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@mr_smiles: Hey, that was a funny joke!

(to be fair, they're trying, they're just having issues replicating it)

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@shanana: @mr_smiles: Being left alone in the highway with approaching police the jester looked over at the truck driving off into a car tunnel, even if he took his bike he wouldn't catch up, and if he jumped he would be stuck in the tunnel. Pressing the button on the remote the motorbike started driving away as Laughingstock climbed into the trunk of the minivan. With the police sirens going off into the distance after the bike he climbed upfront and into the driver seat of the van. Pushing down on the pedal he took off down the road after the police, calling his motorcycle into a dumpster which should eventually pull off the police. After a few minutes of waiting beside the road he started driving towards the police station. The police obviously took photos of the whole operation with dashboard cams, hoping to find an identity on the brute, the clown, and the woman.

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Dang :(

I got left in the dust xD

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Yeah, I realized that as soon as I typed what I did before.

I can reply to whatever you have planned next, no big d :)

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@lunatic: You said you were putting off that gang, for a WHILE!

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You have no idea how sporadic I am, do you? :P

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@lunatic: You kidding? I know you like a textbook fool XP

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In that case, let's make that meeting between Silas and Smiles official.

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@lunatic: Sure! Just for warning though, you really don't wanna test Smiles >_> I know I know, Lunatic is nuts..But Smiles will screw shit up, for lulz

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Just like how Silas, a.k.a. MISTER ULTRAVIOLENCE, likes it >:)

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@lunatic: He has rules of crime, ambitions, greed. That's what makes him partially human. Smiles isn't a human :D

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If only you knew what went on deep inside the rabbit hole.

Smiles might not be human, but at least he's not an animal.

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@lunatic: Even an animal has rules of nature :P

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Rabid animal. 'Scuse me >_>

I suppose Silas still has rules, no matter how grotesque they are. Like new inductees have to inject MAD until their eyes start bleeding, or when traitors are drawn and quartered during the nightly orgies at the Rabbit Hole.

KRG ain't nothing to f*ck with.

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Don't let this thread die! *sets off fireworks tied to cheetahs*

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I aint finished yet

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@uncommon @lastpyre (Both of you decided to collect the bounty on me, so I tagged you both)

“Yeah, I’m at the Trump; I’m not sure how I got bumped to a suite, but I aint even complaining” She plopped down on the bed; exhausted from the strenuous activity her day commanded.

“I haven’t spoken to Max in a while. I couldn’t tell you if he’s even alive. Girl, we need to catch up; I haven’t seen you in almost a year. Alright, I’ll catch up with you after my meeting; alright love you too. Bye.”

Running her hands through her hair, the bronze skinned beauty; took a moment to allow her nerves to calm down. Since arriving in Solace City, she’d heard talks of a drug the teens were using to get high; apparently, it was temporarily; causing brain damage. It was a topic she figured, she’d check out when time permitted.

She leisurely, walked into the bathroom preparing a bath for herself; completely, ignorant to the fact one of the Braveharts were trying to get in touch with her.

“Ashley, its met Jessie; you have to leave Solace City NOW! There is a bounty on your head!” It was a text that wouldn’t be answered.

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Peter had become desperate, desperate for a cause, a profession, a skill or anything that would actually bring him wealth. So far he had spent all of his known life living in the alleyways of New York and Gothic, he had been at the mercy of Last Pyre and after the events at the mutant academy he was granted freedom and power from the demon. For now at least. He wasn't very good at anything in particular aside from being able to bring down harsh punishment on those that stood against him or another innocent, and so when he eventually heard that he could be paid what he saw as big money for doing the only real thing he was good at he thought that this was his chance to score big and get a jump-start in the world, to finally establish himself amongst the rest. The huge skeleton that was Peter had a couple of briefings with a the man paying the bounty, the transport had been arranged as well as a small camera and a case that could easily carry a body dead or alive. He wanted the biggest bounty he could get and so opted to bring in the target alive, but he knew it wouldn't be that easy. During his down time he would further practice his bone kinesis further perfecting the technique as well as refining his swordsmanship, he was close to finding out how to manipulate other bones that weren't his but he hadn't quite gotten the hang of it just yet. After stepping off the plane onto the gorgeous island he was quickly greeted by a a round and slightly balding man who looked like he was a typical tourist on holiday, "C'mon bone bag we ain't got all day" Said the fat man in a Boston accent. Without replying Peter followed the man and soon they were on there way to the destination.

He arrived sooner than anticipated in the fairly average looking car being driven by an employee who had , the hotel known as Trump. His target would be staying in room 845 so Peter would have to move fairly quickly, it was hard not to draw attention when you were an eight-foot tall skeleton but it was very easy to get what he wanted through a tiny bit of intimidation. He walked through the revolving doors ducking a little as he did before entering the main lobby, he walked fairly casually but kept his sights on the receptionist as the look of shock spread across her face as he neared her. Finally he reached the desk and simply said in a calm tone "I'm here to see an old friend madam, don't mind me" Trying to be nice was also a very good tactic to employ as it made people less likely to scream for help. The women shook at the sight of the giant skeleton and nodded in acceptance "Wonderful" Said Peter rather joyfully as he waltz over to an elevator to the eighth floor. The doors opened and he rushed out and began to quickly make his way along the doors reading the number as he went along 840... 841...842....843....844....ahh here we are. Time was of the essence and Peter knew it all to well and simply listened in to what was happening, there was running water so he guessed that she may have been preparing a bath but that was just a guess.Without a second thought he unsheathed the mighty six and a half foot blade from his back and with a single mighty kick the door went flying off its hinges and into the room.

Going off of the guess that she was preparing a bath Peter see she wasn't in immediate view and assumed she would be in wherever the bathroom was, he followed the sound of flowing water which made it all the more easier to find the bathroom door and force it open before then kicking the door shut behind him so that there was no escape. There was no time for talking or drama as that would only give her precious seconds to think of a plan which is something he could not allow, he swung his blade at the legs of the black haired women to try and trip her and if that was not successful he would try to grab any part of her with his off hand and go for another cleave for the elbow, then with the force of a car he would would try to slap the women's right side of her head with the off hand hand using his greater reach to his advantage. His sword would once again swing brutally towards her head, in this room he was surprised that nothing had gotten in the way and he would continue to slash and cleave at various parts until she gave up. This was very unlikely to happen so he planned to test out his bone kinesis on another for the first time only if she had not surrendered, he would try to simply lift her her up by her own spine and send her flying into the wall. If worked or failed he would still continue his onslaught of sword attacks making sure not to give the women a moment to rest. He hoped she didn't have a trick or two under that bathrobe of hers.

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O_o holy.... I got somethings to do first

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@lastpyre: @black_solace:

Hudson's had jobs like this before. The smaller variables may have differed this time around, but that didn't mean he was any less prepared.

He casually leaned on the front desk of the hotel and soon the receptionist attended to him with a pleasant "Can I help you sir?"

He adjusted his Ray Bands so that they perfectly hid his eyes and replied calmly "I'm here to meet my daughter Ashley Moorland…" he started with the bold lie and backed it with various fake alibis (such as a fake ID) to gain the woman's trust. Innocently believing his facade, she told him where to find Ashely.

"Room 845. Got it, much thanks love."

Not much more time was waisted as he found his way to the room. He checked his pistol for a full clip and adjusted the bullet proof vest beneath his Vuitton suit.

Though, much to his surprise the room had already been broken into by some monstrous skeleton. Whether it was just an average enemy of the woman or a competing mercenary was glaringly irrelevant, he was simply in Hudson's way and must be removed from the picture.

He improvises by rushing in the room with shots roughly aimed at the Pyre's head and unleashing a smoke grenade.

"Miss Ashley! Over here! I'm here to protect you under your current 'circumstances' and bloody protect you I will!"

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I SEE slaves. I HEAR revolution.

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@uncommon: It involves a speedo, K-9 units, a SWAT van, Abraham Lincoln, and candy canes

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@uncommon: It involves a speedo, K-9 units, a SWAT van, Abraham Lincoln, and candy canes

Sounds like a bunch of work.

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@lastpyre: @uncommon:

She stood in the mirror tying her hair tying her hair in a ponytail, the steam from the running water; caused the mirror to fog up. She continuously, swipe her hands across the mirror to keep eyes on what she was doing. Opening her robe in preparation of a soothing bath, the sound of the door being kicked open prompted a show of swift reflexes

Covering herself she immediately; press her body against the wall. From the corner of her eye’s she saw the stalker enter. He was unlike anything she’d seen before, his entire body was composed of bones. He swung his sword feverishly, upon seeing the blade, it was obvious it was his intended method of attack. He slashed towards her feet, but the Bronze skinned beauty, parried it.

Ashley shifted to the balls of her feet, increasing her evasiveness in the process; his attempt at a grapple was disenchanted when she turned into the attempted grapple, and knocked his hand away with a swift side elbow. Turning her feet again, to the right; she ducked under a poorly, executed strike towards her head.

She telegraphed his offense with the first few moves, all his attacks aimed at; dismembering or, disabling her indefinably, she reformat herself to deal with his seemingly; one dimensional offense. He continued to slash viciously, Ashley could do nothing, but stay on the defensive. His blade met her forearms; drawing blood on contact, there were small pricks in her skin; where his blade had barley, kiss her flesh.

She bled out significantly, but she stopped the force of most of his devastating attacks. Moving forward, she prepared to answer his unrequited assault, but was frozen in place. Her spinal column felt as if it were being tugged, leaving her helpless in the air.

Before she could muster up enough strength to gasp, her body was lifelessly, tossed into the adjacent wall shattering it on impact. She rolled through to a stop, before turning on her side completely, disoriented. Her once small wounds grew bigger; dust and debris clutter her hair, painting it an odorous grey.

She could feel his steps on the floor, given the conditions of her body; she didn’t have any type of offense. As he brought his blade down again, the sound of a fire arm; hindered her auditory skills; making it impossible to hear anything.

She rigidly, turned her body to see another man; he came in the nick of time; and fired on her attacker. The real question was, how did these two even know she was here? With more questions than answers, and little trust for either of the two. Ashley let loose a powerful canary cry, it’s rippling effects went beyond just sound; it was pushed towards both combatants as pure energy, using the down time she dashed straight for the door, towards the roof; looking to make an escape.

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"Twenty on black. Let it ride." Max says as a drifting floor girl comes over and starts rubbing his chest with a smile like they'd been together for years. "Thousand sir?"

"Is this the high rollers table or the roller's high table?"

"...Apologies. Twenty thousand on black! no more bets." The white ball drops into the spinner and pops around in fast forward, "Winner, winner on black!" the crowd around the table claps. the fact was Max never made a bet he didn't know he would win; a jammer device located in his lighter made the ball land just where he wanted based on the amount of taps to the table with the ass end. "one, million, dollars to Mr.Newcastle!"

Looking through the shoulders of the rich men and woman he spots his target on a cell phone oblivious and enjoying her vacation, unaware of the two million cool draped around her neck like a necklace made from the hope diamond. "send the winnings to my second suite, put this in the bag." Taking off his watch he drops it in the dealers hand and buttons the waist line of a dark blue suit before entering the elevator.

fifteen minutes later

On the roof besides the Varius IV, he waits. Pulling out a cigar as she busts through the roof exit in a bra and panties. "An they told me that suite was five star. I want my money back." Pressing the link of his cuff the bag just below explodes to rock the building with fire shooting out of all windows of the full floor suite, max catching one to light up his stogey.

Get in

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@uncommon: @black_solace:

Just as he was about the strike two bullet rounds found his skull causing Peter to yell out in pain, the bullets felt like two massive hornets had just stung his skull and to top it all off the women let out a furious scream of both energy and sound. The sound part was fine for Peter as he had no ears to damage but the energy tore through his bones and did a lot of damage to his rib cage and caused his head and arm to come off. Peter's skull saw the interloper and called out "You idiot, I almost had her!". Just as expected she made a mad dash to get of the bathroom and out of the hotel, A headache began to arise as he also gripped the skull of the other bounty hunter and tried to force it down into the floor and then into the nearest wall, he also reconstructed himself and In about a minute his head was back in place along with his left arm and his ribs. He took a couple of paces before once more using his bone kinesis to lift both of the man up by his neck, "I could break this, you know!" He threatened with the distinct tinge of hate spouting from his skull before intensifying the grip and pressure on his neck . "It'd be like breaking a tooth pick."

But before he could do anything more to the other assassin he heard the rumble and boom of an explosion and tried to throw the assassin out of the window, Peter however was not fast enough himself and quickly found himself engulfed in the flames screaming out in agony as his bones burned and he found himself crashing out of the window and breaking apart upon landing sending his bones everywhere. By the time all his bones had reconnected and he was no longer feeling the overwhelming pain that impeded every movement it was clear that it would be too late to quickly go after her. "Rrrrr I can't do anything right" He said punching a wall hard that his fist went through it. The question was would he still go after her?

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@lastpyre: I left the room at the end of my post

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@black_solace: Better not slip up, I'm on for this bounty and I'm just waiting for you to screw up.

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Panting frantically, Ashley begin to ascend the staircase; in an effort to evade her attackers. Struggling to keep her balance, she sprawled around trying to figure out if the pilot was indeed a friend or foe. “The Varius?!...MAX?” Ashley, screamed. The blinding mix of hair, blood and tears; hindered whatever sight she thought she saw. She sloppily, lay in the seats, trying to ease her mind; to allow for her wounds to heal.

On a very small list of friends, he was the last person she ever expected to come to her rescue. “You’re not kill me too are you?” She asked, thinking it wasn’t a coincidence that they both came to Solace City; at the same time. As the Bravehart general, assassination attempts were common; from the people that knew who she was, and what she did.

This orchestrated attack came from, two entities she’d never even met. The timing and place, both lead her to believe she was being watched. “Th-thanks…” she finally, said; realizing she never said it. “You aren’t going by New York are you?”

He had to have known why she was going back, the Bravehart HQ based in Hells Kitchen. If someone was watching her; she had to prepare herself.

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@black_solace: "Now why would I be out to kill you, what could they offer me...that I can't get myself?" Pulling the stick up and leaving it to hover above the cloud line he turns around to the couch like seat of the cab in the swivelling chair and leans forward. "I was in Solace city because you were. I don't know how you didn;t hear about it. There's a bounty for your head that's hit seven digits."He says raising as many fingers "When I saw it, I knew you could use a hand. I brought some tools and some walking money. Did you think it was just a cute smile that got you into a Trump Suite on fight night? " He asks with a pride fueled smile

Swiveling back to the center console Max grabs the gears and turns the engines back to horizontal level, "i am. I work out of the area nowadays since... He came into the picture." Max says awkward silence following to be broken by the tightening crunch of the leather stick handle

" I'll come with you until your prepped. Haven't been back to the catacombs in what feels like years now. Take a nap and heal up while you've got the opportunity. I'm going to shoot us into orbit and hop over the pacific, we'll be in NY by the time you wake up. "

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@black_solace: Peter made his way back to the car, the balding fat man didn't look impressed. "How does a giant skeleton like you fail to knock out and collect a women with some powers?" "Someone else got in the way" "Look bone head, we had eyes that managed to spot the women leaving in a helicopter not too long ago. We don't know the destination but we can sure as hell follow them, question is do you still wanna go after 'er" This was probably the only other chance he was going to get at catching Black Solace and getting the bounty money, he thought hard about the choice as going after her again was going to be ten times harder then before and for all he knew they were headed to a hiding place that he would never find himself. Then he thought about the pain he'd felt when he hit the hard ground after feeling his bones char in the fires of the building, a certain hate grew inside of him and he felt the rage coursing through every inch of his skeleton. "Lets go break some bones" Said Peter with venom, he got into the car and so did the driver and they were soon off to the airport. His eye sockets had now become filled of dark red flames and the laughing of Last Pyre's distant laughter could be heard from within, the demon was taunting him, trying to tell him he was useless.

Everything was a big rush and Peter couldn't afford a leisurely walk to the large white helicopter that awaited his arrival and found himself running towards it just to save some time. The passenger door was opened by a by a younger looking man about average build with jet black hair and a pair of sun glasses and Peter got in having to duck whilst doing so, that fat man got in the other side a few seconds later shutting the door upon entry taking off shortly after. Following reports from the same agents still on the ground the helicopter pilot was guided in the general direction of the target and hopefully towards wherever they were choosing to hide, Peter was told that he would probably need some rest but being dead meant that he didn't actually need any rest and the pain in his bones had already faded away, they appeared to be following her for a while and Peter began to assume that she had left the island all together which was confirmed by the agent on the ground whom would no longer be able to track the target helicopter. All they knew was a direction, and after some guess work based off the direction the target was going when she left the island it was deduced by Peter and the other two men that she was heading for New York but had no idea where they would be hiding and considering how big New York was it would more then a challenge to find the girl let alone bring her in to collect the payment.

Peter knew the risks and understood that this time they would be prepared for the likes of him, she'd probably put herself in some-kind of lock down with a well known ally never straying too far from her side as well as putting many security procedures in place meaning that it would be almost impossible for Peter to get to her undetected. He practised more and more with his bone kinesis, knowing now that he could not only use it on himself but that he could also use it against other people which only made him wonder what other powers he had hidden away.

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Going to post in NYC

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@shanana @kane_liafador

Solace City Stories Part 3 Continuation

It must have been fate for Zoe to have been in Solace City when she was. One minute she was strolling down the city, admiring its beauty, the next a fire truck and ambulance were seen rushing pass her. Looking at the direction of where the trucks were driving off to, she saw a thick cloud of black smoke rising above the sky scrapers, fire.

"No Zoe, you're here on vacation, that's it, nothing more." The young hero turned her head back around as more fire trucks flew pass her. "Oh come on, doesn't this city have it's own heroes?" She wined a bit, not because she didn't want to help, but because she didn't want people to know that Feral Nova was back. This was going to be her first 'official' run since she was brought back thanks to N.O.V.A Industries. Stopping in her tracks and turning her head back in the direction of the fire, the young blond let out a heavy sigh. "I knew I shouldn't have brought that damn costume." she murmured to herself as she dashed off into one of the many allies.

Soaring through the skies of the city the aflame hero lit up the sky as her golden flames could be seen rushing towards the burning building. Reaching the building she could feel the wild fire of the building pushing against her own, as if they were trying to battle against her. Pushing her hands outward the inferno was pushed back, until her hands pressed against the building. Taking a deep breath the flames that were engulfing the building began to slowly die down, allowing the firemen and women on the ground to not only go in to save more people who were trapped inside, but also battle against the dangerous flames more efficiently.

But before it was done, a crash of a window was heard as she watched as two people fell from the building and into another. "OOOohhhhh snap!" Zoe pulled away from the now calming building as the fire fighters regained control of the situation and quickly made her way into the building, coming down from the hole of the roof that they made after crashed through, her flames vanishing as her feet touched the ground. "Hey you guys ok?" Her eyes shifted behind her mask back and forth from the people in the room until they landed on the one person she knew. "Ziccarra?" She swore her heart skipped a beat, last time she saw Ziccarra, it was in Italy, when Z's crazy niece made the two fight. This couldn't be just a coincidence, could it? "Am I interrupting something?" She felt like she had just stepped into a Jerry Springer show where everyone was pissed as hell and ready to attack at a moment notice. But one thing she did realize... Ziccarra looked like she had just gotten in a fight while everyone looked ready to attack at her in any moment. Last time she met Ziccarra she was more than met the eye, was she in trouble here? Or was she the one causing the trouble?

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Perfect intro. Gave me a lot to work with.

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“Zoe?” Ziccarra whispered, turning to the woman in the ridiculous costume. Having encountered the young teen on more than one occasion. “That is impossible….you died” Ziccarra’s head tilt to the side, before briskly, being brought back to reality. Kane’s presence was still towering upon, them but to make matters worse; he turned his Cardinals on her.

The Red clad warriors danced around their former queen, like buzzards. The main objective at this point, was to minimize the number of casualties. Fantasy could apparently handle her own, the long range photon attacks made her easily one of the most versatile fighters here.

She didn’t want Zoe involved, the state of rebirth could’ve affected her powers, and Z didn’t want to find out first-hand what that was.

“Wait… Catalina is your daughter…but….but; Kane is your brother!” Fantasy screamed, looking over at the ashamed Malagan Beauty. “Cata…lina, is not my daughter, she is HIS ABOMINATION!” Ziccarra’s aberrant outrage; saw her immediately engage the Cardinals with bloodlust.

As the two engaged the Cardinal Coalition, the commandant dropped from the rafters; he rose from his crouched position and fixed his eyes on Zoe.

“Zoe…is it…” His harsh voice was the result of a crushed thorax; courtesy of Ziccarra years ago. “You…look…ravishing” He said, standing idly in front of her, with a slouched posture. “Your…skin…it’s beautiful….LET… ME… HAVE… IT!” He screamed, tossing a flash bang towards Zoe’s face; with the swift swipe of his hand three psi-daggers went spiraling towards the newcomer.