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Audioclip starting...

"Hello there,I'm Lucca,the one you know as Gray Shadow,and,if you're hearing this,you just crossed half Amazon to get in here.But I'm sorry to inform that the princess is in another castle.Hahahahahaha,joking.As you can see right in front of your eyes,this is a militar facility,reformed and designed by me.It used to be the place where I lived before going to Euroasia.This is a huge place where you can improve your skills and have some rest of the outter world.Now,so you don't call me uninformed about my own past,a little bit knowledge of the area's history.

Place History:

Some years ago this base was known to be the rebel hideout on South America,one of the best around the world.The facility was a militar base where the latin american rebel leaders used to debate on how to defeat the nazis,or how to weaken them,but this base was stage for a bigger role,a massacre.In the year of 2097,the nazis captured a rebel caravan that was going to a minor city to refuel the base's supplies.They tortured some soldiers until they told them the location of a minor base placed 1000 km north to the main one,the neo-nazis gathered and destroyed the whole place,acquiring the major facility(here where you are) location,they invaded the place and destroyed everything on their sight.Survivors were captured as war slaves and some fled to Amazon,luckily,I had already arrived in Euroasia.Some few years back,I came back to the place and decided to make it big again,so here it is.

The Facility:

This huge base is composed of 4 floors,each one with a finality,other than the base,there is also the training grounds.

First Floor(or basement):

The first floor is staff only access,because its the base's laboratory,where we research new armory and create new weapons and disease's cures.The lab is composed of three rooms.The first one is the designing room,where you work your thesis,it has over 10 touchscreens to help you with the design and components you will use to create whatever you're planning to.The second room is the creation room,where you actually get to create what you designed,you have most components you need here,you have assistance robots as well.They can do all your work,while you just watch.Third room,testing room,where the 'whatever you created' is tested,be careful or you might get hurt.

Second Floor:

The second floor is a giant food court,where you can order from the most exotic delicacies to the most common,junk food you can think of.We have a little bit of everything.

Third Floor:

The third floor contain the dorms,where you and another person will sleep or rest,even watch television.I,actually,don't know.Each dorm has a bathroom and a bed for two people,a small couch and a window facing the beauty of the Amazon,also,I took the liberty to add plasma TV's with over 600 hundred channels room by room,no,unfortunately,its not over 9000....

Fourth Floor:

The fourth floor is also staff only.Why?Because its the conference room!Its where me and my most reliable men discuss about secret topics.In this floor there is also my armory:

Its in this armory where I work uncountable hours into fixing/updating my armor and guns.There is also a display of my armory:my first armors and weapons.

Also,if you're caught breaking through any 'staff only' area,you'll be considered as a tresspasser,if you don't obey the guards and go back to the 'free for all' areas,you'll be considered as a foe.So,please,be careful.You can only enter by three ways:

  1. You're a staff member.
  2. I invited you.
  3. I let you go in,because I'm a nice guy and I want to watch what you're doing.

Which brings us to our next topic:security.


The security system was designed by me and only I can activate/deactivate it.We have three kinds of security:

There are cameras all around the facility.Don't break them,otherwise,alarms will be activated.

Sentries are deployed all around the facility as well.Do something wrong,BOOM,you just got shot at least ten times.

The remaining topic is about the guards,well,we have three kinds of them,so....


This guards are usually hanging around the whole facility,they're the most well trained and well armed normal humans team ever.They will warn you about any infractions you make.They will also be the first guards you face if doing something prejudicial to the facility or its workers/tourists.They are the basic troops around here.

The second kind of guards are the volunteers of the Super Soldier SPARTAN project,they are tougher than any trained soldier and have armors that protect them from most things.They also hang around....eventually.They're known for not talking much.

Our last resources are this humanoid robots that are made of pure adamantium.They are almost unbreakable and they will kill anyone with no mercy.This troops are deployed if a considerable dangerous enemy appears.They are armed with the best tech I have to offer.Pretty badass,huh?

Training Grounds:

The training grounds consist in a huge forestal area,clean of animals.You're given paintball weapons and must defeat all the other team members or capture their flag.Its a basic army training,but its still being fun enough.

We also have some battle arenas,in case you want to practice your hand to hand skills with someone else.Between 16:30 and 18:00,miltitar experts will give hand to hand classes,but if you're really unlucky,your teacher will be....me!Hahahahaha.

Well,if you want to battle somewhere else....we're in the middle of a goddamed forest,be creative!!!!!!!!

Well,this is it,I think I explained everything.I'll hang up around eventually,if I'm not here,you can always talk with the second person in charge,Commander Santiago:

Well,have fun,but be aware of the..."

Ending audiolog.

  1. No godmodding
  2. You can deal minor damage,but can't do anything prominent without my permission
  3. Please sell the security here,but beware,they're powerful.
  4. Anyone can visit
  5. I'll play Commander Santiago,so when you want to talk with him,@reply me.
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Very cool :-)

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@deadpoolrules: Sherry walked up to the guards while deactivating her advanced cloaking shield "Don't shoot" she said in a rushed voice as she raised both arms in the air a sniper rifle was holstered on her back and a pistol on her hip.

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@celtic: Gray Shadow was coming back from a trainng session near the facility.He walked his path back to the main entrance and saw the guards had found something,maybe a foe,maybe a wild animal,he couldn't tell what it was from such a great distance,getting closer to the gateway,he saw a woman,threatened by the guards,putting his hand on his waist and with a deception expression,he shouted to the guards.

"What the hell are you guys doing?I said this was a base openned to all,that include her.Get the hell outta here before I end up by killing someone!"

He was,of course,joking about killing a guard.He turned his head to the lady.

"I'm sorry for that,ma'am.It won't happen again."

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Shadow jumps out of a black WWll fighter plane, which is falling from overhead. As he falls from the plane, the blackness of its outside sinks off of it; revealing it's bent up, wrecked post-war condition that was covered by the ink which held it together. The ink, following him down from the plane as it falls into the distant jungle, forms a parachute as Shadow lands on the top of a roof. He watches the plane land in the trees deep in the jungle before he turns his head to focus on finding Grey.


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Gray Shadow was wondering around the facility,when a loud noise and a blink burst into the sky,a black smoke trail was left behind a falling plane.The route of the vehicle ended when it hit the ground,making a huge mix of smoke and fire erupt in the middle of the quiet forest.Shadow turned his head around and found Santiago and some soldiers as perplex as he was,after all,who would do something like that.Recomposing himself,Shadow sent that small group to the jungle after survivors and to clean that mess.

"And if anything moves doubtfully,friend or foe,you have clearance to shoot it.Be careful."

Searching for possible survivors in his facility,Gray encountered Shadow on a rooftop,getting close to him silently,he put his hand on his shoulder and giggled for a few seconds.

"So you managed to found my base,my home.Your vehicle on the other hand..." he said handshaking his friend "Well,at least you're here.Welcome to Amazon,my friend."

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"Thanks for inviting me" Shadow says look at Grey before turning to look at the big mass of black smoke rising to the sky. "Hmm.....I was sure their weren't any more fuel in that plane after I passed the gulf coast." Looking back at you with a somewhat surprised expression "Well, I hope no animals died". Shadow places his hand in his pocket "So how did your mission go?"