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Sha stood in the corner of the Saloon with her hat tipped down and her foot on the table; she was drinking some of the finest whisky in town. She was tapping her feet to the melody of the piano. The atmosphere around her was rather tense; there where people smoking and drinking, playing cards and just chit chatting. A man came into the Saloon and walked over to the bartender and demanded the money he had in the safe. The people looked stopped; there motion became that of a tree the only motion coming from them was the rising and falling from there chest.

He aimed the gun right at the bartender and placed his hand on the Trigger. Everyone knew that once his index finger hugged that trigger the bartender’s brains would need to be mopped off the floor. People were just staring in awe, finally Sha stood up the man’s attention shifted attention from the bartender to the now standing Sha. He began screaming at her to sit down; she wasn’t going to, she extended her hand and a silver electricity ray began to form around it. The man fired the gun but it was captured by Sha’s magnetism. The man looked in shock he dropped the gun and tried to run; soon as he hit the Saloon doors Sha Caught him throwing him into the air and then using him for target practice.

DELTA FORCE! She fired her 3 sided triangle attack that was filled with light, darkness and Sonic energy. The sonic energy caused his body to explode. His ashes began to fall and mix with the bronze sand underneath her feet. The sun began beating down on her head as she began to exit the city she flew into the air. Her eyebrows raised and her teeth mashed against each other. She extended her hand and fired a Delta attack it destroyed the city in an instant reducing it to ash, She flew down amongst the ruins and began absorbing soul smiling at her “Artistic creation”.

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Her finger pressed the on button on her HD Television. Light from the TV filled the room. Her eyes pupils grew smaller. She scrolled down and decided to watch her recorded programs. Suddenly, there was load bang. Although her apartment was high class, it still resided by a run down saloon. This always boggled her mind. She always heard noises coming from it but none like this.

Lady knew certain there was something going on. She listened in with her mind trying to read the thoughts of the people in the saloon. Her eyes widen with terror as the scream from the man’s voice echoed in her mind. The disturbed warrior quickly teleported to her room and suited up for who ever she was about to challenge.

She threw a trench coat on op of her ninja costume. Lady gripped her sai from on top of her closet. With that movement she teleported to the door of her apartment and bid her table goodbye


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Sha looked around at the horrid sight of Destruction and debris smiling a terrible smile; she smelled the smoke of the dead bodies and destroyed buildings. She thought she had killed everyone but there was one person who was still alive. This bothered Sha she was strong enough to topple whole civilizations but she couldn’t defeat this one person. She smiled and then said to her from a distance. YOUR HATERED IS POWERFUL… IF ONLY IT WHERE TIED TO THE DARKNESS…UNLEASH YOUR HEART AND ALLOW THE DARKNESS RULE YOUR POWER!


A dark glow began to form around her hand she smiled and then extended her hand towards the women. The darkness began to crawl through her hands and up to her face changing it from a Hispanic look to a Mr. sinister white. She opened her palm and fired her Dark Pulse attack; the darkness hit the ground and began spreading destroying the crust of the earth and spreading towards the women.

Sha landed back on the ground with her hands folded She raised her hands in the air and yelled LEAD ME INTO EVER LASTING DARKNESS! A black portal opened behind her, soon two huge tentacles emerged from the portal and attached it’s self on Sha. Finally the monster emerged and floated behind sha, she wanted o end this women early.

She bent her legs and thrusted her arms forward, her right eye was flashing black and her left eye was flashing white. She fired a omega level Shadow ball from her right hand and a powerful light blast from her left hand, the blast ripped through the air parallel with each other, Sha then pointed her finger at the space between the attacks and fired her Sonic burst, trying to limit the escape possibilities for her.

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Sha could see the women had a past with citizens of the darkness, she was going to exploit this Her Sonic attack did minimal damage at the most to her, but this wasn’t nothing Sha didn’t anticipate Those moves were not supposed to kill Her She had a better way of trying to do that. The women used her weapon to skillfully cut through her sonic burst. Sha watched as she teleported above her she tried to detach the Shirr monster on her back but Sha jumped to the left avoiding the strike. The women swung her Sai at Sha’s head she took a step back but was caught by the blade on her face it cut through her skin causing her smooth purple blood to flow. Sha began to sway left and right avoiding other strikes this wasn’t performed perfectly She got cut a few times. The damage wasn’t enough to kill her but they did have an irritating sting. She then flew away creating some distance between them; Sha looked at her broken flesh and began smiling. She wanted to see what she could do without her weapons. Sha once again bent her knees a extended her arms forward. The monster fired a series of dark energy at the women.

Sha;s finger tips began to generate a silver current flowed over her fingers and everything at had an ounce of metal began flowing towards Sha’ where she bent it and turned it into scrap. She raised her hands to the sky and a Sun ray shot down towards her she began glowing bright, even the sand appeared to lose its bright luster the area around them got dark. The wind began to get colder and Sha became the only light in the Area.

She used one hand to shoot a beam of light on the right, above, and to the left of the women, she created a light chamber, where the only apparent way out was through the front. Sha cocked both of her hands back and tapped into her darkness and fired her omega Solaris attack. The attack of pure light ripped through the air spinning and twisting as it entered the Light Chamber.

The monster on Sha’s back did something similar only using darkness and fired that being the light chamber. Since it was darkness the light would allow it to pass through. Sha’s body couldn’t get enough of the darkness it seemed to set her free. Everything seemingly melted away when she had her dark powers in full blast .

But what really was left of her? The darkness made her fear nothing, it took away her true nature and guided her the way it wanted her to go. She didn’t know it but she was a puppet to her own heart. Sha stood smiling floating with her hands folded.

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