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So I need help, from you people who do it regularly.

I'd like to play/join/have a go at this RPG here on CV, but after reading the Official Thread, I have no idea! I think I now have less of an idea!

So do I create for example Mr Average Hero. He's 22. Lives in the fictional city of Generica. He likes reading, long walks and punching.

Or is it DCU or Marvel specific world type people for example: Aver Age, 22, intern in the Daily Bugle printing room got a paper cut across his hands one dad, deeply lacerating them. He was rushed to hospital but the ambulance was caught in a fight between Thor and The U-Foes and it exploded! The explosion triggered his mutant gene, saving him from certain death and granting him strange and unusual powers. He is another costumed protector in NYC.

Or as I've seen it's user name so @average_hero22 and it's based on me and I fight other users?

Or is it like actual D&D where there's stats, attack rolls, perception checks and the like?

If someone could kindly guide this newbie to the RPG section of CV that'd be appreciated. Just would like to see what else is here, may help with my fan-ficing

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@batkevin74: Yo.

So first off, CV takes place in it's own universe which is pretty muddled, but you can RP in any universe you want but you gotta tell people that you're doing so(otherwise they'll be confused and won't be able to RP with ya), right now there's a CVNU which is a rebootish CV universe where things are fresh.

As for where you join, you join any RPG marked as "Open" or you can enter one of the many location thread, they've got their own little rules, but they're easy to follow. Just keep in mind if it's CV mainline or CVNU(it'll usually be marked).

RPGing works like writing a story, except you take turns and only control your own character and NPCs. It's more about building a narrative usually rather than actually competition.

There's lots of rules and stuff, but you can good idea about how they work by skimming the rules and reading some other RPs.

Hope this helps.

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@batkevin74: Shoot me a pm

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I usually start be telling new users to use their character name as their username. I dont know why but something about lowercase names with numbers feels off. You dont have to, but I'd create an account with a strong/cool/unique character name (without numbers and with proper grammar.

Example: The_ Last_ Duskblade

Instead of: thelastduskblade760

Like Decoy helpfully pointed out the CV rpg universe is its own Universe. Places like New York and Russia, etc, exist but the Marvel and DCU do not.

Its nothing like DD, its actually just like a Fan Fic only instead of individual pieces of writing, you're interacting with other users.

Ziccarra will explain all the fundamentals and little details if you PM her. You couldnt be in better hands or have a better mentor then her.

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@Decoy Elite: Thanks for your help

@Ziccarra_Liafador: And also you, most helpful

@Quintus_Knightfall said:

Ziccarra will explain all the fundamentals and little details if you PM her. You couldnt be in better hands or have a better mentor then her.


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@batkevin74: ah so your the crafty computer guy who jumped into the Knightfall RPG. You have a great tutor, but son you just stepped into the lions den. Perfect place to start if you ask me.

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@EdwardWindsor: Thanks. If you're going to swim it may as well be the deep end.

And all heroes need villains...and subplots :)

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@batkevin74: with that attitude and the Z as your mentor you will go far. Will work with you shortly.