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Ok heres the RPG. You all know the story and if you dont then you shouldnt be here. Check the OOC and ask if you can join. Standard RPG rules apply.

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Malcolm spured his horse down the last ridge to the meeting place. The rest of the gang would meet him here. He swung out of the saddle and took off his coat.

The sun was high in the sky, shadows shortened to points of darkness around the object. He ran his fingers along the handle of his Remington 58 and sighed. He had the money in his saddlebag and he was fairly certain that the rest of the group could be trusted. But there was always a chance.

A rider appeared on the ridge that he had come over.

"Now that shouldnt be." he said.

Cocking the revolver.

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20 people stood around a square shaped opening in the ground. The preacher read from the bible and the a mother collapsed in tears, she had just lost her son in a brutal shot out. The brave young sheriff stood his ground as several men robbed the Norflok bank. Suddenly a man on a black horse rode up, a golden gleem shown as the sun hit his badge. United States Marhsal it read. The man walked over to the grave removing his hat and knelt down, he slowly grabbed a hand full of dirt and threw it in.

"I swear brother, I'll track down ever last one of those suns of bitch's........and hang em."

He would need a posse and he knew exactly who to ask first.


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The rider galloped the last hundred meters and pulled up just short of Malcolm.

"You killed him Malcolm, thier comming for you."

He threw down a large piece of paper. Printed on it was a poor picture of Malcolm himself.

"I want out Mal. Im not getting killed for you. Just give me my money and I'll go."

Malcolm strode over to his sadlebags and pulled out a bag of cash. Opening it he withdrew a bundle and threw it to the man. He then tossed another bundle. The man caught them both, surprise registering on his face.

"Theres how much you won in the robbery and how much you would have got for turning me in."

In one fluid motion Malcolm drew his pistol and shot the man three times, working the hammer with the flat of his hand.

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Post Deleted.

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Dust kicked up under Silver's hooves as he and Scott rode through the West. Scott and his gang of Bandits had just pulled off a bank heist and were meeting at their meeting place.

Silver was Scott's trusty horse. He had had Silver for a long time, and served him well. "Whoa, Silver." Scott said as they rode over a ridge and saw the meeting place in sight. Scott jumped off of Silver and led him slowly toward the meeting place. Scott patted his Colt Paterson revolver in its holster. He called it The Colt. He had made up the legend that this gun could kill anything. Scott had other guns, but he used The Colt more often. Everyone knew, when they heard the Colt, they'd think of The Wolf Bandit.

People called Scott The Wolf Bandit because of Scott's ruthlessness. It reminded them of a wolf. He took no prisoners, shot first, and asked questions later.

He sat down by Silver and looked for someone else in his gang.

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Malcolm rode up out of the hollow wher the meeting had been aranged to take place. A few dozen metres away Scott was crouching in the dust. Malcolm looked him up and down.

"Moneys just gone up. Eddie isnt gonna be collecting."

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A small shot glass was spinning at the end of the bar, Next to it sat a bottle of whiskey , sun shinning threw the window, into the brown liquid throwing a tan on the mans white hand, “Are you my little show, My little window into my soul” , His eyes where dark blue , , He slowly ran his finger over his torn lips, His pink tongue brushed his think black moustache.

HE stop the glass from and poured himself another drink “Doc the marshal is looking for you”, He span on the chair almost falling forward, finding his balance he grabbed the bottle and headed for the door, The light hurt his eyes , Pulling his ten gallon hat forward to give him shade he waked into the dusty street, The silver six shooters shone in the sun light, A small tree ran up the handles and on to the barrow.

“Cough “ Crimson mist spat from his mouth “Wonderful , Just wonderful “ It did not slow him down at all he kept walking to the office and took a swig half way across the road, “Wonder what he wants this time” He stood on the edge of the wooden step and looked at the office, It began to sway back and forth, “Bloody hell could they not have built a stable one.”

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"Wow Doc,." said the Marshal as he came up from behind. "Maybe you should low down on that stuff,"

The Marshal opened up the door to his office and invited Doc in. "Have a seat Doc. I know your no fan of the law Doc but I need to ask ya something. I need ya ta ride with me, help track down those murderious bastered that killed my brother and robbed that bank up in Norfolk.

He watched as Doc coughed up into a rag, he was dying of tuberculosis but was still the fastest man on the draw he had ever seen.

"So, whatya say Doc?"

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Spiting into the rag the blood was thicker then it use to be , He took another swig on the whiskey, looking at the marshal The marshal was a tall man everybody knew this town was clean and it was because of him , Doc never had respect for a man more then he did James , He was noble and cut Doc slack more times then he could recall.

Trying to smile, But the pain was great , He would not give it the god damn satisfaction of making him fall, Slamming the bottle down on the table he tilted his hat “I’m going to get a bath dear fellow , Then I will ride with you “ , Turning as fast as he could he moved to the door, The room had began to spin faster then he could keep up with it, “Damn fools need to build these things better” , He took the steps then staggered back to the bar.

Walking in he looked over at the bar keep who was pouring him another whiskey “No , I need a lady and a bath an I said Lady and that’s what I expect” trying to find his feet up the stairs he crashed into his room and sank into the empty bath tub, Waiting for the hot water and his mistress.

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Marshal James was outside fixing his saddle and loading his double barrell shotgun into the side pouch. He then made his way over to Greenleafs bar to round up Doc, who was no doubt neck deep in whores and whiskey. As he entered the bar he noticed a true bautiy sitting at the bar, he then noticed the two pearl handed revolvers hanging off her hips.

"Barkeep, whiskey, and one for the lady." The Marshal took a seat next to the woman, his black trenchcoat hanging over the stool. He tilted the brim of his hat, "Mam"

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Post Deleted.

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Doc came out his room , He had finally sobered up and was dressed in a grey suit , His revolvers sat squint on his waist, Now that he had been cleaned he looked a hell of a lot worse, The paleness of his skin made it look like death was right behind him, His back boots had silver spars on them, Which he won at poker, many people knew doc for the killer that he was , No one faster so they say, But he was a mean card shark as well.

He moved to the bar and sat next to James and his female friend, “Whiskey Doc” the bar keep was already pouring , But doc lifted a shacking hand “Milk please” , The bar froze the music stopped “Doc are you alright “ His eyes sharpened “give me the god damn milk “ , Passing doc a cool glass of fresh milk he stood in amazement,.

Looking over at the women sitting next to him he smiled, and took his hat in one hand then bowed his wobbly head, “Hello my dear, let me introduce my self I Am John Doc Hollyday, But you can call me doc, and what may I call you” He lifted a very shaky hand for her to shake .

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Without waiting for a reply Malcolm turned his horse away from Scott and rode towards a line of low hills that were just visible in the afternoon haze. Behind him the wanted poster by Eddies body was whipped up by the wind and landed near Scott.

Malcolm now carried three weapons. A six shooter from Eddies body, his old Remington and a repeater. He rode tall in the shadows.

"For the killing of Sherrif James."

Thats what the poster had said. He knew who was comming after him. Marshal James. The dead man brother.

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Post Deleted.

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The Marshal took one last shot and turned to Doc. "Ya ready. Lets get a move on." Jesse then turned to Stone and nodded, "Mam, you wouldnt by any chance be a tracker would ya? I need some good trusty men to ride with me. I could use someone of your talents. I can pay you a 100 now and a 100 after, plus any individual rewards for the capture or death of these fugitives."

Jesse grabbed the bottle, he knew Doc would need it sooner or later.

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Post Deleted.

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“well don’t believe half of it the other half is true, Who needs a man stone we’re useless anywau “ he smiled as he turned back to his milk , He downed it and turned to James “I’m ready when you are old friend “ , Standing he walked to the door, still trying to find his feet , The sunlight still hurt but he would get use to it, Pushing his back up forcing himself to stand straight for the first time in years he smiled , Pulling his shot glass from his pocket, He looked into it,

”Well my little window , tell me what my souls says now, “ . He threw the glass in the air, No one saw the movement but his gun was in his hand , One shot and the glass was now broken shards the sunlight causing rainbows to dance on the floor as it fell, “Wonder if that truly is my souls “ ,Placing his gun back in it’s holster , he nodded to the ladies .

His horse was pure black apart from one spot of white on her head, running his hand over her main and down on to the saddle he threw him self up in one move,, the cold steal of his Remington touched his thigh , Just as deadly with his pistols as he was with that , There only two things Doc could do in this world was kill and drink , And it sure wasn’t time for drinking.

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Spec's stimbled through the door and sat down flustered at the nearest table a stranger asked him his name

"Spec's thats what they calls me round here, due to my Spectacles you see"

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"Hmm, What?" Scott woke up from dozing off. His hat had covered his eyes to make it look like he was awake, but he was really asleep. Scott's eyes glanced to his feet. There was the wanted poster right by Scott's boots.

He picked it up and looked it over. "Wanted for the Murder of Sheriff James?" It had Malcolm's picture on it. Malcolm was the Leader of Scott's Gang. "I need to sort this perdicament out."

Scott stuffed the posted in his pocket and jumped up onto Silver. "Heeya!" He yelled, riding after Malcolm.

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The poeple wernt being exactly friendly so Spec's walked out.

Out side he saw the wanted poster,

"oh dang it wait till i grab that son of a gun malcolm" He spluttered

life was never easy for a doctor in the west, well more of a scienist .he rode out to find MAlcolm.

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Post Deleted.

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“in that case Lady stone, the hollow, is where they’ll be “ Doc dropped his hat to the lady , She had a clever mind and knew how to track , Pushing himself up on his horse so he could just see the edge of town, The sun was high but at there backs, It was the best place to have it, chasing you down like you’re a dog , He slapped the side of his horse and began to ride, Dust flying up at the back of him, The hunt was on the longer they waited the harder it would be to follow there man.

Doc was good friends with the James boys, His brother had been a hard but caring fellow , Always first to lend a hand if you where in trouble and Trouble was something Doc had seen a lot off, The dust was kicking up fierce, Every time Doc coughed ,a small ruby mist would fill the air , These would be his last few months , if he even had that /

Doc knew he had lived to long for a man in his chosen career, Living past twenty was lucky for gun slingers , He slowed down in to a trot and let the others catch up , One hand holding the rails as he lit a small cigar , He moved his hand to a pistol and back up to his mouth , his whole body vibrated as he sucked in the sweet cigar , He felt the tobacco move round his lungs and into his heart, Turning to Stone “You any good with em “ pointing at her pistols .

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The mountain air was cold and crisp in Malcolm lungs, a far cy away from the dry dust of the plains. His horse was tiering but it wasnt far to the cabin. Somewhere behind him was Scott. Malcolm spured his horse again, driving her up the winding path.

He knew they were comming after him and wanted to be ready. The cabin wasnt the place, too crowded, to many avenues of attack. He wanted to have cover but not to be restricted by it. He had a few hours head start, then they'd pick up the gangs trail down by the creek.

The horse staggered, almost throwing him to the ground.

"Easy girl," he said soothingly and patted the horses flank "We'll be there soon."

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Post Deleted.

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Mountains. That's all Scott could see. He and Silver stopped at a crossing in the woodland. Scott dropped down off of Silver and began looking at the road. Scott was searching for horse tracks or anything that would point them in the right direction. There. Horse Tracks. Vague, the dust from the road had blew over them a little, but you could barely make them out.

Scott hopped up on Silver and spurred him forward. Silver was going at a fair gallop through the forest when Scott thought he saw something move in the forest to his right. He gently spurred Silver to go a little faster.

Then Scott heard a howl. "C'mon, boy. Let's go." Silver began to run slightly. Then, a wolf attacked Silver from the bushes to his left. Silver stood up on his hind legs, fending off the wolf. "Whoa, Boy!" Scott yelled. Then he saw more wolves behind him.

"Ne'er mind that mutt! Let's move!" Scott spurred Silver and the two of them burst through the forest, dodging the other wolves attack from behind. "Them critters are smart."

As almost in response to Scott's statement, the 5 wolves began chasing after Scott and Silver. Scott pulled out the Colt, cocked it, and turned around to the wolves. He shot the ground by one of the wolves and caught by surprise, causing it to trip and tumble on the roadside.

Scott turned back round. He could see the edge of the forest. "Yes!" He leaned in close to Silver as they sped up. Light blinded them as they fled the forest, only to see moutainous canyons and valleys. The wolves kept chasing them. Scott looked ahead and saw a sharp turn with a river down below it.

He sped up and turned it with silver, barely making it and sending a few rocks tumbling into the river below. The wolves turned, two of them not making it and freefalling into the raging rapids.

"There's only two left, Boy. Let's shake 'em off!" Then a wolf leaped and latched itself onto Silver. He neighed in pain at the touch of the wolf's claws. "Now see, I didn't mean fer real!"

Scott pulled out his Colt and aimed just above the wolf's head. He didn't like to harm animals and tried not to whenever possible. Scott pulled the trigger and set the bullet flying right above the wolf's head, surprising it and making it fall to the mountain road behind Silver.

"We can outrun this one. Let's go!" Silver ran faster then he ever ran before, ans soon caused the wolf to slow down and let it howl in regret.

Scott let Silver slow down andgo at a normal pace. "You'll be needin' water soon, I reckon." The two of them trotted the rest of the way up the Mountain path in search of Malcolm.

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Malcolm reached the cabin, he sung himself out of the sadle stiffly and patted the horse.

"Good girl."

He removed the sadle and rubbed her with some straw that he found in a bale, then he put a blanket over her back and went to find some oats. Once the nose bag was full and the horse was happily eating he walked into the cabin itself. Darkness was comming on so he lit a fire and poitioned a rocking chair so that it faced the door.

Malcolm lit a cigar and blew the smoke out of his mouth. He checked the sawn off shotguns breach and satisfied that it was loaded settled down to wait.

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Doc knew he had lived to long for a man in his chosen career, Living past twenty was lucky for gun slingers , He slowed down in to a trot and let the others catch up , One hand holding the rails as he lit a small cigar , He moved his hand to a pistol and back up to his mouth , his whole body vibrated as he sucked in the sweet cigar , He felt the tobacco move round his lungs and into his heart, Turning to Stone “You any good with em “ pointing at her pistols .

Doc let out a little laugh, Then he drew up next to Jesse “We got us a look out, Just yonder them tree’s I clocked him about half a mile back but didn’t want to scare him , What do you want us to do,” He lifted a hand waving Stone back, He took a long drag on his cigar, “She got sprit , I’ll give her that” .

HE pushed up easing the strain on his legs, All the horses where in need of water, Which gave them a reason to stop and talk and not alarm the look out, He slipped on his grey cotton gloves and cocked the hammer back on the Remenington. If Jesse said that man would be dead in a second.

He tilted his hat and looked a Jesse, He made sure not to look in the direction of the old tree, The man had been hiding there so he could take out anyone who followed Malcolm, The tree was dry and dying, It was tan in colour and only had three branches , All three gave a great sniper point on them, If the guy was a good shot that is.

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Spec's rode up to Malcolm fast. Jumping off he run up to him shouting,

"what the hell you think your doing getting me all mixed up in this"

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"I didnt shoot no Sherrif. You dont belive me, argue with Mr two barrel here." he said patting the shotgun in his hand.

"Now get in here and shut that door, your lettin a draft in and its disturbing my thinking,"

Malcolm took another toke on his cigar and went back to thinking.

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Without moving his head Jesse spoke, "Ya, I see em. Maybe Apache, maybe one of the Rees boys, either way where open targets out here."

The Marshal slowly lowered his hand down to his revolver and ready'd himself.

"Ya got any ideas Stone?"

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Post Deleted.

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It was indeed an ambush, and they were sitting ducks. "Split up!, will meet in the center of the tree line, there's at least two of them bastereds maybe more."

Jesse looked at Doc and nodded, Doc had a grin ear to ear, he lived for this shit and that's what made a dangerous.

The Marhsal slid over on his horse, hanging off from one side he was completly covred by its body as he made his way for the tree line.

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The night wore on and an hour before dawn Malcolm got up.

"Specs. Get your guns and follow me. Weve got a possy to take care of."

Without waiting for a reply he went outside and scanned the horizon. There was no sign of Scott. Malcolm sadled his horse and put on his coat. Then, lighting another cigar, settled down to wait for his friend. He was going to need him to sort this mess out

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Doc rode to the left, He sat as proud as punch almost flirting with death, His horse trotted along kicking up small dust clouds, It was not until he was out of eye sight that he dropped of his horse and began to run, Heart pumping blood round his veins so fast, Stopping to get his bearings , Moving silently he ducked down into a crouch and began moving closer to his target.

Peering over a branch he had found for cover, Holy shit there is eight of them , Now this will be fun , moving the hammers back on his six shooters , The cold steel teasing his fingers as it clicked into place, Licking his bottom lip a metallic taste of blood attacked his tongue, Standing with a massive smile on his face.

“Hello huckleberry ‘s now you must be lost” the eight men looked around , some had there belts on the would be the first to fall, The others would have to run to get there’s , Nothing more satisfying then drilling lead into dirty posses like this, “I think it’s you that’s lost Doc, a tall man stood in the middle of them” Sundance , Well this is really going to be fun ”You wouldn’t shot an old friend in the bac..” Sundance was down , Smoke coming out the red hot barrow of Holydays gun, Bullets wiz by his head, it was all a blur bullets filing everywhere .

Suddenly a sharp hot pain hit him in the leg, It was as if some one has burnt a hole in his skin, flesh ripped as blood treacled down his leg, But he kept on, 12 bullets he had when the last man was standing he had 4, Doc had left him to last on purpose , He was short and plump and had the most terrible bread he had ever seen, and ,most importantly he was shacking, He span and fried at Doc the bullet hit the tree behind, Doc just kept on walking as if the devil him self had come out just to see this man die, Doc pulled his knife, ”No please “, Doc was standing right in front of him , Then he whispered in his ear “Give my regards to the pale horse men, May I see him soon” The blade cut deep between the mans ribs, Doc twisted the knife so the wound lay open, white met red as blood poured onto his white shirt Doc looked the man in the eyes “Death is a wonderful thing so beautiful and yet so sad. “.

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The gun fire had distracted the man Marshal James was sneaking up on. As the man stood by a tree leaning over to shoot Doc in the back the Marshal came up from behind and pistol whipped him knocking him to the ground. Jesse looked at the dead bodys laid out, "They never had a chance." he thought.

He drug the man over to the nearest tree and tied a noose around his neck. As he hoasted the man up into the air his legs kicking desperate to find the ground the Marshal smiled.

"Just tell me where Malcom Reese." the Marshal let the man down long enough for him to speak.

Screw you Mars.....

The man was thrust back up into the air.

The Marshal tied off the rope and let the man hang. He slowly pulled out his bowie knife and a piece of paper, he then placed the piece of paper on the mans chest and stabbed the knife in deep.

"Lets ride."

The man hung there, with a sign for the rest of his gang.

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Post Deleted.

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Doc called to his horse it came galloping over, He went to swing bet fell to one knee coughing up a scarlet blob into his rag, Pulling himself up he sprang on to his horse, The disease was wining , slowly but this was the one thing that would finally beat him , His throat was sore “Jesse “ he coughed again , He kept it in his mouth and spat at the body on the way past “Jesse thanks for bringing me “/

As the horses walked along , Doc started reloading his guns, Eight for eight he thought to himself at lest I haven’t lost my touch, He winked at Stone “Did are rabbit run to his master, “, The plan had no doubt worked and sacred the young fellow into Malcolm’s arm’s all they had to do was follow and kill every last one of those filthy bastards .

“The horse will need water soon” Spitting again , this time it was less blood , He tapped his silver case and took out another cigar , “Jesse you got a drink on you,”

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Post Deleted.

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"Yeah Doc, I got a drink. There's an old silver town not to far ahead, I say we bed down for the night and give the horses a rest."

He threw the bottle of whiskey over to his old friend. The horses where fine but Doc didnt look so good, but Jesse would never embarrass Doc and never treated him as weak or helpless.

"Whatya say guys, I could use a tube and a good woman."

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The dawn was gone and still Scott hadnt appeared. If he didnt arrive soon then they'd have to leave without him. Malcolm dozed, his head against his sadle, which, at some point during the night had made its way from his horses back onto the floor.

A rock clattered somewhere in the valley and Malcolm sat up. It was either Scott, Marshal Jameson or an unwanted visitor. He knew which of the three he would prefer it to be. He cocked his winchester and slunk out of the stable, slipping accross the strip of open ground before the cabin and into the woods. He waited and watched.

A rider appeared, slowly working his way up the slope, obviously in pain. Malcolm stepped out of his hiding place, he recognised the man, it was Johnny, Eddies brother.

"What happened Johnny?"

The man sat bolt upright in the saddle, eyes flashing.

"There you are Mal. We were attacked by Marshal Jameson, I think that Im the only one who survived. But that doesnt matter. Your going to pay for my brothers death."

He made a grab for his pistol but Malcolm was ready. The winchester flashed in the morning sunlight, the report startleing birds in the pine trees. Johnny fell from his horse. Malcolm strode over to him and pointed his gun at his head.

"Why were you following Jameson."

Johny's eyes were unfocussed and he answered falteringly.

"He's tracking you, thought that he would lead us to you."

"You thought right." Malcolm said and pulled the trigger.

"Specs you lazy bastard, get ready, were leaving."

The Marshal was comming.

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Doc smiled “You and me both know we got to keep moving, Or we will miss em, I don’t think they saw me ,just you ,so we still have a little surprise for Malcolm come morning", He took a large swig on the bottle , His hand steady ,It was as if getting back with an old love , it warmed you up inside and you had no guilt attached.

He thrashed his rains and began moving forward, He was going to die soon and it would not be under some whore , It would be riding that lead bullet to hell, Smoke coming from his flesh, He was a gun fighter and that as sure as hell how he was going to die, Placing a hand on his silver revolver, He sat up straight or as straight as he could, “Lets move it’s a long journey, we can bed down when night fall comes… “ digging his heels in deep to his black mare it shot off.

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into town rode the midnight riders. a group of vigilantes that do what they please and if you wanted to hire them, be sure to know that they allways collect there bounty. midget, jerk, crazy, and carl were lead by the desparado known as sun down tom riding his horse blacker than any shadow.

"this look like a great place to loot eh boys?"

midnight riders:"ye boss yea yea."

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There was silence from inside the house so Malcolm mounted his horse alone. His sadlebags were heavy with gold and so he dumped them. Speed was needed now. With a grim face he put his back to the cabin and rode towards the nearest town, Jackson. It was the ass end of the west, a no good town crawling with low lifes. Malcolm would be right at home.

The journey took most of the day and the sun was dropping when he rode into Jackson. Hookers waved from the balcony of the brothel, unashamedly standing in thier undergarments. Malcolm waved back and got a few blown kisses. If Jameson had a half decent tracker he would be able to follow him to the town. If he had an excellent tracker he might be able to folloe him for a few hundred metres through the town before the tracks became to difficult to read.

He tethered his horse behind the saloon and went inside, breathing deep of the smoky atmosphere.

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Marshal James and the gang rode up into the old silver town of Jackson Mississippi. The town was boomin and people crowded the streets. Jesse knew Doc would head straight for bar.

"Why dont you two go get us some rooms and set up a tab. I'll take the horses down to the stables and get them some food and water. I'll meet ya all back here in 20."

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Post Deleted.

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Malcolm was greeted by the stony stares of the patrons. He gave them a smile and walked to the bar, taking care not to postion himself with his back to the door. He asked for whiskey and drank quickley.

"I know where Ive seen you before," a man said.

Malcolm sighed, no sentance that he ever heard had started that way and not resulted in violence.

"You were the one that messed about with my sister last year and made off with our savings."

Malcolm threw himself to the side in time to avoid the swung chair. The bar came alive, men scambling to find weapons. Malcolm knocked his attacker over with a left hook followed by a straight right. Another guy grabbed him from behind but he reached over his shoulders and pulled the mans coat over his head, incapacitating him. Out of nowhere someone punched him and he staggerd backwards through the doorway and out onto the street. Half the bar followed him, ready for a fight. He swore at them.

"Come on you bastards, I'll take you all. One at a time or all at once it makes no difference to me."

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Walking straight into the bar he smiled as the smoke filled his lungs, Pushing his way to the bar “Two rooms for the night and fill the tubs , Also a bottle of whiskey and the nearest poker game.” , The bar tender stopped as a fight broke out behind him.

Doc turned to see Malcolm Pulling his gun he fired it in the air” The fighters froze and turned to look at him “Now boys , This man here has to see to me first” , A big man stepped in front of him he was seven foot two and built like a bear and had one hell of a bread “What right you got “, Doc eyes met the mans “Now listen Grizzly and listen good, My name is Doc Hollyday,” His gun fired into the mans gut, He spat blood into Docs face as he fell forward, Catching him he kissed him on the cheek and fired of two shots at Malcolm “and here was me wanting to be a civil and such like

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Malcolm swore and ran, twisting and turning though the struggling press of men, some running and some trying to go for thier guns. He dashed across the road, ignoreing the screams from the bar and kicked in a doorway. Inside a woman cried out.

"Get yer kids outside missus, I dont mean you no harm." Malcolm shouted.

He drew his pistol and slid down next to a window. Pain shot through his leg, he swore again and checked himself. Blood was oozeing from a small hole in his left buttock.

"Good shootin Holliday. You tagged my ass. Why dont ya come out and kiss it better!"