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Yashima Residence 3 Days After DC Incident

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my home. This mansion belongs to my family for now it will be your place of residence. My home is yours and each of you can customize your room as you like. For now this is the domain of the League of Shadows will be making plans for the next opp soon. If you wish to speak to me feel free to do so." Obviously Sakura could have gone on more but she didn't want to bore anyone.

Present Day 5hrs Pryor

"It would seam that Rayne has been taken captive. Bailing her out would be near impossible at this time. Now I don't know your loyalties but Rayne is like my sister. I'd die for her and the people beside her that's you."

"Now let's get to work. For whatever your reason, wealth, vengeance, belief we all agree this nation needs more. It's hand in some way needs to be forced. Our target shall be the Pentagon. Any act we make will be a crippling blow, success a fatal wound to this crumbling infrastructure we call a government. If you need help formulating your plan I'll help."

Pentagon Dec 23 22:13 PM

Leaping from a plane overhead the lethal assassin plummeted to the earth below. She was dressed in the exact attire of Razor, maybe they thought her a clone or twin, perhaps an impersonator. Whatever the case a lethal woman stealthy as a lather within the forests landed upon the roof of the nations center of defense.

Armed patrols were picked off with flawlessly aimed throws. Chances of strategic countermeasures ruined as much as she could. Then she entered the courtyard with an acrobatic flip acompanied with a series of incendiary grenades and a blade in a mans throat her presence was known. Fires danced as the Razor look alike rose from a fatal kill.

It was a perfect attention grabber to serve as cover for the other LoS operatives.

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It had not been long that Cassius had once again found himself in the company of killers, truth be told he still wasn't sure it was the right call. But one thing he did know for sure is this Op, was a more than a one man job. He was good but not good enough to do this on his own and the others where at the very least his equal in pretty much every category. To pull this off and get away would take more than raw power for somebody like him cunning misdirection and guile would be his keys to success and that's what he would rely heavily on to do what he had to.

The other members of this "league" where all competent fighters many with reputations that had reached the lone Knightfall before he had met them. The only member he knew previously was Sakura from their brief time together when they both worked with their mutual friend. man who's knowledge of technology and armor would of made the job at hand alot easier. But the little Cass knew of Sakura was enough to ease him a tad, having seen her work and her frightful appetite first hand. With her and the monstrosity of man named the bull causing chaos he should be able to slip through the net, well that was the plan.

5 hours before attack

Starring into the mirror, waiting for the bleach to take affect and drain the dark pigment from his hair. He found himself fixated on the green pupils of his contacts, he had rarely looked so far from his true self. A ruse that needed to be played for now said to himself as he reached over his shoulder and began to stick a collection of composite weapons between his shoulder blades and to his side with large pieces of tape. Rinsing the last of the dye of his hair and styling it back into a vintage style sweep back he pulled on a suit and grabbed his suitcase. Two thing magnetic sheets covering his gear, a simple method to mess with scanners should they arise which they most certainly would. Placing his name badge into his chest blazer pocket and walking out the door.

Speaking clearly as he walked the streets towards the target "White on approach" annoyed that bull had bagged the radio tag red but deep down knowing it would of been to obvious should the enemy hear. Cassius knew he had quite awhile till support would come but all he need do for now is play it cool and avoid causing suspicion. Walking straight into the reception area bold as brass approaching the front desk his voice slipping back into its older London style speech patterns "Hello miss, (extending his hand) I 'am Roy Silverstone of Silverstone and son security. I have an appointment at 7pm with your chief of security, i believe his name was Clint or something equally and delightfully colonial."

Waiting briefly for a few minutes before he was greeted by a large man named Buck who extended his hand in welcome. " Well Buck shall we get started i hear this place is much larger than our current contract with MI5 so shall we get the paperwork out of the way then see we can start the security risk assessment. Scribbling his name and heading off towards the security scanners placing his suitcase onto the scanner belt and stepping through the metal detector. Placing a ballpoint pen and a set of keys in a tray and he stepped through. The sweet sound of silence as he passed through. His case being re-scanned as he waited "belt scanners are always temperamental he chuckled, that model especially" Finally reunited with his case after a third scan "I will make a note that scanner 1 may have a malfunction i am afraid so not a good start"

"Right now to the real job at hand, i will need to see the security and power hubs, the silent alarm and the weapons store."

Midnight .. Many hours later

"Ok so after your complete inspection i can say you security is indeed one of the best i have seen. A few minor errors though BOOOM what in the name of middle stump was that"

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Pentagon, 9,000ft

The glider-cape of the Strigidae suit carried Ivana down in lazy circles. The emissions reductions systems of her ebony garb shielded her from the multiple lines of detection at this elevation. Ivana knew it would not last. The Pentagon was too well defended after 9/11. Radar, low frequency laser scans, and of course the Mk.1 eyeball would detect her sooner or later.

She needed a distraction to make entry and even then the window would be slim. The serpentine assassin did not have long to wait. Razor's airborne entry attracted the attention of the Pentagon's security personal, creating a tiny window for Strigidae Twenty Two's insertion.

It did not go to waste. Folding her arms at her side Ivana dived, straight down. Wind ripped at her cloak. Data raced through her goggles holographic display. An alarm rang in her ears, elevation warning. Ivana hauled up, jerking out of her headlong dive and twisting into a tight spiral that ended in a rolling landing behind a garbage collection point.

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Pentagon, DIA Debrief Room

"..Yes sir. No. No full pardon. From the President." I handed over the folder with my papers. "Yes, that's right. Top secret, special access: metahuman." Papers were checked. Bar codes were scanned. Codes were recited.

After a tense moment my case officer, John, smiled and returned my paperwork. "It all checks out. Thanks for coming in, we've had some concerns about an Flock cell in northern Africa." He said in a soft Louisiana draw. I smiled at him, he was a fairly handsome middle aged man. White teeth, laugh lines around sea green eyes and military cut brown hair.

"No problem. I was in the area. Does Bill still wor-" The howl of a klaxon cut me off mid sentence. Red alert strobe lights illuminated the security checkpoint. John yanked his sidearm from his belt by pure reflex. I snatched my shield out of the x-ray scanner. The pistol I'd left at home, too hard to carry through Washington. His radio crackled with voices; intruders had penetrated the outer perimeter.

I winked at him. "Guess we'll have to chat later John. Duty calls." Turning away and breaking into a record shattering jog I zipped through the Pentagon, hopping security check points and dodging tactical teams on my way to the lobby.

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Something terrible is going to happen today

Whistling. Like bullets in the rain. Driving, endlessly, piercing flesh and stone. A man falls dead, lips pursed to the sound of his favorite song.


"How are you doing today, Jacob? Brought you some more smokes,"

James Palmer, humbled into lowering his cowl by the weight of the place he now visited, knelt at a familiar gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery. He placed a Camel box on the ground.

"Just wanted to see you while I was here in Washington before going to the Pentagon. The President wants me to be part of security there for a bit. Can you believe that? The President actually took time out of his day to say that,"

The 'conversation' with his old war buddy continued for a little bit longer. He had to get going soon. Replacing his hood, the All American hefted his shield up over his back and gave a proud salute.

"See you soon, Jacob."


Five minutes by car and anyone could get to the front gates of the Pentagon from the Arlington National Cemetery. Allegiance had a one-way pass straight to the underground, where he received a briefing about the information regarding a possible attack. With Brahma Bull on the rise and more terrorists both domestic and abroad making their intentions known, the President had to make it a matter of national security to reinforce the most precious places in America.

After all, the White House only came under attack about a week ago.

The Star Spangled Super Soldier did not have to wait long for action, however, as the premier in a sequence of explosions rang in his ears. He knew an attack had come to the shores of the Pentagon before the alarms went off. Shifting his shield from the straps on his back to his preferred handling arm, the Patriotic Icon bolted for the source of the noise, surpassing Pentagon security staff and panicking civilians on the way.

"Don't bother! Just get the pedestrians to safety!" he roared, directing all manner of soldiery to exit doors. "Seal off all roads leading in and out of the building! I want every square inch from here to the Capital Beltway on lockdown!"

He managed to do something that few would think of. He actually rallied the forces responsible for defending the estate, saving them from unorganization and disarray. Though he knew the very real possibility that a few agents might have slipped in unnoticed, the ultimate reality existed that they were the only ones. The rest of the situation could be played out to the strengths of the defenders now.

Finally happening upon the person in charge of causing the detonations, Allegiance kept his shield at the ready and advanced upon her slowly.

"I take it you're the distraction while the others flood in after you. But that doesn't mean you're any less dangerous. Who are you?"

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"Can you not tell? The gear is identical hundred percent authentic. I'm the girl who stabbed the president in the back. The woman who massacred people in the White House. The assassin who forced an FDN to digest C4." She was claiming herself to be Razor. But could that be true, Razor was said to be in a cell at the Rock. Conspiracy theorists would eat this night alive with their gossip. Was the government lying about Razor's capture? Was Razor already a martyr to other terrorists? Her status suggested she wasn't the lead so did that mean the tyrannical Bull called the shots? So many questions and so few answers just another wound to the corporate capital of collateral damage needing to be corroded into nothingness.

"The truth dear Allegiance is this. I am but one of many. I am a threat. And even if you stop us here your nation has been scared forever. Your capital can be targeted the walls defending this nation can crumble. Flawed this nation is and for it to be revived it needs revolution. Tonight isn't the beginning nor the end, just a foreshadowing of the ruin to come. And the sad part is of all of you here I'm the Patriot for if you looked with your eyes you to would weap for this nation."

Sakura disguised as Razor stood center of the courtyard of the Pentagon. Other members of the League of Shadows moving into place masked by the burning yard and pandemonium security was going through trying to establish a lockdown. Security incircled 'Razor' guns at the ready, in front of her the man wearing the flag of all Sakura and her friend Rayne thought had fallen. "What futile argument do you have for me Uncle Sam?"

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The Pentagon, the United States Department of Defense's architectonic headquarters, and his designated target. Seated in the front seat of a malachite-flushed, armored Lexus LX 470 SUV, the characteristically armed Brahma Bull shot an austere glance towards driving familial constituent, Brother Brahma. Eerily incandescent rubicund eyes fixated on the occupied Brother Brahma, vermilion oculus with palpable intimidatory faculties, warranting the fear harbored by any man's soul. "Remain in the city, for my eventual departure", the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare earnestly instructed, his profound, growling contralto voice echoed.

"And the others? Your LoS, they are there already?", Brother Brahma inquired, apathetic to the Brahma Bull's embraced affiliation to the morally ambiguous collective, "Attacking the democratic runts? Heh, they are", the Militant Mammoth's incessant disparaging of his opposition spurring the construction of a contently expressive grin on Brother Brahma's grotesquely disfigured features. "Boa boa", his familial comrade's voiced approval facially adjoined by the pleased conveyance of perverse, toothy grin. "Terrorists, yet they ruined all of our countries".

Commanded to culminate their wheeled peregrination with a halt a considerable distance from the Pentagon, Brother Brahma remained quiescent, there was no requirement for conversation. "Tell the indoctrinated youth to come and provide assistance", the Brahma Bull authoritatively ordered, implicitly referring to @asami while taciturnly emerging from the interior of the vehicle, "Along with the 23rd Strigidae, she is imperative to this struggle against the right-wing paramilitary monkeys", pausing, he austerely glared, "Vai". Following Brother Brahma's temporary departure, the Gothic City Nightmare quiescently lamented the impracticality and adjoined impossibility in employing conventional guerrilla tactics against a heavily fortified and secured infrastructure such as the Pentagon.

Opting for a seemingly headstrong, yet deceptively strategic approach, the Brahma Bull readied himself. Boundlessly distanced from the targeted exemplification of architecture, the Guerrilla Goliath assumed a crouching position prior to leaning forward and lethargically moving into an upright position, transitioning into a momentum-accumulating sprint, his gargantuan, powerful leg muscles aggrandizing his overwhelming pace as he charges forward at superlative velocities, his objective, seemingly simple. Copulate his monstrous, virtually insurmountable physical might with the kinetic endorsement of his sprint speed to ebulliently collide into the Pentagon, inciting prominent architectural damage, diverting the bulk of the security's attention to him, facilitating Ivana's task while diminishing what opposition Asami may encounter upon her anticipated arrival.

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Her words stung like poison, each inflection providing an almost musical dialect of insult and, in a bastardized way, some form of truth. The All American stepped forward slowly. He tried to not insinuate offense or instigate attack. The woman in front of him already laid the groundwork for the rest of the fight.

"Get out of here! Now!" he shouted suddenly, earning initial confusion from the armed guards he targeted with the command.

Soon, however, his steely gaze influenced them to leave. His concern for the pedestrians still flocking to the area stood as paramount above even his own safety. The Star Spangled Super Soldier sauntered closer to the so-called 'Razor,' intent on keeping this encounter as peaceful as possible.

"I'll admit there are flaws to this country that need fixing. But we don't have to go about that change with more violence. Enforcing any sort of surge with explosions and body counts is paramount to tyrannical. It's wrong, and it should not be the way that we govern things. Call me all the names you want, I'm not moving. Not because I'm brainwashed, but because I want to help build a better tomorrow through peaceful resolve. It doesn't have to be this way."

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@leagueofshadows: @leagueofshadows: @cassius_knightfall: @strigidae_22: @lady_liberty: @decayingrose: @brahma_bull: @allegiance:


It was only a short year ago that the machine had held the world by the balls. That it had very nearly threatened to engulf all of new york city in an enormous explosion by overloading Tombstone's vibranium cape and thus blow a crater in manhattan with the equivalent of a fifteen kiloton bomb. But since then, the murderous machine had seemingly vanished. Gone, without a trace or even a hint that it had been there before. So many dismissed what was likely Earth's first major alien contact in a long time as mass hysteria.

But that masterpiece...that wonderful easel of murder had been taken away from it and the big apple still stood to slowly rot from within...no matter. It had a new plan. Originally, it had formulated a plot to smuggle a nuclear weapon into the next letter the President would open, a hundred kiloton explosive miniaturized to the size of a piece of paper. It would have planted evidence that the terrorists of the Islamic Global Liberation Army had done this, and thus restart the war on terror in it's earnest.

But the subatomic bugs it had placed all over the world, seeping into every crevice, planting themselves in every court and home, worming their way into everyone's private places like the slimy ropy tentacles of a hentai monster into the skirts of Japanese schoolgirl, had given it a new idea. The league of shadows would help it paint a new easel of death, and supply it with new brushes dipped in blood. It would compose a new song of slaughter, and it was pleased.

It didn't plan on helping one side or the other per se. No, it planned on prolonging the conflict as much as possible. It wanted both factions to hurt. They wanted a revolution. It had a mind for a war. It wanted Stark still in office, he was a quantified factor, manipulatable, pliable. But it also wanted to fuel the fires of a much greater tragedy than what anyone had in mind. What was it that Southpark said? It knew, it knew how delicious that would be. Such glorious art.

Taking out an L-TAG acquired from the Canadian firm Antonov Inc, more specifically it's defense branch A.E.L.L, it eyed it's target. Not the bull, but some defenses in front of the bull, blowing them apart with fiery explosions. If and when someone looked at where the explosion came from, they'd see the wanderer, shape-shifted and divided into a fire-team of five Canadian soldiers, clad in the gas mask and all. Then it sent a message to the League.

"+Canadian Special Forces here, we'll provide covering fire over.+"

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Dornan breathed in the fumes cigar as he sat in his Californian office, inhaling the fumes as the newly elected Senator kept tabs on the entire situation via patching into the A.N.S.C's orbiting fleet's sensor feeds, capable of determining everything about everyone down to the cellular level. In the wake of the first Hierarchy invasion, the coalition had greatly increased it's fleet strength throughout the milky way, especially around earth now that Masari tech was uncovered.

Dornan took a look drag of his cigar as he watched the drama at Virginia unfold. He smirked as the violence got started and cracked his knuckles idly. He pondered what he could have done. He could have probably have just jumped over and killed everyone involved before they could blink at maximum speed mode...but he had a sense of dramatics, of when people would best respond. No, no, he'd let the situation unfold until it was at it's most desperate.

And at that moment, he'd jump in and save the day, effectively cuckolding the current president in front of his entire country. It was a good plan. He needed to convince the world that he was not just a war-hero, but a superhero. Build up a cult of personality if he was to father a nation where only the strong survived. Where every man, woman, and child ruled over their own destiny, so that they could fight, kill, and die for what only they believed. The weak would die of course, but the strongest would thrive and make the country great again.

Everything was playing right into his hand, he need only wait and he'd have the people eating out of his hands.

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One look out the lobby bay window told me everything I need to know. An automatic weapon was blasting away at the lawn and a giant of a man, the legendary Brahma Bull, charged through the lawn and slammed into the side of the building. I could feel the ground shake. Windows rattled. Distant screams reached my ears.

He did not attack the White House alone and he will not be attacking here alone either.


Well its time to play hardball.

First things first. I summoned a tactical team with a wave and borrowed one of their radios. Twisting to all frequency broadcast I begin contacting those I thought would be of assistance. @anthony_stark, @darkknightdetective, @the_undying_tombstone, @pyrogram. Each of them could bring their own allies to the battle and help us turn the tide. I had particular hopes for Stark and the Victories. Several of the heroes I summoned had valuable experience against the Bull and all had extensive experience in combat. Stark had proven himself defending the White House, Dark Vengeance had more battles in Gothic City that I could count, Tombstone had fought in the first battle of New York as well as in the violence that had ravaged Gothic. Kurt was one of the worlds most experienced heroes, though he had not been seen as much lately.

"The Pentagon is under attack by the terrorist forces of the Brahma Bull. Thousands of civilians lives are at stake. This could be a terrorist attack that bathes the city it blood or it could be or it could be a shining example of heroism at work. Its up to you."

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The curtain has fallen


A concept which animals believe in.

Freedom to roam, freedom to multiply, freedom to pollute a perfect world.

Humanity is a disease. It is suffering under its own palpable infestation. The sick, the old, the weak, the poor, they are all undesirable. Life unworthy of life. Feeding on the strong like parasites. They are numerous, but they are destined to be culled. Cut out like a pulsating tumor.

There is someone among them who inspires hope. Hope of change in the favor of everyone. But, again, this is the mindset of a beast. Prosperous herds do not achieve survival by cooperating. It is the iron will of an alpha that inspires leadership through fear, intimidation, and - when necessary - destroying the elements of the pack that would otherwise ultimately kill it.

That man is Allegiance.

Brahma Bull has done his part in forming the cracks in his pathetic notions of liberty and justice for all. There are hints of doubt in the American dream.

It is only a matter of time.

The Final Solution is not over yet, untermensch

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@lady_liberty: Tombstone was always busy. Before he was in Hell Michigan, before he was in Patriot City before the U.S government declared it Terra Nullius due to it being rendered uninhabitable by humans due to the Hierarchy's love of radiation, before he was in space, before he was tracking down allies, before he was investigating some weird cult, and now he's got a problem in D.C.

Tombstone, to be sure did not *like* the President one iota. He was a staunch in your face anti-authoritarian leftist. Stark seemed to be very much an Authoritarian right-winger. While he wouldn't go so far as to call him a fascist like the new Prime Minister of Canada did, he thought he was a corrupt, money grubbing, incendiary mutant hating, registratio-ah he was getting distracted again...

With his trusty sidekick, Lenore, also known as @the_ghostly_girl, he teleported directly towards the Pentagon and immediately came under fire from Canadian SCARs, making him spit a curse as he and Lenore turned invisible before seeking cover, only to find that the weapons could blast right through it.

"+Ma'am we got a problem...if I understand the report of those weapons right...those are SCARs...Aleksei's guns, as in Prime Minister of Canada.+" He said to Kelly over the communicator as Lenore looked over at the gas mask clad Canadian assault operatives reloading their weapons in such a way as to keep at least one person firing at them.

"+I'm not sure...+" Lenore said as Tombstone and Lenore teleported to where Kelly was rather than in front of the Pentagon.

"Sorry about that...tried to get in and stop the enemy straight away." Tombstone said as he re-corporealized, his ghostly, seemingly twelve year old sidekick folding her arms as she seemed to focus on where the "Canadians" were last time.

"I'm not sure if those were what they look like...it's...they don't seem *right*." She said as she brought out her headstone tablet.

"...You'll need to explain to me as soon as is convenient miss, but right now I need to talk strategy." He said before turning to Kelly.

"The united states military command is decentralized enough to function without the pentagon, but the morale hit is going to be huge. And if there's more to this than the league then I wanna know what, where, and why. We're gonna need a sitrep and a plan." He said, pulling out a tactical hologram of the area.

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"What the heck is going on?!" Seth asked the chopper pilot as the vehicle flew above the turned-to warzone. "Terrorist attack; guys inside pulled in all their favors, including the aid of Genesis Incorporated. Of course, he probably doesn't know your the only current member." The pilot said as he came into a hover above the Pentagon. "I can't land in this place, too hot. I'm sure you can find your way down?" Seth nodded lightly, green feathered wings sprouting from his back. "Good. You be careful down there, kid. Some big names in this assault." Seth nodded silently again, before opening the helicopter door and leaping out.

There was something about flying that always managed to calm him down a bit, even in situations like this... well, he'd never been in a situation like THIS before, obviously, but still. Maybe it was the sunlight blanketed around him in a embrace, or the wind blowing through his emerald hair as he dived, or maybe it was just how quiet it got when going at these speeds. He didn't have time to meditate on it, sighing and pushing the happy thoughts out of his head. Focusing on the battlefield below him, his eyes altered and began scanning the area with eagle-like effectiveness. The first thing he saw, was what any wild animal would see first. He saw the top of the food chain, the tertiary predator. He saw the Brahma Bull.

The titanic militant was barreling towards the Pentagon, forcing the forces within into a confusion, scrambling to prepare for his assault. Their weapons and training wouldn't do them much good against the decimator of Gothic, and he knew that; and Seth did too. Dropping down between the behemoth and the Pentagon, the changeling stared at his opponent... the man who brought a city to it's knees, the one who had handled many of Seth's own hero's in the past... and he had to keep him at bay... "Yeah, this is going to go well..." Seth thought to himself as he got down on all fours. He was afraid, and doubtful, but that wasn't about to stop him. Baring his fangs, he charged on all fours towards the goliath, growing and morphing with every stride. "This outta fit his personality." Seth thought as the thick horn grew out of his face. The jade rhino's feet crashed down on the dirt, pounding the ground much like the Bull's. Dropping his head, Seth was prepared to gore the mountain of muscle's gut.

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Land of the free, home of the brave, the greatest country on Earth. A rallying ideal. But what happens when the ideal is no longer enough? A troubling trend had settled over the United States like a suffocating cloud of political sadism. The nation had grown fat on its own decadence and self-absorbed notions of superiority, lethargically idol as enemies, foreign and domestic, continued to shatter the illusion of democratic stability. Our Lady Liberty (the statue) had been toppled, while the architects of her destruction remained at large.

Not once, but twice, had the ultimate symbol of American prominence been attacked with little effort to bring those responsible to justice. The brazen assaults had even transformed the Guerrilla Guevara into a culturistic icon of the disenfranchised. And even as Stark attempted to counter the impending doom with the constructing of a black ops team of run&gunners, the fact remained that they were anything but a cohesive military unit.

Jefferson knew that was on him. Hand picked to lead the newly assembled Blacklist he had failed to bring them together. Granted, the addition of probationary criminals and individuals with no prior history together had handicapped his efforts, but a true leader would have been able to overcome any obstacle, a true hero would have been able to make it work. His father would have succeeded, his father was a real American hero."Are you done feeling sorry for yourself?" questioned E.L.L.I.E. Her cadence, though monotone, wasn't directed as an insult but rather a genuine inquiry.

Snapping the Millennium Man back into the situation at hand. Piloting the Blacklist's state of the art stealth jet as his living nervous system raced along the streets below atop a blacked out Duchati. "Preliminary reports indicate two individuals in the Pentagon's courtyard."she announced over the Blacklist's secured channel for those acquiring pertinent strategical updates.

"An explosion somewhere along the inner west quadrant has automatically initiated a 911 protocol. Emergency and rescue units are on scene." Jefferson chimed in. Typing away along a holographic keyboard next to the throttle. "Looks like the American Badass is on scene, and....a green rhino is taking on...." though his voice paused, his physical motions rapidly increased. Igniting the afterburners and sharpening his focus. "Brahma Bull is down there. Its them, its the League." confidently assuming the identity of the perpetrators.

With a solitary flip of the finger the elongated jet's bomber bay doors began to open. A brief swoosh of exhaust temporarily giving away its cloaked position."@pyrogram: you got the Bull. Put that fcker down once and for all. Its payback time. @shadowswordmaster: gain entry inside and see if you cant track down whoever set off that explosion. We cant have them running wild inside the Pentagon. And remember, they dont call us in to take prisons, they call us in to put asses in coffins."

Accessing satellite imagery via Presidential carte blanche, Cybertron quickly picked up a prior flight of unauthorized, and untraceable, origin. Noting its ejection of an isolated object near the Pentagon. Diverting controls to autopilot before swan diving out the opened hatch, absent a parachute, wind curving around his masked missile mirroring form, an unbelievable display of strength and gymnastic excellence unfolded before impact. Single handedly snatching the neck of a street lamp and riding it do the concrete as its shaft collapsed and snapped. Hitting the ground with a parkour themed roll just of course of the Strigidae's initial landing point.

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3 hours before the assault:

Sat stationary above a wooden chair, murky whilst draughting from a cup, filled with an alcoholic beverage. The ambient's lack of bright light could not permit such liquid to be identified. Sighting his inherent darkened stance by the flat mirror, posed thoroughly forth. Taciturnly leading the glass over his mouth again. Encoraching the grandiose Pentagon, the warlike nucleus of the grandiose american government. A terrific step for an orthodox assailant, nevertheless a parlous one. He would emerge under an entirely distinct life. He was benighted on the super powered verse, thereby, the forthcoming events could perchance yield a perennial bewilderment. Yet, he refused to shiver. He had come this far, he would accept the consequenses or die trying.

Pentagon - Present time:

The overcast felonious soared above the Pentagon, orange hued eyes, mindful at every move. A narrowly solicitous visage, right eye involuntarily blinked thrice. Trepidation mastering his arms and legs. Eagerness ruled until he scuffed the floor, ornamented by vermillion blood and lacerated, overwhelmed corpses, their deaths ranging from many different execution types. Acknowledging his goal as buying time so his team-mates could do whatever scheme they had planned.

Blasting countless beams, attempting to murder the guards and, consequently, draw attention, allowing the other members of the League to spread so the mission was triumphant. The American Dream had become preposterous, almost loathsome to even look at it. If the perverse government collapsed, the canker of modernism was cured, then the world would have a chance to reborn, restore from its own ashes as a Phoenix. The superior objective, which Blacksun would sacrifice his own life to achieve.

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The famous building known for its great association to military might was at a brutal state. Outside forces of all kinds collided in a blaze of gunfire. An all out barrage that lit up the night skies. There of course was plenty of conflicts that had transpired on American soil but never anything like this. The 'Canadian' army collided with that of the U.S on not just American soil but the parking lot of the central intelligence building. This wasn't a battle with machines or some force of a lunatics soldiers but another military power on American soil. Then came a collision with the building crumbling walls and sounding off with a powerful thunder clap. One of the new recruits Blacksun was raining down beams of potent energy. The sounds of chaos and calamity growing with the collected assaults.

At the center of it all though at the moment was however not gunfire but an apparent conversation. Guards fell back as the flag bearer wanted but immediately after set up fire positions. United forces may not have opened fire on the terrorist but so much as a flinch of hostile intent and they would.

"You think that would work? Another voice saying "the economy is a mess" or "our nation lacks a proper military" will do anything. Yes the economy is shit, complaint here complaint there but saying it does nothing! Actions speak louder then words. When the Statue of Liberty fell we knew are nations laws were burning. When the White House was attacked we knew not even the leader of a nation wasn't safe. And tonight we see just how fragile our foundation is. We can not trigger a revolution with only words. That first shot heard around the world has come and gone. That first act of tossing things to the harbor is over. If you want this nation to be something worthy of defending actions must be made to make it so."

The so called 'Razor' theatrically delivering her speech. Nothing about her inherently evil or vindictive. Just a woman desperate to showcase her beliefs and facts behind them.

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"Violence does not solve violence," he spoke from experience.

"The American Revolution was not just triggered by people getting fed up and killing British soldiers. There were plans, courses of action taken to preserve a way of life that would not work under a king or a tyrant. Sure, we had to undergo a war and people died. But it is not the only way we can change. You're right. Actions do speak louder than words. But the strength to take action without taking lives is more important than slaughtering whoever you feel is a threat,"

Allegiance stood like a bastion of faith in the fiery inferno consuming the front lawn of the Pentagon. Missiles swarmed overhead, bullets cracking everywhere. Anarchy reigned supreme, cutting across the message he wanted to convey like a fresh blade. It was the Fall of Saigon all over again. The All American hefted his shield up into his hand, strength returning to him.

"Thank you, whoever you are. You made me see where I had gone astray,"

Taking a fighting stance, he noticed that the security forces were rerouted once Brahma Bull made his calamitous entrance.

"Because as long as one person stands in your way, you will never achieve victory."

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The sound of metal snapping reached Ivana's ears. Her head snapped around to face her foe by reflex; data scrolled down the holographic feedback of her goggles. Height, projected weight, reach, and other bio-data.

She snarled. Chopping up another hero behind a dumpster wasn't her mission. It was not a symbol. It would not inspire terror, nor even make the daytime news. Her mission was to penetrate the Pentagons security and distribute a biotoxin inside the ventilation system. Even should it be detected and removed it would inspire dozens of late night special reports, talking heads and news shows for months. That was success. Even victory over her government sponsored foe was a mission kill; it would use up her window of opportunity.

Ivana improvised. Reaching up and yanking her mask off she threw the white clad hero a quick smile. "Ivana, Spetsnaz metahuman division, special recon. Seems like you could use some help, da?"

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Taking a solitary knee in order to optical survey the area through a temporarily employed infer-red sheath, the Military Matrix was subtly caught off guard by the accent riddled introduction of the identity concealing Strigidae. With primary focus still centered around visual affirmation pertaining to the security of the seemingly abandoned area, the lack of a verbal response may have seemed rude. When in truth it was simply nothing more then a testament to the man's situational awareness.

"Metahuman division ah?" a slight tone of skepticism lining his initial response. The absence of an accredited operations number, accompanied by the isolated location in which the reputed recon specialists had been tracked to, all lending to the All-American American's leering suspicion. But beyond the speculative inclinations there was a more troubling question motivating Jefferson's instinctual perceptions.

"How many operatives do you have on the ground? The only gathered intelligence I've been able it garner is that there are two, possibly as many as four, insurgents in the area. They detonated some sort of explosive device, grenade, bomb, we're unsure. Most of the civilian employees have gone home but its safe to assume there are at least half a dozen or so still trapped inside."

Looking off towards the rolling smoke, arms by his side as he stared ahead. "Just one last thing though, how did you know I wasnt with them?" drawing an educated assumption that she knew who he was with. Or wasnt, as the case may be, because she herself was an enemy combatant and already knew the members responsible for the siege. Flashing an empty hand towards Ivana as a stringing luminescent spark instantly manifested a Arsenal Shipka, produced from Cybertron's wrist mounted dimension compressor (flat-space technology). "Make me a believer Ivana of Spetsnaz metahuman division special recon." smirking beneath his mask.

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"ETA...30 seconds." sending a telepathic message to Jefferson as her Ducati screamed towards the front of the Pentagon. Side by side with the recent Blacklist addition, Embargo, their off-setting red and black super-bikes moving with synchronized poetry in and out of traffic and military barricades. Memorizing panache and flamboyant artistry permeated off their skin tight uniforms while their identities remained concealed beneath a pair of menacing helmets.

Looking over at one another, a subtle nod initiated the next step in their action oriented arrival. Slipping into a crouched position atop their seats just moments before crashing headlong into the final cement barricade, the anticipated momentum shot the daunting duo racing through the air towards the Pentagon's outer structure. Morphing their bodies into streamlined silhouettes, they crashed through a window and into rolling somersault.

"We're in." gleaming another telepathic message. "We should split up and help track down the source of that explosion." dropping her helmet on the ground. Confident the amalgamation of solidified compounds would destroy any trace of her DNA.

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Ivana was not a social engineer. The fine arts of manipulation and suasion were beyond her. She counted on the high pressure of the situation and her own perfect control over every micro expression, respiration and heart rate, as well as the tone of her voice to bluff her way through. Born and raised in Russia the accent came naturally.

She answered the questions in rapid fire fashion to avoid giving the man too much time to consider the details and out of a growing awareness that her mission window was closing rapidly.

"Eleven. Myself and four others are working red cell for the PFPA." She grinned at his last question, a chuckle escaping her. Genuine amusement, for once. "I work for the KGB. How do you -think- I know, eh?"

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The utilization of darkness was the greatest asset of the distinguished dismantler. The assassin Asami, known in many whispered circles as several different names had breached the walls of the Pentagon.

Working as an ally not to the League itself, but to her colleague and borderline father figure, Brahma Bull, the nimble dynamo utilized her mastery of Khaba, one of the eleven Arts of the Arcani. It allowed her to move as one with the darkness, in a silent and nearly unseeable manner.

Garbed in a black tactical suit that conformed to her small, toned body with a mask that covered the lower half of her face, Asami moved fleet of foot and sound of mind through the grounds of the Pentagon.

There was no need for a physical conflict with any forces, as she simply evaded her sight. That continued as she skirted security systems and entered the building itself.

Her feet made no sound on the floor as she recollected the memorized blueprints that had been obtained. With several items secured in a belt on her waist, she moved fluidly and quickly through the building on a direct path for the computer banks.

One of the items strapped to her waist was an EMP. The goal was to plant it right in the center of where it would do the most damage and soak in the glee as that catastrophic wave spread across its projected path of destruction.

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Amid the incipient stages of his barbarous charge towards the structurally fortified Pentagon, the Brahma Bull's intrinsically petrifying, rufescent eyes caught sight of a dynamically emerging, malachite rhino? Geographically misplaced fauna seeking to precipitously intercept him, laughable, the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare though visually representative of a raging sociopolitical juggernaut, a warmongering monster, a force of nature, was no savage brute. He was an intellectual, a cerebral executioner. Nearly two thousand pounds of genetically compiled muscle, and yet he darted forward with the quickness, the rapidity of an Olympic sprinter. "Heh", maliciously grinning beneath the infamous veil of his menacing mask, the Brahma Bull's rationalized tactic had been selected.

Inches from the antagonizing rhino's imminent touch, the Rampaging Revolutionary crouches down, the targeting horn of his unacquainted opponent tearing through the superficial layers of his lower abdomen's left region, skin and flesh violently lacerated, warranting the emergence of his biology's sanguine liquid. Having avoided the brunt of the horn's malapropism, a solitary second following his crouch, the Brahma Bull places his hands a shoulder width apart, facing them forward while tucking his chin to his chest, placing the back of his head onto the concrete pavement. Pushing off the ground with both legs, the Guerrilla Goliath rotates over his head onto his back, pressing his feet onto the ground prior to whipping both arms forward, resuming an erect, standing position.

Spontaneously turning round to opportunistically capitalize on his close proximity behind his now bodily exposed opponent, the Brahma Bull's right hand instinctively reached for a primed triad of Model 308-1 Napalm thermite grenades dangling from the left edge of his beige-flushed belt. Abruptly tossing away the incendiary explosives' pins, the Brahma Bull tosses all three of the readied thermite grenades towards his opponent's unprotected rear, intent on savagely engulfing his opponent in the grenades' ebulliently erupted, searing conflagration. Unconcerned with the equally plausible success or failure of his selected tactic, the Gothic City Nightmare reticently shot a succinct glance towards the gaping yet superficial laceration on his abdomen.

"Hrm", quiescently dismissing his sustained wound and remaining unaware of Asami's anticipated arrival, the Brahma Bull reached for the exceedingly sharpened, sheathed machete dangling from his leviathan back. Tightly grabbing the large cleaver-like bladed weapon by the handle, the Anarchistic Alpha ominously unsheathes the blade, an aggressively overzealous gleam of bloodthirstiness sadistically festooning his ceaselessly luminous, vermilion ocular features. Tersely examining the grey, blood-stained blade of his selected weapon, the Brahma Bull's audibly profound, contralto voice growls, "I am going to butcher you", his voiced threat issued with an affirming eeriness, ominous authenticity, and genuine barbarous intention.

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"Non violent action a bold an admirable idea. It's also a hollow notion Alegiance" the sympathetic warrior disguised as a now known terrorist remarked. "Let me go grab my markers I'll make a sign to wave around. I'll stop tanks from mobilizing by standing in front of them. I'll reroute the boat course so we don't receive the next shipment of foreign goods that bury this once great nation in debt." The masked liberator laughed at her own remark a moment before continuing.

"Let's get real, the best the picket sign does is plant a seed that takes to long to grow. At worst it's ignored. Taking a stand to keep American soldiers here would be ignored they'll just take a helicopter or better yet drive around me. High tech Boston Tea Parties will be met with sweeter corporate deals. The peaceful route would not and can not work. And even if by some miracle it could it wouldn't for me. When the American Revolution started our forefathers knew it was freedom or the noose. I equally have excepted this. I have chosen this path in my veins I know it to be right. I don't want to fight you but we are defined by our choices. If you chose to step up to defend this crippled foundation for your beliefs. Then I to will step up to defend my ambitions to bring forth a better nation."

Reaching for a cylinder on her lower back her wrist flicked. A katana of the Evolium metal unraveling. Flames and the American flag reflected in the steel. A movement of her arm and a line was drawn in the sand. A symbolic announcement that once crossed debating was over. A warrior of a nation stood across from a soldier of the constitution. One held sword the other shield presenting forth an image that most likely looked iconic. As if it were an American reinterpretation of the Greek gods facing down the titans.

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@lady_liberty: @allegiance: @new_age_outlaw: @e_l_l_i_e:

A web of cracks ran along a bathroom mirror in the center of the fractures a fist missing it's right index finger. The now slightly bleeding hand belonging to Victoria. Looking in the mirror she saw just how miserable she looked. Tired eyes blond hair a mess and so on. Fact was she was human and she today was sick. A trash can full of mostly just tissue paper. Coughing she turned exhaling briefly.

"Fcking finally." The Blacklist was still rather fresh not all clearance had been gained yet especially for personal computers. The techno warrior had launched a hacking program to try and speed up the process. It had still taken far to long for her prefferance.

The comm device, security feeds, reports and so on came up on her laptop. With grace she sent windows to other monitors in her room. In under a minute she had a full tactical set up. It was no holographic command post but for a improvising sick girl she thought it was rather good. She took an extra minute trying to gain access to other military channels particularly Lady Liberty's as any leaders on a battlefield were helpful.

Clearing her throat so as to not cough over the comms Lioness got to work. "So here's the rundown. The League of Shadows hAs targeted the Pentagon, hopefully you caught that already. However for unknown reason it seems Canadian forces have also come. This posses a problem as the military and Pentagon forces are routed more to that then what's going on on the inside. Summary don't expect to much fire support. Presently I've located one energy user outside downing soldiers. One Brahma Bull also outside the walls, he seems to be fighting a green Rhino, I suspect a particularly young internet sensation. Lastly we have an unidentified woman in the court yard soon to cross with Allegiance. This woman was the source of the explosions having used a few grenades to try and get as much of the attention as possible. Lastly I should say yes that unidentified assassin is unidentified I'm looking at Razor sleeping in her cell at the Rock right now."

"So reinforcements limited. Presently three confirmed League members or atleast associates of the League. And someone posing as Razor. I'll shut up for now." Victoria muting herself for the moment so as to not distract her allies as she had another coughing fit.

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@_tails_: @brahma_bull:

Silently studying the ongoing struggle between the Bull and the Rhino, Kurt had placed himself atop of an isolated rooftop not too far away, but close enough to give him a clear vantage point against Brahma. A subtle smirk plastered his heroic features as his emerald bow manifested itself within his tight grip, his reliable quiver quickly materialized into existence as Kurt quickly withdrew a single verdant arrow, resting it onto his bow without delay. Holding his breath, Kurt took up his stance and curled his fingers around the glowing string, effortlessly pulling back on the bow as his thumb touched the corner of his lip.

The arrow now trained upon the Bull's exposed back, and without hesitation, Kurt released his constraint on the string as his vibrantly glowing arrow freely flew through the air illuminating the ground below with it's green aura, traveling towards the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare like an unrelenting bullet, and mid-flight, the single verdant arrow would duplicate itself into a triad of deadly arrows, the first arrow capable of exploding with a little more force than a standard grenade, the secondary arrow would explode upon impact and douse the Bull with an acidic attack capable of corroding through solid steel and the third arrow, a thermally supercharged shot hoping to not just impale the Bull, but melt through his body and out of the other side hoping to cause impairing damage or simply agonizing pain.

The Gothic Knight then shot a fourth arrow towards another building which connected and created a temporary zip-line. Placing his bow upon the line, Kurt pushed off of his current building and zipped forwards to the new building, expecting the Bull to attack his current position, Kurt was not staying, quickly escaping and hoping the Bull had not seen his secondary location, landing with a calm combat roll and peering over the new ledge to witness whatever had happened. This building was considerably closer to the Bull however, only a deserted road stood between them.

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@_tails_: @blacksun: @new_age_outlaw: @e_l_l_i_e: @strigidae_22: @asami: @brahma_bull: @lioness_:

@decayingrose: @allegiance: Eliminator omega quivered with the prospect of killing Allegiance. It always found those who wore such bright colorful costumes to be such interesting targets. But it needed to get closer. Part of the "Canadian" fire-team broke off to absorb more mass, the nanites literally eating bits of the building they were standing on to grow new "false canadian" assault operatives. They made sure that the formation of new "replicant" bodies was done out of sight.

These globs of subatomic scale robots locked into the shape of armored soldiers who fanned out into the fray, one half assault operatives, one eigth enforcers, one eigth recons, one eigth marksmen, one sixteenth cyborgs, one sixteenth labradours, lead by a single "Nanosuit 1.5" operative. A force made up from about thirty two individuals. The force of "Canadians" began to lay down suppressive fire upon the guards, tracers streaming into the night before a storm of four JAW missiles went outwards to strike at military targets, lighting up the night with these explosions while the "strike team" .

The Canadians were known for their research into nanotechnology, and Aleksei was known to be a prime minister with incendiary Anti-American rhetoric. To keep up the ruse of "canadian" support for this operation, they kept up comm chatter from various parts of the city, speaking entirely in Quebecoise French and in code pilfered from the Canadian government to try and conceal the ruse. To try and make the Americans think that this was the machine's goal, it directed the thirty two man "platoon" to start firing explosives into the building.

Now, being a large and sturdy structure; the Pentagon's structural integrity wasn't really threatened by the grenades and rockets. But the munitions were designed to clear out people. Deadly fragmentation would rain inside the building, not doing much to destroy the building, but doing quite a bit to kill the people inside, all while crossfire worked to keep anyone who sought to try and drop in or get out. But those who watched closely would notice that the Canadians were almost...too coordinated. Even for a country that made extensive use of alien technology like theirs.

One of the marksmen got into position and brought out a DSG-1 sniper, taking direct aim at Allegiance even as an incoming helicopter was targeted and filled with lead. There was of course the question of how the Canadians got here in the first place, but maybe they just developed some new teleportation system that didn't show up on the Pentagon's spatial-warp detection grid.

@pyrogram: This of course included Kurt as SCARs immediately began tracking him and opening fire. While the Eliminator could have fired with unerring, machine born accuracy, it was attempting to replicate human fallibility, making deliberate misses just to alert the human that the gauntlet had been thrown.

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Even through the smoke and devastation, Old Glory fluttered in the wind just like she did during the Battle of Fort McHenry. Something stirred inside Allegiance at that moment. He knew that after all this destruction and pain, America would endure. Monuments and buildings could be rebuilt. However, it took the combined efforts of the people to live on and to hope.

For a brighter future.

For a better tomorrow.

Not through strength of force, but of heart.

That is why he fought today - to prove that this great nation could survive without taking lives.


No words foretold of the great conflict. No words were necessary at this point. The discussion of ideals had come to a close, and the pages of a book destined to be written in blood had open - blank and ready for its red ink fresh from the veins of the sacrificed. The Pentagon had disappeared into a pedestal, its arms spread open to embrace those who had given their lives to defend or destroy it. The first sound of boot trampling grass echoed as thunderous in the abyss beyond the designated battleground.

This was their stage.

The All American crinkled his face, strategy brewing behind his formidable muscles. He lobbed his shield towards the gate encircling the campus, denting the steel in the process, and sending the emblem rebounding parallel to him. Again, it bounced against the fence, and again it sailed but this time towards the third - untouched - portion of the border. Closing an exaggerated "4" shape by returning to its owner - but not before intercepting the path of the revolutionary from behind - the shield met Allegiance's hand with a heavy thump.

Before it managed to complete the aforementioned pattern, however, the Star Spangled Super Soldier slammed his shoes against the smouldering lawn belonging to the United States' own Pentagon. Gaining incredible speed, he wanted to close the distance and keep close enough to his opponent so that she could not readily maintain slashing or stabbing strength given the length of her sword's blade. Adopting an unorthodox mixture of wrestling, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, Allegiance ultimately desired to derail her offensive capabilities altogether not by forcing her in close quarters combat, but distracting her long enough for the shield to finish its ponderous arc across the yard.

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@allegiance: The closest eliminator readied the Sniper, fixing the laser sight onto Allegiance and prepared to fire. With the "Canadian" replicant it was taking the shape of remaining expressionless beneath it's helmet as Allegiance got a split moment to see the sweep of the little red dot before it settled on his chest.

A clip was readied, and the gun was aimed, adjusted for the slightest push the wind could give. These were armor piercing discarding sabot rounds, flechettes that would fly out at hypersonic speeds for maximum armor penetration. They would be overkill against most targets, but they were designed for a new age of warfare where every combatant would be superhuman or be wearing armor so strong they may as well be.

The Gun was aimed and the Replicant Canadian stood on top of a building while the others had a shoot out with American forces, and the Eliminator had the most devious and evil of smiles on it's face. Now that allegiance was distracted, all it needed to do was pull the trigger, and with a squeeze of nano-machine crafted synthetic muscles, it pulled the trigger.

The gun sent an electrical discharge into the bullet's base, igniting it's propellant and sending it spinning, at which point the grooves in the barrel gave it spin. The bullet travelled through the gun at tremendous speeds, spinning and spinning until it shot out, the case for the flechette jettisonning off into three distinct segments as it sought out it's target for a hopefully fatal union.

The little explosion that gave the bullet it's impulse raced outwards, creating a muzzle flash that was ever so brief to the naked, mark one eyeball. The sound that the gun made traveled in pressure waves, while the gun's recoil dampeners worked to block the tremendous kick of the gun right back into the Eliminator's shoulders. A loud "CRACK" went out, so many times slower than the actual bullet.

The sabot was smaller than most bullets fired from a sniper of the DSG-1s caliber, but it was meant to be. Using the propellant for a larger bullet on this nasty, penetrator round gave it so much more speed, and it's hardened structure and high density allowed the round so much more armor piercing ability. It almost wanted the man to deflect the bullet with a timed movement of his shield or a quick dodge downwards to the ground or backwards, just to see the creature, just to see the Canadian maple on the armor and know that America was betrayed by it's longest ally.

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What ever is happening at the Pentagon has to be big with the amount of people going there and fighting each other .Jefferson , Kurt and himself was heading there on a stealth plane checking there equipment just in case they needed to fight.This was the another attack on Washington and not New York City which made the Cyborg both reveled and a sense of fear at the same time with the civilians being caught in the crossfire.

Getting closer to the Pentagon he heard Jefferson over the radio giving order for the upcoming mission .Kurt would handle Bull and he would check out the explosion seeing if there any need for his help or not.

Why is this attacking happing now of all time is there something in the Pentagon that cause the attention of the attackers or is this some act of terrorism.Sawyer wonder about all of these things and more but now is not the time for that .He jump out of the plane to get to the target landing that he had in mind.He didn't have any parachute because he didn't need one the with implant's in his feet to soften the land but he would still make a impact on the ground.

After a successful landing on the south side park lot which he land on no cars ,which was a plus for him.He saw people getting out of the Pentagon with the police trying to make a mess organize but the people were scared for there lives.He look at where the explosion took place and started to run inside the Pentagon with his sword in his left hand just in case he ran into a fight .

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The level of internal and external control in which the Strigidae mediated her vital signs and respiratory rate, was astounding. Possibly even capable of misleading a telepathic scan if need be, but her deception had snagged itself on a single detail. Jefferson was a ghost, his arrival would have been met with intercepting force in the heightened state of the siege. But more importantly the KGB would have had zero knowledge of who he was or what he looked like.

Retracting his arm at the elbow removing the laser sighted beam from the impersonating Strigidae, allowing the modified weapon to dissolve back into his wrist mounted dimension compressor, he tilted his head up. Offering a compliant nod before inquiring. "So whats the play here? Whats our next move?" attempting to turn the tables on her game of misdirection. Placating a disingenuous demeanor in the hopes of uncovering the bigger picture. The players involved and the intricate network in which the dangerously capable League of Assassins methodically carried out is surgical like assaults.

"Can you get us inside?" continuing the charade.

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@pyrogram: @brahma_bull:

The emerald beast plummeted towards the unphased goliath, bringing it's vicious ivory upwards as it thought they would clash. Seth closed his thick eyes as he prepared to be wrestled to the ground, or his neck snapped, or gutted... but the pain never came, at least not on his end. What Seth felt was his horn pulling and tearing through thick muscle, and that warm liquid blanketing his face. "God, I hate blood." That was a lie. He loved blood, and he hated that he loved it. Just one of the many drawbacks to having the instincts of a animal... while Seth was (giant) handful of grenades being flung at him... "Nonononono!" He yelled inside his head, morphing just as the flames started erupting. As the heat engulfed his shifting form, he kept his eyes closed tight... more so out of fear than protection.

For a few seconds, there was nothing but the fire.. then, seemingly rising from the ashes like parody of a phoenix, a green pigeon flew out, yelping as it's feathers were set aflame. Seth circled once in the air before hitting the concrete in a tumble, turning back into his 'normal' self mid-roll. "My world was on fire... hehe- ow." He muttered to himself through gritted teeth, slowly standing up. He was shaking ashes our of his hair when he heard the Bull speak. Flipping his head around, his eyes staring at the blade in the militant's hands... fearfully thinking of how many heroes the Bull may of cut open with that weapon. "N-No!" He barked out loud, violently shaking his head, trying to get those thoughts out of his system. "You need to try, Seth, you need to believe... even if your afraid, even if it seems impossible, even if your alo- huh?"

The changeling's thoughts of doubt ceased as he saw emerald arrows flying above his head, going straight for the Bull. He turned around and... "Awesome." The green fanboy says lightly as his eyes found the Emerald Archer zip-lining closer, landing on the roof of a nearby building. Seth stares with childish awe for a few seconds, thinking about that autograph he's always wanted... but he has shakes it off, turning back to the monster of a man behind him. Even a hero like the Archer wasn't any more safe from the Bull in close quarters than anyone else. Seth had to make sure the behemoth was kept at a range... he chuckled quietly, relating the situation to a video game. With any hesitations pushed away, he got on all fours and charged at the Gangster Guerilla. "Now, how about a little bit of irony." He thinks with a smirk on his face. Pushing off the ground, he leaps towards the monstrous terrorist, morphing into a bald eagle as he went through the air. The green bird of prey screeched as it tried to rip and tear at the monster's face and eyes.

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The soldier of the American way had decided this discussion was done. The line was drawn and now it was crossed. His face wrinkled a sign of contemplating strategy. Sakura smiled beneath the mask of 'Razor' how many fights of Allegiance had been seen? His strategy was known to the Samurai before the arm was even half way into the throw. Listening she back peddled keeping distance as the soldier closed in he was gaining ground much faster then she was putting between them but it mattered not. She leaped into a backflip and in an impossible display of acrobatics landed on the shield. Mid flip she had also withdrawn a trio of throwing stars.

Fact was if the shield had hit her spine would have snapped. Her target was stronger and faster then her without question. However she was instinctive in combat reflexes frightening. As she rode the shield she dropped the throwing stars forming an unorthodox but efficient attack.

As the shield was caught Sakura kicked the blades usually used for throwing. Their aim was set for the eyes of the flag bearer. The range close enough that even many speedsters would be caught unaware. Following this the assassin launched herself off the shield landing softly and stabbing forward with the glistening katana. The blade hungry to split a heart. Her sequence of attacks would end in a flash of pink and jade light and smoke as Sakura would teleport behind her foe and follow up with a final spin aimed to part ones head from its shoulders.

"Your as predictable as you are noble" the patriotic terrorist remarked in both a complimentary and insulting manner.

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@eliminator_omega_returns: @pyrogram: @_tails_:

Irreversibly governed by the vehement intention to violently butcher his shapeshifting, malachite opponent, the Gothic City Nightmare menacingly prowled forward, his exaggeratedly sharpened machete held tightly by his left hand's omnipotent grip over it's handle. Under the monstrous weight and mountainous force of his footsteps, the ground trembled. Vibrational tremors reverberating across the concrete pavement as the palpable indignation in the Brahma Bull's ominously scintillating, rufescent eyes sought escape, release in the form of an unstoppable, violent onslaught of cringe-worthy brutality and savagery. "I'm going to cut through your torso and pull your lungs out like a f*cken viking", the Guerrilla Goliath threatened, his gnarling, abnormally deep, contralto voice dictated by an uncharacteristic temperance of petrifying eeriness.

His struggle against the Americans, the capitalist hub of the world would not cease, his cause, his ideals would experience no destruction, no dissipation, only growth. Global anarchy is to be the Gangster of Guerrilla Warfare's endgame, to eradicate all manmade laws, all societal regulations, all governing political bodies, so that the world may be governed as it should be, by nothing. Nothing but the one true law, nature's law of survival. The strongest shall find a way to survive, and the weaklings? They shall perish, burn in the scorching, searing conflagration of his new world, the global pandemonium. They however, they could not understand the ideological foundation of his messianic mission, they could not comprehend his vision for revolution. They do not understand strength. They have spent the majority of their lives abusing their luxuries, they know no struggle, they do not understand. That when one's family is slaughtered, the survivors enslaved by colonists and told that they are of no measurable worth, that all that matters is one's own strength.

Unaware of the Verdant Archer's stalking presence nearby, the Brahma Bull continued his march, irate over his opponent's decision to fight for the sociopolitical serpents of mankind. Behind him trailed a blistering arrow, it's only indicating, a subtle shift in ambient airflow. "Hm?", curiously turning his head, glancing behind him, the Militant Mammoth caught sight of a solitary arrow deconstructing itself into a trinity of propelled projectiles. The first ebulliently erupted behind him, failing to impart any noticeable damage, the second however, targeted a portion of his elephantine back with ceaselessly corrosive acid, graphically burning through compounded layers of thick skin, "Grruuggh!", mildly grunting in evident irritation from the prominent pain, the Brahma Bull then smirked, executing a deceptively dexterous sidestep, narrowly evading the tertiary arrow, allowing it to instead, target his shapeshifting opponent.

Meanwhile, his vermilion eyes caught sight of the Gothic Knight's strategic transposition to the rooftop of an approximated building. Reaching for an Uzi-Pro SMG on his person, the Brahma Bull abruptly aims towards the Verdant Archer, and shoots. An overwhelming hailstorm of blitzing bullets seeking to viciously pepper the archer's ballistically unprotected body. Shooting in conjunction with the ensued assault of an unacquainted individual, the Brazilian Behemoth's attention soon reverts to the shapeshifter. In the selected form of an eagle, he seeks to violently claw at the Guerrilla Goliath's veiled facial features. Somewhat protected by the resistant fabric of his mask and his freakish durability further aggrandized by his biological addition of usurped Source Particles from Stark, the Brahma Bull remains virtually unscathed.

"Heh! I'm going to kill each and every one of you patriotic dogs!", he paused, "You are all complete and utter waste of mutant blood!", and with deceptive rapidity, he swings. His machete's blade seeking to graphically cleave right through his airborne opponent.

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Sometime after the first explosions

"Roy sit down over there and make yourself comfortable looks like you gonna be with us a little while longer" Cassius looked around him a wolf in sheep's clothing being protected from the escalating violence outside, sealed with 4 security officers in a some sort of security panic room. Weighting up his options as the 4 men flickered between monitors, their hands frantically typing at the giant desk spanning the length of the room. Hundreds of switches displays and key slots, a far more complex device than the likes of a luddite Knightfall could hope to work on his own. But Plans where plans. Assessing the order of threat of each of the men Cassius allotted an order in which to attack, he would have to be quick and ruthless. Lethal means would be safest but Stark wouldn't even need to spin the death of some security staff into a death sentence for the league and so Cass waited thinking, waiting for the idea and moment to strike.

The four guards still fixated on their duties the undercover Knightfall reached into his suitcase a flash grenade. Palming it up his sleeve in case of hidden cameras. Fidgeting in his seat as he started to scratch at the area between his shoulders, freeing up the composite weapons stuck to his back and the itchy and uncomfortable adhesive tape that bound them together. Standing quietly turning the weapons round into a reverse grip he paused before pulling the pin and shutting his eyes.

"3-2-1" "ARRGGHH" Moving fluidity as his eyes regained their focus. Biggest guard 5 yards to his left first, his old friend Buck. Curving right hand to the side of the neck using the blunt force of the blades handle to amplify the strike to hopefully disable the first. Spinning towards the right using the full rotation to whip his left hand into the back of the second targets head, the full force of his weight colliding across the back of the mans cranium as skull met barrel of his The third guard shooting up out his chair, ducking low slamming the handle of his lade into the side of the mans knee his other hand coming down like a hammer across his forehead grounding the man into the floor with another vicious pistol whip.The fourth the weakest looking standing proud gun drawn to the sound of silence form his colleagues. Reaching for his radio as Cassius's moved for him "Click CCHHHHHHH" the radio hitting the ground lit up in a light shade of red. Grabbing the forth in an astute but simple choke hold Cassius spotted the transmit light hoping the rest of the forces would be to busy to come to help. The muffled squirming of the last guard stopping as Cassius felt him suddenly go limp under his hold.

Having spent nearly 5 hours with Buck Cassius did his best impression of the man "Control this is Security officer Buck, false alarm security station is secure."

Thinking quickly Cassius's original plan now uncertain as guards could already be on their way he opened fire on the desk emptying the clip of his pistol sending a shower of plastic and sparks as the desk began to short and fail. Checking the guards where all still breathing Cassius walked over to the door and wrestled it open before hearing it seal once more behind him. Ready to continue the game should he be met by anymore security his brief case of tricks in one hand and a composite blade up his sleeve.

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@gambler said:


The level of internal and external control in which the Strigidae mediated her vital signs and respiratory rate, was astounding. Possibly even capable of misleading a telepathic scan if need be, but her deception had snagged itself on a single detail. Jefferson was a ghost, his arrival would have been met with intercepting force in the heightened state of the siege. But more importantly the KGB would have had zero knowledge of who he was or what he looked like.

Retracting his arm at the elbow removing the laser sighted beam from the impersonating Strigidae, allowing the modified weapon to dissolve back into his wrist mounted dimension compressor, he tilted his head up. Offering a compliant nod before inquiring


"So whats the play here? Whats our next move?" attempting to turn the tables on her game of misdirection. Placating a disingenuous demeanor in the hopes of uncovering the bigger picture. The players involved and the intricate network in which the dangerously capable League of Assassins methodically carried out is surgical like assaults.

"Can you get us inside?"

continuing the charade.

Ivana had a plan to breach the armored doors of the Pentagon; carve through the reinforced titanium with a tachyon infused blade. But Jefferson's presence had prevented that. A quick mental review of her options painted a bleak picture for her mission. The best hackers and safe crackers in the world would struggle to break through the security of a Pentagon bulkhead while not tipping Jefferson off. For Ivana it was impossible.

But she chuckled. "Da. Of course." Two steps carried her to the secured door, a rectangle of gleaming steel with the symbol of the defense department engraved at eye level. Her cloak and armored body lay between Jefferson's eyes and her hands. "I have a keycard." She said as she reached into her utility belt.. and withdrew an Arcani smoke grenade. Hand crafted in one of the Strigidae's manufacturing nests it combined a light absorbing thick black smoke with designer chaff intended to disrupt visual, thermal, radar and sonar devices.

Ivana depressed the activation stud, cooked it for a two count then dropped it. The smoke exploded out, billowing up around her like the breath of a dragon while Ivana herself faded into the darkness.

Mission Aborted: Failure.

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@decayingrose: @eliminator_omega_returns:




It begins.


It all seemed so normal. The terrorist threats, the actions caused by violent minds, and the resulting casualties of a brewing war. That is what he thrived on. Every waking second, he wanted nothing more than to fight a worthy opponent. His existence had been built up on the mounds of corpses over the endless centuries. His name, though forgotten in this modern era, used to mean something.

Now, he returned to make it known once more.


Like a raging thunderbolt, his body cracked into the yard just beyond the battling patriots - one of the revolutionaries and the other of the government. Their purposes in being here did not matter. His only desire existed in the fact that they were here now, and that their blood already boiled with the adrenaline needed to accept death. He raised his immense form out of the debris, hardly waiting for the first whispers of smoke to fade away before charging forward. Each stomp echoed in the voice of an earthquake, the tremors uprooting minor plates of rock and dirt. The mighty hands of the New Age Ares formed fists around the handles belonging to the axe and sword sheathed on his imposing back, a back never turned towards the opponent in combat.

Without a word, the War Messiah hefted the weapons out of their containers, unleashing a devastating hacking motion from the sword at what seemingly existed merely as thin air. Yet, in the secrecy pervading the event, the Lord of Devastation predicted more than a few snipers taking place in and around the endangered complex. The apparently empty swing came up with a prize, sending sparks up as the wielder of the blade twisted the handle ever so slightly and stopped as he tracked the trajectory of the bullet over to a skyscraper more than a few hundred yards away.

While the sword accomplished its purpose of saving Allegiance's life, it did so at the cost of becoming cracked right down the middle. The hot slag melting around the bullet managed to entrap it just long enough for Warsman to break its momentum entirely. Though, the transfer into the blade ended with it falling apart in his hand. Grunting, the Indomitable Icon bent his bicep and hurled the useless weapon far and beyond any human limitation, sending it straight towards the sniper with about as much force behind it as a 2S7 Pion artillery piece.

With one enemy possibly out of the fight, Warsman turned his attentions towards the two responsible for bringing him here in the first place. Such a strong conflict of ideals attracted his attentions because it always meant a brawl worthy of mention for many years.

The soldier of the American way had decided this discussion was done. The line was drawn and now it was crossed. His face wrinkled a sign of contemplating strategy. Sakura smiled beneath the mask of 'Razor' how many fights of Allegiance had been seen? His strategy was known to the Samurai before the arm was even half way into the throw. Listening she back peddled keeping distance as the soldier closed in he was gaining ground much faster then she was putting between them but it mattered not. She leaped into a backflip and in an impossible display of acrobatics landed on the shield. Mid flip she had also withdrawn a trio of throwing stars.

Fact was if the shield had hit her spine would have snapped. Her target was stronger and faster then her without question. However she was instinctive in combat reflexes frightening. As she rode the shield she dropped the throwing stars forming an unorthodox but efficient attack.

As the shield was caught Sakura kicked the blades usually used for throwing. Their aim was set for the eyes of the flag bearer. The range close enough that even many speedsters would be caught unaware. Following this the assassin launched herself off the shield landing softly and stabbing forward with the glistening katana. The blade hungry to split a heart. Her sequence of attacks would end in a flash of pink and jade light and smoke as Sakura would teleport behind her foe and follow up with a final spin aimed to part ones head from its shoulders.

"Your as predictable as you are noble" the patriotic terrorist remarked in both a complimentary and insulting manner.

During his interception of the bullet, he hardly noticed that time continued normally despite his monstrous reflexes. He decided to watch the ensuing duel before intervening. Perhaps there existed a side to favor? At least, for the moment.

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@brahma_bull: @_tails_:

Gliding through the sky on his zip-line, Kurt was caught unaware by an overwhelming bombardment of bullets which cascaded towards him with an unrelenting attitude to tear him apart. The Bull's own dangerous assault coupled with an unknown attackers offence was simply too much. During his mid-air flight through the air even his vibrantly colored emerald forcefield was unable to resist all harm. Landing upon the roof with a loud huff, looking down towards his torso, three bullet holes had been sustained, and a further two bullets holes had been punctured his left thigh.

Crawling behind the safety of the concrete ledge, Kurt knew a few bullet holes would not stop him, having survived much worse. Placing down his bow, Kurt manifested himself a green bandage which he placed around his thigh to avert losing blood, knowing his healing factor would soon repair the damage anyways. Quickly collapsing onto all fours due to the shots to his chest. In a lethargic manner the Gothic Knight shook his head, luckily his torso injuries were not that bad, the bullets had passed through his body but missed any vital organs, as such, his forcefield was able to act as a secondary skin and stop bloodloss while his body slowly but surely repaired.

Managing to prop himself up upon the ledge, Kurt once again raised his bow and pointed it towards the Bull, knowing the situation was dire and unwanting for it to get worse, he placed three of Andres' death dealing pressure arrows onto his bow and without delay stood, took up his flawless stance, curled his fingers around the string and pulled back until his thumb touched his cheek, encasing all three of the arrows in en emerald sheath so he could control their transit through the air like his own arrows, Kurt released, all three arrows shot through the air with blitzing speed, the first arrow aiming for the Bull's torso, the secondary arrow aiming for his right thigh, and the third arrow would deceptively miss and fly over the Bull's head and into the distance, a few seconds later as though it was a boomerang, it would arc back around and hopefully impale the Bull from behind, being utterly unanticipated.

Kurt then hid behind the buildings ledge again not too eager to see the Bull's reprisal attack if he survived, clutching at his chest in pain, suddenly feeling the burn of the bullets.

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Arms protectively X'd in front of his face as the elusive Strigidae employed her diversionary tactic, it was only after the smoke had begun to dissipate and Ivana had vanished that Jefferson offered his own internal discernment,"Coward."Scuffing while cerebral cataloging of their brief encounter would allow for a more thorough investigation of visually obtained idiosyncrasies.

Calamity had enveloped the entire area with the chaos being aided by masks, secret identities, and strategical subterfuge. Key members of the Blacklist, conspicuous by their absence, had only helped facilitate Jefferson's already disenfranchised perceptions. But the testicular fortitude and unmitigated bravery on display by those who were willing to draw a line in the sand and go down swinging, was nothing short of inspiring.

With his speed and evasive acrobatics, it was simply a matter of timing in which the Military Matrix could gain access inside the besieged frame of the oddly shaped Pentagon. Mixing traditional gymnastics and freestyle parkour to fluently transition up various levels in rapid uninterrupted succession. A quick elbow in-between the rotating spot-lights and armed surveillance, shattered a third-story window allowing Jefferson to cat leap in. Docked in a crouched position amongst an array of empty desks and computer terminals. His communications still slightly inhibited by the previous detonation, allowing only fragmented portions of radio broadcasts with distorted audio.

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@blacksun: @new_age_outlaw: @cassius_knightfall:

"One Roy Silverstone of Silverstone Security. All non security personnel were suppose to leave on top of that vitals in the room he came from our feint. No indicators of death but something isn't right." Victoria remarked patching back into Jefferson's comm. As she spoke the sound of roaring engines could faintly be heard.

Agitated by the lack of suppressive measures the woman despite being I'll took to the skies. Her orange armor rocketing through the air it took some time to cross the distance. Within time though she spotted one of the new members of the intolerable League of Shadows.

A blade seemingly cascaded in lightning blocked a potent energy blast meant to kill a U.S soldier. "Get home, I'll take a mag if you got one." Before retreating the man handed Lioness a magazine of his AR15 which was slipped into the left hands ACE system. A underslung gun that could adopt any ammunition type. "And who would you be?" The 5'3 armored soldier questioned.

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I turned my attention to Tombstone's questions. "Brahma Bull has already been engaged. But with those soldiers firing on our forces its difficult to turn our full mass into defeating their center of gravity: Brahma Bull." I drop behind cover and turn my void shield to protect my head and torso from any rounds that penetrate the desk. "There's too much suppressive fire." The Bull was so durable he could afford to ignore the Canadian firepower but our forces were not so lucky, granting Brahma a large advantage.

An idea strikes me. "Just a second." I grabbed the phone off the top of the desk I was hiding behind and made a call to @connoisseur. "Hey! I had a questio-" A loud boom interupts me as a round shatters the top of the desk and showers me in splinters. "...question. The Pentagon is under attack, I don't suppose you'd be in the area?" If I was right, and I liked to think I was, he would be a powerful ally.

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The soldier of the American way had decided this discussion was done. The line was drawn and now it was crossed. His face wrinkled a sign of contemplating strategy. Sakura smiled beneath the mask of 'Razor' how many fights of Allegiance had been seen? His strategy was known to the Samurai before the arm was even half way into the throw. Listening she back peddled keeping distance as the soldier closed in he was gaining ground much faster then she was putting between them but it mattered not. She leaped into a backflip and in an impossible display of acrobatics landed on the shield. Mid flip she had also withdrawn a trio of throwing stars.

Fact was if the shield had hit her spine would have snapped. Her target was stronger and faster then her without question. However she was instinctive in combat reflexes frightening. As she rode the shield she dropped the throwing stars forming an unorthodox but efficient attack.

As the shield was caught Sakura kicked the blades usually used for throwing. Their aim was set for the eyes of the flag bearer. The range close enough that even many speedsters would be caught unaware. Following this the assassin launched herself off the shield landing softly and stabbing forward with the glistening katana. The blade hungry to split a heart. Her sequence of attacks would end in a flash of pink and jade light and smoke as Sakura would teleport behind her foe and follow up with a final spin aimed to part ones head from its shoulders.

"Your as predictable as you are noble" the patriotic terrorist remarked in both a complimentary and insulting manner.

Her athleticism startled him as she managed to balance on the spinning starred emblem on its return trip. She had all the bases covered. He couldn't catch the shield with her on it without risking life and limb in profoundly close quarters combat. But that range decided the victory here. Instead of stopping the momentum of the shield with his hands and evenly distributing it, he held up his arms in order to disrupt it completely, throwing it off-balance and - hopefully - its passenger as well.

However, before the subtle thud of the shield collapsing against his forearms, the sharp sinking sensation of blades digging into his flesh struck him as unnecessary and agonizing. The thunderous applause of symbol against bone did not help either, but he tanked the hit the best he could. While the shield hovered in midair, confused by the obtuse way of its master retrieving it, Allegiance shot his hand for the straps under its concave surface. His fingers curled around the opposite side successfully and he would try to force Razor down to the ground in a sudden dipping motion that would utilize most of his monstrous strength.

The titan watching them had apparently saved at least one of them from a rogue sniper, but his presence seemed to be no cause for immediate alarm. He seemed invested in watching them for now, almost waiting for the better opponent to rise out of the crucible of battle so that he could make preparations for his own duel.

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When entering the Pentagon and seeing what was left of the guards here.Sawyer walked up to one of them and ask about the situation here ,what he got in return from the guards was that this place was a mess.There were reports of break-ins places , sightings of men with Canadian flag on them and countless other things that this guard told Sawyer.

Sawyer pondering the information for a couple of seconds and came up with something .The one eye swordsmen told the guards there to stay were there are and watch out for anything that could be consider a foe.He heard the chaos that was going outside but very few things going inside the Pentagon that made fearful and wonder about if there is anybody that sneaked in already.Sawyer knew that the Pentagon is already in trouble and that who ever started is either gone or still here but where to start is what kept bugging the cybernetic swordsmen .

He looked for a map of the Pentagon to show where places are with the knowledge that he has of the situation he could pin point where the first attack is and started from there . He started his way to the security office in the area and see if there is anything that could help him there.

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@new_age_outlaw: "Sir!" Cassius turned quickly revealing a tall man clad in white instantly his face beginning the subtle art of subterfuge his face portraying a mix of confusion and stone cold fear. Falling to his knee's "Please don't kill me, i don't even work here" A cold response returning from under the white hood"You were suppose to evacuate, what are you still doing here?" His statement clouded in an uncertain tone, a hearty dose of an unknown implication confusing the Knightfall for a second. "I... I don't know the way. I'am Roy Silverstone of Silverstone Security, i signed in at the front desk i had an appointment. I was touring this facility and then this happened. I cant find my way out and and I don't know where is safe. I was with some security officers but they told me to hide in this room (pointing to the door on his right) i saw some soldiers with badges go by and kept hearing explosions. I just want to get out of here go home see my family."

Cassius stayed low weighing up his options, this man was not scouted on the league intel. He had no idea what he could be up against and he had very little arsenal for any engagement unless he could open the suitcase and grab some ammo. His right hand firmly gripping the sleeved composite blade. He would need to see his opponents intentions first, one false move and his cover would be blown and he instantly becomes a suspect or a target. Suspect he could deal with, play the game but as a target his objectives would be compromised.

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Leisurely endeavored in a quiescent stroll in Arlington County, the Comely Connoisseur actively relishes the taciturn environment brought forth by the frigid night. Adorned in a short-sleeve, white Ralph Lauren polo and accompanying black Hugo Boss jeans, Kieran's genetically imparted control over his autonomic nervous system and immune response exponentially fortify his resistance to gelid temperatures, he required no winter attire. Plugged into his ears, onyx Skullcandy earphones auricularly distracting him with the enthralling rhymes of Jedi Mind Tricks' "I Against I" as both hands nonchalantly glide into his pockets. Spontaneously, his white-flushed iPhone 5 vibrates, warranting his immediate attention.

"It's almost midnight, who on Earth could be calling?", he curiously murmurs. Unplugging the ebony earphones from both ears, the Welshman's right hand, holding his phone, rises greater approximation to his face. Intuitively raising his left eyebrow in incited surprise at the caller's identity, he answers. "I don't tend to answer questions for people who call me this late, but I'll make an exception for you dear", winsomely joshing, the Welsh Wolf pauses, Kelly's revelation of an apparent assault on the Pentagon providing the necessary philanthropic incentive to motivate him. "I'd ask who launched the attack but a big, strong girl like you wouldn't be calling if it wasn't something serious", succinctly pausing, Kieran's pale, crystal blue eyes survey his immediate ambiance, his evolutionarily developed procedural memory having memorized the Pentagon's location following a solitary helicopter tour of the area.

Gauging the distance between his location and the Pentagon, he responds, "Give me a few minutes and I'll be there. Cheers". Terminating the call, Kieran erupts into a pacey, continuous sprint. Actively engaging the highest percentage of his body's muscles through brain command, the Connoisseur darts off. Exploiting his weapons' supernatural link to his mental faculties, Kieran rapidly materializes his enchanted, sheathed long-sword, holding it by the hilt with his left hand. Upon his gradual arrival to the Pentagon, the European Elitist's eyes are met by a vehement showcase of rampant violence and an unrelenting hailstorm of bullets and incendiary explosions.

Thermite grenades flung across the air, blitzing debris prompting him to take cover behind a wall. Dialing Kelly on his phone, he begins, "I'm here, right outside, taking cover behind a wall. Where are you by the way?", he inquires. "Oh and I have no idea on the situation but it looks quite explosive. For tactical purposes, tell me who you need help against the most".

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The combatants clashing in what might be a historic moment had almost been ended abruptly. A fatal bullet traveled through the air aimed to take a individual's life. Potential harm evaded by the interception by a monstrous sized entity. This allowed for a continuation of the clash between the two combatants.

Graceful near inconceivable feats of balance provided for the closing of distance between the apparent patriot and terrorist. Realizing his opposition couldn't be permitted to have such an opening a movement was made to disrupt Sakura's footing. Dropping to the ground on her back the samurai knew what was coming from her own experiences in being taught how to use a shield. With an opponent downed the defensive weapon had a moment to be used offensively in a downward attack. The solution was to roll to the side thus escaping physical harm. Retrieving a signature sai From one of its hidden sheathes she snapped up in a swift stab. Aiming to use the given close proximity to get around the shield and plant the blade deep in the heroes arm compromising his use of the shield further.

Rising to her feet the katana would come around in an arc to split the spine of her opposition. 'Razor' never wanted to leave an opening for Allegiance the shield compromised ranged attacks as did the existence of all the U.S soldiers. To avoid potential shield moves and being gunned down Sakura would stay close. A follow up slash aimed for the heroes legs and shield arm. Naturally focussing on her obvious dexterity and fluidity of movement to attempt to end this confrontation before the fight could even really begin.

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@pyrogram: @brahma_bull:

The emerald eagle's talons tore into the militant's face... actually, they barely scratched the monster's face, more so his mask. The thick cloth got caught on the eagle's feet as the Brahma Bull made some rant about Vikings or something. Seth screeched, trying to peck at the Bull's eyes until he sees the stained machete in motion."CRAP!" He says as he turns back into his green self, jumping off the Bull's head as he swings the vicious blade. The changeling bites his lip as he feels a few toes being hacked off by the cruel weapon, screaming inside his head at the pain. The scent of his own blood disgusted him... but excited him at the same time. He opens his bestial eyes, and smiles a fanged smile as gravity pulls him downwards. Retracting his claws, he tries to jab them into the Gangster Guerilla's back and drag them down as he fell towards the ground.

With his feet landing upon the ground, he pulls his claws back and dashes them across the back of the Bull's knees, before leaping back with a devil's smile on his face. The smell of blood brought out the beast... and maybe that's exactly what was needed here. Raising his head, he breathes heavily as the Bull spouts more nonsense. "Yeah.. blah blah blah, America sucks and we suck for fighting for it... yeah." Seth says to himself, wiping some blood off his face. "I don't know about where you come from, but here? That metal toothpick won't do you much good." Seth says, limping wincing while standing on his bleeding foot. "And let's face it... your not the baddest beast in the jungle anymore..." Seth says, closing his eyes as he began to shift again; his green form reached into the sky, growing as it took it's new form. The giant reptile opens it's eyes, and the T-Rex roars at it's now dwarfed adversary. "Not by a longshot."

The extinct reptile charges at the Monster Militant, bringing it's gigantic skull down, trying to ram it into the Bull and send him to the ground. Rearing his monstrous head back, Seth brings it back down and tries to chomp into the Bull's arm... and then, flail him and thrash him in the traditional predator's way. The pain, the blood, and the adrenaline felt good... and bad. This is why he hated blood... hated the fact he loved it...

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@pyrogram: @_tails_:

Alerted by the arrows' shift in airflow, he haughtily grinned, the Militant Mammoth was deceptively nimble in his evasion, dexterously executing a buoyant backstep, his rapidity a biophysical impossibility for one of his enormity, of his weight. Coerced by the apparent illusion of having avoided the entirety of the Gothic Knight's long-ranged assault, the Guerrilla Goliath continued, unaware of the rebounding potency of the tertiary arrow's approach, it's indefinitely sharpened arrowhead graphically piercing into the accumulative muscular tissue of his back, the arrow puncturing, rufescent liquid lethargically streaming from his wound, yet he winced not. His legendary fortitude, his conveyed unstoppability remained untouched, or so it seemed. "You th-", his verbal mockery was halted, an isolating field of sorts had enveloped his entire being, the arrow's incipient effects commencing.

Actively separating him from the ambient planet's necessary atmospheric pressure, the Brahma Bull's bodily liquid fails to remain in liquid state, exponential expansion forcing it's transition into water vapor, inducing a brutalizing series of swelling, "G..gnnaaaah!", voicing his ensuing agony, his body's indomitable physical might preventing impairment from the escalating swelling, accomplished little in mitigating the effects of lacking pressure. Though powerfully resistant, a portion of his bloodstream's oxygen dissipated, his stamina experiencing a decrease, the oxygen's reverse-dissolving lessening the percentage supplied to the muscles and vital organs. The waning pressure imparting effects on his biology's nitrogen as well. Nitrogen bubbles forming in sections of the circulatory system, inducing excruciating joint pain yet fortunately mitigated by the Brahma Bull's unorthodox, durable physiological faculties, his preternatural genetic composition.

And yet, the arrow's intentions saw no deterrent. The lowered pressure proceeded with the lowering of his bodily fluids' boiling point. The waning pressure enabling more effortless movement for molecules, requiring less thermal energy to transform the liquid molecules into a less dense gas. His fluids' boiling point dropping to virtual approximation to his body temperature, subtly melting him from the inside, his physical fortitude his only reason for survival, the Brahma Bull's indignation had been piqued. His sustained injuries, severe, even with the durability to endure the greatest of modern explosives, this arrow provided an offensive intensity unlike that which he had never experienced. Of the boy's words he heard none, none save for the shapeshifter's proclamation regarding the jungle.

His clawed attempts succeeded only in superficial damage, the Brahma Bull's elephantine hide while seemingly vulnerable in it's exposed, top layers, his deeper flesh boasted an insurmountable toughness. Lacerations, wounds of vanity. No longer the baddest beast of the jungle? To this, the Brahma Bull laughed, he laughed and laughed and laughed. Forcing himself via legendary tenacity to resume battle despite his severe condition, he ridiculed the shapeshifter. "An old relic of the past", disparaging his opponent's apparent selection of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, an extinct creature, "Heh. But you are just a boy. Brainwashed by the Western propaganda that this", he scoffed, "An overgrown lizard is a beast. But I do not expect you to know anything of substance. Children never do".

"If you had just let me kill you, you would not have to suffer from the pain I will force upon you runts!". As his opponent charged, so did the Brahma Bull, as if intent on intercepting the charge with his own. But he was no brute, he was an intellectual, a combat tactician, an executioner in close quarters. He knew exactly how to do battle. Capitalizing on the approximated skull of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Brahma Bull opted for an appropriate counter. Slipping an inch away from the opponent's head, the Guerrilla Goliath's rear hand adopts a semi-circular, vertical motion as the dropping motion imparts aggrandizing power into his executed overhand right, seeking to take advantage of his opponent's reckless charge and proximity of the head. The counter punch boasting boundless physical power.

The strength to topple skyscrapers, to surmount nearly any physical barrier, all imparted in a solitary overhand right, not even the skull of a dinosaur could endure the knockout power of the terrorist's counter, it's objective simple, to knock the opponent unconscious, to send yet another statement prior to his departure. Following the success or failure of his attempt, the Brahma Bull winced, the Verdant Knight's arrow having damaged him beyond further functionality for the time being. "Hmph. You are all talk and no action", he grinned, "A true piece of trash". With uncanny stealthiness, the Gothic City Nightmare vanishes. The damage sustained was of too much substantiality. Should his overhand right however, miss, the veiled deployment of an experimental version of the Sarin nerve toxin (colorless and odorless) within his opponent's proximity would seek to impart damage via lung muscle paralysis commenced by a painful tightness in the chest and followed by explosive defecation, urination, and vomiting, all prior to gradual suffocation.

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I chuckled at Kieran's sense of humor. Before I could offer a humorous retort of my own a autocannon shell punched through the desk and slammed into my shield with enough force to toss me across the room like a rag doll. Two by fours cracked and drywall crumbled.

A table caught me in the next room. Laptops clattered as they hit the floor and I rolled to me feet, hopped off the table and walked out the side door. Someone out there had some serious firepower.

Something was ringing.. ah. It was my cell. Kicking through the rubble of the wall I found it laying on top of a half exposed electrical outlet box. "Kieran? Ah, yes. I'm inside the pentagon right now. Most of us are pinned by heavy fire, if you could put an end to the enemy suppression we would be able to maneuver with much greater freedom and take back the initiative. Good luck!"

Dropping my phone back to my utility belt I took a running leap out of the shattered bay window. A quick roll into cover and then I used the translucent energy of my shield to look at the battlefield without exposing myself.

There. @decayingrose. Another ninja or samurai or assassin or whatever attacking @allegiance. Rising from cover I drew my shield back, took aim and let fly; aiming the forcefield edge of my shield toward her left knee with my full four tons of superhuman power.