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"The Enigmatic Cerulean Jewel" Also known as, Solace City; is a "City-Island" resting in the center of the Indonesian Archipelago. It's geographic location in the Indian Ocean makes it native to the continent of Asia. Administratively, it is a city-class constituency and is governed by the Solace City Council.

The Beginning

Before the Quake

Monday, March 28, 2005; a powerful earthquake ripped through Northern Sumatra, registering an 8.6 on the Richter Scale. The earthquake lasted for about two minutes. In the twenty-four hours immediately after the event, there were eight major aftershocks, measuring between 5.5 and 6.0.

Despite the proximity of the epicenter to that for the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, it ruptured a separate segment of the Sunda megathrust and was most likely triggered by stress changes associated with that earlier event.

The earthquake caused great concern around the Indian Ocean that it might trigger a tsunami similar to the massive one generated three months earlier by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December 2004. Evacuations were carried out in coastal regions of Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. This earthquake, however, produced a relatively tiny tsunami.

After the Quake

In the six months that followed the quake, Seismologist probing the area, noticed the formation of small islands resting just below the surface of the ocean. It was hypothesized that increased tectonic activity could result in the formation of another subcontinental landmass.

Land Rush

British Naval Forces inspecting SC

The hypothesis was correct, In 2009 the first peak of the underwater landmass broke the surface. Despite being in Indonesia, The United Kingdom were the first country to land on the Island.

Initially, it was stated that the Island was uninhabitable, because of the possibility of the island being plagued by earthquakes.

Indonesia didn't claim the Island, resulting in it's dormancy.

Wealthy business owners from nearby China, and Wesley Weston III; begin to invest in the creation of a city; despite the risk. After years of development Solace City was introduced to the World.

Modern Day: Solace City

Over 100,000 people are crammed onto the small island. Though the population tends to be diverse, there is a heaven American presence; because of contracts. Because there is no surrounding countryside, all types of infrastructure are imported from nearby India. Fresh water is provided by desalinated ground water, Electricity is supplied by diesel generators.

The central island is heavily urbanized, with the built-up area taking up essentially its entire landmass. There are seven smaller islands surrounding the main, that are still considered
to be part of the city. These wards are used for specific reasons such as: The Prison, The Slaveyards, The Water treatment plant, The shipping yard, the airport, the mall, and the stadium.

Cars and other vehicles aren't seen as a commodity to those native to the island, typically the wealthy business owners; or visitors are known to drive them. Motorized scooters, and Speed Boats, and Canoes; are a favorite amongst the natives. Because the distribution of physical money is deemed costly, the people of Solace City, have implanted RFID chips, that protect them from the loss of personal items. With the RFID chip, they can make purchases without physically caring money.


The Solace City Police Department, are a privatized police department owned by, an unknown financier; they have wavering morals, and tend to arrest without reason.

The Prison

Solace City Containment Center

The SCCC, was inspired by, Zone 6; it's positioned the furthest from the main island, and can only be accessed via a ferry; or flight. Though the Center is meant to contain Mutant, or Super Human individuals; the regular populace . The Prison is heavily guarded, by the SCPD.


Tetradenthatite is a manufactured drug being distributed to the youth, it works much like bath salts; rendering the youth completely unaware. The drug gives mutant-like powers to people; before deteriorating the brain.

The Slaveyards

Slaves are brought over from the poorer Asian nations. They work outside Solace City, for the benefit of the City; they are not equipped with RFID chips, and are not allowed onto the main island. They may buy their freedom after a set amount of time. Slaves are considered sub-human, and have less rights then prostitutes do.

The prostitutes also live on the island, and are forbidden to mingle with the slaves. The prostitutes are usually owned by more than one boss.


  • Have Fun.
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Wow, looks like an interesting place to...

Damn it Smiles got here first!

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@shanana: Fun and games are all the same in every town, my dear.

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I suppose, I'll have to bring some friends.

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@shanana: Why have friends when you can have oh so many bombs?

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solace city is back!!!, good times ahead no doubt.

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@shanana: Even a clown needs a vacation! And I mean come now, if I didn't try to sink this what kind of villain would I be!?

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@mr_smiles: I see. I look forward to seeing you in action.

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@catalina_liafador: Maybe save links in a blog for things that you need to get track of. But new therad is cool and gave you something to write at least.

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Three weeks before the first broadcast in Gothic...

Mr.Smiles waltzed down the pier walkway while wearing his usual purple trenchcoat and tattered tailored clothing, he whistled "London bridge" as he pulled out a remote detonator. *Click* Was all it took to detonate the small tug boat he arrived on, engulfing the docking bay it was anchored in with flames. It brought a grin to the clown's face.

Narrowly leaving the scene, he would meet up with a shady informant he paid weeks in advance to meet up with him. "You Smiles?" He asked, a little nervous. "Gee! What gave it away? HAHAHAAA!" Smiles retorted while slapping him on the back.

"Ow!..Uh..Anyway..Here's all the info you wanted.." The informant handed Smiles a folder, containing photos of a a freight ship belonging to one of the most powerful bosses on this island. "Oooh goody! That's exactly what I need, thanks!" Smiles chuckled a bit before stuffing the folder in his coat, seemingly walking away from the informant. "He-Hey! Heh..What about my payment? Hehe.." The informant wiped his brow in frustration.

But before he could utter another word, he collapsed into a fit of laughter, having been injected with smiley toxin via a needle when Smiles slapped him on the back. "I would say a smile is always the BEST PAYMENT! HAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHA!" He cackled while walking down the sidewalk, leaving the now grinning, petrified corpse behind him.

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@mr_smiles: Spinning around a corner of the scene the jester stares at the shriveled corpse, looking up at the looming shadow sulking away from the scene he got down and looked at the corpse. Reaching into the coat pocket he withdrew a wallet and cellphone. Removing the cash from the wallet he put it back in, and unlocked the cellphone to look inside. After a few minutes of scrolling he eventually saw something very particular. Holding down a button on the phone for the robotic voice to play it.

"Meet up with S on Solace City for the trade"

Pulling up a drop of poison from the back it soaked in through his pores and into his bloodstream. Staring back over to where the shadow loomed was now bare, with only the hum of scooters to accompany its silence. Getting up from the pavement Laughingstock leaped to the roof and started walking. Following a natural sence of the absorbed poison he started the track using the smiley toxin as the guide.

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Going to put something up in a few.

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@laughingstock: Smiles pressed on into a nearby alleyway, his grin still there. "Hows about you just come on out kiddo! I saw you tailing me as soon as you were draped over my artwork!" He called out while crossing his arms and giggled.

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@mr_smiles: Jolting his head over the side of the roof he stared down into the alleyway, with a flip he went down and landed on top of a dumpster on his feet. Looking at the carved smile he started laughing for a few moments.

"Well it looks like we have something in common don't we!"

With the wide grin pulled across the face of the mask the laughing stopped. Staring at the clown he held his hand at his side as he spoke.

"The files, what are they for?"

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Bunny hoods.

They were everywhere in the lower downtown district. Kids called them fashionable, cute, marketable. Police knew they were something a bit darker. The blood flowing into the gutters was proof of that. Gang warfare did not sink into the shadows like a defeated beast. It hardly even took a nap.

The Killer Rabbits were on the loose, breeding and infesting every nook and cranny. Drugs. Prostitution. Weapons smuggling. Just about each and every corner had its fair share of stories to tell and bodies to bury.

Though the Killer Rabbits were just starting out, they were already heading to the big time. At the top of the pyramid sat Silas Blanche, a man who did not need to hide his identity. He wanted everyone to know his name and fear what he could do. Respect and loyalty through intimidation were his bread and butter, along with all the money and illegal substances he could get his gore-encrusted fingers on.

Solace City. A nest of nightmares, and a den of thieves. Where solace faded into silence, even the most innocent of creatures could develop a taste for flesh.

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Getting hired by scientists was most definitely a first for Cyrus,they were not very specific in what they wanted.
"Get a sample of the drug,well be back soon." They said as the boat they took Cyrus in docked.He tried to ask questions,but they waved them all away.
When were they coming back?Whats the drug they need?
Cyrus was going into this with little knowledge but that never really mattered to him,he watched as the scientists sped away on the little boat they brought him in on.
Are those guys even scientists? Cyrus thought as he walked inward towards the city,he wanted to get away from the docks as soon as possible.
Walking into the city Cyrus was looking around for anything that could be drug related,using his slightly heightened sight,Cyrus looked down a nearby alleyway and could just make out a body.
How could no one have noticed this yet? Cyrus thought as he jogged too,and down the alleyway.
When he came to the body he realized this was not just a simple murder,or natural death.
The body lay with a smile permanently stuck across its face,a sickly pale face,which didn't make sense because the body wasn't here long.
Cyrus was sure he heard a voice deeper down the alleyway,scaling the building right next to the alleyway in a matter of seconds Cyrus quietly moved about the rooftops looking in the interconnecting alleyways through all the buildings,trying to find the source of the voice.
Then Cyrus saw what almost looked like a clown flipping into an alleyway.
So he pressed on to investigate,he would try to tail whoever it was without being seen.

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@laughingstock: "A party! Hmm..In common? Wouldn't be able to tell you friend, you're wearing that hilarious mask over your face! I do love a fan of my work.." Smiles walked over to the dumpster, his arms still crossed. "You going to do something fun kiddo? I got bored before you even got here.."

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@cyrus_pannon: @mr_smiles: Before speaking up he looked towards the rooftops as everything seemed to stop from Laughingstock's view as he stared up.

"I believe...the 'fun' has just delivered itself up there"

Looking back at the clown he dropped a dagger silently behind the dumpster, normally it would clang but the dagger transformed into a king cobra with it's flesh silently slapping the pavement as it hid underneath.

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@mr_smiles, @laughingstock:

Two B-hoods, drunk off their asses, stumble across the pair of harlequins in the alleyway. One of them bumps the other in the stomach with his elbow.

"Hey, you didn't have to get all painted up for me sweetheart!" the shorter one murmured, pulling out a Glock from his pants' pocket and shoving a clip home.

The taller one takes out a sawed-off shotgun from a specialized holster on his back.

"Both of yous, make with the cash and you get to keep your fancy costumes all nice and clean to the emergency room."

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@laughingstock: Smiles continued to laugh under his breath, laughing at the "jester's" serious tone all the sudden. "I really hope you do something soon..I got places to be you know? Innocents to maim and souls to crush! HAHA! So you got about five more seconds before I'm outta here!" Smiles shrugged before turning his body a bit, hinting that he was going to leave, not seeing the cobra yet.

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@laughingstock:@mr_smilesCyrus saw the jester type person conversing with a clown,he cocked his head to the side and thought what the f*ck kind of city is this?
Then,the jester looked to the rooftops and caught Cyrus,who wasn't paying attention.
Cyrus dropped into the alleyway with the clown and jester. "I mean no problems,Im here on a mission for some lab rats,you guys wouldnt happen to anything about the body back there would you?"
Cyrus,having absolutely no preparations for battle possible, planned an escape route just in case.

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@lunatic said:

@mr_smiles, @laughingstock:

Two B-hoods, drunk off their asses, stumble across the pair of harlequins in the alleyway. One of them bumps the other in the stomach with his elbow.

"Hey, you didn't have to get all painted up for me sweetheart!" the shorter one murmured, pulling out a Glock from his pants' pocket and shoving a clip home.

The taller one takes out a sawed-off shotgun from a specialized holster on his back.

"Both of yous, make with the cash and you get to keep your fancy costumes all nice and clean to the emergency room."

"Tsk tsk! Manners boys! HAHA!" Smiles pulled out his magnum with impressive draw speed, shooting three times at the shotgunner, then three more towards the pistol wielder, all while casually backing up. He chose to ignore @laughingstock and @cyrus_pannon

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@cyrus_pannon: HA! Never happened to me before! Don't know what to say.

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Two dead rabbits, shot and left to dry in the rain, the sewers choking on their guts.


A monstrous fist, clenched around a bottle of sick black fluid (only identifiable as homemade alcohol because of the gnarly stench), suddenly found itself lodged between the lips of a messenger sent to interrupt the sleeping giant with important news. The rabbit mask fell to pieces just like the jawbone and mouthful of broken teeth. The man in possession of such a dental nightmare collapsed to the floor, dead as a doornail.

"F*ck, really? So what if there's another nobody looking to mooch off our turf? Send a squad over and fill the scrote licker full of holes!"

The Lunatic had spoken, and his dispatchers listened carefully.

Back across town

"KRG, represent!"

The collective roar of motorcycles and the rowdy bastard children of the establishment echoed throughout Broadway district. The streets were normally evacuated about this time of night by the police due to the violent nature of the gangs involved, the Killer Rabbits being the worst. It was not uncommon to have barricades of corpses by the morning with signs warning pedestrians and taunting law officials. The titan driven by such carnage awoke on this evening as well, but pointed in the direction of a clown whose troubles were just about to begin if he so chose to spill more B-hood blood.

The alleyway was cut off. Headlights flooded the inky darkness. Two B-hood brothers were escorted to a proper grave, leaving ten others in their wake. Firearms ranging from pistols to a light machinegun were hefted into full range of the narrow street.

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@cyrus_pannon: @mr_smiles: "You aren't going anywhere toothy!"

The King Cobra launched out from the dumpster for a firm grip on the clown's arm with gnats bared and tail straightened.

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@lunatic: Smiles stood there, grinning and pleased as punch. "They just don't make rabbits like they used to! At least they still make em' by the dozen! HAHAHAAAA!" The psychotic prankster slapped his knee, his grin only intensifying. "Oh! And you really should have done a pat down on your dead pals.." Smiles held up a handful of grenade clips, all belonging to the carefully placed frags inside the clothes of the fallen gang bangers while their brothers were en route, now triggered as soon as they were lifted.

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@laughingstock: "Toothy!? And I thought MY jokes were bad!" Smiles chuckled as he let the cobra bite into his arm, seemingly not even feeling the pain. The snake would find a slow death b the cause of Smiles's blood, which was intensely toxic, all while being immune to poison.

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@mr_smiles: While a little surprised that he let the cobra bite it just made the plan easier. The cobra soon raised it's head as the fangs started to feel like ingots in the bite marks, as the snake grew 12ft in size it released it's grip and fired it's head fowards towards the clown.

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"A giant spring!" Smiles laughed out loud while leaping up from the attempted bite, landing on the massive cobra's head. With bent knees, he easily leaped up high using the back momentum from the cobra recoiling it's head. The clown king of crime landed on the nearby roof and looked down, sticking his tongue out at the jester, and @lunatic

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@mr_smiles: Growling slightly Laughingstock fired himsf towards the psycho at the speed of a cannonball, drawing back his other dagger e pulled the other out as he did a corkscrew turn with the daggers like a drill. Attempting to put more than a scratch on him.

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@laughingstock: "Someone's been watching to many movies!" Smiles shouted towards him, already halfway across the rooftop, of course not waiting for the attack to come to him. While running for the edge of the roof, he tossed a handful of grenades behind him and leaped off. "Wheeeeeee!" The clown screamed as he landed butt first onto a semi-trailer, then landing on the floor with a roll.

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Back at Silas's hideout


The bottle of the aforementioned oily toxic ooze shattered in the Lunatic's behemoth grip.

"Fourteen of my boys are dead because of this clown! He's one f*cking guy! ONE. F*CKING. GUY. Where're my keys? I'm going down to welcome this d!ckhead to Solace 'mother f*cking' city."

Approximately sixty seconds later

Traffic signals and police sirens were little more than audial annoyances. A well-placed hammer thrown through the windshield solved most of Silas's problems in this department however. The stretch of road from the docks to downtown disappeared in his rearview mirror under the thunder of almost a ton of metal and diesel humming at over 130 miles per hour. He stopped on a dime.

Silas stood at six feet and nine inches tall, with over three hundred pounds of muscle, and not much deposited in the patience and sanity parts of his brain. He could accomplish what shotguns did using only his bare hands and walk through fire and razor blades laughing his ass off. Veins were popping up on his forehead and neck because of how angry he was, standing there, just glaring down at the paleface who killed his B-hood boys. Yet, he started chuckling - cackling even. Still pissed off, but he had a reason to feel so gleeful. Yet, as suddenly as he had started, he stopped laughing. Immediately.

A boa constrictor of an arm lashed out for Smiles' head. Though, just as easily as he could have taken it off, Silas opted for the more peaceful solution. He wanted to lean in and get a good vantage point to explain things to the clown by coiling his monstrous limb over Smiles' shoulder.

"See that? That's a work of art," Silas murmured, gesturing towards the burning cinders that used to be his underlings.

"Takes a real man to up and incinerate another man's things. Makes him strong! You're strong, clown. Real strong. Tell you what, I'll open up the biggest things in this city: chemical plants, armories, asylums, you name it. All I want to see is more of THAT," he said, once more pointing at the smouldering carnage.

"Granted, I'll keep the B-hoods out of your way. Little cannon fodder sh!theads. But I, I! I want a front row seat to the kind of pain you're bringing, you hear me?"

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@mr_smiles: Thinking to himself he laughed as he leaped to the truck.

"You think you can escape with that?"

Landing on the roof he sprinted towards the edge, but then it hit and he was thrown to the other side of the roof by the boom. With half his costume burned off it quickly started to regenerate the cloth back over, along with his burned skin. Looking up with purple irises in his eyes. Running off the roof after the truck halfway down the road he pulled out a remote, clicking a button on it his motorbike rolled up on the highway. Leaping down onto it he put one of the Windjammers in the center of the handle bars and pulled off down the road. After getting. Halfway closer to the semi he fired off the gun with regular bullets, while many missed, 3 of them dove into the back tire of the semi causing it to slide. As it slid Laughingstock pulled up closer to it still firing it off.

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@lunatic: @mr_smiles: @laughingstock:

Ziccarra emerged from the salty Indian ocean; wiping the tangy water from her face. Since her resurrection, she took some much needed time away to handle affairs. First, she needed to connect with Mercy and retrieve her Mask of Cortez. Secondly, she needed to learn the whereabouts of Isadora; much time had elapsed since she last gazed into the eyes of her child, and from the looks of it; Isadora was getting worse.

Wiping her body dry, she turned towards the inner most part of the city. Sirens wailed; as the police streamlined towards the danger. The sirens were wailing a lot; in the last few days. “There seems to be more than one disturbance today…” She whispered, flipping her hair to the right side. Activating her ecosphere; her body let loose a thick light, after a few moments her Cardinal Armor draped over her body, her sword and shield appeared in her hands; complimented by her bullwhip on her hip.

Running to her rented, Aston Martin Vanquish; she quickly started it up and shifted into gear. “What’am I doing, rushing into danger like I am some sort of, hero.” Following the police cars; the Malagan Mistress entered the highway moving close to 160 MPH.

“I really did not want to have to do this.” She said, channeling her psy-energy over her forearm, before punching out the windshield. Grabbing her vibration absorbing shield; she chucked it at the back of the speeding truck; shifting into another gear, she launched her bullwhip from the window, looking to pick off the fool on the motorbike.

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@laughingstock: @lunatic: Smiles quickly grabbed the mountain without asking and placed him in front of the jester's gunfire, of course unaware if he could even take the bullets. "Well aren't you STRONG! HAHAH!" The clown cackled while patting him on the stomach. "Sorry blondy but talking shop isn't my thing as it is..But on a MOVING SEMI TRUCK!?HOOHEHEH! Hows about you meet me on the docks tomorrow night hmm? See you at the party!"

@shanana Smiles gave the large man a mock salute before literally leaping off the back of the trailer, and onto the hood of the most recent player added to this fun. "Niiiice whip! I do love a dominating type! HAHAHAHAAAAA!" Smiles reached into his coat while struggling to keep a grip on the hood, pulling out his high powered magnum and firing right for the heroic vixen.