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A black-gloved hand raised. "Assassin." A flat voice said simply. The owner of the voice and hand was seemingly talking to mid air, but he was in fact engaged in conversation with another man, almost as deadly as his illustrious self. "My initial scan indicates the structure is twenty-three storeys tall. Each floor holds at least seven dozen armed men. They are armed with both melee and ranged weapons. On every third floor, sharpshooters ring each second window, and the surrounding buildings have snipers focused on the roads as well." Kovak lifted the sniper rifle of the shooter he had pacified, and used the strap attached to it to sling it onto his back. He was clothed entirely in black and was almost indiscernible from the shadows in the dark dank room. A black helmet adorned his head, and the only thing he was equipped with more than technology was weapons, from small caliber to "blow the f***in head off yer damn shoulders!" as one Irish mercenary whom the Tenebrasque In had once encountered would have put it. He stared at the large structure before him, scanning it with infra-red imaging.

He stepped closer to the window. "Well." He spoke slightly smugly. "I am ready to begin my offensive, but I can wait if you need some time. Oh and just remember, you don't have to feel like you have to keep up with me. I'll leave you a few. Promise." Although he did not have much in the way of emotions, Kovak was as much of a sarcastic bastard as you'd be likely to find. He tensed, eying the door with an anxious expression under his helmet. "I suggest we go in through the large warehouse door on the north face of the building. That way we can take the first group from the rear."

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Just as the mysterious murder finished speaking a muffled explosion echoed throughout the city. "I think they saw me... granted I wasn't hiding." The sound of an intense firefight following soon after. The occasional scream over shadowing the symphony of automatic weapons fire. "Whenever you're done being all ninja-like, A little back up would be nice!" The sound of a snapping neck could be heard over the comm before the transmission ended.

Having cleared the parking garage, the master assassin entered the elevator. Drawing his bow as he ascended to the first floor. Readying the archaic weapon as the stainless steel doors opened. A legion of heavily armed gun waiting with their weapons trained on him. Caught slightly off balance by their attackers weapon of choice they slowly lowered their weapons, a single chuckle turning into the a room of trained killers laughing at the perceived foolishness. Letting the arrow fly, seemingly missing everyone, the arrow lodging in a support pillar. "Well darn..." One of the men, seemingly in charge to a step towards the their ill fated attack. The moment his booted foot hit the ground the seemingly harmless arrow detonating. Causing the poorly constructed to collapse upon itself, causing the floor above falling down, crashing down on the helpless guns for hire, their scream barely audible over the crashing concrete.

When it was all over only the leader remained. Dumbfounded by what he'd just witnessed. Utterly speechless. "Well isn't that just tragic..." The sole survivor growing angry, shouting curse at him as he leveled his rifle at Michael. 'YOU MOTHERFCKER!' He bellowed, preparing to fire when a large piece of concrete fell from above, crushing him with ease. The hardened killer, still standing in the elevator, wincing at the sickening sound it made.

"Oh well... Going up"

The doors closing as he traveled upwards two more floors to meet whatever challenge lay ahead, stowing his bow in favor of a pair of dual .45's.

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Kovak smirked. The Assassin's reputation had not been too badly exaggerated by rumours. Kovak stepped as far back as he could, then ran forward. His eyes widened at the last moment, and he pushed off from the window ledge, propelling himself most of the way across the gap. As he began to fall, a chain shot from his wrist and wrapped around a nearby lamppost. He swung down, arced under the light, the sodium vapour powered lamppost turning him orange for a moment, and then launched back up. The chain detached at the precise second for his plan to work, and he launched clean through the second floor window. A pair of guns seemed to have materialised in his hands. They had not be there when he jumped, nor when he swung from the lamppost, narrowly avoiding sniper fire, but when his pointed toes hit the glass of the window, he held the submachine guns in a death grip.

He slid to a stop inside the building, shattered glass flying throught the air around him. All of the men stopped what they were doing and turned to face him, one's hand already delving into his jacket. Kovak's thumb flicked off the safety on the gun in his right hand and he brought the weapon to bear, firing a three-round burst into the man's chest. The man spun like a stop and went down. Kovak instantly deactivated the safety on his other weapon and switched both from semi-automatic to full-auto. Without breaking stance, he eliminated two more men, then turned the safeties back on, and jumped away, shoving the guns into thigh holsters. He disappeared from the cone of light that covered a small part of the room and into the shadows. The men had recovered from their initial shock and were brandishing weapons. One was speaking rapidly into a phone. "Yeah, some kinda damn ninja, only he's got guns. Nah, he's wearing a helmet, can't see his face. So send the guys from the first floor up here and-what? You kidding? No, no, this guy jumped in our window." He went silent for a minute. "How the hell should I know? Just give us some back up, goddamn it!" He put the phone down just in time to hear a short sharp ring of steel. He did not live long enough to appreciate it's various merits, the sword biting deep into his neck. Considering that there were seven fully armed men between him and Kovak's disappearing point made his death all the more shocking. The men turned, far too slow. A sable leg kicked out and caught a man below the ribcage, sending him flying into a mysterious hole that dropped into the floor below.

He dodged the gunfire, almost before it happened. These men were unrefined, sloppy, amateurish. Their body language gave them away. Fist, foot and sword cleaned up the mess, then Kovak stared at the elevator. Elevator in use. Utilise the stairs. He thought, turning and running at the door, slamming into it with his shoulder and running up the nearby wall. At the corner, he reached out, gripped the banister, and threw himself up the remaining stairs and slammed himself into the wall. He peeked inside the door, seeing The Assassin at the end of the corridor. He did a quick preliminary scan, discerning that there were six rooms on either side of the corridor, and six men in each room. That meant that there was 64 men in the floor as a whole. Downloading military sign language, he attempted to communicate this language, slipping into the corridor and trying to catch the Assassin's eye and performing the necessary gestures to tell him the information he knew.