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Then - A week ago

Felix placed his hands on the desk as he stared at the man. He stood up, focusing on his potential ally. "So...are you in?" He ran his hands through his platinum blond hair. "I warn you, there is a very real possibility of one or both of us dying." He reached into his jacket, and pulled out a small folded piece of paper, and held it out. "This is a list of the people we must kill to permanently end the Consortium, and to end the most immediate threat to our intentions." He stood and walked around the desk, to the door behind his guest. "Walk with me."

After a moment, the two were walking about the large warehouse. Part of it was full to the brim with weapons, explosives, and spec ops gear. A short distance away, a firing range, targets and blast shields stood as a test area. "This will serve as our staging area for our attack. I have spent enough money to buy a small Eastern European country. I expect you to treat the equipment with the respect it deserves. We will attack in a week. As honour dictates, I sent an envoy today, to inform the leader of the opposing faction that my attack is intended." He pointed towards a wall decorated with pictures and a large satellite image. "This is our target. Those targets I have circled in different colours follow the routes detailed in those specific colours." He turned to his ally. "Now let's get ready."


Felix leaped over the wall. It took a leap of just over ten feet straight up. He managed it easy, and landed softly, even counting on the 45 kilos of steel on his back. He pulled his list out and read it. It had half of the targets on it. The first two on the list he skimmed straight over, knowing they wouldn't be out here. He smirked as he read the third name. "Executioner." He growled. Almost randomly, he ducked. A large ring spun through the air where his head had been a moment before, and buried itself in a wooden pole. He turned, drawing his own weapon.

"You called?" A voice sneered. The owner of the voice had spiky black hair, and whilst he held one ring in his left hand, his right was empty. Now, he leaped through the air, stabbing at Felix. There was a ring of steel on steel as Felix parried.

The Executioner pulled his other weapon free of the post, and then the two began circling, moving through offensive and defensive stances, each striving to find a hole in the other's technique. Executioner clearly found one first, or thought he did, as he lunged.

There was a flash of steel, and Executioner's head flew through the air. His body hit the floor. The rings clanged as they landed. Felix stopped and picked them up, fixing them to his belt. A moment later, he stood, pulled his sword free of the stone path, and smiled. "Always too eager to attack, Executioner. That was your downfall." He triggered his earpiece.

"My friend, we are one enemy down. He can't tell a feint from a flaw in technique." He pulled his coat around him. "I shall see you soon. Patrol the perimeter, find any enemies, and dispose of them. Then move inside. I'll meet you in the control room." He looked around, and spotted a few cameras. "Also, try blinding their eyes. That should provide some aid for us." As he spoke, he grabbed one of his new weapons from his belt, and flung it, shattering the camera. He ripped it free, and put it back on his belt.

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One Week ago

Pyro tipped his hat as the man spoke, "Of-course, I am in" He folded his arms as he listened, Standing up to follow the man once he was done, The walked into the hyperbole of an armory, Like the man pointed out, it was stocked like a small countries war-room. He turned his head as he smiled to the man "I will only be needing my revolvers" Turning away, he walked towards his wife that was standing at the opposite end of the room, invisible to his partner in this event, Pyro spoke to Aveline, Or thought more-like, they had a telepathic link...

"Babe, I will be fine...no need to worry" He blew her a kiss.


Pyro heard his partner, he spoke "Thanks, I will get it done" Drawing two of his revolvers he looked at his wife, She was leaning on a wall playing with her blonde hair.

"Babe, Go patrol the perimeter up ahead and tell me if any thugs are waiting for me" He waved in the direction he wanted her to go. He waited for her to respond as she hovered back through the wall, and put up 3 fingers, Signalling that three men were waiting, He smiled, backing up against the wall, he was not outside of the building, just next-to the door leading to the control room, He shuffled along the wall as he suddenly performed a combat roll as he simultaneously fired 3 shots, one hitting each Thug in the neck, All three clung to their now bleeding necks as the landed on their knees, gasping for air...He swiftly ran up-to each man as he withdrew his knife and decapitated them all.

He then made eye contact with the lock, shooting the door open he strolled inside as a guard cowered, He threw his knife into the mans forehead, walking over he plucked the knife out of the mans head, a nasty sound followed as he pulled it out. He sat down, waiting for his partner.


50 crows had been flying over the base, all landing on CCTV cameras and blowing up, disabling the eyes.

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Psykick hissed audibly. "I've lost several grunts, and Executioner." He was very displeased, but looked towards the man who sat on a throne-like chair, cloaked in shadow, waiting for a response.

"He's here." Came the answer, in a nonchalant tone.

"The casualties are coming from two different areas. And some of the men heard gunshots moments before their deaths." Another voice remarked. The voice was gentle, but the owner of it was colossal. Atop one massive shoulder, a slight girl sat, dressed in clothes similar to a school uniform.

"Thank you, Iron Arms." Umbra remarked carelessly. "Send Grenadier and Tank. Grenadier shall slow down our old friend, and Tank shall deal with this unknown."

"Splitting up the most deadly -"

"Second most deadly." Iron Arms interjected.

" - Two-man team we have, Umbra? Are you sure?"

"Umbra gives the orders, Fat Controller. Just follow them." A third voice responded. This man wore a sheathed katana at his waist. "This is why I will wait until Rhinoceros has waded through as many bodies as he can, until my order to strike comes."

"Do not presume to order me, Swordsman." The short, stubby telepath remarked, but he did as the man said.


Felix finished his grisly handiwork with a flourish of gore. Men fell before his blade, as he moved with deadly efficiency. He brought the blade to bear and-

A pillar of smoke followed a fantastic explosion, to reveal Felix mostly unhurt. "Grenadier, old friend. Shall I expect a punch from behind meant to separate me at the waist, or have you and your boyfriend broken up?"

His opponent lowered the flower he had been smelling, and looked full of rage. "You stupid idiot! Tank should be tearing your ally apart at this very moment!" He yelled, raising an accusing finger.

"Thanks, mate." He replied as he keyed his earpiece. "Tank's coming your way, mate. Keep out of his reach, he's got godly strength. Literally." He turned his attention back to-


A volley of explosions were only just absorbed by his armour and weapon. He flew several feet before he hit the ground and leaped to his feet, bringing his weapon to bear. "Bring it." He pushed off from the ground, pouncing at Grenadier with a roar.

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Pyro sat in the room silently watching on the screen as the CCTV cameras all suddenly lost sight with his Crows explosions. A little smirk was on his face as he suddenly heard his partner in his ear-piece "Ok, Thanks for the heads up" As he said that a large crashing sound was heard coming through the other door that was situated opposite of Pyro, Jumping on-top of a computer and drawing his guns he prepared for this inevitable fight, The Tank charged through the door sending splinters and rubble everywhere as it charged towards him. Pyro jumped into the air, grabbed a light that was hanging and attempted to kick the Tank in the face, however he was swiftly grabbed by the leg and thrown into a wall face-first, he got up as he spat out his two front teeth with a load of blood spilling to the floor from his nose, He smiled as he looked at the Tank "Fair enough" Skillfully performing a forward somersault in the air and drawing his guns, he fired 6 concrete shattering shots at the Tank, hitting him in the stomach before running forward, slipping under his legs as he drew his knives and slashed at his shins while the Tank stamped around in pain. Pyro did not even wait for the Tank to register the pain as he swiftly shot the door open, without warning the room was filled with over 50 Crows as Pyro left through the door he had just shot open. Upon diving out the Crows exploded in the room creating a devastating fireball to shoot from the open door.

Pyro had been pushed back by the shockwave and was now face-first in the dirt. Getting to his feet her turned around as he looked at the room that now was engulfed in flames. Coughing blood he reloaded his revolvers and holstered them. He folded his arms and thought for a few minutes before speaking to his ally "Well, the Tank is dead - However the whole room is destroyed" Pyro got lucky, he would have never defeated that thing without his Crows, and now they had been depleted until he could call backup. Pyro decided to check if the Tank was actually dead as he carefully walked inside covering his face from the flames with his coat, he was met with a deadly blow towards the side of the head that flew him through a wall back back outside, He gasped for air as he felt his bone structure in his face nearly destroyed. He instantly summoned his Crow amour that formed a protective skin-like shield around his body - Somehow the Tank had survived, scorched and bleeding too death however it still had the strength to give Pyro a little fight until its inevitable death.

The Crow master got to his feet as he clapped his hands together summoning more Crows, however they would take a little while to get here. He for the meantime simply took out his guns while attempting to scale the building, climbing up a pipe and avoiding the Tanks grabs at his feet before the creature jumped into the air with tremendous effort as it connected with Pyro's foot, dragging him to the ground with a forceful smash. Pyro now had severe internal bleeding and was only semi-conscious as the Tank raised its hands in a hulk-like fashion ready to pound the Crow master with over 20 tons of pressure.

Suddenly, in unison over 100 Crows flocked downwards and smashed into the Tank exploding on impact sending it flying backwards from the power imparted into it as it smashed into a near-by wall, the rest of the Crows dived bombed into the Tank simply annihilating it with a bombardment of deadly consequence.

The Crow master lay down, virtually dead as an assortment of Crows flocked over him and dived into him, giving them their life-force as he was slowly healed back to full power. He got to his feet and smirked as he fired his last 6 shots into the now dead Tank, Talking to Felix once-more "Well yeah, Now he is dead" Like he thought Felix could even see what was happening even though he would have been unaware.

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Felix landed smoothly, spitting blood onto the floor. With a stupid look on his face, Grenadier hit the ground, eviscerated from a colossal slash through his torso. As Pyro's words came over the intercom, he smirked. "Nice one. Be warned, they'll already know, and now they'll send more, tougher enemies." He knelt at Grenadier's corpse, and pulled open the Jackals coat. Explosives adorned the lining of his jacket, and Felix stuffed them into his belt, pockets, and a few loops inside his jacket.

"Grenadier and Tank are down." Psykick hissed. "Redirecting Silk and Iron Arms to Felix, and Squirrel to his friend." His voice was devoid of emotion.

"More corpses." Swordsman stated, flatly. "I implore you, Umbra. Allow me to seek out the Rhinoceros and end this-" He was cut off by a raised hand from the man cloaked in shadow.

"No. When the time comes, you shall have your chance. Until that time, do as you are ordered." Swordsman bowed at the very sound of authority.

"We should be out there. How can you take this insult?" Vocal growled at Umbra. Scaled coils of muscle flexed and relaxed in the shadow.

"Calm Flare, Vocal," Umbra stated simply. "or I shall calm him."

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Pyro sat on a broken piece of concrete as he took out his iconic revolvers and started to load them with his concrete penetrating rounds, while whistling the tune to sweet home Alabama he waited for Felix calmly. Leaning backwards he could hear something bobbing up and down, he looked around a little confused as he clicked his fingers and his only bird left circled something... unknown to him it was squirrel, He viewed it from the Crows vision as he was confused as something with a metal claw-like contraption swiped the Crow from the air. He stood up as he walked over to an open patch of land so the environment could not be used against him in wait for the opponent. He withdrew his revolver and waited...

Suddenly he viewed something charging at him at incredible speeds, he pointed his revolver and fired 2 shots, aiming for the thing before it impressively dodged and came back towards him with a leap, jumping over Pyro and landing behind him it slashed at his back causing a painful wound before Pyro attempted to hit the creature with his gun, however he was too slow as it jumped back over him again and slashed at the back of his knee, He rolled forwards before getting to his feet, aiming and firing his 3rd shot at the attacker, however that also missed as it swerved past the bullet and came running towards the now backing away Pyro, Pyro shuffled backwards as he took out his second revolver and fired the last 3 shots from his current gun, threw it on the ground and took his new gun out. One of the bullets hit the creature in the left thigh causing it to buckle but continue forward. It jumped on-top of Pyro as it slashed away at his chest causing immense pain however Pyro's armor took most of the force leaving only painful damage, nothing that would cause lasting effects. During this attack he raised his right forearm to defend against a swipe coming towards his face, upon contact it clashed with his armor as he kicked the creature in the stomach, brought his gun up and fired 6 consecutive shots into his chest causing it to literally blow up. The attacker fell on-top of pyro as he withdrew his knife and simply stabbed it in the back of the neck. Dead.

He grunted as he picked up his revolvers and holstered them again this-time using his demonic magic to reload the guns, he could not be asked to physically load them. He leaned backwards on a wall and spoke to Felix ...."..where the F*ck are you"

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@pyrogram: Felix let out a yell as Iron Arms stabbed him viciously again. He tried to defend himself, but a slight tug from Silk rendered him motionless again. He focused all his energy into his muscles, and twisted his entire body, flipping Silk high over his head. "SIIIIIIIIIIIIIILK!!!!" Iron Arms screamed as he charged at Felix, swiping his massive polearm at a blinding speed. Felix brought the Rhino's Horn up just in time, but the shockwave caused his arms to ache. Felix threw Iron Arms back, and dashed at him, aiming to slice him in half at the waist.

"This is the end!" He roared. Iron Arms attempted to block with his polearm, but the Rhino's Horn cleaved clean through it, and Iron Arms. "Go to hell." He hissed. Iron Arms fell into two, and Felix breathed heavily, concentrating on his injuries. The blood slowed, and the wounds began to knit closed. Then Pyro's voice came over the earpiece, ragged and tired. "Head towards the middle of the compound. Big building, can't miss it. Probably has a pillar of smoke coming from it. I'll meet you outside." Suddenly, a small projectile shot past his face, trailing a wire, and wrapped him tight, hindering his movements.

"You killed Iron Arms." Silk sulked sadly. "Now where am I going to find a lump of dumb muscle to be at my beck and call?" Felix slowly pulled forward, away from Silk. The wire cut into his flesh. He continued walking. It constricted around his throat. He reached Iron Arms corpse. Breathing became hard. He kneeled, and reached for the weapon. Blood began to run from the cuts. He seized the polearm, and stood. His arm, lubricated with blood slipped out of the wire as it grew slack. He turned. Silk pulled tighter. His vision began to blur. He pulled his arm back and threw. Silk threw her head back as it stabbed her in the torso. She fell, and Felix fell to his knees, and slipped out of the wire.

Psykick sighed. Bags grew under his eyes. "Squirrel's dead. Iron Arms and Silk too." Vocal growled. Everyone turned as Umbra stood. He raised a hand.

"Let them come. Psykick and myself will prepare the escape measures."

"Is that really necessary?" Swordsman asked. Suddenly, he was slammed against the wall as Psykick turned his gaze towards Swordsman.

"Umbra decides what is necessary, you dumb ape." He hissed, tired.

"Of-of course. Forgive me, Umbra." Swordsman said. Umbra nodded, and Psykick released his grip.

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"Big building, got it" He nodded to himself as he took out his revolver and started walking forward towards the building as he wife came next-to him and spoke "Pyro....Why are you doing this again? It's dangerous.." Pyro took her hand as he continued walking "It's fine, This Felix guy...He is a good ally" He grasped her hand and kissed it gently before continuing forwards. He then raised his guns up as he heard a noise, Slowly continuing forwards 2 random guards appeared out of nowhere, He instinctively fired 2 shots - one into each mans head as they tumbled towards the ground lifeless. He stepped over their bodies as blood covered the floor, He then saw some smoke in the distance as he realized this was probably the building. He looked at Aveline "Go scout ahead, I will meet Felix as instructed" Aveline nodded as she ran ahead.

Pyro holstered one gun as he put his hands on his belt and walked forwards, leaning on a pillar he waited for his partner.

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Felix moved between the shadows rapidly, heading towards the building. As he neared it, he spotted Pyro, and slowed. "Pyro. It's me." He said, strolling forward, disregarding the injuries spotting his torso, including burns from Grenadier's explosions, blade wounds, and several large bruises. He walked to a large door, and braced himself, slamming his boot into the middle of the double doors. The lock blew apart as the doors flew in.

What appeared to be a large foyer lay in front of them, populated entirely by black suited enemies Their faces were covered by masks black as midnight, crimson lenses hiding their eyes. Each brandished a sword. Felix smirked as he did a quick headcount. "You take the fifty-three on the left, I'll take the fifty-four on the right. Ready?" He waved his own blade, a movement that was mirrored around the room. At the opposite end of the room, a dark-haired man with a pair of blades on his forearms nodded at Felix. Felix pretended not to notice. Then the entire room exploded into motion as the men charged at Felix and Pyro. "GO!" Felix yelled, lunging forward, a feral growl on his lips. Rapidly, he began to cut his way through the room, crimson blood arcing through the air as he moved, splattering his face with glorious gore.

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Nodding to Felix Pyro could only help but wonder why he had so many scars...if he had just fought as much as the Crow Bomber had, it would only be expected. He dismissed he mans injuries as he followed him inside of the doors, clutching his demonic revolver in his hand surveying the area...his eyes could only marvel at the amount of nonsensical men standing ready to kill them...Pyro looked to the side at his wife who spoke to him "Pyro! Are you stupid? You will NEVER beat fifty three men!" Without saying a word he gripped his gun tightly, ready to fight...and possibly die by Felix's side.

Looking outwards at each man holding a knife reassured the Crow Bomber...he had guns...superior fire-power - for 12 shots. Almost magically every suited man in the room waved their swords in unison with Felix, Pyro could only help but feel a little less adequate at this..Raising his guns, both pointing outwards he whispered "See you on the other side.." Instinctual movements came by Pyro as he fired 12 shots into the room instantly defeating that exact number as bullets tore through neck and torsos, running backwards he withdrew both of his knives as his own guns dematerialized instead of holstering them, Jumping into the air followed by a forward flip both of his knives landed inside of a suited mans chest, spinning around blocking one attempted slash to his back he retorted with a stab to another assailants abdomen, running backwards he jumped into an elevator, closing the doors behind him while pressing the highest number, His heart now racing as he realized how many he was fighting. Over 40 men downstairs wanting him dead as the suited men ran, following the elevator but taking the stair-case up instead.

Once the elevator had reached the room, Pyro ran towards the stairway which would be the only way up for the suited men, he had around 1 minute before they would come up and murder him, looking around he figured out what to do instantly...jumping into the air with both hands he felt a light, pulling it down while dis-attaching a wire which dropped from the ceiling onto the floor, a live wire with electricity pulsing through it.

Around 20 seconds before the suited men came...The Crow man ran to the other side of the room, with his elbow he smashed at a fire-alarm as the entire corridor was drenched with water from the ceiling fire sprinklers - On cue the suited men charged up, over 30 of them all bundled up the stairs unaware of the sprinklers and live wire....all where electrocuted as they made their way up running at Pyro, each man died horribly being shocked to death as the Crow Bomber fired another 12 shots towards the dead crowd of men. Only around 10...maybe 15 men left who had realized what was happening so did not walk up the stairs remained.

Going back downstairs in the same elevator he holstered both guns, withdrawing his knives once again. He felt the power of shinigami_ pulse through him as he held the gifted blades, the instant the elevator doors opened 10 men charged towards him, a bloody scene followed as Pyro used his demonic power to dismember, decapitate and every man without showing any remorse, leaving the elevator with blood dripping from both hands...he searched for Felix among the dead bodies...

@sideslash ( I hope you understood anything I posted just now xD )

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@pyrogram: (Awesome.)

Felix spun, twisted, cut, slashed, swiped, roared and screamed. Since the room was full of enemies, his blade sliced flesh more often than not. Their own attacks were blockable, and they lasted only a few moments before being killed. Legion and Felix locked gazes and Felix charged at him. Enemies did not hinder him. As his opponent ran around the room, the number of enemies grew. Soon Felix and Pyro would be surrounded by a nigh-unstoppable horde.

Legion was fast, but predictable. As he sprinted, Felix flipped, slicing out. Legion ran into the blade, tearing a good part of his knee, and falling. Legion remained motionless, but breathed raggedly, not yet dead. Felix pulled the man's blades onto his own forearms and leaped into the fray, duplicating in short bursts, to attack enemies multiple times in quick succession. The number of enemies fell rapidly, and soon they would be gone.

Splattered head-to-toe in gore, Felix panted, breathing heavily. The night was yet young. He had much to do. He couldn't be at his limit yet. Not now. He was so close. His vision blurred around the edges. Sound seemed to fade. His limbs felt heavy, fatigue setting in. He fought on. How many of these guys are there? He fought on. They were fresh, but he was tired. He fought on.

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The sound of death echoed around the entire building followed by shots of survive by the Crow bomber, firing round after round into enemies necks as they tore open, blocking sword slashes with the butt of his guns skilfully immersing himself in the devastating conflict all in the meanwhile using his powers to summon his fruitful allies...As Felix and Pyro alike looked like they could go on no further, hundreds upon hundreds of Crows flocked into the building through the open door blinding everything with an eruption of noise and wings. Pyro looked at Felix, shouting frantically while the suited men slashed at the Crows "FELIX! WE HAVE TO MOVE!" Running forwards he tapped Felix on the shoulder as he made his way towards another locked door, on the way shooting the lock off he ran inside, beckoning Felix to join him - Upon entering all the Crows would explode, killing the opponents.

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Felix was death incarnate, but he was still human. He recognised his limits, and ran with Pyro, a grimace marking his face. "I had it under control." He said in a gravelly tone, but then froze. He could hear someone, feel their presence. "Shhhh!" He said to Pyro, and held still. A voice like caramel laced with nitroglycerin filled the air.

"Twinkle twinkle little star..." Slowly, a small, fat man turned the corner. He hovered a few inches above the ground. His eyes were alert, but unseeing. "How I wonder..." He hovered towards Felix and Pyro. "Where you ARE!" Suddenly, he shot a hand out, and Felix flew back, slamming into a wall.

"Psykick." Felix sneered.

"I am so very touched that you remember me, you dumb monkey. And who is this? Some other dumb monkey who's come to die with you? He'll die as easy as you do." Felix struggled against invisible bonds.

"Pyro! Keep moving! He's blind! Tracking someone by their psionic signature is hard for him if you go fast enough!" He yelled, before a pair of telekinetic calipers shut his mouth.