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The year is 2060. The world has changed.

An act making vigilantism illegal was passed in 2012. People with abilities could only use them when the government was footing the bill. However in the world of 2060, the “gifted” as they are now known have found a new occupation. Corporations have grown to be more powerful than governments; and now they wage a silent war for profit. Against them are the few, the needy, the desperate. Men and women driven to the edge by the Corporations greed and cruelty. From this conflict has risen a new breed of soldier, a gifted covert mercenary, a blend of innate abilities and high technology. They are called……Shadowrunners.

Your a Shadowrunner, a professional criminal. A ruthless, greedy, gun for hire. Right? Nah, nothings ever that simple, especially in the shadows.

You run for the money, Your run from yourself, you run to feel alive and you’ll run until you’re dead. You’ll run for anyone if they can afford it. Hell, you might run for them if they can’t. Just find you a reason as good as money, poke around enough and they might find that reason, before someone kills them.”


1.Don’t join unless you know what your doing and have asked to join on the ooc.

2.You must have atleast two real weakness and no pocket dimensions or anything like that don't get to power happy alright remember this is about a good story make things sound good and flow together.

  1. You must also use your Comic Vine characters and are limited by their powers only. Your character may develop new powers thru out the story however you will need to show this on your bio as well.

  2. If you have Invulnerability or a power like that you must edit and/or it will not count in RPG neither does Immortality. Even though this RPG is mostly about the story there still maybe some battles between people this keeps it fair.

  3. Alignment does not determine who you can and can't ally with you do. Alignments should only influence you and not make the desion for you. Try teaming up with people you have not been teamed up in the past or those who would add to your story.

6.If you are new to RPGs on Comic Vine make sure you read the rules and if you have any questions ask one of the Veteran players.

7.Any OoC/ Out of Character talk should be done in the OoC thread. Also use this thread to talk with others about the story and if you need any help

Link to official rules http://www.comicvine.com/message/official-rpg-rules/8030/&c=4&4
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Benjamin Adeaphon Delat gazed attentively into the shadows of the research buildings, his experienced eyes straining to pick out the slightest hint of movement. Reluctantly he pressed his forefinger against the temple of his riot police style helmet.

“God damn. So much for doing this the old fashioned way.” He muttered.

The visor flashed and coloured lights played across it, drawing out a heads up display. A line of red light flicked across the whole thing and a notice appeared.

Zero life forms detected.

Ben sighed with relief and activated his glider pack. Two, meter long, wings burst from the backpack he wore and he slipped softly through the air towards the compounds water tower. His own gliding abilities allowing him to make the distance.

Perched on the top he unclipped his carbine from its holster and checked the sights.

Shadowrunner. It was more than a job, it was a philosophy. One that no one ever abandoned, you kept running until you were six feet under with an inch of pine between you and the world. The shadows were a dangerous place and it was up to your team to ensure you saw the next dawn.

Ben swung his eyes, the helmet systems picking out his squad on their patrols. Each of them an outline of blue against the darkness.

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Flashback: 6 years ago


"Okay, thats it, Darre Enterprises. Thaid, Widow Maker, you two hack the computer and steal the files, I'm going to the top level and dealing with Mr. Darre personally. Remember, we bring him down and we strike a major blow for the Shadow Runners." said Gambler.

The trio of heros slipped into the massive skyscraper undetected and made there way through the building. Thaid had been born with thee ability to talk to machines while Widow Maker was freakishly strong but not to bright. They were two of the Shadow Runners biggest hope for ultimate freedom.

This way Widow Maker. said Thaid

"Good luck you to."

Gambler made his way to the top floor. The other two hadnt even noticed how easily they had made it inside.

Well Mr. Gambler, you truly are a man of your word. came a voice from the shadows.

"I've kept my end, now release my family."

First things first. Alpha team, the two terrorist are on level H, kill them both.


Its either them or your family Mr.Gambler.

As Thaid sat in front of the Darre Enterprises main computer Widow Maker kept a look out. Suddenly 100 heavily armed guards were on top of them. Widow Maker took two guards and tossed them across the room, but with his back turned Thaid was exposed. One well placed shot later Thaid was dead. Widow Maker was enraged and going through the guards like a hurricane. When suddenly Gambler appeared next to him.

Gambler, they, they killed Thaid.

"I know old friend, I know."

Gambler slowly removed his blade and stabbed Widow Maker in the back of the neck, a look of betrayal and confusion came over the giant as he collapsed to the floor, dead.

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Ben replaced his weapon in the thigh holster. Super powers were nice but no Crofter could argue with a bullet in the head. A crackle over the vox-link and Ben was in action. Modern technology had eliminated many of the problems that the old fashioned equipment had faced. Any interference over the radiowaves meant trouble.

With a gesture the air tore itself apart, leaving a gaping hole into the tunnels of the Warren. Ben turned away from the blast of heat and then leapt inside. The hole closing up behind him. The tunnels twisted and turned and Ben had to circle round rather than going direct, but finaly he reached the correct point. Another gesture and he was vomited out into the real world. No time had passed since he had entered the Warren.

Eagle bane was just hitting the ground, a meter long javelin speared through his chest. Ben swung into cover and keyed his vox-unit.

"Quick to all units, contact."

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Nano was walking in a large boiler room, Whistling along with his mp3 player, he wore a black ski mask and a tech vest, with baggy green combats, he was typing the code into his explosives as he placed them on each boiler.

He tapped his two guns and walked out the door and burt into song, "Let the bodies hit the floor" , The explosion was huge, as the flames filled the sky behind him he broke into a sprint , slid under a near by van placed two more explovies and went down a near man hole.

The water splashed as he ran , small droplets of water bounced onto his trouser and all he could do was nod his head to the beats , it was time for change and he would bring it.

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Rain. Small droplets of it. Falling onto the streets of San Fransisco. Cars bustled through the city streets, people running about with newspapers over their heads. The skyscrapers were now larger then they were about 53 years ago. The tallest in San Fran had a 150th floor.

The Andreas Channel ran close by. It separated a part of San Fransisco in the Great Quake of 2050. Minor aftershocks still occured every month or three. Peter had lost his mom during that Earthquake. His grandfather told him she died saving a little girl from a burning building. Her name was Rahne. She was a firefighter. He was 5 when it happened. That left his Grandfather to take care of him.

The thought of Peter's Grandfather and mother made him twinge. He missed them so much. He was crouched on ledge of a skyscraper, looking onto Smith Enterprises. He loathed that name. They'd taken the last of his family away, and they'd suffer. He didn't care who got in his way to do it. His Grandather, Scott Wolfman, used to work or them. The Firm, as they were called in his days.

They killed Scott 2 years ago, when Peter was 13. In front of his eyes. They shot him with a bullet. They made a big deal about how it was silver, though. Peter understood why it was silver now. Peter had knelt over his grandfather's body, a single tear falling from his eyes. The men from The Firm were going to kill Peter too. But Peter wouldn't let them. Peter didn't know how it happened, but he heard growling, some screams, and then he was outside. He looked into a pddle and saw what he thought was a werewolf looking back at him. He went to splash the puddle in anger, but instead of splashing it, he froze it. That was when he learned of his dormant powers. After he did research on his grandfather and mother, ometimes breaking into places to do it, he learned he had the same powers as his Grandfather did. His mother was an average human. The powers had skipped a generation, but they were still in his DNA. He trained for 2 years. Inventing weapons. Surviving on his own. He had help though, he had stumbled upon his Grandfather's computer Program, GAIA. Now that he thought about it, his Grandfather was a smart guy. He hoped he'd make him proud.

That was years ago. Now, Peter Parker Wolfman would avenge hs family. Yeah, it was a weird name. Peter's mother had let his Grandfather name him, so He named him after one of his favorite Superheroes. Peter stood up on the ledge. He was wearing camo cargo shorts, and a blue and white top, in honor of his grandfather. He did make sure, however, that they were dark colors. He pressed a button on his watch and said,"Gaia. Run schematics of Smith Enterprises onto my Com-link. A hologram popped up on his watch and showed the entire layout of the building. Peter'd enter through the sewer.

Peter pressed a button on his watch again and looked over at Smith Enterprises, anger filling his heart. A rumble of thunder was heard overhead and Peter jumped from the ledge.

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Bullets ripped apart the darkness where Ben had supposedly been hiding. The Crofter had run a power scan, identifying the helmet that Ben had left and opened fire. It was a costly mistake. From the rooftop Ben tore his weapon from its holster and fired. One down.

Off to his right someone screamed, Ben hoped feverently that it was one of the Crofters. Using the glider he covered the distance to the noise and discovered anothe Corporation trooper down. A man, presumably the killer, stepped from the shadows of a doorway and raised his arms. A blindingly hot sheet of flame sprayed from his out stretched fingertips. Ben leapt backwards, opening a portal. He fell through, closely followed by the fire.

Almost imediatly the portal closed and then opened again behind the man, the flames coursing back into the real world and sending the unfortunate individual up like a torch.

Ben stepped through the rip, he was singed but very much alive. Two down, but he was running out of tricks.

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The rain hit all all round him, his long raven hair was tying togther, He ran a hand over it and then looked up at the moon, His eyes glowed with darkness, his long coat was blowing in front of him, his hand moved to his side, Running his pale fingers along the stitching of his pocket.

He looked down the street was busy with people, Crouching down he considered what it would be like to be one of them, A sheep wondering without a clue, A samll smile spiked at the side of his face, his hair had fallen forward, Reaving the handle to a sword on his back, An ancient and powerful sword.

It's apperance was that of a Manderin Duck Sword, But it had celtic writting down the holstr, To silver six shotters sat on ethier side of the Sword, One with the engraving Bow and the other Arrow, The air air around him hissed as the drop of water hit his body.

He tilted his head to the left, something had caught his attention a young women black hair , she looked to be fourteen, But he could sense something older, His phone rang, It was new tech as he lifted it the top poped open , he placed it to his ear.

"Arrow where the hell, are you ", Great he thought can they not go one night with out my help, "I'm watching the sheep " he said it as if he was able to draw a picture in the man mind, the end of the phone went dead for a moment ,"What was, never mind We need you in the industriel section".

Arrow said nothing as he hung up he looked at the girl one more time, A small child appeared nect to him, It had no face only blood red eyes and a wicked smile it was competly black, "Follow her " It merley laughed and ran off the roof, folloing the young girl, Then Arrow sank into the shadows.

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The rain dripped down the back of her jacket and she shivered visibly, though something in her mind said it wasn't the cold water making her tremble. Animal instict some might say, however, she wasn't the animal that the instinct belonged to.

"open your eyes to it..." the voice echoed through the girl`s focused mind, breaking her concentration on her mark.

"oh my gaaawd can't you shut the hell up?!" Nina whined to no one in particular, she splashed through puddles in her steel capped boots, heavily thudding across the ground. She'd lost the victim, the man with the briefcase, she had wanted his wallet so badly. For survival reasons of course...

"It follows...let me out..." steel jaws clamped her mind "Nooo, I'm busy! we need to get some money!" Nina scampered to the opening of an alley to search for a new mark.

"LET ME IN THY PLACE!" it boomed

" No Ghast!" she rolled her eyes violently. "He is right...it follows..." A softer female voice chimed in. The girl was surprised by this and she stopped abruptly, she didn't usually hear from this one.Nina grabbed her head in disdain, usually the souls kept to themselves when she was in the dominant role, but they'd been getting very exciteable lately. Annoying even. Especially Ghast.

"Let me in thy place..?" the soft voice ventured. "Ugh, same old tune eh guys? fine! what is it?" "We need to run...to get away, i'll be your running feet..." soft voice pleaded "Okay, I'll swap with you Wisp, don't think I could handle HIM tonight ..."

There was an audible, but low growl of displeasure from Ghast. Nina stepped back into the alleyway and released her hold on her place in this dimension. The girl's form phased out and a white wolf appeared in her stead, the creatures ears pricked up and pivoted catching the sound of demons and shadows that lurked in the rain soaked night. She glared into the darkness with shining yellow eyes and turned, the lithe creature shot into the night like a white beam.
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BLAM BLAM BLAM gun shots rang out in the cold night air. A chase was under way, suddenly a shadowy figure lept from one roof Darre Enterprises onto the roof of the next building, several Allied Corporation officers followed in hot pursuit. Whisper, a high paid Shadow Runner had just stolen several high priority documents, now if he could only escape. Taking a position behind an air vent he prepared.

Unzipping a red duffel bag he had stashed there before the heist he pulled out a harness and cable. Leaning around the side and opening fire with his duel chrome 9mms he pinned the AC down. With blinding quickness he made a dash for the ledge of the roof and lept, as he fell the AC fired down at him but one noticed a flashing blue light attached to the air vent Whisper had hid behind. Suddenly the blue turned to yellow, then to green before beeping and exploding. The cable was blown apart and Whisper began to free fall, but disappeared and reappeared on the ground before vanishing into the city.

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Reappearing acroos town in an instant , Arrow was met by dancing red flames, He looked in the sky and then followed his senses, Walking to a truck he placed a hand on it and pahsed through it , Walking to a man hole cover , he licked his lips "Nano, Commander get your men down the sewers and watch for bobby traps".

A group of men in corparte unifroms ran over to to him , they looked at him and at the fire "Fine" lifting his hands a shadow was cast over the flames,cutting of the oxagen , killing it's life source , "HE HE HE HE HE HE DOGGY" Arrows eyes flew open his little child had called him, He vanished without warning.

Reappearing at the last place the darkling had called out to him he looked down the ally to see a white wolf moving very fast , Then he caught a glance of his Darkling appearing in front of it, "HELLO DOGGY" it was smiling and looking straight at the wolf, It white coat glisend in the moon light, Arrow sat and watched what would happen.

"DOGGY PLAY" it tilted it's head to the side and then back again , Like a child looking at a new toy .

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Wisp's fur rippled, she lowered her head and growled. It was becoming hard to concentrate, her reactions would be severely comprimised, Ghast was gnashing at the back of her mind. He was becoming almost too frantic for her to hold him back, this wasn't how it was supposed to be...forcing Soul Rotation was completely against the rules.

"Begone creature...I mean you no ill will..." She panted, holding back the shadowy tide that was Ghast.

"Let me in thy place..." Ghast seethed, losing his patience.

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the darkling created a small balck ball, "Doggy stay , Doggy play" the two ends of the ally vanished , blocked by a dark wall of magic, the little creature fliped up into the sky and hovered , It liffted it's arm back a threw the ball at the white wolf, Just as it was about to hit, it was gone a small amount of dark energy filled the air,"Oh daddys here, Me go, bye bye doggy" it sank into the shadows waving to the wolf.

Arrow slowly floated to the gorund his balck coat waving as he lowered himself, He stopped just in front of the wolf, "Intresting" he walked round the white wolf and back to the front of her, "What are you" , he crouched down so his face was looking right at her's, he tilted his head, She was maginfacent, Prue white and not a mark on her, she was abit skinny, but was built for speed, He could sense another darker arura around her, It was almost screaming , He little out a friendly smile and moved back abit.

"Please" he was being polite , It was a good night after all and he did not feel like a fight , he merely smiled and waited for the wolf to talk.

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Wisp inched a little closer and sniffed him demurely, it wasn't making any sense. He didn't smell like he should be talking to her, he smelled like he should be ripping her to shreds.

"I don't trust you...but I think I know what you want..." Wisp broke away from his gaze and sat down, curling her tail around her feet.

"He's curious about you too, as you probably know. But I won't let him out, so you may as well leave..."

Ghast was having a furious tantrum in the back of her mind, his soul barely contained. Wisp could feel Nina cowering in the darkness.

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Arrows eyebrow rose, and small smile came across his face, "You know it's not nice to be rude" the Ally seemed to fill with darkness, his eyes almost erupted "now lets play nice, Im sure your little friend in your head is telling you to be carful".

A near by book floated over to him he sat down and cupped his hands a cig appeared in his mouth and it let of it's own acord. He placed his arms across his legs as he lend forward, "How about we let someone else out to play".

The ally was hurling with dark froms , moving around the walls, a bin moved but nothing was there, "I pose my question again, What are you", He would not ask again, The smile was gone he just looked at the little wolf and winked.

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Wisp stared at him, her legs tingled like in nightmares when you want to run but can't move your legs. She could feel Ghast's energy leaping around like an excited puppy, "I am...merely a visitor to this physical plane. I am barely in exsistance, I live in borrowed space and time...will that do?" She growled.

She waited for the dark man's reply, skittishly watching the play of horrible shadows over the brickwork.Inside she became more guarded, verging on frozen, wishing she could push Nina further to the back, further from harm, further from this... creature.

Suddenly Ghast ceased his frollicking, "Why do you prevent me WOMAN?! Just to be spiteful?"

She sighed patiently and thought "The doorway is always well protected when you are dominant, I just wonder about the wisdom of such a move...It would be more of a risk to expose you to this creature I feel."

"And don't you always know the best for all of us...bitch." The black wolf sulked like a sullen child.

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He moved next to her, hid hand hovered above her head for one moment he considered ,no he walked on "It will do for now, little one" , He vanished into the nigt, the Ally slowly returned to normal , the noise of the streets and of poelpe returned.

then came a whisper , as if it was right next to the wolfs ear "We will meet again, that you can be sure of", there was nothing but the wind blowing in the street, She had been lucky , She had made him curious of her and the other one, he sensed a human but she was nothing to him.

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Despite Bens efforts, the team of Corporation soldiers were being fought backwards. Due to the confusion of combat he had been unable to establish exactly how many of his team were down. But he was guessing around 50%. The battle had devolved into bitter house to house fighting as the Crofters penertrated deeper and deeper into the facility.

Bens team found themselves in a nightmare of twisting alleyways between the research buildings, wher death could strike at any moment. Something moved in the darkness in fron of Ben and he leapt at it.

The man reacted quickly and shot at him. With the last of his dwindleing energy Ben tried to phase through the bullet. He partially succeded. With any normal round he would have managed it, but the Shadowrunner had used an adamantium bullet. The density of the metal was too much and Ben felt it tear through him, he fell and chocked on his own blood. Although the bullet had passed through him with no wound being caused, it had seriously damaged his internal organs.

The man aimed at Bens head.

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Suddenly bright spot lights descended upon the area and the sound of helicopters filled the night air. BLAM the sound of one shot rang out as Gambler took out Shadowrunner standing over Ben.

"GO GO GO." yelled Gambler as his team repelled out of the Helios. Using a series of hand motions Gambler relayed his message to Alpha Squad, the team took up a defencive position forming a triangle around the advancing Shadowrunners.

"Can you move? We need to get you into the chopper sir."

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"Sh!t, that bugger tagged me good." Ben swore.

He looked up at Gambler and the helicopter.

"Lets get the hell outa here. Omega team, follow Alphas lead, all wounded to the choppers."

Ben heaved himself to his feet, feeling jabs of pain lance his chest. With difficulty he heaved himself into the chopper as his team joined Gambler's in the firefight.

"What are you waiting for, I'm not going to put on my seat belt?"
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Akwa fired a few shots at the approaching Crofters. The energy rounds tore through their flesh as if it was paper.

A bullet ripped into his right arm, making it explode into little bits. Akwa stared at what was left of his arm and smiled as it grew back.

A bullet whizzed past his head and as it passed, Akwa was gripped by a momentary fit of weakness.

'Oh crap! They're using Kryptonite bullets! Retreat!'

He ran back through the facility until he reached the Admantium doors to the facilities Inner Sanctum.

He pounded on the doors to let him in but it was locked and not even he could rip through admantium!

'Let us in, damn it! There's too many of them!'