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Normal rules.The two warriors will begin the fight on a rooftop in New York,theres no telling where it will end up from there.

It was about 12:00 pm,though it was dark cars ran up and down the street.The night life was about.Slim stood atop a rooftop,his hair was blowing in the wind and he looked down upon the streets.Yet there was something bothering him.What?maybe it was the fact that there was a man behind him.

Slim pulled his mask over his head,his visor glowed.

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Nighthunter saw in front of him a hero that he had never seen before. It didn't matter to him tough, he was hero and he killed them, that's all that mattered.

Nighthunter grabbed the master sword out of his armor and activated the power of the triforce, a shiny triangle started to form in Nighthunter's hand, he was ready to start the battle.

"Never seen you around here before. It's a shame that I'll have to kill you before we could really know each other"

Nighthunter jumped high in the air, he sent a slash directly to Slim's chest.

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A smile came across the face of Slim,it was a smile of the perfect kind.There was no chance for his opponent of his,it was that simple.As Nighthunter sent a slash at Slim,he rolled to the right and quickly fired off an optic blast while Nighthunter was still in the air.

"What a loser."

Slim spun around and flipped into the air,backflipping off of the building,all at the same moment he sent off three more blast that richochted off towards Nighthunter,in three different places.Then he fell through the air,his back facing the pavement.At the last moment he held on to a flag pole,then spun,landing onto the ground.

"Perfect 10"

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Slim displayed agility good enough to dodge Nighthunter's attack without any problem, this surprised Nighthunter since he didn't thought that Slim would be that good. However the surprises didn't stop there, since he also sent an optic blast directly to Nighthunter.

Nighthunter quickly grabbed his sword and used it to stop the optic blast that was sent to him, however soon after that he saw how Slim sent another three against him, he was able to stop another one of them, however the two of them hit him.

Nighthunter was sent 10 feets away and hit the wall. He quickly got up and grabbed his bow and gauntlet.

"That really hurt"

Nighthunter sent 10 fire arrows directly to Slim. Soon after that he used his gauntlet to gain speed and attack Slim with his sword by another angle. Slim had two options; be hurt by Nighthunter's arrows or slashed by Nighthunter's sword.

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Slim pondered on how Nighthunter had moved to his postion so fast,it puzzeled him.Though there wasnt enough time to think,as Nighthunter shot arrows and followed up with a slash,Slim's face changed.The slash was adverted with a flip,yet he was met with arrows.He managed to quickly move from most,but some hit his shoulder,another hit his thigh,and one cut at his ribs when it whizzed by.

Slim landed hard,his wounds bleed perfusely.He bellowed in pain as he took out the arrows,blood squirted out.He ran at Nighthunter full speed,hitting the ground beneath him with a powerful blast,then hitting a building above to cause more falling rubble.He dashed passed Nighthunter,and rotated a disc on his visor,widening the range on his blast.

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He saw how Slim started running to him at full speed, it was incredible how fast he moved considering how he was damaged by Nighthunter's arrows.

Nighthunter saw how Slim shooted to the ground and then again to a building next to them. Nighthunter quickly made a move to save himself from the collapsing building, using his gauntlet he was able to evade the falling building and put himself in a safe zone.

He jumped and landed in front of slim, quickly after that he sent another slash to Slim.

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"Your moves are too boring."

Slim leaned back as the slash pushed forward,the moves were repeatitve,Slim was getting a little tired.His skill copy proved to be very little help,the mans style was useless.Slim ducked to the ground sending a leg sweep,then pushing himself back up he threw a heel kick towards Nighthunters chin.

Slim somersaulted backwards and let loose a powerful blast that knocked his visor to the ground.

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Nighthunter was able to dodge Slim's kick thanks to his great agility, soon after that he saw how slim launched an incredible powerfull optic blast to him. Nighthunter felt scared since he hadn't seen anything like that before. Scared and not knowing if he could do it, Nighthunter jumped to try to dodge the blast.

A big explosion happened and it was unknown if Nighthunter had avoided the attack, let alone survive it. The smoke started to disperse and Nighthunter appeared from the shadows.

"So my moves are boring huh? Let's see what you can do using only your fighting skills" Nighthunter guarded his sword and took his gauntlets off.

"In the end there can be only one"

Nighthunter started to run to where Slim stood and sent a punch directly to him

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Slim swayed to the right,then spun around to avoid any further moves.He rolled towards the ground then did a handspring to pop himself into the air.He came crashing down with heel kick,then double jumped to the left throwing a haymaker.

He landed with extreme style,he propped himself up and went straight in again,more of his moves poured out.Slim lept over Nighthunter then leaned back on one hand,he began to spin.Kicks were thrusted towards the enemy as if Slim was breakdancing in a dangerous fashion.

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Slim's kicks were able to his Nighthunter and hurt him, he was indeed a fighter with an unarmed combat as good as strange. Nighthunter was still confident tough, altough he prefered to use his sword and arrow against his opponents, he had been trained by the best of the best and he would prove it to Slim.

Nighthunter started to run to Slim, he attacked him using a tecnique that was one of the last that his master had thaught him, the dragon fist. That attack's purpose was to make the opponent lose his balance, break his defense and hit him hard and fast.

Nighthunter send one kick directly to slim's legs, after that he sent one punch to his chest and the other one directly to his head, altough the movement was simple to say, it was hard to do since it required total concentrarion.