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(>.> <.< go ahead and say it, another long one xP)

"You know it amazes me Aurorez you have a record longer then this station and yet you've been layed flat like a fecking recruit." That was Weshnay an alien known as a Deveyeant, a blue skined woman with an elongated head. The beautiful woman had been Kayle's cell mate and partner in these cells, when in a prison like this you needed to have a partner, someone to back you up. Because the population in this place was ever rising and the guard measures more about keeping the criminals in and others out. That was all they sought for, this ment one who was killed, was little more then garbage for the next airlock release.

They resided in a galactic prison known as Instalation Zero One Alpha, just another station amongst hundreds. 01A was known for being a place for the pirates that roamed the cosmos. Its cold metal walls and crystalyn windows rarely ever saw a sun. This instilation resided just outside the grasp of a black hole, the aproach had to be given exactly, other wise the gravity well of the instilation would fail to grasp an incoming shuttle. The result a black hole swallowed them up. The odds of survival in any ship was calculated at a zero one percentage, only luck seamed to get people free. And most inmates were a longshot from fortunate individuals. A smuggling run gone wrong had gotten the red and gold haired pirate captured. The drop was wildly offcourse from what was aimed for do to improper coordinants. As such Kayle and her crew were quickly overwhelmed. For the past month she had been in here, locked out from the universe she loved to explore. Without a gun escape was never going to be possible.

"Hey where did you get the tatts, can't believe i've never gotten around to asking about them?" The aqua skinned woman looking to Kayle's right side, it was covered from head to toe with blue colored markings of alien design. The mark around her right eye was faint, it seemed to ocasionally flicker though in proximity to the crystal windows. Weshnay had always loved that moment for a reason that escaped her.

"I really don't know, to be hounest they just showed up one day. Woke up and their they was." The gold eyed thief remarked with a shrug.

"You're a siren!" Kayle rolled her eyes at that, space fairy tales all those were. "Think about it, you suck unarmed, I mean your really not that good. Hand you a gun though and you can topple a nation. Have you ever counted your shots?" It had been awhile, but she could remember a few ocasions where she fired fourteen rounds from a twelve shot pistol. Or seamed to have ammo regardless of whos gun she was using, purely coincidential though it had to be. "I bet your phase skill involves ammo use, it seams right up your ally. Stories tell of a siren doing the unatural and yet always being at home with what they do. Its your element, and you just haven't evolved to glory yet." Kayle closed her eyes trying to drown out the woman, it was imposible. "Its totally plausible all the signs add up to it. A beautiful outcast finds solace in the hands of pirates and guns. One day markings just appear, and old powers seam lost." Ugh, yes her Keresh lightning skills were gone, and in a matter of months after the tattoos apeared she came up as anomaly on DNA testing, Galactic mutation and being a piss poor version of her original kin was all that was. "Its all do to being a jewl of the stars, given the time the pirate would come to be a mighty goddess." Thankfully the guards came to let the prisoners into the yard for a few hours, this shut the Deveyeants rambling up for the moment.

Weights were lifted by a six armed xenos, Kayle assumed it a girl but wasn't sure really. A squid fused with a woman species was fighting with a feline creature. One could hear a crowd rooting for one or the other of the two, these activities and more flooded the yard. Kayle didn't do much, just spent the time laying on a bench. Looking out the crystal glass roof gazing at the stars that filled the skies. Distint jewls she could never grab, a universe of plunder she was no longer able to scavange. She imagined King Ace, doing the unthinkable to find her. That wasn't true though, she was just one girl, the pirate king could have any he desired. That comradship was long lost.


The pirate princess sturred turning to find Weshnay bleeding from a hole in her skull. The feline alien had killed the squid thing, it was pummeled into a glowing jelly of gore. A guard had come to stop her in a brawl, at some point the pick pocketing skills of the feline allowed her to pull the gun from its holster. A misfire had killed a excited Weshnay, a second shot killing the guard, Kayle watched in fixed fascination always watching the gun and where it pointed. Two more guards fell, and then inmates wanted the weapon, three more rounds escaped the chamber. Seven shots so far, gun a standard issue slug thrower, twelve rounds. The feline was on the run now, three more taps, two guards and a inmate fell. Shimering reflection catches Kayle's eye, sniper at the tower. Target spinal column just below the neck, Aurorez knew this from a glance. A crack of lightning, a energy bolt ripping through the woman's neck. The cat dropping head shot from her shoulders, the body stumbles and Kayle instinctively catches the gun mid air.

Keen sharp shooter eyes focus in on the sniper and squeeze, she turns slightly and does it again. Two snipers dropping from their perch, a guard coming from the rear. Kayle knew the gun was dry instinct though has her turn and squeeze. A slug smacking through the visor, and into the guards skull. "What" was the first word to escape her lips during the entire event, she counted on the dot. It couldn't be, the clip then autoreleases dropping to the ground. Gold eyes look to her empty right hand and watch as in a flash of light a magazine apears. As if it had materialized at her wills request, Wes was right...

Bodies littered the station mixed with broken metal and oil of automations to have joined them. She was armed with only the one pistol and yet had found herself spending fifteen magazine clips. Her body producing the ammo every step of the way. It had been a long hard fight to get here, the armory of the prisoners. Despite the wave upon waves however Kayle found herslef never in a tight spot. Confidense filled her veins, the pirate screaming cheers in praise of her own skill. The bloody escape effort seaming like a game to the queen of guns. Two rounds in the heart, two in the head, one for each elbow knee wrist and ankle all delivered in six seconds flat. The guard at the door falling over spilling gore all along floor and walls from the quick barage. A tap and a new clip was in the gun. The siren aproaching the locker marked with her prison number, a shot blowing the lock away. Gunfire was nolonger a risk at this point, the prison was a mad house of violence. A perfect cover for her as she gathered her things.

From then on the escape was easy, the siren rotating between guns with flawless grace. Going around corners she tended to favor one or both pistols, placing a round in the center of the forhead of each target. The pistols fired a smaller round, never burried itself deep but ignited as soon as it halted. The guards would flail around in panic as they began to burn away. In halls where machines were most common she used her submachine gun, spraying automations with corrosive weapons. Metal falling apart like wet paper as they were peppered with bullets. Larger rooms would see use of the assault rifle, electric rounds short circuiting things even shields. Long range targets, took the high calibur explosive sniper rifle. Skulls popped like a fruit as the sniper was used. After hours of fighting she found the hanger where her ride resided. A customized and stolen TM700 a mech with firepower that made Kayle proud, and the customilzation made it fit for space travel and living in. Of course she could not be so fortunate as to be in the clear just yet. Warden of 01A stood in her way, well sat to be hounest. He was actually in a large spider designed mech.

Known as the Weapons Ordnance Loading Felonies System, or W.O.L.F. The name said it all, it was a mobile weapons unit that covered the loading of felons onto transports. The Lawman's Wolf was armed with two Nail Biters, a gun that fired with a quad spining barrel releasing a small needle with every round. Each bullet had a nurotoxin that inflamed the nerves it struck, this was nonlethal, yet more painful then loss of limb. Indeed it had proven to be effective against many people, one out of twenty times however a person would die from shock. Mentally incapable of barring such pain. Mounted on the shoulder of the W.O.L.F was a stasis cannon, releasing a wave of energy in a concentrated beam. When it hit a nonstationary item, stationary meaning anything without the ability to move on its own, it covered in a net of light. This was nonpainful and subdued most guarantee, capable of pulling this off do to a sub A.I not self functioning do to being powered by the W.O.L.F power cell. This contained its chances of acting out on its own acord.

"Im only going to say this once, put down the weapons, relocate hands to a upward towards the cealing formation, and rest your weight upon your knees." Kayle rolled her golden eyes, could of just said ditch the hardware sitdown and shutup. Of course no matter how the man said it the pirate wasn't going to listen. Warden of Instilation 01A responding as one might expect, with violent measures. Sharp pins and needles rebounded off the walls and containers like bouncing balls in a confined space. Each trying to find a home before all momentum was lost. None of them managed to sink through her armor fortunately, though many hundreds had tried. Rays of light sped past her just centimeters from making the thief immobile.

Warden Officer Corven Elikar was fond of his job never had he abussed the power he was given. Every day he breathed though tried to find away to harbor a more stable hold on the inmates and their futures. He had a dream of one day letting every inmate free, no longer slaves to a criminal life. What his dream had been answered with however was a wife who changed her last name. Netisha Coline, once Netisha Elikar, had gone back to her madden name. Saying it was only a matter of time before he was lost to his job, and he couldn't blame her. Corven's son Jackob had only seen his father five times, in four years of living in this galaxy. Work was more a job of rapid expansion then decline, but perhaps one day Jackob would look to his father with those big teel hued eyes. Look up to Corven and say "my dad stoped the notorious Gun Queen, hes an unsung hero." As these thoughts ran through his mind a spider like leg made of a delicate web of surkits and wires more interwoven then the finest of braided hair, covered in thick steel, slammed into the gut of Kayle. The pirate princess sent backwards smacking into the wall, he had her though he did feal some resentment. Aurorez back was riddled with the small needles and their potent toxins. When the red and gold haired convict hit the wall every pin sank through armor and into skin.

He knew what the barbs were like, and her scream confirmed his theory. Her back fealt probably as if the skin had been peeled away as her skinless uncovered muscluture was left to feel the coldest bite of the most frozen winter. A thousand nerves lit on fire trembling in unbarable anguish, the prisons of the universe were as effective as they were cruel. Despite the agony she had endured however Corven watched the gold eyed pirate rise to her feet hunched over but advancing. "Sir finish her off" L.A.W the weapon A.I remarked. Corven was to baffled however to take action, such was the troubling qualm at times between man and machine. He watched as the pirate jolted into a cross like pose, silver glowing wings forming from her back. They looked composed more of bullets then feathers, and sure enough bullets seamed to form arround her in a shimmering sphere. His eyes went wide.

Kayle looked on at the room in surprise, it was riddled with scars of a thousand battles. The loading bay looked as if it was witness to hundreds of massive gunfights. A light fluttered on the only machine intact, a customized TM 700. It was crude, with a night or so though Kayle knew it could made into a justifyable weapon unit and space craft. What the wounded thief was not able to tell was that the lumination of the craft was L.A.W saving himself. Unaware of this security step from the A.I Kayle moves to the wounded leg of the Law. One shot from the shotgun and the leg was frozen and brittle collapsing on itself. Climbing the downed wreckage rather recklessly Kayle made way to the cock pit weapon in hand. The heavy weapons barrel leveled at the warden's forhead. As the sound of a hollow shell bouncing along the metalic floor rang out Kayle admired her work. How the flesh and marrow had been torn open, before frozen in blace. Satisfied Kayle climbed into the mech and started the engine. The vessel departs and flies true for a moment. Then however the gravitational pull of the void near the instilation takes hold. It grasps at the small craft with more force then the engines could challenge. And just as Kayle escaped the frying pan, made of many steel bars and unpenetrable walls. Kayle found herself heading into the fire, and being that this was space, it litterally could lead to fire.

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@Kayle_Rez: STRONG work. Good choice of AV and power set, nice story structure and depth solid entrance to CVNU for Kayle

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@Kayle_Rez Great work as always Azy
You never disappoint. Nice to see Kayle back ;)
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I thought if im to have Kayle in nU she cant be the sword bad ass like cv. With Ult Az back n Teres not dead the depth of that Kayle wouldn't be here. So I went guns, and thought if Angel of Borderlands could be an A.I anything goes really so long as at the core its one trick, hers would be ammo. And id go the pirate instead of the shoulder, along with make her younger really playing off her attitude ^_^ and of course where better a origin then descovery of powers :)
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@614azrael: sirens> any other borderlands class on either game

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In Borderlands 2 the final Catacylsm skill will butcher Any single target, larger targets like Bnk3r Teramorphous and Saturn not as much but even they take a nasty hit. And I know for a fact with 2nd play through it can be made effective against large groups of people as well(by using green skill tree) and Lilith was alot like that in the 1st, Siren's are just better lol
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Mines lvl 50 phaselock has all elements, grants health to allies when it kills. Pulls multiple people towards it and I get increased weapon damage to people in it and rounds bounce between targets if theirs more than one affected by it. Pure beast mode