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I've compiled a list of all my martial arts characters; the ones that I used anyways. This is mainly so people can see where my characters are in relation to each other.

1. Y-Intercept (AKA Jaded Dragon)

Xiao Zing

Y is considered the best fighter in the Sha-Universe for the simple fact that she has a vast knowledge of combat skills; having been taught Muy Thai; Brazlian Jujitsu. Y (Named Xiao Zing) was also trained by Surreal Diablo a world renown martial artist; her training in this camp made her one of the most powerful and versatile unarmed combatant. Using her skills honed as a little child; as well as her mastery of everyone else's techniques Y opened her own school which then formed into a cult known as the Green Dragon Clan. The cocaine goddess has trained some of the world's most prominent heroes. (Chinese)

2. Honor Legend


Honor Legend, would probably never tell you that she's apart of the "Honor Family", probably because she doesn't know English, secondly because she's Autistic. at a very young age she watched as her father struggled to make a living, His last hope was for his daughter to wed a middle class man; however her Autism was the reason for her rejection. Her father let her runway; where she was brought in by a woman going by the name of Pensacola. Pensacola wasn't very old herself, however she trained Imari in Muy Thai and taught her how to use her Autism as a gift. With that Imari can speak through her body language; and develop new skills just by watching. Her skills as a unarmed combatant allows her to focus her energy; to use that condition of Autism to her advantage. (Indian)

3. Pensacola

Simone Xiao

Xiao Zing, was sexually sacrificed to "Lucifer" at the young age of 12; this resulted in the birth of her own seed Simone. Despite what many believe Simone isn't a mass murderer like her mother is she happens to be a born again christian. Despite her religious believes she herself has a ton of experience in combat. Having fought with her mother one on one on many occasions. Pensacola was the name she took upon learning the Vale Tudo style to combat her mothers Jutisu. Despite using her skills to invoke world domination, Simone teaches those with a pure heart. There has only been one student that has outmastered her and that was the very crafty honor legend. (Chinese- American)

4.Gwen Lopez

Gwen Lopez

She might not look like anything now, but back in her day Gwen Lopez, is a master a submissive maneuvers. She knows a grand total of 70 submissive holds and their reversals. This primitive form of combat may not seem like much to the skills listed above but it was Gwen who first taught young Y, who taught Simone, Who taught Imari. Gwen hasn't pulled out her skills since Ziccarra and Maya came into her life, but she doesn't let them forget her past as an agent of the RED cardinals. (Puerto Rican)

5. Lethal Weapon I

Kelly, Kelly

Upon the split between the CENSOR organization; one half became the RED Cardinals, which saw Gwen Lopez take charge, the other half became The Empire where HOSEF RAMSES took charge. Inside the empire the LW program was created, and 15 of the most ruthless killers were mind controlled. Kelly happened to be the first one, as an ex- operative of the RED Cardinals; she has a bit of experience in submissive maneuvers; despite that; her mind allows her to see people in X-ray form, which allows for her to target and damage already ailing parts of the body. She's an expert when striking with the upper body. (American)

6. Sicily Boss aka Sha X

Sicily Boss

Sicily first burst on the scene with the original Vine titans; under her "Sha X" moniker. Little was really known about her until she won a fighting tourney in Hells Kitchen. Sicily's best friend is Maya Lopez; Maya handles the super freaks, Sicily takes down henchmen. Although she's primary trained in combat with a weapon; she makes the list because of her extensive lower body striking skills. She was trained by a woman living inside hells Kitchen called Shayla Soul; they worked for hours trying to strengthen the muscles in her lower body so that when time called for a kick she could cause instant K'O's. (American).

7. Shayla Soul

Shayla Soul

Shayla Soul is the only known "Sha" to completely rebel against Gwen Lopez and not suffer any consequences. She is a fitness expert and former American Boxer. Despite her one dimensional profession she has skills in Jujitsu and Gatka, which is indian combat with a stick; she helped young Sicily Boss perfect her extensive kick arsenal making her one of the deadly kickers in the world. (American)

8. Platinum Rage

Daria Holmes

This Platinum haired beauty is the forgotten child of DARKCHILD; early in her life; he had a one night stand with her mother and then years later she was conceived. She wears power restrictors on her arms to prevent herself from being infected with her father's powers. Despite not wanting her father's abilities she does have his ability to be completely fatal in battle. Daria has a defensive style that allows her to process attacks slowly as their happening, this allows her to make the appropriate changes to her combat style. Daria only knows how to kill and lives by a "By any means neccessary" lifestyle. (Russian- American).

9. Cassie Strong Aka Jessica Lee James

Cassia Stronghold

Cassie is the daughter of a Spartan Woman and the greek God Ares; thanks to the divine powers running in her body she cannot die. Cassie herself wields several powers which makes her almost an Omega Level threat but she hasn't used her powers in almost a century. Cassie is a world class grapples; she uses her legs and arms to inflict powerful damage to her opponents. She has gone toe to toe, with Feral Nova, Acer and The Hunter and still lives to tell the tales.

10. Ziccarra Liafador AKA Sha, The Ninjan Queen

As the Ninjan Queen, Sha knows how to combat in a primitive style, however she too has been trained by Y intercept; upon her death on Asgard Sha had been taking lessons with the Ruthless chancellor to perfect her crafts. Despite the fact that she doesn't need to get close to land a hit on you; Z can also break bones with her powerful muscles backed by her Ninjan Strength. Her technique might not be as finesse as Y's but when it comes down to it Z can handle herself with the best of them.

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I absolutely love how intricate everything you create is and how well they tie into each other.

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You never cease to amaze and inspire me. Badass

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Bad F'N Ass

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: It's kinda scary how many personalities you've got... And I thought Tatu had DID... This is excellent, Z.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: It's kinda scary how many personalities you've got... And I thought Tatu had DID... This is excellent, Z.

LOL thanks
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