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Location: Sierra Nevada desert

time: 4:00 pm

climate: HOT!

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His boots made a small cloud of dust each step he took, and his cloak billowed in the breeze behind him. The heat was stifling, and small trickles of sweat slid down his forehead. He regretted dressing in his normal wear-the heat was the worst at the evening, and the long expanses of sand gleamed, distorting vision. Not deterred, though, Sparda walked onto the top of one of these dunes, one foot higher than the other for better purchase on the ready-to-fall dust.

Of all the places for a battle.....the one where you're gonna die from dehydration. Wonderful

He shook his head in disappointment. He hated the heat, something about it disturbed him a bit. Still, better a dusty desert than a wet ocean.

Reaching back with a gloved hand over his shoulder, he put grasped the hilt of his sword. He rested his other hand down onto the handle of one of his dual pistols. He felt a bit inadequate-from what he had heard about his opponent, she carried quite a assortment of techniques and weapons. It would be interesting, that was for sure. His mind raced a bit, thinking about the possibilities of what would follow, but he took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Sparda waited, ready for battle.


All right.....let's start

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Sha stood at the top of a sand hill,she was battle ready...she was dressed in her red and blue supersha garment,her hair was glowing in the wind aswell as she cape that had a huge yellow SHA in the middle of it. She had her arms folded as if she were some type of Goddest.She was the only living daughter of Queen Tina lopez from ninjeta,making her the planet's rightful ruler. A series of unfortunate events had occured and sha had to flee the planet. Sha' could see perfectly in the dust bowl around her she had the keen sight,which allowed her to detect changes and movement through time.

The heat did'nt get to sha only her opponent did. usually she watched her opponent,making sure she knew his powers and how she could adapt to them. but this man she had no prior knowledge to at all. Sha would never openly admit she was nervous so she just stood there with one leg on a rock and the other in the sand,with her arms folded,hair blowing and her right eye brow raised. sha could only think about how she managed to beat the boy soul taker in cairo,or how she killed aztek in the mayan ruins. Sha before making her desent to earth had never killed anyone but after learning of her powers she has killed more that 32,000 people.

Sha placed her hands on the ground at first in burned her then it began to feel comfortable, she then sat down almost mediating in her spot. She then heared a disturbance in the sand it was a man,like sha predicted  he didnt look nervous just comtemplating a possible stratedgy.she then heared him.

All right.....let's start

Sha stood up and yelled
Ninjeta! Dragonsword. a red and silver sword appeared.  Sha pointed the sword in his diretion with a slight smirk on her face and said. I'll share my darkness with you....YOU SHALL be my next sacrifice!
She swung her sword around and pointed it again at Sparda,the pieces from her sword broke apart and the shards went racing at him. attemtping to finsh him quickly

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If there was one upside to this battle, it's that his enemy obviously didn't care much for subtlety. Therefore, Sparda heard the attack coming a good few seconds before it was close enough to do damage. That gave him plenty of time.

He swung his drawn sword in a large horizontal arc, smacking away a portion of the shards. However, more raced around him from all sides, and then even more approached. He aimed his pistol at the first group, and fired, the bullets colliding with the shards and knocking them down. As Sparda turned, he saw the last few come closer-too close for him to create a efficient defense.

Upon his turn, he pushed off of the ground with one of his feet-the one with better footing on the loose sand. He flipped and spun into the air, contorting his body and using his agility to narrowly slip by the dangerous pieces of sword. He then landed on the opposite side of the dune, and slid a bit before finding good ground. Having successfully evaded the first attack, he looked to the source of the sound from whence the attack came, and saw his attacker. He ran two steps, and then pushed off the sand using his strength and agility. The sand where he had pushed off flew in every direction in a large cloud from the shockwave of air.

Sparda soared the distance inbetween him and Sha, firing bullets as fast as he could while doing so, hoping to keep her busy from the real strike. As he drew closer, he sent rapidfire slashes at her, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, every direction, swinging with speed and grace.

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THIS Man was working it, he was able to evade sha's sword and sow his agility,but sha held the hilt of her sword up and the shards came back to make a complete sword. he then gracfully jumped,to the space that seperated sha and him, she gawked at him,but this was broken by his firing of the gun.  the bullets bonuced off sha because of the range that they were fired at but as he got closer they began to cause damage. she used her shadow powers and stopped the remainer of the bullets in there tracks.
but sha relized she had just become a pawn she turned and saw his preemptive strike. his sword cut her body in every direction as it jerked back and forth,and then twirled in the air as she hit the sand hard.

AS her pruple blood began to flow she quickly began to drink it. she rose to her feet and then quickly put her sword away,it disappered,in a blue light. she was smiling at sparda,with her eye brow haunched up. well then allow me to show you,who i am SHAYLA LOPEZ Mistress of magic!. sha began to glow it seemed as if she was turning her self into a human sun. suddely the sun dimmed as sha was getting so bright she was the only light for miles. the sand suddenly bean to feel cool as sha was sucking the heat from it.

she shot out a wall of light to the top and to the left and right of sparda, sha had made a long hall way of light with her infront of the only exit. she fired her attack SOLARIS EPECTORAL! a huge solar beam  it was speeding towards sparda. it was the only light as it was almost pitch black. the trail after the attack was destroyed revaling sand that had been under the sand. the attack intensfyed as it got closer to sparda. suddenyl a huge flash occured then an explosion, and sha watched to see if he had been hit.

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Oh, this is not good Sparda thought as the huge beam of energy burst through the air towards him. The explosion that occured send smoke, sand, and fire in a huge radius all around Sparda, obscuring the vision of any who watched. The sand dune that the half-demon had been standing on exploded outwards in a whump as the shockwave of air spread in all directions, spraying the dune over the desert.

The smoke still clouded the air, and teh glinted sand obscured as well. The fire that bloomed through the open space had died, hissing out as it did so. For a few moments, nothing moved, the smoke and sand only falling and shifting.

Then, a huge, brutal roar penetrated the air, and the smoke and sand cleared as the air was sent blowing outwards from a invisible force. His tattered clothes blowing around him, Sparda stood, in his Devil Trigger form. No more messing around it seemed.

He shifted his glance to Sha, his red eyes glinting. His demon-form was larger, stronger, faster, almost superior in every way-except his intelligence.

Now, the large demon stood to his full height, his distorted body showing it's odd form. Then, he roared again, and thrust both arms outwards, palm open. Two huge beams, both the size of Sparda himself shot out from his arms, and headed towards Sha. The demon cut them off after a few seconds, and followed after at a speed too fast for a human to see.

He drew his sword, much larger now, and barrelled towards Sha, aiming to cleave her apart if the large beams didn't do the trick.
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 she shot out a wall of light to the top and to the left and right of sparda, sha had made a long hall way of light with her infront of the only exit. she fired her attack SOLARIS EPECTORAL! a huge solar beam  it was speeding towards sparda. it was the only light as it was almost pitch black. the trail after the attack was destroyed revaling sand that had been under the sand. the attack intensfyed as it got closer to sparda. suddenyl a huge flash occured then an explosion, and sha watched to see if he had been hit.

after the attack cleared up the sun once again began to shiny brightly. the smoke cleared, sha gazed at the smoke disappearing hoping to see a dismembered sparda... sha's ears were attacked by a screeching roar let out from her opponent. sha's attack had hit but not killed him, his presence appeared different. demonic,sha has a demonic presence around her aswell but hers would'nt be this visable. sha knew he was serious she could feel his strength rising. he roared at sha again  he shot to beams both crashing into sha's body. knocking her 20 feet away she rolled in the sand and once again struggled to rise to her feet.. sha looked up and saw him running full speed at her with a longer sword sha waitied until he was a few feet in front of him,then she allowed her self to be consumed by a dark portal she opened on the ground. the portal vanished. She reemerged behind him and fired a sonic burst. The combination of sound and wind brough a huge wave of sand was aiming straight for sparda.

sha used a beam of dark energy to urn the sand beaneath his feet into a portal that releaed a huge thunder bolt right underneath is legs.she was indeed takking damage but would not allow herself to be taken over by her demon...chaos black.

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Sparda was not in the right mind nor the right position to slow him momentum down after his opponent vanished in front of him. Still, he slid ot a stop, and turned around, snarling, in time to be hit full on with a sonic blast. He was knocked back, but regained his footing and slid. He pushed down, harder into the ground as sand and wind and noise rammed into him. He pushed, and finally stopped, his feet making large intends into the ground. Looking back up at Sha, he made a fist, but then, a burst of lightning appeared below him and arced through, shocking with it's volts of electricity. Sparda was sent flying into the air, flipping end over end.

Righting himself but still soaring upwards, Sparda gained control. His cloak billowed and flapped around him as he rushed into the sky. There was a small flash, and his red eyes were dulled with smoke as he bgean to activate some dark magic. Raising a hand, he made a circle with it, drawing with the smoke covering his arm. From someone looking at him from the front, it would appear a spiral. He did this with his other hand, and then, thrust violently downwards, shooting off humongous dark energy bombs that would detonate on contact towards Sha.

Making a gesture as if telling something to rise, a few of the sand dunes around the heroine began to rise, Sparda manipulated them into a sandstorm. The sand flew in all directions, and he focused it towards Sha. He landed now, but still controlled them as the bombs moved at high speeds towards their targets. His main intention was to distract and blind the woman while the bombs neared, until it would be too late.

The four large magic orbs drew closer.

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he seemed alittle bit riled up he had to put his best foot forward to slow down. the sonic blast hit him full on, she let her guard down a bit because usually the sonic burst finishes the opponent off. as the sand began to dance around sha in a violent fury her eyes dimmed as she saw his silhouette in the distance. she gritted her teeth but quickly closed her mouth as the sand began to hit and bounce off her teeth. she was ready to attack when she saw her thunder bolt come from under his legs. vaulting him into the air. she flipped multiple times,but once again his acrobatics where amazing maneuvering his body just right gaining controll of his once unstable body. 

He looked almost demonic with his loudly flapping cloak to sha he almost appeared to grin..suddenly he volted into the sky. sha should have followed him but she was more about watching his techniques more than anything.. sha's senses then became aware,he was using some type of dark magic,sha's heart was conumed with it but she knew how to control it. soon a circle formed it looked like a spiral he then thrusted his hand and the energy pierced towards sha. her hair was blowing, she was smiling ,her eyes dimmed,and she was standing up with her hand extended with her palm out. the attack soon came towards her. a dark circle began to circle around sha's hand soon the darkness from her hand fired at the attack not trying to repel it but to absorb it.

sha didnt see the sand moving around her,if she had caught in quicker she would've been able to change the attack into some form of darkness and then absorb it. but the sand began to tornado around her. the small sand bits hit her skin soon in was a huge sand shards that began to cut her body. She tried to fly out but was knocked around. 

The stormsubsided...if one was looking at were sha had been there was nothing just sand that looked as if it had been untreaded. soon the earth began to shake, and a veil of darkness covered the world. the power of sha's darkness was so strong that even the sun turned dark... finally sha' emergred from the sand..ready to attack. she looked as if she had been burned,her skin was a bit red. suprisingly she had not had any sand in her hair.. sha then yelled to the sky BELAIS EPECTORAL! the sun suddenly began to unleash huge metors ands shooting huge flashing boulders at sparda... sha looked on with her eyes a pure white concentrating the attack on him and him only.

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As the Earth began to shake and the sun go dark, a normal man probably would've started begging to god for forgiveness as the world looked like it was ending. Sparda, hardly even a man in his current form, welcomed the dark. It reminded him of his heritage. Letting loose a roar, he ran forward as fast as he could, creating a huge wave of sand and dust as he sped over the dunes. Meteors flew by him, smashing into the hills of dust, spraying fire and smoke. One flew near, and he bounded up onto it's side, and then boosted off. He rammed through one, causing a large explosion and the flaming pieces to fall to the earth.

Falling at an angle, he smashed through a dune, causing with a muffled whump, which caused the entire dune to shatter outwards in a cascade of sand. He rolled to the ground, and then using his momentum got back to his feet, getting closer to Sha. Another meteor came close, but Sparda raised a hand and fired off a blast of dark energy, causing the rock to explode.

Suddenly, a boulder smashed into his face headfirst. He stumbled back, caught by surprise. Another hit him, knocking him off his feet. He smashed back onto the dust, spraying it up around him. Flipping up, Sparda jumped into the air to avoid the next barrage. He landed, hard, making a crater around him in the easily-manipulated desert. Sprinting forward, he was only a few fet away from Sha now. He backhanded away a boulder, and smashed through another, ready for their attacks now.

Just close enough for his momentum to be optimized, he performed a jump towards Sha, not high in the air but instead low and fast. Cocking his arm back, he sent one momentous punch towards her body, which would be harder to dodge than the face. He put all his momentum and force into this, and believed his incredible speed would be good enough.

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sha's attack was somewhat godly..but she wasnt even close to the power of a god. at first he seemed to be handling sha's attacks perfectly, he almost seemed to embrace the darkness. something sha had done long ago.. the dark portals lets the fearsome cosmic power rain down upon, the earth.  he was running hard in sha's direction, with determination, flup flup flup the sound of his steps made the seemed to go in rythm of sha's heart beat. Sha had been putting her body under intsese stress. fight after fight after fight. what would happen if her heart once again fell to the darkness? what would happen if the same evil energy that once flowed through her veins. her mind began to wonder off to events that happened before her arrival:  

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Sparda enjoyed the impact created as his blow landed. He hit the sand, rolled, and then stood, looking at his opponent fly backwards with a fierce obsession. He snarled, the remains of his cloak flapping behind his demonic body.

Then, she readied herself, and sped towards him. He drew his sword, aiming to skewer her on impact, but she jumped above, and disappeared into a portal. For a moment, he was uncertain of what to do next, and then he heard the rush of air behind him and saw the appearance of the rips in space. Spinning, he blocked one of the myriad of slashes coming at him. He pivoted and collided with the next, which sent sparks flying. A blast of lighting slammed into him, and this caused him to lose a hold on his defense. He was smashed by lighting after lighting, but managed to handle a few of the swords slices. The ones that he didn't handle drew dark purple blood. He didn't bleed often, and the breaking of his metallic exterior caused significant pain and anger.

Raising a hand, he created a bubble shield of dark energy. The remaining sword slashes and lighting strike collided with this and did no damage, sending off waves of sparks and occasionally fire and electricity would ricochet.

He dropped it as he watched the portals disappear. Glancing around, the sand began to manipulate and form a solid shape. In a matter of moments, two large snake-like manifestations were swirling towards him, lifelike in their appearance, but fantastical in their size. As one drew near, he drew back his fist, charge it up with some dark magic, and punched the mouth of the sand-snake. Upon contact, a explosion occured, destroying the construct in a wave of sand and smoke.

He spun towards the other, which slammed into him upon his turn. He was knocked off his feet and carried ten feet, before slamming down onto the sand and sliding, creating a trail. As the sand-demon was coming down upon him again, he raised a open, clawed palm and a beam of energy shot out, smashing into the sand and causing it to explode. He righted himself and got to his feet, locating his opponent.

Thoughts ran through his head, but they were all of the same category.

Crush, kill, ruin her, smash her, tear, rip, DESTROY

He fully embraced this, but did it in his otherworldly style. With a wave gesture, small bursts of the energy flew from his hand and circled around him, whipping up sand in their wake. His eyes flashed a dark black and then returned to their red glow. The small bursts of energy now changed shape-to constructs of weapons. Swords, knifes, axes, polearms, flails, all sorts. They circled around him at a alarming speed, and he dove into the air, his large sword ready for blood. Nearing Sha, he mentally commanded the swords to launch their attack and surround her, which they promptly did. Each of the myriad of weapons began slashing, stabbing and bashing. Hoping that this would distract her, he readied a sword strike that would surely be fatal should it connect.

He reared back his arms, and then launched the slash.

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sha's attack was a thing of beauty connecting just as she evisioned it, her attacks made him look like a weakling,but he some how managed to raise to his feet apparently in thought. soon small energy burst began to circle him, the sand began to whirl aound it seemed as if he was creating a sand tornado. the energy was then manipulated into various weapons , each roation around him the weapons picked up more speed and veliocity. sha looked up and he was speeding at her. she then relized the weapons were coming for her aswell.  she braced her self as was smacked by an ax , then cut by a sword. her blood painted the sand, it erupeted from the pores of her skin like a volcano. pools of her green and purple blood flowed on the sand like an restless river. it eventually evaportaed leaving just the color.

sha continued to be attack by the objects until she remembered he was attacking she quickly released a huge and powerful magnetic forcefild. the attack created a huge dome around an 125 feet area and destroyed it. she made it to the the forcefifeld would either knock him away or into the air resulting in him falling into the destruction below. sha fell down to one knee. her hair was changing it was blue on one side and, blonde on the other.....her demon chaos...had awkakend.
the dome of energy continued to surge and before sha lost control she wanted to end him before she lost her sanity. the dome began flaring huge manetic waves at sparda in hopes of eneding him.