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It was a dark, cool clear October night. The stars were out, there were no clouds to block the magnificent bright lights that hung in the night sky. Shadow Tiger walked out of the The Hand building, a burning look of determination in his eyes. What he was about to do went totally against everything he believed. His morals, his beliefs, even his religion. All of these thoughts faded as the only thing he could think of was gaining power so that he could wield the legendary Arch Sword. A sword so powerful, that even his guardian ArchAngel, Ori, could not wield it without almost perishing. Shadow Tiger's heart pulsed with a new resolution. Part of him had died and burned to ashes. But out of those ashes came a new passion, a new fire in Shadow Tiger's soul. Shadow Tiger walked and walked for hundreds miles and started to run. His new will was the only thing that urged him on. Shadow Tiger thought of what Ori would say to him. He thought of all the ties he had to break in order to complete his task and quench the raging fire within his soul.

 Shadow Tiger ran through a forest. He ran through every branch, every bush, stepped on every single living thing in his way. A ravenous bear came from the shadows and attack Shadow Tiger. The bear’s eyes were bloodshot and it had saliva running down its vicious teeth. Shadow Tiger stopped dead in his tracks. The bear stood up and took a mighty swing at Shadow Tiger’s neck with its powerful claws. Shadow Tiger had a look of annoyance on his face as he simply shot out his left arm in a chopping motion. In a split second, the bear’s arm was cut clean off. Shadow quickly proceeded to kick the bear viciously in its neck with his right leg. The bear fell and was dead before it even hit the ground. Shadow Tiger smiled evilly as he ran past the bear. This was starting to feel good! He ran into a local village and stopped. Shadow Tiger showed no signs of fatigue. No sign of friendship, either. He scanned his surroundings and a small pub caught his eye.

 Shadow Tiger walked in and sat down in a corner table. His face was very serious and intimidating. Shadow Tiger looked around but was mostly listening to the conversations of the people in the pub. His ears suddenly caught wind of a local vampire slayer whom the townsfolk called a hero. Perfect. Shadow Tiger stood up and smiled. A sinister look was in his eyes as they seemed to glow in that dark pub. Shadow Tiger walked up to the bar tender. Suspicious eyes watched him and he could feel the atmosphere suddenly tense. Shadow Tiger walked up to the bar and he rested his right elbow on the counter. 
“What can I get you,” the fat bartender asked. 
“Nothing,” Shadow Tiger said. “I just need some info.”

 Shadow Tiger told the bartender everything he heard about this vampire slayer and asked whether they were true or not.

 “Hell yeah they are!” was the bartender’s response.
 “Where can I find her?” Shadow Tiger asked.
 “Beats me.”
 “Thanks.” Shadow Tiger smiled as he walked away from the counter. He suddenly spun around and looked at the bartender. He smiled and said, “Here’s a tip.” Shadow Tiger lifted his right hand and moved his fingers as if he were flicking a coin at the bartender. But instead of a coin, a small spark of fire flew and landed right on the supply of cider. The drinks immediately combusted and the whole place was ablaze in minutes. The fire was glorious.
“Now we wait,” Shadow Tiger said and started to laugh evilly. This was the biggest turning point in his life… and he liked it! This would surely draw this “vampire slayer” out. This would be her last fight. Ever.
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