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A small child pulling a wagon down the crowded streets of the inner city looks to be all alone.  In his wagon is nothing but a sealed envelope which is sealed with "The Kumite" symbol that looks to be pressed in wax.  People walk by and pause to periodically scan the immediate area to make sure he has an adult with him.  He couldn’t have looked more out of place than he did.  As he walks by a ninjitsu based dojo, he sees a beautiful blond woman striking the speed bags with incredible skill.  The child walks up to her and reaches out to give her the envelope.  As soon as she accepts the boy turns around and exits the dojo leaving his wagon behind.  There was no trace of him in the crowded streets.

At the same time a man who looked to have weighed over 600 pounds was making his way over the beautifully reflected ocean in a hot air balloon.  He piloted the balloon with precision, it was huge and of a unique design.  He was close to 4 miles up into Earths lower atmosphere, which was unheard of in any type of aircraft which wasn't incased.  From that distance everything below looked like a green or blue blur.  As he reached his requested destination, he rolls up what looks like to be a scroll and ties a perfectly round weight to it.  He then hangs it over the ledge and drops the weighted scroll.  It sails toward the earth until it lands directly at the door of a Mansion located on a cliff facing the ocean.  The scroll is addressed to Nighthunter and it requested his presence into "The Kumite."

Your battle will take place on the beach of a deserted tropical island of the mainland off Rio de Janeiro.  May you fight well.