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OK, here's the thread.

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OOC: Shall we?

Shadow Tiger walked out of a McDonald's wearing his favorite white t-shirt that said "Jesus Loves You" and his black jeans. He was wearing high-top Reeboks on his feet. His face was brightened up by the Nintendo DS he was playing. It was a nice, crisp night. The moon was half covered by the clouds overhead. Shadow Tiger walked down the street, focused only on his Nintendo DS. He unexpectedly walked into a junkyard.
"Dang," he grunted. "Stupid Squirtle. Alright then, go my Leafeon!"
Shadow Tiger looked up and, to his suprise, he was in a junkyard. "What the crap?" Shadow Tiger closed his DS, put it in his pocket, and walked further into the junkyard.

Shadow Tiger never remembered a junkyard being there. But, then again, Shadow Tiger didn't remember alot of seemingly important things. He explored the junkyard, every nook and cranny. He found lots of empty spaces and weird stuff in the junk piles. The place also reeked terribly. Shadow Tiger barely took any breaths.

After about a half an hour, Shadow Tiger eventually got used to the nasty smell and sat down on an old reclining chair. "Ya know," he told himself. "Once you get used to this sick smell, this place ain't that bad." Shadow Tiger reclined in his comfy chair and lazily watched the night sky.
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 Sherry has had a bad day. First of all, some stupid guy with a "Jesus Loves You" shirt had budged in front of her in the line at the local McDonald's. Not only did the shirt make her mad, but the way the guy just slipped in place between her and the person in front of her like it was his RIGHT, well, that made her furious. She stood fuming for ten minutes behind Jesus Dude until it was his turn to order.

 "I'd like a double cheeseburger meal, please," Jesus Dude said to the acne-riddled teenager at the cash register. Sherry was a little surprised. That's what I always order, you stupid...um...HUMAN, she screamed silently at him, her hands starting to grow cold with ice that she was so tempted to blast his head off with.

 After Jesus Dude left with his food in a tray, humming a totally off-key tune, she went up and said her order.

 "Sorry, kid," the teenager replies, looking bored. "Guy over there ordered the last double cheeseburger we had in stock."

 Without a word, Sherry pointed her hands at the cashier, palms out, and turned the guy into a block of ice.

 Apparently, you weren't supposed to do that in a human eating establishment.

 After getting kicked out of McDonald's, she decided to go to the park to see the ducks, which, in her opinion, are smarter than humans. That's when she spotted her crush with some bleached blonde, sitting on a bench laughing and drinking hot chocolate. She snapped her fingers and the sweet liquid in the cups instantly turned into hardened frost. The local dentist was going to have to treat two more cases of chipped teeth the following day.

 Fuming, she left the park, tripped a little kid, and headed in the direction of the movie theatre. Her phone rang, startling her. Sherry flipped it open. "Hello?"

 "YOUNG LADY, YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!" A voice, coated with irritation, screamed through the speaker.


 "Your principal just decided to pay us a little visit! It seems that for the past THREE MONTHS, you've been skipping school, harrassing the other students, THREATENING your teachers, and God knows what else! He said that he's been unable to contact us, BECAUSE SOMEBODY'S BEEN INTERCEPTING THE E-MAILS AND LETTERS HE'D SENT!"

 "Dad, you can't believe anything that fat pig-"

The line went dead.

 Oh, great.

 Well, she could at least take the long way home, right? The really long way home. Sherry took a left and headed into the local junkyard - and stopped dead in her tracks. There, not ten feet from her, was Jesus Dude, playing on his stupid little machine that made the annoying high-pitched sounds.

 That b4stard.

 Smiling wickedly to herself, Sherry walked over, her palms tingling with ice.

 "Hey there," she called out. Softly.

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 Shadow Tiger had just finished defeating the Elite Four when he heard a female's voice. "Hey there," the voice had called out softly. Shadow Tiger shifted in his chair and looked over. He saw a young-looking female with blue eyes and beautiful hair. "Hm?" Shadow Tiger jumped up. "What are you doing here?"

He walked closer to the young woman to get a closer view. Shadow Tiger couldn't see very well in the dark. "Oh!" he said. "I remember you. You were at McDonald's, right? Sorry for cutting in line, it was wrong of me."
Shadow Tiger lifted up his left hand, revealing a clean double cheese burger still in its wrap. "Here you go," he said kindly. "I went back and told them to get me another one. I didn't go until they got their next batch."

Shadow Tiger held it out in front of him, offering it to this girl who, for some reason, was in the junkyard.
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 "Here you go," he said, with an air of oh-look-Ma-I'm-feeding-the-homeless. "I went back and told them to get me another one. I didn't go until they got their next batch."

 Oh, so NOW he went, after she had already let off way too much steam to even feel hungry? Plus, she was banned from the McDonald's, probably for the rest of her life! She wasn't going to enjoy her last burger if it were contaminated by this...this...sickeningly sweet do-gooder! This guy was going down.

 "Why, thank you, I'll take that," she replied sweetly. People who knew her well enough always got ready to head for the hills whenever she adapted this tone of voice. "Oh, wait, there's a bug on it! Oh deary me!" And when he leaned over to see the nonexistant bug, she added, "See? It's right HERE!"

 And with that, she shoved the whole burger, cheese and all, into the guy's admittedly handsome face, causing him to stumble backwards, nearly crashing into a pile of rusted mangled bikes. Before he could react, Sherry launched two bolts of icy water directly at his head.

 Come on, I haven't decapitated anyone in weeks! Let's hope he has a weak neck! Sherry grinned at the prospect. After all, he's just a stupid human, right?

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Shadow Tiger was a bit taken back when the cheeseburger was shoved in his face. "Dang it," he thought to himself. "Why do girls always gotta be like that to me." He crashed into the bikes. Shadow Tiger looked up to see two bolts of icy water come at him. To him it seemed like it was in slow motion. This was thanks to his training in Heaven. Bolts of lightning are much faster than bolts of water.

Shadow Tiger quickly picked up a bike wheel and spun it like a fan. The water bolts were dispersed by the thin, metal bars of the wheel. Shadow Tiger stood up and sighed. He looked up and said, "I really don't want to fight right now. Can we fight some other time? I don't want to mess this place up and I don't want to hurt you."

Shadow Tiger calmly walked back to his seat and sat down. He never let down his guard, though. His heart was pounding. He knew he was getting into a fight no matter what. Shadow Tiger pulled out his DS, took out Pokemon, and put in a new game. He turned it on and the Star Wars theme went on. The music suddenly stopped and the light turned off. "Dang," Shadow Tiger complained. "Battery's dead." Shadow Tiger put his DS on the couch and stood up. He stretched and looked over at the girl. "Hey, what's your name?"
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 It happened so fast that a normal person might've blinked and literally missed it, but thankfully Sherry was faster than that. The guy picked up one of the ruined bikes, grabbed a tire and spun it like a little toy windmill caught in a blast of air. The ice, speeding towards him at breakneck speed, slammed into the tire and caught onto the spokes, clinging there. Annoyingly, not one drop if icy water even landed near the guy. He just sighed, like he was some jaded, world-weary artist type. This irritated Sherry more than his obviously fake super-friendly expression. But now, two seconds later, she was a lot more on her guard.


 Shit, shit, shit.
Of course, she never ran into just any normal person for a fight, oh no! It had to be someone like Speeding Bullet there. How many mutants were left in the world again? A hundred? Two hundred? What were the odds that a freak would turn up in her town?

"I really don't want to fight right now. Can we fight some other time? I don't want to mess this place up and I don't want to hurt you," the guy smiled warily at her. Maybe she was just in an angry sort of mood, but Sherry wanted to just kill him right there and then. Unfortunately, he seemed to have other plans. Flopping down on the torn chair, he flipped on his stupid little machine again. 

 Oh, so the guy was too tired, was he? He wasn't too tired to budge in front of her! Moron!

 "This craphole is already messed up enough," she smirked at him. "And as for hurting me, well, seeing as I'm going to rearrange your features, you should worry more about that." A look of annoyance passed over his face. Sherry really smiled then. She'd gotten to him! 

 "Battery's dead,"
the guy complained. "Hey, what's your name?"

 Oh. So she hadn't gotten to him, after all.

  "Sherry. I'd ask for yours, but you're going to die, anyway." And with that, she darted nimbly on top of a towering pile of crushed cars behind the guy's chair, their headlights glaring out into the dark nothingness. She waited for a few seconds, seeing, predicting when the guy will least expect it. Then she rapidly pushed off on the side door of the topmost car - a Toyota - did a flip in mid-air and hit the ground running. Behind her, she could hear the thundering groans and creaks as the pile hurled towards the ground. Sherry was tempted to look back, but she forced herself not to.

 She was going to attack him from another angle. If he was still alive.

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Shadow Tiger could sense the the urge to kill coming from this young lady. "This craphole is already messed up enough," the girl said and smirked at Shadow Tiger. "And as for hurting me, well, seeing as I'm about to rearrange your features, you should have to worry about that." 
"Great..." Shadow Tiger thought to himself as he heard the words spoken to him. "A monologue. I guess there's no way out of this."
Why must all beautiful girls Shadow Tiger met be like this?

Shadow Tiger barely finished stretching when the girl said answered his question, "Sherry," she said. "I'd ask for yours, but you're going to die, anyway." Shadow Tiger looked at her sharply as she suddenly and nimbly darted on top of the car pile behind Shadow Tiger's chair. She waited for a while before suddenly jumping off the pile, using the force of her jump to make the pile fall. Thunderous and sounds of metal scraping against metal were heard. Glass fell and so did some nuts and bolts. "God, help me," Shadow Tiger thought to himself before making his move.

Shadow Tiger's arms caught fire and he slammed his inner wrists together, his palms facing the cars. He grunted as he suddenly unleashed two big balls of fire at the onslaught of metal, glass, and rubber. One after the other. The first one made contact with the Toyota, causing it to explode. The flaming debris went flying everywhere. Shadow Tiger barely had enough time to jump out of the way of the remaining cars. He looked over his shoulder to see Sherry running. A flaming door was soaring in her direction. Shadow Tiger ran as fast as he could behind her. His left leg was suddenly covered in electricity. "Look out!" Shadow Tiger yelled. He then jumped up and spun to his right. He shifted his body so that his head was downward at a 90 degree angle. He swiftly kicked out his left leg and connected his powerful kick with the door, sending it flying back into the pile of cars. All that was heard was a large crash and shattering glass.

"Phew, that was a close one," Shadow Tiger thought to himself.
Shadow Tiger landed on his hands and  sprung himself up. He then landed smoothly on his feet.

"You should always make sure your opponent is dead before you run away," Shadow Tiger said in a sort of lecture tone. He then turned around and kindly said, "If you wanna fight me, go ahead. I'm not gonna hurt you."

"Crap, I shouldn't have said that," he told himself.

This was gonna be a long night.
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 She was nearly around a pile of old furniture when she heard a voice. He was still breathing? Damn. Why can't he just do her a favor and off himself instead? It would be a lot easier!

 "Look out!" The guy yelled. Sherry spun around and saw a flaming piece of twisted car door speeding towards her. She made to duck, but the guy did a fancy little twist and kicked the door away from her with a leg that was wrapped in lines of bright blue electric currents.

 Any normally functioning person might've been relieved, but Sherry wasn't just anybody. She was pissed. The guy liked showing off, didn't he? She was just about to yell behind her a clever remark about his mom and army boots when he spoke.

 "You should always make sure your opponent is dead before you run away!" 


 He was lecturing her now? Who was this guy? Okay, maybe he was right. She'd forgotten about that rule, being so eager to get away from the flames (God, she hated fire!), but still. He wasn't just going to die. He was going to suffer

 Mr. Holier-than-Thou yelled something else in her direction over the crackling of the flaming cars, but she blocked his voice out completely. She could still make out some words though. It sounded like he said, "I'm going to hurt you." YES! Finally, he's acting like a real enemy! Well, he was going to have to find her first!

 Sherry came to a rest when she was completely shielded from her target. She was surrounded by all kinds of stuff. Junk, to anyone else. But this stuff could easily be made into handy weapons. Sherry slowed her breathing and forced herself to think.

 The guy must have some kind of weakness! Okay, so he's fast, he can make fire and electricity come out of his hands - his hands! The girl smiled. What if something simply dreadful happened to the poor guy's hands? He wouldn't be able to conjure up crap!

 She looked around. There must be a nice little hand-slicer-off-er around here...

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Shadow Tiger watched as he saw her nimbly run away into a safe spot. "That's weird," he thought. "I thought she would get all mad and try to hurt me." Shadow Tiger sat down on the hard, dusty ground. This was a weird night.

She isn't human. So I could have some problems.

Shadow Tiger closed his eyes and started meditating. "Maybe I should just fight her. I DO hate cold crap." Shadow Tiger stood up after a few moments, his mind was made up. He would fight, but only if she was getting out of hand. Just then, Shadow Tiger remembered something. His DS! It wasn't in his pocket! "Dang it..." Shadow Tiger thought as he ran back to the pile of cars. He found the place where the chair was. There was a rusted, banged-up Honda Accord on top of it. Shadow Tiger crouched down and placed the inside of his fingers under the left side of the car. He started struggling as he began flipping the little Honda. "Dang! This thing is heavy for such a small car!" Shadow Tiger finally gave one last grunt before rolling the Honda over. It flipped and landed with a large *THUD!* Shadow Tiger frantically looked for his DS that he bought four years ago. He started moving some scrap metal and there it was, utterly crushed and destroyed.

This girl was goin' down.

How could she think she could do this just because she was "having a bad day?"

"Looks like she needs to be taught a lesson," Shadow Tiger said before jumped in high the air. Before gravity took its toll, his arms caught fire and he let himself fall at great speed. He slammed the ground before he landed, sending out a huge wall of flames near a pile of trashed-up, greasy dirt bikes. The flame wall connected with much force. The bikes blew up and small, flaming parts were sent everywhere.

"Come out and fight, you coward!"
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 There it was. Right there, on top of the dirt bikes.

 A fire poker wasn't exactly what she had in mind when she thought "KILLERWEAPONOFDOOOOOOM", but this one was better-made than the childproof (honestly, her parents think she's seven or something!) one in her house.

 Speaking of house...

 ...you still gotta go home, girl. 

AURGHHH. What time was it now? Ten? Eleven? Sherry had no idea. All she knew was that it was a lot later than it should be. She was pretty much screwed, whether or not she won this fight.

 This is all his fault! If he were just decent enough to let himself be killed she wouldn't have to sneak back into the house!

 The thought made her angrier than before (if it were even possible), and she started climbing as silently as she could up onto the dirt bike pile. There was a lot of grease coated on the clumsily-built contraptions, but she leaped onto the top of the mound and grabbed the poker. Somewhere in the darkness, she could hear the guy moving something - cars, or whatever. Maybe he was going to throw one at her? Whatever. He was going to go limbless soon! If Sherry had an evil laugh soundtrack, she would've played it right then.

 Her happiness was cut short when heat - fierce, noxious heat - exploded not two inches in front of her face. Oh my God.

She lost her balance, stumbled, and felt herself falling over backwards. Sherry shut her eyes and landed on her hands in the dirt, the poker still grasped firmly in her fist. Then she flipped right side up again, coughing from the smoke. Little spots of blue light lit up her skin, healing her injuries, but she wasn't paying attention to the pain anymore. Finally, this guy was taking her seriously.

 She casually slid the poker into the pocket of her jeans, and walked around the wreckage of the bikes. The fire seemed to be alive, eating away at the oily machines. It snapped at her heels as she went by. Sherry forced herself not to flinch. She could see the guy ahead of her now. He didn't seem to have noticed her yet.

 "Come out and fight, you coward!" He yelled at nothing in particular. 

 How very original.

 "You shouldn't talk," she giggled. "Not when you're hesitant on doing combat with a little girl!"

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 The explosion was magnificent. The flames roared in the air. They seemed as though they were actually eating away at the dirt bikes. As the dirtbikes melted, Shadow Tiger saw the girl come out from behind the pile of dirt bikes, her hands in her pockets. "You shouldn't talk," she giggled. "Not when you're hesitant on doing combat with a little girl."

What a-

Now Shadow Tiger was getting annoyed. This puny little trouble maker was trying to act smart towards a guy that was trained by God's angels. But, then again, she didn't know that.

Shadow Tiger smiled. "You're not human," he said. "So I guess you don't really count as a 'little girl. Besides, I hate fighting.'" Shadow Tiger suddenly jumped up high over Sherry and took a deep breath. He held his breath so he could build up the fire within his body. His chest warmed up and the warmth traveled up into his esophagus. Shadow Tiger landed behind Sherry, kicked some dust up to block her vision, and unleashed a huge breath of flame. The fire was so hot that it even caused Shadow Tiger to sweat quite a bit. The flame was a bright red with a faint green mixed in. Its radius was big enough to swallow up a Ford F-150.

Once he was done, Shadow Tiger jumped back behind the pile of wrecked dirt bikes and hid inside their shadows.

"Let's see how she handled that. She looks like a good opponent."
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 A little twitch of annoyance came over his face. It was like he just registered that she hated him. Geez, he was slow.

 "You're not human," he said. "So I guess you don't really count as a 'little girl'. Besides, I hate fighting."

 "Should've thought of that before you tried to roast me to a crisp,"
she muttered quietly. But it wasn't for him to hear. She was done with the back-and-forth banter. As if reading her thoughts, the guy leaped once more into the air. Sherry reacted with lightning speed. In the split-second that it took for the guy to tear his gaze away from her in order to concentrate on building up a chestful of fire (what was he - a dragon?), she bolted across the ground to stand right where the guy had stood a heartbeat ago.

 Just as she predicted, her opponent landed just behind her old position, and that's where he released the jet of pent-up flames. Sherry crouched slightly and dug her nails into her palms. Come on, you can do this, she told herself. The fire roared at her, growing ever larger as the blaze began to consume the debris in the junkyard. It clambered over the towers of rubbish and quickly established itself as a wall between her and the guy. The flames easily rose high above everything else. The smell was terrible, but at least now Sherry could see everything clearly lit up. It was like someone flipped on a light switch. She took a few deep breaths and reminded herself that it wasn't the fire itself she was scared of. It was the heat. The fire wasn't stronger than she was.

 Sherry pushed off the ground and waited till she was five feet in the air before she spread her hands and twisted her palms out facing towards the fire. Icy water shot gushed out of her hands and into the blazes. The liquid immediantly folded over the flames like a frigid blanket, encasing the entire wall of inferno in a thick coat of ice. Within seconds, the fire was no more. What remained was a huge barrier of frost, with bright orange light still glowing deep within. As she fell, Sherry grabbed the top of the wall, did a flip and landed on top of the giant block that now split the junkyard into two sections.

 She was at least ten feet above everything else, even the highest piles of clutter. The ice-coated fire barrier brightened the whole place. She could see everything from here. Everything except what she was looking for. Where the hell was the guy?

 Oh, well. Sherry sat down on the edge of the wall, swinging her legs and humming a tune. Her fists were clenched, though, and her every sense on full alert. If he wanted her, he'll come up here and fight like the man he wasn't.

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OOC: I'm SOOOOO sorry!!! With a capital S and a capital -ORRY. I've been really busy with school crap.

Shadow Tiger sat upright against the pile of dirt bikes and listened for the crackle of a huge bonfire. Instead, he heard what sounded like crystalization sound effects used in the movies and in the middle school videos. "
What the heck?" Shadow Tiger said to himself. He shifted his position so that he could see with one eye what was heppening on the other side. "You've got to be kidding me," Shadow Tiger thought to himself. It was the only thing he could think. What SHadow Tiger saw was the most discomforting sight in any of his fights. It turns out that the girl had encased his huge flame in a huge block of ice. Sherry was on top of it swinging her legs like a child.

You have GOT to be friggin' kidding me. She can FREEZE fire?!?! Oh well, can't be helped.

Shadow Tiger regained his mental composure as he sat up and closed his eyes. He meditated for one minute and listened for any sudden movement. Shadow Tiger opened his eyes after the hour-long minute. He scanned his surroundings to find anything useful. Nothing. Oh well. It was time to act. Shadow Tiger lifted up his right pant leg, revealing the hidden kunai strapped to the side of his calf. He took it and set the kunai ablaze. "Here we go."

Shadow Tiger suddenly jumped out from his hiding place and dashed along the side of the ice block, stabbing his flaming kunai into it as he ran around the perimeter. The kunai sliced through the ice like a hot knife cutting through butter. After he finished the "lap," Shadow Tiger jumped back and threw his flaming kunai at Sherry. Shadow Tiger about thirty feet away from the block of ice. He grunted as his arms were suddenly engulfed in his flames. His legs were coated with 20,000 volt electricity. Shadow Tiger smirked as he got into his Seidö Juko Karate stance. "Let's see what you've got."