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time: morning

(girl's first)
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Sha, had been walking through the jungle,taking a prolonged vaction. she had clashed with many villians over a 3 month time period and thought she would take some time to relax to her self. she turned her cell phone off. The list of villians she had clashed with just continued to grow. she escaped death in the middle east, just barely escaping akira over drive. He had her on the brink of death. She was just returning from fighting aztek in the mayan ruins. she was indeed tired but alert. she had to be...if not her life would end.

She found a break in between to trees that reavealed a ravshing waterfall. she walked to the water's edge but dared not touch it. because of the pirannah's that were waitng to dine upon her skin.She closed her eyes and tried to image a world where hero's and villians did not exist but the only place she could think of is death... she opened her eyes to the sight of the waterfall's mist hitting her face and began thinking to herself . Fear.. the very thing that allows her to fight it keeps her on edge and like her powergloves gives her the power to confront any obstacle that has been presented. HOPE....that every soul may have it....and those who walk amongst the dead have lost it. it is the true deciding factor between good and evil.
Damnation. the reason why red and blue dont match..the reason there are hero's the reason there are villians.
redemption. the reason..there is sha

sha's oblivious paradise was broken by an errie feeling that had decended upon her. she could feel some one approaching...she let out a sigh and prepared herself for the worse

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He finally had her,he had been tracking her for months and now he would finally strike.he was running through the forest like a mad man,with his blade strapped to his back his hair drenched from sweat, his blade drenched from a recent kill. He jumped off a high cliff and rolled down to the top of the waterfall,and there she was.

Derek personally had never met sha but his soul has. They fought once and terry was the winner,but now Derek was compelled to fight her call it instinct but this was something he must do.

He knew now that sha could sense him; there was no point in trying to attack her with a quick attack because she’d see it from a mile away. Using his Shape shifter powers he turned himself into a hawk and swooped down to a nearby tree.

She was waiting the time was now the bird flew above her and soon as he got parallel with sha’s head he transformed back coming down with a huge spear like manner with his Siphon blade  and NOW YOURE WORSE NIGHTMARE KIYAH!

His blade was a crescent silver and had a distinct shine about it. It looked to be far too heavy for him to wield but he did. And this assault was the first shot fired in his war with the ninjan.

He was from The planet Thresh he wasn’t aware of the ninjans or sha for that matter but this encounter would tell the story.

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a bird had flown over sha's head and had cast a shadow. it was this bird that was giving sha a eerie feeling. soon the bird began to take the shape of a man. and he had a blade that was aiming for sha's head , she quickly rolled out of the way tumbling on the harsh jungle floor to escape a quick death. she got up brushing the dirt off of her hair and clothes. She then gave a leer at the man that had just tried to kill her. You have brought yourself to me..i' am a merchant of death. i'm currently all sold out except..death by steel. sha pulled her sword sorry to keep you waitng....your up next!. HEr Angelslayer dragon sword was he best a perfect combination of silver and red.

The silver to represent the suffering and the red to represent the offering. Sha attacked swinging her sword left to right over her head so that it clanged against his sword. It had been a while sense sha had used her sword but she relized she was a natrual. She tried to back Derek up to the rope brigde there she could attack and limit his mobility.

Sha swung her sword aiming at his chest  then she attempted to head but him so she could minimize his vison for a few seconds. As there swords swung back and forth . they inadvertanlly began to cut the wires to the bridge. soon a far greater daner was impending.