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 Another long day that just seemingly wouldn’t end; it had only been a few days since she retired from her hero duties and she already hated her life. She wasn’t sure if she hated it, because she wasn’t use to the normal life, or if it was because her mother was her boss. “ZICCARRA!”   She heard a loud scream from behind her, it was her mother; this had been the 8 time today that she called her. Spinning around in her office chair she locked eyes with the women she had called mom for sometime; this was the first time since she came to earth, that she literally wanted to burn the flesh from the bones of her earth mother.

“Yes mother, what did I do wrong this time?” Shayla said playing with her snow globe. “Where is the 45 regiment of L.O.V.E solders?” Her mother asked, with her hands folded; she didn’t look mad but Sha knew she was, because whenever Gwen got mad, Her Spanish accent flared up and she had a small bend in her hips. “I sent them to Iraq to monitor the Iraqi armies training” Sha said doing 360’s in her chair, Gwen shot her a stern look and she quickly stopped.

She didn’t like being scorned in public, because everyone noticed it must have felt good to the bystanders knowing that Super people got yelled at too. “Who gave you that authorization, we need them to be in North Korea in 5 hours to assist Maya and Midnightist!”. “I didn’t know mom, I’m sorry!” Sha said putting her hands up in a submissive stance. “That’s the eighth time you’ve said that today!, and This is the ninth time I’m telling you My name is Ms.Lopez , not mom” Gwen switched off glaring at various officials in the building, Shayla turned back to her computer and finished doing what she was doing.

As she focused her glasses on her Mac, she saw the eyes of Herbert peek over her cubicle. “That women is such a-. Shayla cut him off with her eyes; he stopped and then brandished a smile. “Bitch” Sha said smiling back and continued typing her paper. Shayla was the overseer of L.O.V.E’s foreign affairs, she sent the troops to places in the world where they were needed. However for the last three days she just spent her time on the comic vine, arguing with a user of why Solace could beat Wolverine.

The phone rang at the reception desk; the women came to Sha’s desk and told her that the call was for her. Getting up from her seat, Sha walked down to the desk and answered the phone only to hear that it was her daughter. “Hey honey how you are...What? A parent teacher conference…for what...YOU FROZE YOUR TEACHER? AWWW HELL ZARIAH!.”   Looking around the office various people were snickering at her, she shot them looks and then quickly returned to what they were doing. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE WANTS TO MEET WITH GRANDMA?! I’m your mother!” Sha said with her tone slightly picking up. “WELL I AINT LIKE THAT BITCH NOOOOOOOOOWAY” she slammed the phone down signaling for her mom to get the phone.

As she and Gwen walked pass each other Gwen notified her of the file on her desk. “Oh Shayla, Solace vs Wolves ends in a stalemate.” Sha’s eyebrow rose, but she shook it off and sat back down at her desk.   As she scaled the file, the person behind it sounded so familiar to her; it wasn’t until she saw the name Stephanie Ardor, which she understood what this was.  “She’s out of control Sha… She murders those military personnel, and she’s poessed with that demon.” Sha knew this was true, and in the back of her mind she knew Nova was more liable to kill again if threatened.   “I don’t understand…” Sha said tossing the file on her desk with her head hung low. “How is it that after, The War on Ninjeta, the thousands of people I’ve killed...Chaos black and yada that I still have a free pass?”  Gwen looked down at Sha and then knelt. “I’ve done everything in my power to keep you out of the governments hands; Nova has no connection to me what so ever therefore I cannot help her.”   Sha picked up the file again, this time placing her pencil in her mouth.

“Ok…I’ll get Cassie right on it” Cassie had fought Nova before, and did a very good job, but the only flaw in this plan was that Cassie was currently on Vacation. “hmmm maybe Maya?” Sha said trying to find a good candidate. “Maya is in North Korea” Gwen said brushing Sha’s hair, Sha let out a deep sigh trying to calm her nerves, she had half a mind to send Maria to fight Nova, but Maria wasn’t persistent enough to even find her. Alexandria was way too young, and Rosa was still in training; the L.O.E.S members were currently in space; which meant Sha had no choice. “Z…you’ll have to approach this manner with raw aggression, she may not be the same Nova from LOVE.” Gwen touched Sha’s shoulders, an eerie feeling spread through Sha’s body like a progressing cancer. The last time Sha went on a power trip, it cost her; her life at the hands of Nova, but Sha remembered that look in Nova’s eyes; it was a look of exhaustion. Since the death of their mutual friend Angelic Reaper Sha had constantly been in trouble, and every time she was backed into a corner Nova came to save her. This time it was Sha’s turn; this was her chance to show Nova that no matter what, she’d be there for her. “Alright Gwen…” Sha stopped mid sentence and looked back and her mother whom was not pleased at the lack of attribution from Sha. “I…mean...Momma Lopez! I’ll go get Nova and I’ll bring her back” Sha knew what Gwen wanted for Nova; until they could find some way to rehabilitate the fallen hero they would stick her in zone 6.

Walking to the L.O.V.E weapons room Sha picked up her sethosphere and attached it to her arms. “I guess it’s time to beat something up other than my damn self” Sha said activating the small machine.   “Sha up!” in a blinding bright light that sent an amber array of color through the HQ Sha emerged in her Red and Blue uniform.   “This already feels old to me” Sha said spinning around in her skirt. “She felt a touch on her shoulder, it kind of startled her but she calmed down to see whom it was. As she turned she looked directly into a pair of panties. “WEAR THEM!” Gwen said handing the pair to Sha.  Giving off a look of displeasure she slipped them on and then instantly pulled the wedgies from her butt.

She didn’t have aspirations on coming out of retirement, but this was more than hero business, this was about saving the life of her best friend. “Nova…I’m not sure what’s gotten into you…but I’m coming to help”. At first she didn’t have a clue as to wear Nova would actually be, but there was one spot that all whom knew her would be Angelic Reaper’s grave.

As the rain poured down from the skies above soaking the very soil that she stood on, Sha just watched the head plate of AR, she wasn’t buried here, her body was taken to the W.A.L HQ, but this was the place the hero community gave for her death. “I come here at the start of every month…hoping that nameplate would..Change”. Sha bent her knees in the mud, and touched the head stone. “Hey there, I know you’re up there taking care of my little Diego… a lot of things have happened since you’ve been gone.

Sha stopped and looked at the rain falling from the darkened skies; in her body a warm feeling made her feelings tingle…A Love member was close. Turning back to the headstone she continued talking with AR.

“ Death, murder, homicide, genocide, misery, torment, and suffering became the highlight of my life. You always worried about me…and I told you I’d be fine…clearly I was lying. Since My resurrection I sometimes feel myself grow cold. The kind of cold that never satisfies, my touch became insignificant, food has no taste, and there is no breeze. I couldn’t focus on anything; Times were changing and I needed to change with them. The city of Solace is changing, for the good. The crime rate is down and I’ve retired. I watch these new SHA’S do my job and often I feel like someone is stealing my identity, or maybe I losing myself, nothing makes sense to me anymore, hated enemies became friends and friends became enemies. I can’t keep my mind straight, renegade lantern in the desert keeps flashing in my mind, that’s when the force began to tug my soul , over the years it intensified causing me to kill LStpaladin, and Soul taker, Sha stopped she was spilling all her problems to AR, it was unclear if tears was falling from her face. “It was like a symbiotic creature taking my normal actions and multiplying them by 4 causing intense rage and blinded judgment. I tried to suppress it, you saw it...When I was with the help Mobb deep. I was able to control my actions for the most part, but there was something about Gambler that made me insane; he appealed to the darkness… and before I could say sorry…you where gone.  The Angelic Reaper incident caused Sha’s darkness to grow stronger eventually causing her pain. She couldn’t be at ease with herself knowing her friend was gone, and that she had laid in ignorance as the goon who did it still ran free, tears streamed down her eyes. She stood with a streak of black coming from her eyes, just standing in the middle of the pouring rain. Sha then began to think… was the world thinking it knew what was right for those who protected it? Being a hero didn’t give you the fame and fortune that the comics made you believe. So many countless others were their lives protected? And if they were not who would save them. 

“I’m sorry AR…I couldn’t control it…but please give me the strength to save Nova…she doesn’t need this.

"Control? control my dear girl is just an illusion if you do not have the capacity to understand what you control. Your wrath, that furry and power that you think you control will take over. You will succumb to its seductions just as you have in the past. The allure of evil is a powerful thing as you will once again find out." - Andferne

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 The darkness that came with the night sky covered the area where We Are Legend stood tall in the middle of Los Angeles. Silent as the wind a figure slowly made its way towards the back of the building, where heroes who have fallen from the team were laid to rest, there the corrupted Feral Nova stood, her glowing red eyes staring down at the headstone of her dear friend, Angelic Reaper. With no emotion she continued to look at it, it was a tradition of her to come and visit the grave of one of the most purely heart person she had ever known, and all because she was a rouge hero… didn’t mean she had to stop it. With a single white rose in hand she slowly crouched down, placing it upon the headstone she didn’t say a single word, her fingers gently ran across the engraved print upon the stone. Her throat began to tighten as a pain stung in her chest, coming to visit never got any easier, flashbacks of the memories they shared together along with mutual friends came into her mind.
A single tear fell from her eye as she slowly stood back up, it wasn’t until now she realized the struggle that Angel went through every day, the struggle between the demon that once lived within her. She know understood why she did what she did, why she sacrificed herself that day, to feel no more pain… sorrow, and Stephanie had to admit… that was sounding good right about now. Her lips slowly parted, as if ready to speak something to her departed friend, until the sounds of gun’s clicking could be heard coming from behind her. 

“Feral Nova, Freeze!” a man could be heard from behind.
She didn’t even bother to look behind her, she simply rose her hands in the air and slowly turned around to face the dozen of We Are Legend military personnel standing all around her.
“Don’t do anything you’ll regret, just lay on the ground and place her hands on her back.” The same man spoke as everyone else kept their guns pointed at the head of the once WAL leader.
She lowered her head slightly, her eyes flickered with annoyance, she couldn’t even pay respect to her friend. "Thats a little too late for that boy's." She softly spoke, slowly getting on her knees one of the men suddenly stepped forward with his gun shaking in his hands.
“SMITH! STAND DOWN!” The leader of the group yelled.
“NO! She killed my brother, she KILLED him!” Revenge burned in his brown eyes.
Stephanie then couldn’t help it, she smirked at the man, a chuckle escaping from her.
DON’T YOU LAUGH YOU EVIL B!TCH!” a gun shot rang through the air and everyone gasp in surprise as they realized what just happened.
The bullet melted down into nothing, just inches before reaching Nova’s head, the rouge hero could feel the tension rise in the air, everyone waiting for Steph to make the next move… which was stupid on their part. "You want to play? Fine... lets play."
Her hands shot up in an instant, before anyone could fire the barrels of the guns melted down, the men yelled in pain as they dropped their burning hot weapons. In a fluid motion she stood up and waved her right hand from right to left, her eyes glowing yellow as every man her hand passed by yelled out in agonizing pain, their heads turning into a boiling red color before bursting open, their blood staining the sacred burial ground as their brains splattered all over other headstones around them. Their bodies fell one by one, like a domino effect as Stephanie’s eyes reverted back to their eerie red color. Stepping over the bodies of the fallen men she wiped some of the blood off of her body. It wasn’t until then that she realized something… there was one other person who knew how to deal with a curse, someone else who has had a struggle within themselves… she was surprised it actually took her this long to remember who it was… Ziccarra. She would be the only one to truly understand what she was going through, and the only one she really trusted right now, even though the two hadnt seen each other since the War on Ninjeta. The last Sha she saw, was really Hayden in disguese, it was going to be nice to finally see her old friend. 
But Stephanie also heard that her hero friend had retired from the business, this wouldn’t do… not at all… she knew walking into a building and asking were she was, was out of the question, but there was a much more easier way of getting in contact with her dear friend than trying to hunt her down.


Next day… Solace City

Standing in one of the cities many alleyways Stephanie lingered in the darkness, watching people walk around in every direction, most seemed in a hurry to get somewhere, cars sped across the road, people yelling at each other, some flipping each other off, it was all nothing but chaos. Closing her eyes for a moment she was about to make herself seen in the public eye once again, the last time anyone outside a team saw her, it was right before the King of the Vine tournaments, before she was banished to hell. All she could wonder was… what would people do once they see her? Scream? Cry out in fear? Go into a panic frenzy? Looking up at the bright noon time sun she took a deep breath as she looked forward once again, this time her feet moving forward, every step she took brought her closer, there was no turning back now.
Once she was out in the open, in public view, it took a while for someone to realize who she was, but who it was, she wasn’t expecting. A little boy about the age of five was standing next to his mom who was trying to get a taxi. At first the boy looked up at her in confusion, trying to figure out who she was, then his eyes widen with excitement.

“FERAL NOVA!” he yelled out with a huge smile on his face, pointing at the woman, it seemed not everyone knew about her now twisted ways.
Stephanie simply smirked as she nod her head towards him as the boy began to forcefully pull on his mom’s pants. Finally getting irritated by the boy the mom looked over to him, yelling at him asking what he wanted, once she realized WHO the boy was talking about her eyes widen, but this time, it was fear that was seen in her eyes. The woman screamed as she picked up her boy and announced that Feral Nova had made her way into the city. The mother ran in the opposite direction as people began to realize what was going on. Stephanie knew if she wanted to be taken seriously, she had to put on a show. Walking over to an empty taxi cab she grabbed it by the bumper and flung it at a coffee shop, sirens could be heard racing towards were she was at, everything was going according to plan.
Walking over to a light post she placed her hands upon it, melting the stand so that the post fell down into the middle of the street, picking it up she flung it at a group of cop cars racing towards her, smashing the hoods of the cars and rolling upwards towards the windshield, making the cars swerve and some of them crashing into one another. Feral Nova stood in the middle of the street, waiting for the police to get to her.
A few minutes passed as she stood still, the Police now surrounded the area she was standing in, guns pulled out and aimed at her. She had to admit, this was actually more exciting than when people used to gather around and cheer for her, having people fear her, and give her this kind of respect was actually more fun. 
It was now time to give her demands. “No one else will get hurt, if you give me ONE thing.”
“Were not handing over the mayor or city to you Feral Nova!” One of the officers barked out.
She sighed with frustration. “I’m not asking for-“ before she could finish another one spoke out.
“WERE NOT GIVING YOU OUR-“ before he could finish his head blew open, men yelled out in fear as everyone began to rain their bullets at Nova. Knowing this would happen Stephanie threw her arms up in the air, a wall of fire surrounded her as the bullets melted down upon impact of her flames, turning into a puddle of metal upon the ground.
Lowering her wall of fire, anger could be seen in her expression. “Just SHUT UP! Listen to what I have to say and NO ONE else who lives in this city will DIE.” She lashed out at the police who were now quiet. “I want ONE thing… PERSON.” She looked at the head officer. “Bring Ziccarra here, NOW!”
He began to stutter his response to the villain. “B-but she’s retired now, she doesn’t fight your kind-“
“I didn’t ask if she was f#cken retired, I want you to GET HER HERE NOW!” her body burst into flames from irritation, were people always this stupid? Her flames calmed down once she saw the man nod his head at her. “Tell her Feral Nova wants to have a heart to heart.” She continued to stand in the same spot, her arms crossed along her chest. Now it was just a waiting game.
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  Sha was waked to the sound of Ka’len lying in his crib crying; she forgot how worrisome young children were. She moaned and groaned a little bit, but finally she felt the strength to roll out of bed. Placing a long T-shirt on, she walked into Ka’len’s room and picked him up from his crib. “It’s ok…hun mommies got ya now” she said walking around in a circle bouncing Ka’len in her arms. Very slowly he became docile again, which prompted Sha to put him down, but no sooner than she did, he started crying again. “Ahh you must be hungry”

Taking a seat on the chair she pulled down her blouse, and supported his head right under her breast. As he began feeding, Sha showed visible looks of discomfort, but as long as Ka’len was happy, she was happy. “Mommy can I watch cartoons?” she heard Zariah ask, Sha turned towards her and gave her a nod, she smiled as the young child bounced off happily to watch cartoon. Little Ka’len drank himself to sleep; Sha smiled and placed him back in his crib. “You’re a little drunk…just like your father” she said smiling. Turning around she was startled by the sight of her mom standing at the threshold.

“Jesus! Women don’t do that!” Sha said holding on to her chest, taking in deep breaths.   “Wow, you are in full on mother mode” Gwen said smiling walking towards Sha. “GRANDMA!!!!” Zariah screamed running down the hall and attaching herself to Gwen’s leg. Sha smiled at the site, but then wondered why her mother had even come. “So mom what brings you here….I can call you mom right?” Gwen smiled and then started playing with Sha’s hair. “I just wanted to apologize for getting on you so hard yesterday, I know you’re new…but I didn’t want to show favoritism.”

“I kind of figured that” Sha said smiling. “Any luck with Nova?” Gwen said this time leaning on the wall. “I know what Nova’s going through mom…she isn’t evil, she’s confused… she did one heinous act, and the world turned against her…now she feels like the people that used to respect her have turned against her, and right now they direct her life” Gwen turned the opposite direction and looked out the window. Feral Nova, and Gwen had been friends for a long time too, Gwen didn’t share the same friendship as Sha did, but she didn’t like to see Nova like this.

It was at that point that both women heard a low rumble followed by the horrid screams of the citizens of Solace city. Opening her blinds all she saw, were cops cars speeding, and rising smoke off in the distance. “What the hell is going on?” Sha said. Not a moment later a knock came at her door, Sha went to open it, and it was the chief of Police with her sister Alex. “Sha…its Nova…she want you…”  Sha turned around and looked at her mom and then down at Zariah.

“I’ll take care of them…go” Gwen said picking up Zariah. Sha walked out her house and down the street, to the people of Solace city, no one could tell who she was. She wore a brunette wig, and glasses and the fact that she was still in her pajamas helped create the allusion.   As Sha walked down the street she could see the blood on the pavement, and hear gunshots in the distance. As she neared the point, she could see Nova levitating in the air, with the body of a police officer lying under her.

There was pain in Sha’s eyes and she locked with Nova… she slowly walked up to her friend with her hands out at her side as if she was confused. “Nova...Bear…what is all this?” Sha said looking around at the officer, flagging them back as if she were going to handle the situation.

It had been over 5 years since she last seen her friend, the last time being on Ninjeta, when Sha was killed, by her. She didn’t have any hard feelings Nova did what she had to do; but she wouldn’t allow her friend to do this to herself, and her city.

“I’m here babe, what’s wrong?” she said removing her glasses.

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Trying to stay as calm as she could, Stephanie stood firm, her eyes slowly looking around the area, the Solace Police force had fear written all over their faces, they didn’t know how to handle the situation anymore, but as long as they brought her Sha… everything would be ok… it would be fine… she always managed to solve all the problems.
Her mind was going so fast that she didn’t notice the woman dressed in her pajamas walking right towards her until she spoke out to Nova.
“Nova… Bear… wat is all this?” She spoke softly, walking pass the police officers.
Stephanie glared at the woman, she didn’t look familiar… brown hair, glasses… the confused fire goddess shook her head. “Your not who I asked for.” She whispered with frustration. “I’m not here to play games… I’m here for Ziccarra.”  But then she felt it, something that she hadn’t felt for years… the energy of Ziccarra, something that she could never mistake for anyone. Stephanie couldn’t explain it… it was like a sixth sense when it came to Sha. “Z-ziccarra?” she spoke softly, as if in shocked that Sha was  standing before her.
“I’m here babe, what’s wrong?” She took the glasses that covered her blue eyes off, then she saw it, it WAS Sha.
Stephanie stood there for a moment, trying to take it in, her friend that she thought was dead, was REALLY back, it wasn’t Hayden, it wasn’t some alternate dimension version of her, it was actually Sha, her Sha.
Slowly walking forward she rose her hand upward towards The Ninjan Queen she could hear the clicks of guns getting ready to fire, but Stephanie didn’t react to it, her fingers gently pressed against the cheek of Sha. Stephanie then smiled, a smile that hadnt been seen for a while now. “It is you.” Her smile still on her face, she paused for a few moments, as she then jerked her hand back she took a couple of steps back.
“And yet… you’re here… no one fearing for the things YOU’VE done in the past… why?” aggravation was suddenly twisted all over her face. “YOU’VE made more mistakes in all your lives than I’ve ever made in this life, you’ve killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocents and, I’ve killed maybe a DOZEN, and those were by ACCIDENT!” She balled up her hands into fists. “Why?! Why is it that you were able to destroy worlds and still be seen as a hero, but I make ONE mistake and I’M the one seen as the villain!?” Her body began to glow an eerie red color, her demon red eyes glaring at her. “I’VE PUT MY SWEAT, BLOOD AND TEARS INTO PROTECTING THIS PLANET AND YET THEY ALL WANT ME DEAD!” Her body burst into her golden flames, they danced widely around her body, reaching high into the sky. “This wouldn’t have happened, if you wouldn’t have been so damn high on that power trip of yours at Ninjeta! If you would have just came with me, and met up with Andy and Kurrent…” she struggled to hold back tears of frustration.  “I wouldn’t be like this right now!” Taking a step forward, her body still aflame she glared at the Warrior Queen.
Taking a couple of deep breaths she put out her flames, her anger... it was so hard to control it, she closed her eyes and gently shook her head, as if trying to clear her mind. She then looked up at Sha again, empathy in her eyes. “I know I was responsible for your death on your planet, and I’m sorry Ziccarra, I am so sorry for your death, that was the LAST thing I wanted to ever do to you. But this…" Frustration grew in her face once again. "I would rather BE dead than live like THIS for the rest of my unnatural life.” She spat out. “You’re the only one… the one I trust… to…” she paused, as if trying to make sure her next set of words were the ones’ she wanted to really say.
“Fight me Ziccarra! Here and now!” she got into a fighting stance. “Show me your power, your real, true, power.” She knew asking Sha to fight her was suicide, for both parties, each of them have killed each other at one point or another in their lives, and this fight, if Sha accepts, wouldn’t be any different… but to make sure she WOULD accept… “If you don’t, I’ll…” She showed hisitation of what she was about to say. “I’ll... I'll set this ENTIRE city on fire! I’ll burn every single building down to the ground!” She knew threating her city would upset Ziccarra, but she had to make sure her friend knew she wasn’t messing around, this is what she needed to do, what she HAD to do.

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  The closer she got…the more her face began to light up from the amber waves of flames shooting off the women.   The heat generated by her caused Sha’s body to sweat a little bit; standing so close to her you probably would have thought she was the sun. The fire Nymph came in close touching her on the face too sees if it was really her. Sha let off a smile, but her ears caught the sound of the police behind her, clicking their guns. Sha turned around with a bit of rage on her “BACK OFF!”   A lot of them moved backwards while a good deal of them didn’t to be quite honestly they were too sure if they could trust Feral Nova or Sha.

Sha’s head snapped back to her friend as she could feel her hand jerk away, a look of dissatisfaction came across her face, Sha could tell there was something inside eating her.  “And yet… you’re here… no one fearing for the things YOU’VE done in the past… why?” Sha started to speak, but she couldn’t get the words out, her initial happy feeling she had for seeing Nova turned into something else. “YOU’VE made more mistakes in all your lives than I’ve ever made in this life, you’ve killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocents and, I’ve killed maybe a DOZEN, and those were by ACCIDENT!” As Nova continued..Sha was finally able to make out what this feeling was, it was fear. “Why?! Why is it that you were able to destroy worlds and still be seen as a hero, but I make ONE mistake and I’M the one seen as the villain!?” Nova became almost demon like in her posture, Sha was scared, it was a feeling she rarely got, but it was this feeling of uncertainty that made Sha’s stomach turn. “I’VE PUT MY SWEAT, BLOOD AND TEARS INTO PROTECTING THIS PLANET AND YET THEY ALL WANT ME DEAD!” Her body burst into her golden flames, they danced widely around her body, reaching high into the sky. “This wouldn’t have happened, if you wouldn’t have been so damn high on that power trip of yours at Ninjeta! If you would have just came with me, and met up with Andy and Kurrent…” she struggled to hold back tears of frustration.  “I wouldn’t be like this right now!” Taking a step forward, her body still aflame she glared at the Warrior Queen.

The whole controversy surrounding Ninjeta went both ways, Sha felt that Kurrent and Andferne should have stayed out of the conflict in the first place. The mention of Ninjeta caused Sha’s to scrunch up and now she had become visibly disgusted with the whole situation. She tried so hard to hold her tongue but Sha’s mental settings had been reset…there was no longer balance within her soul; the Queen of chaos dwelled there yet again.

 I know I was responsible for your death on your planet, and I’m sorry Ziccarra, I am so sorry for your death that was the LAST thing I wanted to ever doing to you. But this "I would rather BE dead than live like THIS for the rest of my unnatural life. “You’re the only one… the one I trust… to…”


Sha fell down on her knees in tears; it was the first time since her resurrection that she openly spoke about Ninjeta. Tears fell from her eyes only to be evaporated by Nova’s flames. She was so lost in herself, wiping the tears from her ducts she stood up and addressed Nova again.

“You think they care about us?” she was referring to the people; “they give us action figures, give us talk shows all so we serve them and never disobey…but you make one mistake and the thought of you doing it again is always in there mind.” Sha was looking down at the ground, since Ninjeta’s destruction all of her “friends” were either M.I.A or dead, the most notable one being Hayden Miles.   “Humans are the real enemy Nova, they have the ability to manipulate and deceive…and deception is the most powerful force known to man…that’s why it’s a sin…because it can kill someone.” Sha paused taking a look at the city around her she looked like she was getting through to Nova, then again with that demon in her it still might not matter.

“They are deceiving you Nova… these humans are scared to death of me…which is why they are on my good side… I never again try something drastic” Sha turned away from Nova, not wanting to look her in the eyes; however she doubled back at the sound of Nova. “Fight me Ziccarra! Here and now” Nova took a fighting stance.   Sha watched a TV show a long time, that compared her and Nova to Goku and Vegeta, from some children’s cartoon show…apparently Vegeta was arrogant and selfish. He was compared to Sha; while the pure and carefree Goku was Nova… it would seem now the roles were switched.

“I’ll... I'll set this ENTIRE city on fire! I’ll burn every single building down to the ground!”  Nova’s words amplified the fear resting around the Corona of Sha’s heart.   She didn’t want to… it wouldn’t end well for either of them; the only thing that came to her mind was Zariah. This was the women that killed her mother, and if Sha allowed Nova to run rampant she would eventually kill Zariah to. Though if she fought Nova there was a possibility of being killed.   As the sun beamed down on Sha she was faced with a heart breaking decision.

She held out her arm presenting her sethosphere forward, Nova should have known what this was by now. It was a device that could change Sha’s clothes, change the scenery as well as give Sha a rundown on any person she had encountered before.  “The moment I activate this...I will lose most of my rational thoughts…are you sure this is what you want?”   Nova’s face displayed no sympathy; Sha wondered what was going through her mind. “Right” Sha said turning the white device on, as she did she disappeared into a bright light and emerged in a totally new uniform.

From the right and left a dark form of energy excreted it’s self from the street and latched on to Sha, Sha knew Nova knew what was happening. She wasn’t proud either; she worked so hard to expel chaos and the being found its self back in her.  Sha smirked and then folded her hands. She didn’t even move, but a gigantic wind gust blew right through her on her way to Nova, making a loud sound in the process, Sha pushed her hands outwards towards Nova in sync with the wind summoning a powerful sonic burst.

“IF you really want to fight…you have to catch me!” Sha said flying west towards the pacific ocean, and resting right above the ocean surface.

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 Her ruby eyes stared at the sethosphere, many battles Sha had used this object in many of the battles against each other, her face remained emotionless as she heard Sha speak.
“The moment I activate this… I will lose most of my rational thoughts… are you sure this is what you want?”
‘No!’ she wanted to yell, she wanted to turn away and leave this place and, not do this to her friend, but she knew, she had to go through with this.
“Right.” Sha said turning the white device on, as she did she disappeared into a bright light and emerged in a totally new uniform as she then watched the shadows around the city suddenly began to reach towards Sha.
“Chaos Black…” Nova whispered, she could feel the energy being made by the awakening of this being, it actually made her feel uneasy, but she kept her face emotionless.
Suddenly a massive sonic burst shot forward from the hands of Sha, an attack that was always the first of many to come in their battle. Making sure her feet were firmly placed on the ground she threw her arms forward, a dome of flames surrounded her as the Sonic burst smashed into it, the force so great that it caused Nova to stumble back a bit, and even blew down her flaming dome that was barely able to keep her safe.
“IF you really want to fight…you have to catch me!” Sha said as she took off into the blue sky. Nova stood there for a moment, this was her last chance before there was no looking back. Stephanie looked over at the people around her, fear in their eyes towards her as she lowered her head in what seemed to be shame.
Crouching down slightly her body burst into flames as she pushed herself upward with her legs, her body taking off into the air, leaving a streak of golden flames right behind her as she flew after the Ninjan Queen. Finally catching up with her she watched as she finally stopped over the Pacific Ocean.
 Sha was seen hovered just above  the crystal blue water the body of water swaying under her from the raw power she was generating. As Stephanie came down she carefully slowed down, her golden flames still around her as she too hovered above the water, steam rising around her from the heat of her flames. Keeping a safe distance apart, the two had their eyes locked upon each others for what seemed hours, both of them waiting for the other to make the first move, tension could be felt in the air around them.
“The middle of the ocean eh, Sha?” Nova finally broke the silence. “You never were a strong swimmer…” her mind suddenly went back to the time when she saw Sha drown in the San Francisco bay all those years ago, chills ran down her spin as she shook her head, she could remember the panic in her mind when she saw that Ziccarra wasn’t breathing after Nova brought her out of the water, how Kurrent used his own powers like a defibrillators used in a hospital. How she wouldn’t wake up… her first death was at that time, which would lead to many other up until now.
Shaking her head she cleared her mind of those memories, the more she would think about them, the harder it was to concentrate. Stephanie then powered up her flames, the ocean water around her shooting upward around her from the power of her fire. Suddenly she thrust her arms forward and slightly downward. , her flames pushing themselves into the water, the force of her power so great that it caused a big wave of water to rush towards Sha, ready to try and crush itself down upon her. But while she would be looking at the on coming wave before her, Stephanie was already on the move, her body soaring just above the water as she flew close behind the wave. As soon as the wave would have made contact with Sha, Nova’s flaming fist would have shot forward towards her friends face, as she then used her other hand to try and punch her in the gut.
Hovering around her to get some space put between the two, she stretched out her arm and neck muscles, she was curious to see what Ziccarra had in store for her.

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  Sha’s huge eyes looked out at the ocean around her, Nova didn’t even have to kill herself the might ocean could do it for her. The very fact that she was once again bound by Chaos caused Sha to quiver, what if the beast was stronger and what if this time…it completely controlled Sha?   She could have said no and just as easily let Nova burn Solace City to the ground, but there was something inside her that was tired of the torment that was surrounding the people she loved, and she was on a war to end it.

Sha’s mind was simply captivated by the fact that death was so calmly waiting beneath her, “The middle of the ocean eh, Sha?” Sha’s head instantly shot over to Nova, whom decided to break the silence, “You never were all that great at swimming”. Sha smiled, she then wondered if it had dawned to Nova that Sha had already knew this…I mean why come to a place where she was already handicapped. Sha’s face became pale, then quickly darkened it was like she was being poessed, this was one of the main reasons she didn’t want to activate the sethospehere.

“Don’t you worry about me…just keep up!” Sha said with her old Ninjan battle wit; “This..Fight is…about saving Nova!” Sha said to herself struggling within. It was no secret that Chaos hated Nova, and Sha didn’t know if she had to control let alone the power to keep the beast at bay. Nova pushed her hands out forward, Sha knew it was happening and she prayed to god it didn’t but Nova fired a huge wave of fire into the water, causing an “upheaval” in the ocean and very huge wall of water came towards Sha. “Going with the water already huh?” Sha said to herself thinking of a quick counter.

Sha quickly turned into a form of light energy and let the wave smash right into her, there was no damage done to her as the section where the water had been just evaporated. As she solidified, a burning fist smashed right into her jaw, instantly burning the flesh on her face, keeping her wits about her she balled up in the air, this made Nova’s punch at her gut strike her knee. The force from the first blow hurt well more than that of the second, but both quickly pissed the Ninjan Messiah off.

Rubbing her hands against her jaw, she went back and cracked the bone back in its right place. She winced as the pain was almost more than the parent strike. As she continued to fight herself on the inside, it greatly affected her performance on the outside. It was at that moment that she would just have to accept her fate, letting out a smile she lowered herself down so that she just barely touched the ocean surface. The location of this battle while it gave Nova the advantage also worked well for Sha.

This was one of the major sites where the Earth’s plate tectonics were active; the strength of Sha’s magnetism would greatly be strengthened here. Sha extended her arms as if she were going to use a magnetic attack, without warning she dashed towards Nova, not at all starting off light. As she sped up, she opened her hands behind her to act as “boosters” and began firing a series of Sonic Energy Burst, this sped her up some more, While doing so she spun around in a circle, causing the water go spin over her body like at a water show.

As she closed in on Nova, she flew up allowing for the water typhoon to head towards Nova, this allowed Sha the chance to get an edge a bit having the vantage from a diagonal angle. She thrusted her hands forward and shot a volley of Sonic Burst down towards Nova, however this again was to keep her off target. She pushed her hands across the sky and opened a portal, as the other point would bring her out behind Nova, she tried to Kick Nova with her knee’s in her back, so that Nova’ body would bride, she would then try to grab Nova’s chin from behind, and follow through with a back flip, letting Nova go in mid air so she’d plunge forcefully into the ocean. Just encase Nova reversed or something; she fired a sonic burst in front of her swiftly moving her backwards. Opening her sethoshere she sat back trying to change the battle field to that of a mountainous desert.


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 Her ruby eyes widen as she watched Sha come at her, water surrounding her body, spiraling towards the fire goddess like a drill. She had to think fast, overlapping her hands with one another she shot them forward, a blast of fire rushing from her body through her hands , colliding with the wave of water that quickly evaporated, by the time it reached Nova it was nothing but a cloud of steam hitting against her. But she wasn’t able to recover fast enough, suddenly wave after wave of sonic bursts came down upon her, knocking her down close to going under the ocean, waves being formed from the power of the two fighters. Even though the sonic burst didn’t really do any damage other than causing her discomfort, it did also distract her. Finally looking around for her opponent, the last thing she saw was Sha suddenly disappear into a portal. 
“Damn it!” She knew exactly what Sha was going to do, but before she could turn around to counter the attack she felt a knee ram into her back, forcing Stephanie’s back to arch back in pain, but this just made things worse, Sha wrapped her arms around her chin and flipped her over, disoriented for the seconds being airborne by Sha her body was suddenly soaked by the ocean water, her flames put out as she stayed still for a moment, her eyes looking upward towards the surface of the ocean, the sun’s ray’s shining down through the water. Her mind went blank for a moment as her body slowly sank deeper into the watery abyss, her eyes focusing on the different shades of blue in the water, for a second… she almost felt back to her old self.
But then the reflection of Sha through the water snapped her back, her eyes focused as she balled up her body, focusing the heat inside her body, pressurizing her fire exactly how underwater wielders do. Her body burst into flames in the water, the salty water boiling around her as she shot up to the surface, a wave of water shooting up right under her as she flew high into the air, directly above Sha and under the rays of the sun to make it hard to see her.
Upon coming down the battlefield changed, what was once the endless ocean was now seemed to be a canyon, not the Grand Canyon… but what looked to be the Arches National Park over in Utah, but Nova didn’t have to confirm that. Putting out her flames, her body had now stopped rising into the air it was as if she was floating for a few seconds as the water that shot up into the sky’s with Nova were now raining down upon Ziccarra. Stephanie then balled up her fists and rose them high above her head as she now began free falling back to the Earth. Once close enough Stephanie burst her hands into flames, as she brought her fists downward, attempting to smash them onto the top of the head of Sha, and upon landing on the ground, the force of her impact of the now redish desert ground was so great, that the earth trembled before them, causing a small creator where the Fire Goddess landed.
Staying crouched down from her landing for a moment she lift her head up to look up at the Ninjan Queen, her eyes burning as she then thrust herself forward, her flames making her airborn as she flew at ground level right towards Sha. Attempting a spear attack the Ninjan Warrior, Stephanie tucked her head in as her arms attempted to wrap themselves around Sha’s waist. Wither or not she managed to get a hold of her, Nova was going way too fast to slow down if she missed, her body would collide into one of the mountainside. The entire mount would tremble upon impact, as the Fire Goddess made a small tunnel deep into the middle of the mountain, thanks to her the force she hit it at.
Smoke could be seen escaping from the tunnel as Stephanie crawled out of the mountainside her body ached from the recoil of the attack, her body flopped on the ground as she struggled to flip over on her back and forced herself to quickly get up, but not without stumbling a bit as she did so. Covered in the dust of the earth she slowly stood tall, her body glowing as she got into a defensive stance, this fight was already being everything she wanted… and it had just begun.

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  Nova remerged from the ocean in a beautiful display; the water shot up into the air causing it to rain down. Sha wasn’t dumb she cast a light shield around herself the light quickly evaporated the water spouts protecting Sha just a bit longer.   Her eyes lay locked on Nova, even as the salty aquatic terrain under her switched to a jagged rocky terrain with various mountains in the backdrop. Sha wasn’t at all being affected by Chaos, but she wanted to give off that effect; If Nova knew she was facing a rational Sha then the battle would be that much harder.

Sha‘s red boots landed on the tough rocky surface, she could feel the heat from the sun baptizing the ground. There was no wind, there were no birds; this area was dead compared to that of the lively ocean they were once in.   “I love you Nova…then again I hate you everything that we’ve been through you’ve helped me through…DAMN! IT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOOD ONE!” Sha screamed hunching over with a dark wave of electricity coming off her body. The wave sent a ripple effect of energy barreling through the ground.

Nova had a higher elevation than that of Sha; So Sha’s awareness would be put to the test. As Nova balled her fist and placed them together she came down towards Sha with her hands ready to strike. Not waiting for Nova to build up momentum, she shot up into the air to meet Nova. Encasing her hands with a bright luminous energy; the two forces smashed into each other creating an instant aura that rivaled the northern lights, in the air.  The Ninjan Queen had Nova in strength but backed with that demonic force Nova was undoubtedly superior. She pushed the Ninjan Queen down towards the ground.

Sha could feel her feet touching the ground; Nova had actually pushed her back down to the ground; as she tried to rebound and push the fire nymph backwards she decided it was time to abort. Pulling her arms down to block her face, the flames of Nova engulfed her causing her to be set on fire momentarily. She rolled around on the ground trying to put the flames out. She succeeded in doing so, but she had serious burns on her arms and in her midsection. Also her whole top blouse had been burned off due to the flames.

“What are you doing Sha… you’re restraining!” Chaos hissed to Sha from within; Sha simply didn’t have the will needed to combat Nova. Sha rose to her feet only to be speared by Nova,   Losing her breath as Nova’s shoulders plowed into her stomach she was helpless as she was forced backwards. Sha once again activated a Light shield protecting her from the flames this time. However the moment she was smashed into the side of the mountain the shield flickered off. The Ninjans back plowed deep into the mountain causing a relentless feeling of pain shooting up her back. The impact Instantly K’Oed  Zicarra causing her to lay out with her limbs extended in seemingly a losing effort

This wasn’t to be The Ninjans body bridged upward, just like what happened previously a dark wave of electricity came from Sha. A being with a skull opened up the Ninjan Carcass and stepped out of it. The skin that was previously on Sha fitted it ‘self on the new were being. This was simply Sha undergoing a change into a more versatile version of Chaos; using her dark powers to cast an illusion. “Turn the light’s down I’m in my zone!” Sha said extended her hands towards the sun. No sooner than she did the earth’s yellow sun turned black.

“Didn’t I tell you I’d do anything to release you…even if that means sacrificing everyone else… it means nothing to me!” Sha said laughing in a cackling manner. Nova had did some damage to herself by plowing Sha through the mountains; As Sha watched her from afar she stretched on the sides of her injures hoping the pressure would cause a bit of solace.   Extended her arms with her palms forwards she pushed an ominous wind of dark energy towards Nova, as She did a barrages of images that resembled Sha streamlined towards her with their arm cocked back ready to deliver a punch. The real Sha went right past Nova, as she was disguised in the wind. Hoping the wind would push Nova backwards, Sha attempted a rear back elbow to the back Of Nova’s head.

Pushing her hands to the left, and then out to the right she created two huge abyss on the opposite side of Nova, and one not too far in front of her. Pushing her hands downwards the sky opened up and a huge sonic burst came down forcefully rushing towards Nova. The plan was in motion she was hoping that Nova would come directly towards her to She could fire a huge Magnetic shock towards her sternum. If she didn’t the huge portals would fire beams of darkness towards her from each direction.


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 Stephanie’s eyes widen, fear consumed her as she watched her friend suddenly become… a whole other being, Chaos Black. She took a step back, she had never seen this form of Chaos before, and it was horrifying.
“Turn the light’s down, I’m in my zone!” Sha’s hands rose upward at the sun, and in that instant, the once energized, luminous sun, had turn into a cold ball of darkness. The area around them was now covered in darkness, it was almost as dark as if it was night time, Stephanie could barely see Ziccarra who was standing not too far away. Nova wasn’t sure what was going on, but she couldn’t let this stop her from fighting, she needed to get what she came for.
Didn’t I tell you I’d do anything to release you…even if that means sacrificing everyone else… it means nothing to me!” Sha said laughing in a cackling manner. It made her feel even more uneasy than before, she had opened the Pandora Box, and it was far too late to close it.
“I’m ready…” she spoke as she took in a deep breath, her glow that was around her body grew brighter, she was now becoming the light in the darkness that Sha cast upon the battlefield. As she looked back up at Sha multiple clones suddenly appeared, their fists pulled back and ready to deliver a punch to the Fire Goddess.
“Copies…” she whispered as she activated her inferred vision, her eyes could see through the fake, darkness clones, but was surprised that when they collided with her body it they were nothing but a gust of powerful wind. Crossing her arms in front of her face to protect herself her feet slowly began to skid backwards along the red dirt, the force of the wind so powerful that it caused Stephanie’s flames to go out as a stinging sensation could be felt throughout her body. But not before she caught a glimpse of Chaos rushing right pass her through the wind. Twirling around her face was met with the Ninjan Queen’s elbow, striking down at her nose as her head jerked back. Grunting in pain she stumbled back, cupping her hands over her face, she could feel a warm fluid escaping from nose as she tried to wipe it clean, only to smear it across her face instead.
Before she knew it, two portals opened up, one in front of her, and one behind her. Her eyes focused on the hands of Chaos as they came downward. The sky suddenly seem to split open as a powerful sonic burst crashed upon Nova’s body, causing her to fly towards her opponent.
The Fire Goddess screamed in agonizing pain as the magnetic shock ran through her body, Chaos’ hand slamming against her chest were her sternum was, which was directly in front of her heart. Dropping to her hands and knees she grasped her chest with her left hand, her heart beating out of control from the massive shock, her breathing rapid. Blood began to drip down from her lips upon the red dirt, because of the metal that was inside her body, the shock did double the amount of damage it would to a normal human.
Spitting excess blood from her mouth she slowly got upon her knees, her hand still upon her chest, her vision so blurry from the attack, she could barely make out who was standing in front of her.
“That’s right… don’t hold back…” her voice shaky and showed pain with every word spoken. Everything was coming together, just a few more minutes and it will be done, or she hoped it would be that soon.
Her body began to glow, struggling to gather up enough energy to make her flames she grit her teeth in frustration. Digging her fingers into the blood soiled ground she began to draw a symbol upon the dirt, at the same time, whispering the demonic chant that Darkchild taught her.
From the depths of the pit, I call upon thee to bestow thy power unto me. That your mightiest power shall grant me a fraction of thy power….” She paused for a moment as she looked up at Chaos Black, the symbol on the ground glowing an eerie red and her eyes becoming as black as the sun. “BRING UNTO ME!” She yelled out as the ground rumbled below them. Where the symbol laid on the ground, a stream of hellfire shot into the sky, lighting up the darken battlefield. Finally making it back up on her feet she rose her right hand into the sky as she then brought it down forcefully, balls of hellfire suddenly raining down like meteors from space, smashing into the Earth with a rumble with every impact, attempting to smash Chaos in the process.
As Nova stood there she closed her eyes for a moment as she looked up at the steam of hellfire still spewing from the pits of hell. With her eyes still as black as night, she looked up into the sky, spreading her arms wide apart. It was then the hellfire stopped falling down to the ground, and instead began to run across the sky above them, and forming a dome around the two fighters. A dome of hellfire now encased the two fighters inside. Stephanie gave a smirk as she rose the temperatures inside the dome to the extreme, she wanted to see Chaos sweat, to feel the same thing she did when she was stuck in hell for all that time.
She could feel the raw energy rushing through the hellfire around them, taking a deep breath she held it in for a few moments as she then pushed herself forward, taking off in a dead on sprint towards Chaos Black, the palm of her hands began to glow as she thrust them out towards her at the last minute, attempting to press her left hand against her chest if she touched then she would be injecting pure hellfire heat into them, in hopes of making it too painful and almost impossible to breath.
She would then attempt to use her left fist to plant an uppercut right under Sha’s chin, if her fist makes impact a blast of fire would escape from her fist, to burn the Ninjan Warrior even more. Her heart began to ache again by this time, stumbling back she held tightly against her chest, never since they’ve fought had she felt like this before… this couldn’t be good.

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  Chaos swayed back in forth in the minor gust of wind that had been picked up;   her feelings for Nova did not reflect that of Sha’s at all, she only knew how to do one thing; cast misery and sorrow to anyone and anything that threated her . She knew not what Nova fought for, but if it was meainingful enough to draw her out of Sha she would have to play it closely   There was so much emotion in this battle; a lot of if came from Sha herself; this would halt Chaos in the long run.

She succeeded in drawing Nova’s blood with her strike, this was good because it was her own way of “Tithing” to herself knowning her attacks were successful.   She didn’t touch the ground it was like something was prohibiting the shadow demon from ever stepping foot . Chaos licked her lips, as her black soul was being filled with Joy; she loved getting the chance to sink her teeth into Feral Nova, and this time Sha “Allowed” her to do so. It was at that moment that Chaos, not Sha but Chaos’s mind begin to have flashbacks…a trait that wasn’t familiar with her.

It was raining perfusely the KOV tourney was less than 10 hours away, and the Ninjan Queen stayed up preparing for her bout against Feral Nova, two months after she had lost to Uchiha Nevann. “So tomorrow are you going in with me or without me, I’ve seen how reckless you fight without me Ziccarra it isn’t pretty. You’re going to get us killed, Nova doesn’t care about you, and neither does Ronin nor your kids, Come back to the Darkness Ziccarra without it you fiend, and without you it dies! You’re facing the Girlfriend of the guy that nearly killed you”.  Chaos attacked Sha’s mind like a temptress, but Sha was so strong willed that she simply turned around and throw a bar of soap at the mirror as fast as she could; it shattered falling to the floor with huge chunks flopping down within the sink. As Sha exited she told both Diego and Matina to use that bathroom. She went into her room pull of her uniform and lay across the bed, looking at the invitation for their fight her eyes looked at the print on the card that read: Sha vs. Nova KOV championship. Sha lay on her bed and muttered what appeared to be a remembrance of some type. “Someone once asked me…Why do I fight…. I would always reply I don’t know, now I know the answer to that question….I fight…because it keeps me strong, as a mother and a hero, but also as a role model to females everywhere!”

At that point in Sha’s life Chaos was nothing more than a barricaded prisoner, locked up wishing to be free however thanks to Daggerklutz the Ninjan Queen was once again fused to Chaos.   Sha hurt on the inside because she knew that Feral and AR both did their fair share to stop Chaos’s advancements in the Ninjan.   However when Nova came into Solace City Sha made a pact with Chaos, help her free Nova; and she was free to do what she wanted. It was at that moment that Chaos’s mind was brought back to reality by the sound of Nova chanting.  She heard these words before as a matter of fact Darkchild used them against her almost a decade ago! This was what Chaos waited for the arrival of the demon that resided in Nova. In the eyes of chaos Nova was a weakling, but this monster appealed to every dark force in her body.

Chaos was getting aroused from the angle this battle was taking; however Nova’s strength surprised her, and her look of lust became a look that mirrored horror. The ground exploded open sending gigantic balls of fire in the air. They rained down on the battle field scorching the earth that lay in its path.  Chaos repelled a good bit of them however they got the best of her, smashing into her knocking her on the ground. As she tried to get up the kept plowing into her; this caused her to create a portal on the ground and slip through it. Reemerging from the portal this time with a light shield covering her; she stood bent over in agonizing pain from the hellfire that rained down previously. What really caught her attention was the formation of a dome over the short area of land that would be the prison for the rest of the fight. Nova had the advantage she had enough fire to help her stand the test of the battle. As the temperatures inside the battle field was getting to the point of overkill Chaos’s slouch posture was a testament to how hot it truly was.

Nova’s offensive campaign began again always with a running start, something Chaos had noticed. She sent a strike towards the sternum, but Chaos swayed out of the way, and right into the way of a powerful blow to the chin that was followed through by a rushing stream of flames. Chaos flew backwards letting out an inhuman screech before hitting the back of the dome and forcefully being tossed to the ground. The demon rose to her feet…slowly breathing heavily and panting. She wanted a full throttle Nova and this was what she was getting.

However even in the darkest moments of this battle chaos continued to laugh…a plan that was so brilliant it would take something so rare like Nova creating a dome; for it to work.   First what she did was remove Sha, turning her into a “Shadow puppet” that she could control on the ground. “Looks like it’s time to fly!” Chaos said hunching over, letting out another inhuman screech; this time she turned into a purple dragon-like bird…thingy. Chaos flew up high, manipulating the light coming from the flames so that she may pass through the dome.

This left “Sha” in the dome with Nova; Sha dashed towards Nova, and in an instant she was gone, she turned into a shadow so that she may quickly appear in front of Nova as if it were instant transmission . She punched twice with her right and left hands towards Nova’s face and then tried to follow thru with a knee to the gut extending her hands outward she fired a sonic burst hoping to rattle Nova. “Alright Nova…let’s see how you handle this” Sha extended her hands to the sky channeling the suns magnetism; if she were right about what she was doing she would shoot a insanely powerful Magnetic pulse from the sun itself which would act as a magnet. Sha hoped this “magnet” would pull Nova up to the top of the dome making her susceptible from a Magnetic Blast also generated by the sun.

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Laughter could be heard coming from the fellow demon, an unnatural, eerie laugh that echoed in the hellfire dome around them. After the powerful attacks Nova had let loose, the demon known as Chaos still found all this amusing, why? If the demon blood wouldn’t have been pumping through her vines so forcefully right now, she might have actually shown fear.
A painful ear wrenching screech unlike she had ever heard, echoed in the dome, the Fire Goddess covered her ears as she lowered her head, her still soulless eyes looking up at Chaos as confusion filled them. Chaos and Sha had both became separate beings… but Sha… was more of a shadow like figure, while Chaos had turned into some sort of flying demon. The now monster Chaos took the skies, pushing pass her hellfire dome as if it was nothing. Hissing at this she turned her attention back to the shadow Sha, who was know rushing towards her. Giving her a toothy smirk she braced herself for an attack, only to have the Ninjan Queen suddenly disappear. Her eyes darting left and right she was suddenly met with a series of punches to the face as Sha appeared suddenly, stumbling back she watched as the Ninjan Warrior pushing her knee up towards the demon’s gut, only to have Nova take a jump back, barley moving out of the way as she saw Sha push forward a sonic burst. But Nova at the same time let loose a ball of hellfire, the two energies clashing with each other, canceling each other out.
With her crimson fluids running down her nose yet again the demon looked at Sha with a look of hunger, she wanted the blood of the Ninjan to be spilled across the ground.
“Alright Nova…let’s see how you handle this” Sha extended her hands to the sky, the demon looked up as well, she was trying to figure out what was going on, but didn’t figure out what it was until she realized she couldn’t move.
The feral demon’s eyes widen as  it tried to move towards Sha, letting out a demonic cry of frustration, only to have its body hurled up to the top of her own hellfire dome. Gritting its teeth, its back slammed against the dome, she could have easily caused the dome to open up for her, but the demon already had plans for the dome herself. If she couldn’t win the fight… then neither of them would. As soon as her back slammed against the dome, she let out a feral roar, the dome glowed a bright blood red as it suddenly became a massive hellfire explosion, at the same time that the magnetic blast slammed into the fire goddess.
The power of the two blasts was so great that the explosion could be seen for miles as the flames could be seen reaching upward towards the heavens, the flames and smoke creating a mushroom like shape in the skies. The light of the flames lit up the darkness of the sky as a massive shockwave surged through the Earth for miles as strong gusts of winds ran ahead of the blast that seemed to engulf all around it.  
When the flames finally died down and the smoke cleared out all that could be seen was a severely disfigured body laying on the ground, burned and battered, if you wouldn’t have known who was out there fighting there would have been no way for you know that was Feral Nova laying on the ground in the middle of a massive crater where the explosion happened. Because of the magnetic pull that was happening at the same time of both explosions at the same time, it forced Nova to stay in the same spot where the two detonated.
The lifeless body laid on the ground, not a single movement could be seen as the charcoal black figure was face up on the blacken earth. But after a few minutes an unnatural glow came from the symbol that was still written on the ground, Nova’s eyes suddenly shot open as her back arched upward, her disfigured face let out a heartbreaking shriek of pain. Her body flopped over to the side as she began to vomit the little food that was already in her stomach, the amount of pain she was in was indescribable, it felt like someone peeled her skin off her body and rolled her body in salt while thousands of daggers jammed themselves into her body at the same time.
Breathing burned her lungs as she looked around in a frantically, her once ruby red eyes were now back to their original emerald green. “…s…S…sha…?” her voice was unrecognizable, her voice filled with confusion and pain, she couldn’t remember what happened once the hellfire was summoned. If she could, tears would be running down her face right now. Her head slowly turned to the side, trying to find her friend who she was so stupid and selfish to make her fight against herself, grunting in pain with every movement she made. “..I…i-I’m… sorry.” She sobbed as her body began to shake violently, the burns that covered all over her body was too much for her to take, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as her body suddenly stopped moving again, she wasn’t dead… no… she was unconscious, death wouldn’t come for her yet, she wasn’t granted the peace she wanted from death like she wanted to obtain from this battle. She was forced to continue on living, as long as Darkchild’s blood flowed through her veins, peace would never be able to come into her life again.

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  Solace City, 32 miles East of the Pacific Ocean and the manipulated battle ground. 

The winds quickly began to pick up a huge gust of forceful hurricane like winds blew through the city streets, moving cars, toppling unstable buildings, and pushing anyone unlucky enough to be in the streets away. The Pacific had hundreds of threats but a hurricane was on heard of; from over the horizon a gigantic pillar of thick black smoke rose. The “Hurricane” was the aftermath of the battle between Unholy Demon forces and Extra Terrestrial Demon forces.

Battle field.

Sha’s body lay limp on the side of a mountain approximately 3 miles away from where the battle had taken place. There was no movement... the muscles in her bones were worn out from the extreme heat that had been exposed to. Despite being so hot previously before this “Normal” wind was causing her sweat to chill causing chill bumps to proliferate on her body.
Her golden hair stood through the adversity with the fight against Nova; however she had severe burn marks on her face, arms legs and torso. Her brain and heart was the only two organs functioning at this point, the rest were still in a reboot phase.


Chaos landed right next to the Ninjan with a smile on her face; the eerie presence caused her to slowly awake from her slumber. “Wha...t happ…end” Sha said with drool coming from her mouth, Chaos could tell her mind was fried, as she couldn’t stay upright any longer. “We just went through one of the worst training drills in our life…and you’ve become exhausted.” Sha didn’t know any better her mind couldn’t process anything from before right now. She simply nodded. A low growl could be heard manifesting it’s self within the bowls of her burned stomach.

Sha had no recollection of fighting Nova; as a matter of fact her mind was in a state of “rebooting” she would eventually remember everything before this point but the battle it’s self would be a complete Mystery. Chaos herself looks like she had gone through extreme hell. She was burned in various places of her body, her left wing look broken and she had a huge gash in her thigh, despite this she seemed to be in good spirits. Chaos picked the Ninjan up and slowly walked off in the opposite direction from where they fight took place.

Right as the dome was being ignited, Chaos reabsorbed Sha as if she were energy, and the time it took to do this caused her to get hit by the force from the attack. The extreme heat actually caused burns, but the bulk of her damage came from hitting everything trying to stop rolling. Opening a portal Chaos pushed Sha through, which would take her back to her mother. Chaos traveled back to where Nova’s body was. Bending down; she showed visual pain on her face and a bit of exhaustion while doing so. Bending down; she whisper in Nova’s ear.

“Your one hell of a fighter…but I mean it…until you get your life together…leave Ziccarra alone…she’s happy…”