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Six turns clockwise, six widdershins. Twice three, but not quite the magic nine. Six is perhaps the number of the devil, but perhaps not. Six days it took to create the world. Will it be six to destroy it as well?

"The sun also rises, or so I have been led to believe. I have seen my last sunrise. It was a pathetic thing, pale pinks and watery reds. I have received my death sentence, and I have bared my neck to the sword of Damocles that hangs over my head.

For me, it did not begin with the cassette, but for you it does. For me, it ends as the spool runs down. By the time you hear this, I will have been dead for ten years. My bones lie beneath the ground, my butterfly soul flutters spectral wings against the bottle of my enemies. But this is no longer about me. I shall stop wasting your time. Today, I received a cassette. I will play it for you now:

"Salutations! Time is short, so let me get to the point. I have placed a bio-bomb underneath one of the world's great cities. When it detonates, all life within a hundred mile radius will be utterly demolished. I have no demands. You cannot negotiate with me. I tell you this now so that you may make peace with your gods before you are wiped from existence.


The tape I have played for you had very specific instructions for my eyes only, and applies to you, and only you. As I said, I am dead. I do not care for bio fields. I would like to be a thorn in the side of my murderer. Oh, the bomb is real. Very very real. It's not a bluff. So far there's been no luck in tracking it down, but electrical signals along the Earth's magnetic field do confirm its presence. So let me lay out a plan of action:

If you are hearing THIS message, it means you found my 'message in a bottle'. Thrown out onto the seas of the temporal field, the only thing I know is WHEN you will get this. I do not know who you are, where you are, or whether you will help or hurt my cause. My part in this is almost done after all.

Know that I have gone to watch my final sunset. Blood and fire drip down the sky. It is a fitting sendoff. And with that, I will sign off:

Stop the bomb.

You have six days.

I hope I don't see you soon.

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Karnak looked at his watch checking the time again the blazing sun bored down on him as the mercenary took a good look at his surroundings he had taken to his usual habit of getting to a tall building to scout out the area.

Karnak was dressed in street clothes sunglasses a tank top and blue jeans although tucked deep in his back pants were two pistols.

He was always packing some kind of weapon and him with a pistol was a lot more dangerous then a heavily armed group of men which is what he thought to himself.

He started to think about his situation he had been hired to locate the bomb and defend it until it detonated they even went over his suit bio proofing it so that when the bomb went off .Karnak would be safe in his suit he reached into his pouch and pulled out a seedless red grape he tossed it on his mouth as the juices exploded some even dripped on his chin then he looked back up at the sun as he thought about how many people would die from this blast then he thought.

"Oh well i am not the one who built the bomb or set it these deaths will not be on my consciousness .

Karnak looked at his watch again but rather then their being numbers their was a grid and signals this watch was supposed to lead him to the location of the bomb he got up and began making his way down stairs they even talked about sending back up not that he was gonna need it.

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Cassius listened carefully to the message over and over. The fragmented sentences straining the fibers of his mind, the tone cold and intent but the tapes true message broken and almost unknowable. What kind of person would make such a message but and not care or check that its true meaning would come across, was it all part of the game and Cass was missing the vital clue that would make the pieces fall into place he didn't know. But one thing he did know was he needed a head for technology to help him. This begged the question of which of his siblings or allies to call on.

His fingers searching out his phone prodding at the keypad, hovering for a second over the name of his sister Ellie, the thought that his recently rehabilitated sister had better things to do and he didn't want to drag her in to a potentially troubling scenario as she was must likely not ready for it. Andres as usual would be swanning around in a suit and whilst would love to help would most likely not be able to fit into the time frame Cass needed so it fell on the one sibling he knew would more than likely be tracking the case as well @quintus_knightfall. Leaving a message on his phone Cassius grabbed his copy of recording and headed to the location of his brothers workshop. The two Knightfalls sharing their usual simple but friendly greetings before Cassius cut to the chase.

"I got this recording sent to me, it sounds a credible threat i think. But its all scrabbled and unclear. Something about a bomb and a deadline."

Watching his brothers technology absorb and instantly plot the high and low aspects of the recording the footage mapped out clearly as two distinct line fragments. "Two lines? is that a backing track or another audio file?, highlight and play it please Q with maybe shed some more light on this mystery."


"Test of bio compound 6359. Subject now 6 hours after exposure, showing signs of immanent organ failure and arterial swelling. Request further testing and over night observation."


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The Modern Day Kennedy's theorizing postulation was exhibited through a thinking man's satirical chin resting disposition. Visually lost in contemplative cognizance and cerebral processing. Taking a moment of introverted analytical compartmentalization before reaching into the front pocket of his indigo washed D&G jeans. Retrieving a small flash drive which had been utilized in the conversion of his own cryptically received puzzle. Inserting it into the fortifications state-of-the-art computer. "I tried transferring the data over from its original source." sliding the original antiquated cassette across the table towards the Red Raider. The signs of the Zodiac methodically itched in its surface. "However it remains inaudible. Sadly, all we have to go on at this point are the extrapolated theories of the Zodiac, and your own partially audible recording. But I believe this threat is substantially viable." Staring at the oversized monitor clasping his hands together before continuing. "There must be other recordings out there, other clues. If we could track down where they conducted those tests we may be able to find out whats going on before its to late....."

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@quintus_knightfall: Cassius passed behind his brother as he sat at the vast computer things popping up and closing down quicker than he could follow. Technology as usual beyond his comprehension.

"Due to nature of the time needed to make these files and make sure the right people got them your assessment on the threat would seem to fit. But there is just a few things that get to me. Whats the Zodiac got to do with it?, we got a astrology nut out there somebody who is targeting people based on birth month. We have different birth months but both have the tape. Then their was the second layer of audio on my tape. This is was clearly meant to be there but the same file isnt on your recording correct?, so the person who sent these tapes wants us to find the other individuals who have a copy add any further hidden parts together."

Stopping for a second as the thought broke across his brow "Can you run a check on the term compound 6359?, that's the only concrete lead we have for now unless you have another idea. I am all ears this isnt my usual line of work as you know. Detective work isnt my strong point"

Cassius waited for his brothers opinion knowing he would more than likely have some of plan already.

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"Compound 6359, also known as Bromodichloromenthane. Its an outdated flame-retardant....it can also be a solvent for wax and fats cause of its ability for high density separation." the relevant meaning continuing to escape the Knightfall brothers. "Wait a minute, it says here that it can occur in municipally-treated drinking water as a by-product of the chlorine disinfection process. Toxicity and its effects on the human condition are....surprisingly scarce." Leaning back against his chair, Quintus masked his frustration. Sighing, he methodically broke down the compartmentalized walls of logical deduction in an attempt to think outside the box.

"In the original self-important soliloquy the audio dictation opened with, The Sun Also Rises. That could pertain to the Hemingway novel. Its an introspective journey of inner exploration between American and British travelers who attend the annual San Fermin, more famously known for its running of the bulls. He also mentioned the Sword of Damocles." tapping his chin. "Both these circumstances have one thing in common, they both take place in Spain. Maybe the answers we're looking for originated there?"

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"The sword of Damocles, i know of that. Its an ancient Greek tale a sort of fable referencing the fragility of power and the nature of peril that comes with it. Something the Slays taught the kids at an early age. Perhaps this unknown figure is seeking to terrorize the powerful?. Or its a satirical view of the nature of professional heroes and the inevitable nature of fate striking us with a blow." Sharing the same look of bewilderment as Quintus Cassius considered the words of his brother "You know if its Spanish history we should ring him. You going to do it or shall i?" the leading questioning bringing the don Knightfall into the fold "When it comes to Hemingway and Spanish history i am out of ideas. But if your hunch is right Andres would be a good place to start"

Cassius pulling his mobile phone from his pocket. "The information on the compound still sounds off to me, if its present in water how come the side affects the tape mentioned are not present?, the levels to low? does it need some sort of catalyst? is the report accurate?. It clearly part of the tapestry of their design this individual has spun but is it an important strand or just a dead end set to confuse and bewilder."

Looking over at Q who was still deep in thought "Should i just make the call?"