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In a field, during the year 1271 feudal-era Japan an alien spacecraft droppedthough the fog drawn to the aftermath of a conclusive battle. Two kingdoms, of different sets of morals exploded in all out war. The more righteous of the two’s queen was poisoned and would later die from this heinous initiative. A completely dishonorable yet effective method of attack on the kingdom, as the heir to the throne was murdered along with his pregnant mother.

The less righteous kingdom, treacherous enough to merely create an opportunity of weakness with such an atrocity would then further follow through. If murdering the queen and unborn prince weren’t substantially horrendous, the villainous monarch dispatched his pack of wicked assassin ninjas to attack the assumedly distraught king. Sociopathic to his rotten soul, compared the stratagem to a mere game of chess in which the queen is taken and the King is left too grief stricken to “move more than one space at a time”.

Yet unlike chess the warrior, heard weeping nearly inconsolably by the clan as they gathered outside before their attack. Unbeknownst to them and to their very doom he mourned his loss by mastering his swordsmanship. The King single handedly destroyed the assassins as well obtain the elaborations of the evil king’s plot. As regarding to his single handed heroics, his left arm had been severed off in the combat.

The less righteous kingdom wasn’t even capable of true battle. Their ruler was a genius of science and medicine, yet a fiendish, spiteful narcissist. Filling grave yards with his butchery and leaving nightmares in children, especially little girls. Beforehand a doctor, he found more profit as well as fulfillment selling drugs eventually commanding a drug empire. His clans of bloodthirsty ninja were sheer dishonor personified. Murderers, sex offenders even pure sadists who served as a mere extent of his power and wickedness. Before he took over the kingdom from the preceding ruler he was his opium supplier. The King would soon become a debilitated addict and his number one customer. In a state of slave like dependency he was in the process of preparing to offer his own queen to the Evil Doctor. Redundant, his disgusted wife had already began an affair with the Evil Doctor perceiving absolute weakness in her ruler, in her view more dishonorable than her own infidelities. That same moral perspective saw the doctor turned drug lord a far worthy king. She also had felt no lack of honor within adding a lethal dosage to his almost hourly fix, enough for an overdose to murder her own husband.

The Warrior King’s rise to power came through the simplest combination of good work ethic, good luck and good will. His father, a renowned champion swordsman and his mother a farmer and gardener. The future king, more like his Mother Farmer preferred to help grow food for his family. Enjoying constructive beauty over combat and violence he ignored his father’s warning that one should be able to protect their family in like manner of providing for them. That was until age twelve when bandits would attack his mother for their harvest. Even though he half heartedly followed his father’s daily sword training, the child still managed to protect his mother and hold his own against the thieves until his father would arrive and drive them away. Actually he drove away all but one of them, the one he was forced to kill out of self defense. The Warrior King’s father was impressed, yet more importantly relieved that his son not only had the nurturing soul of his mother but that even with a mere pitchfork....his son was a natural swordsman!!

Over the years, the combination of intense training along with long grueling days farming, gardening his own healthy foods and beautiful flowers would eventually earn the future Warrior King his original moniker ”The Warrior Farmer”. It was on the day when the original King and Queen were away desperately seeking remedy for an odd flu which fell upon the Prince. Suspiciously right after a visit from the still considered trustworthy future evil doctor King. The already sickly, bed-ridden helpless Prince was slaughtered like a pig in his sleep. Left to die lying in blood, vomit and feces as his stomach based attack seemingly destroyed the Prince’s internal organs. Unable to breathe he drowned from internal bleeding so severe he couldn’t even scream dying. The blade impaled so deeply in the ribs the sword could not even be retrieved by his assassin. The Princess, a virgin was to be delivered unharmed, for the time being. Unfortunately for the mercenaries, they used the farm as a shortcut.

The farmer was evidently considered harmless by the bandits as they realized their escape route would consist of riding by horse right past him. What the horseback ninja assassins didn’t anticipate was the katana blade tucked under the farmer’s coat. Through the trauma and fright of savage murder within the castle, the Princess bellowed in agony which further alerted the now sword wielding farmer. Had she been carried on the lead horse they may have escaped with her.

Out of the four bandits, it was the particular one that kicked the princess in the head to keep her from attempting to run that the farmer dispatched with the farthest extremity of prejudice. Yet it was the account of his entire battle throughout which was reported to the King by the Princess. Finding what little solace he could in the affront to his empire and the death of his heir, the King was impressed enough by the farmer’s skill, which was all the more legitimized by his father’s championship status to employ them both to train the imperial army.

What would further serve to lessen his grief was the princess, an avid gardener herself more to the liking of the farmer’s mother, falling in love with her hero. Yet it wasn’t his act on the night of the attack as she simply considered that as loyalty and honor for his kingdom. It was from how she observed the nurturing soul which complimented his warrior heart throughout the fallout. Survivors and those mortally wounded were left to suffer from an assortment of horrific injuries. The natural ingredients alone that were grown only on the Warrior’s farm were used to derive medicinal remedies, but it was his vigilance and compassion treating the victims which actually saved some of those who desperately clung to life. Ironically for the Princess she had the Warrior Farmer smitten the very first time he saw that when she smiles her lip becomes adorably crooked.

The Farmer’s family would go on to manufacture their crops and even though offering a very reasonable price became quite wealthy. Adding his wealth into the equation as well as his sense of honor and most importantly the heart of the King’s daughter overwhelmingly the monarch was convinced to claim the Farmer suitable to wed his child. Moreover he felt in him the son he was robbed of and with the Princess now being his sole heir, the Farmer would become the new King.

The Warrior’s Kingdom was more than ready for battle. Influenced by hard work, arts and culture his subjects were creative and brilliant yet compassionate and strong. Non violent yet trained typically from birth in armed and unarmed combat. Righteousness and honor were law. Instigating fights were considered a felony as well as double teaming or ambushing a single person. However throwing an initial punch is legal if substantially provoked. Say an individual, child or entire family is threatened.

On the night the Warrior King declared war he assembled his army to devise a strategy which would be best to apply against the evil kingdom. Anticipating overconfidence, the Warrior King sent several of his elite soldiers wearing the attire of the defeated ninja assassins to “report” the success of their attack to the Evil Doctor King. Somewhat like a game of chess as well, yet out of pure irony for the Warrior’s plan was to leave the King vulnerable by first neutralizing his feeble drugged up forces. Driving the wicked monarch from his own castle in retreat to an awaiting, fuming blood lustful Warrior. Then again the Warrior King never really took to chess anyway he never understood how the pawn’s movement was so limited. He was once heard saying “This is too unrealistic. My pawns would move like rooks, bishops and knights instead of my Queen.”

A large almost endless field separated the two kingdoms, on this miserable morning a drizzly thick fog commented the somber aura. Positioned with a small battalion, yet still more than a match for what was left, the Warrior flanked the only realistic escape route as he fully intended on honoring his family and kingdom. Through the dense fog, a breathless fleeing Evil Doctor suddenly emerged, spotting the Warrior with his men. Without hesitation he grabbed his own Queen, produced a surgical dagger which he then used the implement in impaling her, then slitting her throat so disgustingly deep he chipped away fragments of her spine. Assuming she would be defiled or simply killed anyway. Besides he had grown bored of her and found more pleasure in the young daughters of his tortured subjects. Either the children were orphaned by the drugs he flooded his kingdom with or sold by addict parents even some themselves addicts prostituting their own very souls.

As the one armed Warrior King approached evil personified, the Doctor out of pure cowardice attempted to merely poison himself as supposed to the botched operation he performed on his wife. Looking to rob the Warrior King of delivering righteous honor, he was forced to chop off the Doctor’s hand just to prevent him. On his knees writhing in agony the fiendish Doctor would not be allowed to deny himself an honorable death. With a single swipe his decapitated head would be of more honor than his entire sickening kingdom.

As the battalion finished off the remaining clansmen a lavender glow with a humming sound came through the misty sky. Then a metallic vessel illuminated in color hovered to the grass. The Warrior King’s army gathered around him as two blue beings emerged from the vessel and approached. As the soldiers began to extend their weapons, the bulkier of the two beings struck the Warrior and his army with a beam of energy which communicate with humans through the electric impulses of the brain. In an instant the beings would explain their presence as well as their business with the King. Immediately he ordered his men to stand down, by then his men had already their weapons sheathed.

The beings were the rulers of a defeated empire. They were a culture of superior technology and civilization yet no match for their counterpart, mightier although of a more crude and primitive society. Genocide and slavery followed, so the rulers not abandoning their nation found the battleground of their struggle unfit for the heir to their throne. Before they were to regroup and strategize they wanted make sure the heir was safe. After fleeing the home planet they then observed from their spacecraft the preceding events involving the two kingdoms and found the Warrior King more than a suitable foster parent.

Once again the bulkier of the two blue beings used a beam of energy. This time it struck the Warrior King, restoring his severed arm, something he was going to need. The alien being then unlatched the blue bulk from its body and handed it to the Warrior King. In all this excitement he didn’t notice that the stains of his wife’s regurgitated blood were gone as well as fluid from their dead fetus, all the genetic material required for a huge flash of warm light to then fill the grass field. What the first thing the Warrior saw in both of his arms was a naked Japanese boy toddler and two now evenly sized alien beings. Even more amazing to him was realizing the baby not only had his eyes but his late wife’s adorable crooked lip smile.

Unbeknownst to the Warrior, the beings spacecraft was damaged in battle leaving their planet which caused an error in the equipment on board the ship. Most in particularly, the life scanning functions. The beings ship miscalculated the approximate life span of humans by about 25 years. Thus it would take the Warrior King’s new foster prince that many earth years just to age one year physically. Sadly he wouldn’t realize that until it was too late for him likewise his kingdom when it would need an heir.

As the Warrior King’s army joyously celebrated their triumph, his loyalist solider overheard an assessment of the infant hybrid made by another. Dazzled beyond belief by the illumination that caused it’s presence by the alien beings the warrior blurted out the word “Shin-Otoko”. The loyal swordsman had lost an ear in the battle and misheard what was said. The word in Japanese means “spiritual man”. Yet while standing right next to The Warrior King as he held his new son, the second in command instead spoke the word: Shanoyo. This in itself to the new father had a nice ring yet to him still sounded enough like a derivative of spiritual man. All the same he held the baby up, presenting him to his army who in pure elation after what they witnessed chanted “Shanoyo”. For such a lengthy time and loud enough the energy it projected was detected by the alien’s spacecraft as it left our solar system.

Though Matsu Kamayama lost his wife, Queen and unborn heir to his throne through bravery and perseverance he not only reclaimed honor. He was bestowed upon by God and the spirits themselves a child from the heavens. His entire army could attest to the account. As they did by bellowing back up to those same heavens the next heir to the Warrior Kingdom,

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