morning” she let out a not so subtle moan; before sitting up in her bed. Removing a folder from her table top; she removed a list of known mobsters in Solace City. “I was working on a lead to a man known to be peddling TDT, for The Motivator; his name is Tyrone Cesaro; lives on 5 Island”. She said yawning before turning the page.

“”That’s weird, I got an email that said, there was a murder on 2 island…”

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@lebreau_liafador: "Robots don't sleep Q, sorry..Wait, what about a murder on 2 island? Want me to check it out?" Jack stopped walking at the mention of the murder, wasn't that a common occurrence in such a hell? It didn't matter though, what did matter is if Quiver would want to tag along or not, and if she would be ok with Jack's "final" method of dealing with criminals.

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“Yeah apparently, a doctor killed one of her patients; as much as I’d love to tag along, I have a math final tomorrow.” She said, resting the phone between her cheek and shoulder. “2 island is the worse, Jack be careful” she said, slowly slipping back under her comforter.

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@lebreau_liafador: "Heeey, I'll be fine Q, I think I can take on some creepy ass organic doctor, good luck on that test!" Jack cut the connection before starting to walk again, it seemed he was on his way towards 2 island, what's the worst that can happen?

(Mind if I write a blog about Jack dealing with the killer?)

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@lebreau_liafador: "Heeey, I'll be fine Q, I think I can take on some creepy ass organic doctor, good luck on that test!" Jack cut the connection before starting to walk again, it seemed he was on his way towards 2 island, what's the worst that can happen?

(Mind if I write a blog about Jack dealing with the killer?)

I was actually going to play the role of the killer, I have to introduce my new character

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@lebreau_liafador: Awesome! :D

2 Island, apparently the worst. Jack at least made it to the crime scene all of two hours later, he couldn't use his gadgets here without raising unwanted attention. Police tape on the dingy building, so cliche it even made a machine chuckle. The doorknob was of course not budging, locked. It only took a snap of his fingers to transform his index finger into a lock pick, slipping it into the lock and moving his hand in a robotic fashion.

Few more seconds and that door was popped open, who knows what this building looked like on the inside. But it mattered not, the avenging automaton was on the case now.

(Hope that bit was alright, I'll leave the setting and everything else up to your control now ^_^)

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The overhead lights dangle from the ceiling; sparks shoot from the electricity conduits causing the room to periodically flicker. The hospital was ransacked; but there was no visible sign of forced entry, the walls of the corridor were riddled with blood, the bodies of those who sought help littered the floor.

Some of the bodies were unhampered with, others looked as if they were viciously attacked. In the farthest reaches of the room. A solidary doctor continued her work, on a cadaver. She had a gas mask on, as to not be effected, by the toxic TDT present.

“If you need assistance, you’ll have to make an appointment” she said, callously. At her side were two mutated Doberman pinchers; ready to attack upon his first move.

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@jen_rummy: "Sorry flesh bag..I don't arrest.." Jack's left arm turned into a buzz saw, spinning a few times while his smirk showed that the horrific scene was not churning his robotic insides. The gas mask would say how there was some sort of contaminant in the air, one that wouldn't effect the machine while he kept his distance. "So you are the organic killer eh? Let's see how you fair against the Jack of Trades!"

In one swift movement, Jack's spinning blade was going upwards towards the head of the closest fleshy mutt. It was indeed a reckless move, there was no telling what this organic was capable of.

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Walking out from the convenient store with a bag of extra large potato chips and a soda. Climbing onto the motorbike Laughingstock drove off from the convenient store, and even farther away from the Sirens approaching the convenient store with a recently paralyzed cashier. Turning the bike into an alleyway he pushed down the kickstand and looked at the chips, he pulled open the bag revealing clips of cash emptied out of the register.

"Their reactions get better every time!"

Admiring his work sat on top of a dumpster and kicked his feet up onto it, staring upwards towards the sky thoughts raced through his head. Looking down at the cash in the bag and sighed, this was shortly made as a rat scurried by the top of the dumpster. Sitting up he grabbed the rat and threw it out onto the sidewalk followed with a splat.

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(>_> sorry post is long as hell)

Just seconds after her attack Kane was back in action, his body trembling, but the young hero couldn't tell... was he injured? Or just severely pissed off now? Rising her right arm up in defense, she kept her injured left arm at the level of her waste, not wanting to having to move it more than she had to. She couldn't see if Ziccarra and the other woman got out safely, but she couldn't go after them, her focus was this man. She hadn't felt this nervous than when she first fought Ziccarra in Spain...

Without a word he developed a psy-blade, that's what must have hit her in the beginning of the fight! It slammed into one of the many sprinklers in the room, water poured all around them as the room seem to simultaneously make a sizzling sound followed by developing a thin layer of smoke around them. He was obscuring her vision again. Damn it... she never wavered in her stance, her eyes slowly scanning the area as she couldn't visualize him anymore. He might have wanted her to go chase after him... or maybe he was expecting her to stand there? Ugh she hated ninja baddies!

"Now... My Turn." she could hear his voice that seemed to be all around her.

Her shaky breath pushed against the dense smoke, as she stood her ground, her eyes widen as she watched the floor below her suddenly begin to give off a purple glow. "Oooohhh this can't be good." she whispered to herself as the entire building began to rumble. "NOPE NOT GOOD NOT GOOD!" She pushed herself forward as an explosion pushed her body forward, causing her to slam into a wall face first. Her helmet SMACKED against the wall as Zoe pushed herself away, the floor was beginning to crumble as the ceiling began collapsing all around her. He was taking down the entire building with everyone still inside.

But as she ran, her body slammed into another, a woman let out a surprised yelp as Zoe was knocked over. Looking up she saw that blond haired girl that was with Ziccarra just a few moments ago. "What the hell did you do?!" She barked over at Zoe, her voice demanding an answer.

"I didn't do anything this time!" She got up, grasping a hold of Fantasy's arm, pulling her with her as she continued to run, trying to dodge debris falling all around them, they didn't have time to escape out of a door. "Where's Ziccarra?"

"I don't know, she got out after you almost killed us!"

"Oh I'm sorry I was trying to survive a beat down of the century!" The exit was blocked with rubble. "Damn it!" She darted in another direction. "We need to get out a window!" Zoe stopped at a window that hadn't collapsed yet.

"Wait, we're too high up!" Fantasy yelled out, her hands grasping onto the broken frame of the window, trying to keep herself from being pushed through.

"Use your blasty powers thingy! Now go!" Zoe shoved the woman out the window, and as she fell, the window collapsed before the young hero could escape. "No!" Without a second thought Zoe's golden flames rushed over her body, using the heat of her fire to activate her thermal durability. Before she could continue to run, the building collapsed over her.

Outside of the building you could see it implode upon itself, the earth trembling below everyone. People in the streets began scattering away as the fire department that was already there took cover behind their trucks as a huge wave of dirt, dust and gravel consumed the block like a tsunami. When the Earth settled people began peaking around as Fantasy could be seen covered in dust just a few feet away from the now fallen building, coughing up the dust that she had breathed in.

Two hours later...

With the fire department and search and rescue going through the rubble, multiple bodies were pulled out, a majority of them were the red cardinal's who were still trapped in the building as it collapsed. Men and women continued to dig as a rustle of gravel was heard not too far from them.

"Hey I think we have something over here!" A man yelled out as he began moving some rubble out of the way. A group rushed over and began to move things around to show the masked pyro hero. Her costume tattered and torn and her body was covered in superficial lacerations and abrasions. The people gasped as they stepped back, not sure if she was dangerous.

"T-thanks guys." Nova grunted, her helmet cracked as she slowly got up from the ground, blood trickling down her left arm as gasped in pain. "H-hey there an ambulance? I-I think I have a broken rib... or two... and my arm is pretty messed up." Her eyes silently looked around the area, not only to see if Kane was anywhere to be found, but to see if Fantasy was ok and if Ziccarra stuck around.

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She watched as his blade effortlessly, removed the head of her companion; the sound of his panicked whimpers did little to deter her from her work. “Hm…”she grunted placing her scalpel down on the table beside her; her eyes quickly dart to the unusual encounter with a chain saw for a hand. “I must admit, that’s a pretty neat trick” She retorted with a cynical smile.

With a flick over her finger the cadavers dressing the floors around them; slowly rose to their feet. “I love a good trick, show me another” She said, smiling. The cadavers paraded around the room, with blinking lights embedded deep within the chest.

“I do apologize for not staying to greet you, but I have a prior engagement” She said, allowing the illusion to shatter; revealing she wasn’t there the whole time.

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Fantasy’s eyes dart to the far side of the street; the incoming police chief ordered his special unit in, there appearance only meant one thing. Pushing through the pain she suffered at the hands of the Cardinals; the golden goddess lunged across the street, taking the young fire hero by the wrist. “Th-these people are not your friends!” Fantasy whispered, throwing her hands in the air; immediately constructing a thin light screen. The riot gas and other irritants bounced off her shield; protecting her and the new vigilante.

“I-I can’t hold it” She strained, trying her hardest not to drop the shield on the downed Zoe. “This sucks, I could’ve been out shaking my ass tonight; but instead, I’m getting shot at!” The SCPD began using rubber rounds, in an attempt to subdue the duo; only to have their weapons dislodged by psi-blades.

“It’s the Goddess!” someone screamed, positing toward a nearby bodega. Ziccarra stood with her hands pressed against her waist. Unnoticeable from afar, but she bore the signs of an arduous encounter; there was a black smudge under her eye; she also suffered from terrible split ends, onto of that; both her boots were dislodged on exodus of the doomed structure.

Doing a front tuck from the edge of the store, onto the top of a police car, she instructed Fantasy and Nova to escape. “Charlie, send Quiver to retrieve Zoe and Fantasy” She said, landing on the ground cracking her knuckles. “Now…who wants a quick trip to the future” She said, fully intendant on only allowing Fan and Zoe to escape.

A few blocks down

Fantasy aided Nova to a nearby rooftop bench allowing her to catch her breath. “Y-you, have like crazy powers” She said, having a hard time breathing. “Cr-Crap…” She screamed, leaning over the edge of the building, her vision slurred; and her ears were taken by the sound of her own heartbeat. “I-I-I’m having an attack” she screamed, holding her chest trying to quell the powerful feeling.

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@shanana: (HEART ATTACK!? O_O' well it was nice knowing you :P LOL JK)

"A what!?" Zoe could feel panic set in, how old was this woman?! The young hero helped Fantasy down to the ground, Zoe quickly looking over her body, there didn't seem any life threatening wounds on her, which meant it could mean one thing. "You're ok, you're not having a heart attack, you're fine. Just try and relax, deep breaths, you're not dying, I promise you." She placed her right hand on her shoulder. "You're having a panic attack, it's not a heart attack." She tried to calm the fellow blond.

Footsteps where heard behind them as Zoe quickly pulled away from Fan, quickly spinning around as her hand lit up with a rube flame, ready to attack.

"Stop!" Fantasy yelled out, clutching onto her chest. "S-she's a friend."

Holding her arms upward the hooded woman she spoke with an arrow in one of her hands. "I'm Quiver, I was told to come and get the two of you." The young woman pulled her hood down, with her free hand, she didn't look to be even older than Zoe.

"Feral Nova." Zoe introduced herself, "I assume you two know each other." She glanced back at Fantasy who nod her head, taking shallow breaths.

"Let's get you two out of here, The Goddess is waiting for us." Quiver quickly made her way towards Fantasy, helping her up to her feet as Zoe was heard chuckling. "Something funny?"

"Yeah, who call's themselves 'The Goddess'?"

"Who calls themselves 'Feral Nova'?"

"Hey! It's a fam-" She quickly corrected herself. "-ous name that has been passed down for centuries!" She finished as she got on the other side of Fantasy, to help support as they began making their way to the Pantenon.

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“The Name is Quiver” She said, turning towards the fire escape on the far side of the building. “We can get to the getaway car over there” She said, helping Feral Nova carry the unstable Fantasy cross the duration of the roof.

“Quiver…kff...What’s kff…going on?” The buildup in her chest caused her to force her words. The golden goddess’ face turned plum purple, as if she were choking.

“Are you sure she’s going to be ok?” Quiver asked, escorting Fan and Nova, down the stairs; step by step. “Yeah, she’ll be fine” replied, fanning the face of the panicked warrior.

“We didn’t find any link between the SCPD and the TDT yet, but we do know why my uncl…I, mean Kane was in town”

She said, seating Fantasy in the passenger seat. “Hop in on my side” Allowing Zoe to get in the backseat, she sped off towards the HQ. “Kane is looking for a former Delta Force Operative, who has municipal codes for something called, 1984”Quiver explained, driving her car right on the ferry, back to the hq.

“What’s 1984?” She asked, pulling on the headrest to prop herself right over Quiver’s shoulder. The young teen turned back towards Zoe, before shrugging her shoulders.

“I really don’t know, It doesn’t seem to have any meaning to me, I was hoping Zicc…I mean the goddess could help”. Quiver turned into an old meat warehouse; instantly turning her lights off.

“This isn’t the most inconspicuous place” Zoe said noticing how out, in the open the warehouse was. “the base is about 16 feet underground, we call it the Pantheon”. Entering the building behind Zoe and Fantasy, Lebreau activated the drop sequence for the dumb-waiter.

She noticed Nova, wasn’t that much older than herself, it seem like in the dire times called for younger heroes.

Reaching the bottom floor, she saw Charlie working to find the link between the SCPD and TDT. “That’s Charlie, he runs the comms around here” She said, smiling with her hand on her hip. “There is also Patriot, but he’s at work right now, you know Morningstar” She said, motioning towards Fantasy, who still had her hands buried in her face.

“This is our little gang” She said, hoping over a wall down to where Charlie was. “Didja find anything?” She asked leaning on his shoulder. “A bunch of peculiars, nothing relating to what we’re looking for though.”

Fantasy sat on the couch finally regaining her composure, as tears danced down her facial cheeks; she tried her hardest to ask a question. “P-Peculiars?

“Yeah the natural balance seems to be off, I’m getting readings relating to an entirely different realm” He said, showing Lebreau the wearing readings.

“Looks like a bunch of wiggly lines, what is it?” She asked, flagging Zoe over to computer.

“It tis the balance between our world, and the magical realm” Ziccarra’s voice cut through the room. “There are so many users of magic lately, the line that wasn’t noticeable before, has now become visible.

“Zoe…” She said, walking up to the teen, giving her a hug. “I heard that you met, your end by Daemon; How is it that you have returned?”

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@shanana said:


“I heard that you met, your end by Daemon; How is it that you have returned?”

Name GAME!

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Zoe walked through the building with Quiver and... 'Morningstar', it seemed that Solace City had their own little superhero team. Her eyes quickly scanned the immediant area as she walked over to the computer. She had no idea what she was looking over at, rubbing the back of her head trying to figure out what was going on. Kane, TDT, Delta Force Operative, 1984... she felt like she accidentally stumbled into something that was much bigger than herself.

The teen opened her mouth to ask a question, but before she could, she heard her name. "Zoe..." She felt Ziccarra's arms wrap around her and was still... a bit confused on what exactly was going on. She was still trying to get her mind wrapped around that Ziccarra wasn't the one stirring up trouble. Gently returning the hug, Ziccarra pulled back for a moment.

"I heard that you met, your end by Daemon; How is it that you have returned?”

The question that she hadn't have to answer to anyone until now. Slowly lifting the helmet off her face she looked up at the woman she once fought against in a bloody battle.

"I..." she began, fumbling with her helmet, trying to find the right words to being. "Gio..." She began, only to quickly correct herself, her eyes shifting away from Ziccarra. It still hurt to talk about it, she was still... having a hard time accepting it. "Daemon, he ambushed me at the We Are Legend HQ, we fought but, he was really strong, crazy strong, I was no match for him and he... he killed me..." it was still hard for her to believe, and it seemed just a few days ago to her that this happened. "A... group of scientists brought me back." It still sound unbelieveable to her as well. Her blue eyes shift back upward towards her, not sure if she should say WHO the company was, she still didn't fully trust anyone in this room. "I don't know details on HOW they brought me back... but they said someone wanted me back." The young pyro hero's voice had a hit of confusion even as she told her the story. "They wouldn't say who or why." Shrugging her shoulders she let out a sigh. "But I'm back, and they even managed to tweak my powers a bit, so I figured I might as well not waste this second chance." She gave a weak smile.

"But enough of me." She took a step back, "Why were the Cardinal's attacking you? I thought you were like..." she paused for a moment trying to find the right words to say. "The Queen of the Cardinal's? Who is this 'Kane' that they follow? What happened Ziccarra?"