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The Ninjan Messiah stood amidst the remnants of the Trinity HQ; an organization she founded, and ultimately ended. The events of All-out Assault saw a substantial decline in the world’s population. Most major cities and sites were leveled by the advanced preemptive battering perpetrated by the Ninjans.

The Ninjan Militaries left the Earth in a state of defenselessness, the struck at a time when the effectiveness of heroes was vacillating. Her once amiable face remain apathetic as; she peered into the dilapidated structure with a twisted sense of perception. On this day many years ago; her Ninjans along with the aid of long time competitor help cleanse the world of its impurities. So many of the people she deemed friends died that day, Utopia as it was called perished underneath the might of its former matriarch.

Her red and blue cape flutter riotously in the Solace City breeze, now as the Queen of Cardinals; the golden goddess put into motion another nefarious plot. With the Justice League International operating just north of here; she’d have to work cautiously.

The world slowly began to retune and reconstruct after the justly titled “All Out Assault” However what couldn’t be fixed; was the relationship between two long tome” frenemies”. The overwrought Cardinal fought an entity who; she believed was Stephanie back in Tibet (Sha vs Nova 25).Despite dispelling the apparition; Ziccarra could feel Stephanie’s existence on earth, albeit a weak feeling.

“Stephanie…it’s pointless to try and stop me” She whispered, sauntering through the wreckage of her old HQ.

“If we are indeed the last of a dying world…then we are the ones that need to craft the new world… In our image” Her attention rest on a small picture on the ground. She bent down to pick it up; and from behind her a clandestine group of Cardinals appear immediately beginning to excavate the area for operation.

“I knew this day would come Nova…So I prepared a contingency in case I succeeded.” A truck park behind her; lethargically turning towards its direction. She witness her young “sister” hysterically fighting to free herself from the Cardinals grasp.

“Maya…please be still. You have failed this world; it is why I fully intend to use your reality warping powers to; recreate what you help destroy.” The one thing halting her from going through with her plan was Stephanie; she was out there, and coming. If Z’s plans were to succeed; she’d have to beat the newly crafted Ninjan Feral Nova.

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Distorted colors of red, yellow and orange flashed as the Fire Goddess erupted from the Lazarus pit, gasping for air as she crawled out of the resurrecting pool, confused and altered. Standing up she stumbled into the arms of someone, a raven haired young teen with almond eyes, her daughter Hotaru, tears in her eyes, tears of hope. But before anything could be said, Stephanie's hands pressed forward, wrapping around her daughters neck. Fear and panic was seen in the girls emerald eyes as she opened her mouth to call out, only to feel her neck snap in-between her fingers. Dead weight dropped to the ground as Steph released her grip... her daughter... dead by her own hands.

Waking up, gasping for air she clutched to her heavy chest, a bead of sweat running along her forehead as the room seemed to almost spin around in dizziness for a couple of seconds. Every night she's had the same nightmare, every night she woke up in a panic state, every night since she was brought back as a Ninjan, when she killed her only daughter.

Pushing herself up from her bed she walked towards the only window in the room, her cobalt eyes were heavy as she gazed out into Grimm City. Since her resurrection she had been working with Edward in Champions of Peace, and the work has kept her busy, but now... there was something going on with her, something she hadn't felt before. A continuous, intense, pulling sensation that runs along her nerves and muscles as if her body was telling her to go... somewhere. At first it was easy to ignore, put aside in the back of her mind and not dwell on it for the last six months, but for the last few weeks, it had became increasingly more intense, she could feel the blood in her veins beat like a war drum and her nerves constantly tingling with the sensation of wanting to seek out what was 'calling' her. It had become so intense, she had to take a leave from CoP's, so she could figure out what was going on, the last thing she wanted to do, was endanger the team.

She knew what it was, deep down she knew, it was the Ninjan blood, pulling her towards the only other person on this Earth that had been born a Ninjan... "Ziccarra..." she whispered as she placed her hand on the cold glass before her. She had been avoiding her "frienemy" for some time, what was she going to tell her? What would she do? She never paid for her crimes of "All out Assault", as the media called it, and the fact that Stephanie now resided in her cousins body couldn't sit well with the former Queen of the Ninjans. She knew before she even left the CoP base, that it wasn't a battle she was going to encounter, but a war between two women that has been long over due. "..what are you up to?" She spoke to herself as she turned her body away from the window, looking back into the cheap, broken down motel she was staying at for the night. Gazing at the clock it read 5:22 am, "Well, you know what they, the early bird catches the crazed Ninjan who is bent on destroying humanity." Walking to the side of her bed she grasped the only thing that remained of her old self other than her memories… her trusty Honoo Tachi


Her body soared through the air, her golden hair whipped around wildly behind her as the blue ocean rippled before her, flying over the Persian Gulf at top speeds. She knew where she was headed now, it was clear to her where Ziccarra was, Solace City. The once glorious metropolis was reduced to mostly rubble and ruins, some buildings now rebuilt to try and bring back the time of prosperity.

She knew that Ziccarra knew she was coming, even before this, they were always some how able to sense each other's presence, but now, it was on a whole other level, like Stephanie had a GPS on and inside her alien mind was a mini Suri telling her which way to go, where to turn, and how far she was from her destination. The Goddess of Pyro could feel her heart race with anxiety as she was just above, the now demolished, Trinity HQ, pulling her body to a stop. Down there… was Ziccarra, and deep down, Stephanie knew she was planning something.

“Well, no point in knocking.” Taking in a deep breath she began to free fall from the sky and directly downward on top of the building.

Feet first she crashed through the ceiling of the already ruined building, the broken foundation trembling under the strength of the Ninjan. Landing on the ground in a crouching position the hero began coughing, waving her arms around her face as debris began trickling down from above, dust from the building filled the area. “That seemed waaay cooler in my head.” She mumbled to herself as she fully stood up, only to be met by Cardinals. “I know Ziccarra is here.” The Cardinals stood silent for a moment, glancing at each other as they suddenly split, stepping aside to show Ziccarra standing before her.

“Z-Ziccarra.” The hero fumbled with her words, she could feel her stomach turn and her heart pound in her chest. Why was she so nervous? No… not nervous… she was… scared. It almost seemed like Stephanie was actually shocked to see her life long friend standing before her. A part of her was actually happy to see her, relived she was ‘ok’ in a sense. “It’s been… a while.” she closed her eyes for a moment, no, she wasn’t here to play catch up. “You’re up to something, I know you are, you always are.” Reopening her eyes she took in a deep breath. Standing tall she brgan to make her way forward towards her. “Whatever it is, I’m here to stop-“ She stopped, her peripheral vision catching something as she turned her head to see Cardinal’s holding onto a young blond woman who Stephanie knew all too well. “Maya?” What was she doing here? Her body tensed. Did Ziccarra kidnap her? It was obvious the young woman wasn’t here of her own free will. “What’s going on here Ziccarra?”

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Ziccarra stood visibly unperturbed, the anticipated arrival of Stephanie; marked the beginning of what could be considered a momentous conflict. Her pacific blue eyes scanned the body of her newly resurrected Ninjan friend, there was an added sense of stoutness in her stance. The Cardinals slowly back away from the looming confrontation, their ignorance personified in their eyes; standing completely en garde as Nova stood in opposition.

The friendship that these two once shared; endured multiple conflicts and obstacles, even though the friendship was deep; Z finally began to understand how the world turned. She and Feral Nova were always destined to fight with each other.

“Look at the world around you old friend, it is void; lacking creativity and life. Yet we will allow it to go on; we still allow it to survive despite the fact that it’s dead”. She took a step toward her longtime friend, as if she were challenging her newly acquired Ninjan Cells.

“It’s gone Nova, everything we loved and cherished; but I intend to bring it all back! And Maya is the key” she smiled nefariously; whilst sweeping her bangs to the side. Dropping the cloak; the Black Cardinal’s pupils swirled a hurricane white.

“But. I know you will not allow me to do that. You like this corrupted world... so my friend, I shall leave you here to die with it”

The immediate area slowly begin gusting with a powerful gale generated by the Ninjan Messiah herself. The earth begin to buckle underneath the force of the tempest. The tumultuous clouds overhead released energetic thunderclap signifying the commencement of battle.

Cupping her hands together the collective mesh of sound and wind brought together for one reason: The death of Feral Nova.

The maximum charged sonic energy projection completely engulfed the Cardinal Queen; It effortlessly blemish the earth beneath it; crafting a massive trench in its wake. Ziccarra’s body dissipate in darkness; allowing her to reanimate behind Nova and the blast; making a fist, she released a powerful magnetic field; in an attempt to force Nova into the blast.

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She wasn’t the same… the woman who she once almost worshiped in adoration was now twisted through the years of abuse, torment and hunger for power. She didn’t know what to do, what could she do? Silently she stood still, not wanting to make any sudden movements as her eyes would shift back and forth from Maya and Ziccarra. The words her friend spoke, she sound completely mad, but at the same time… made some sense.

“Bring it back?” She murmured back. “Bring it back at what cost?” Standing her ground she could feel her pulse quicken as her sister took a step forward, the Ninjan blood rushing through her veins wanted this, the thrill of a battle, was this what Ziccarra felt? The excitement of a brawl? “You can’t bring it back Ziccarra, people die… come and go in our lives but WE are still here!” She tried to reason with her friend, but she knew it would be no use, she could never reason with Sha, it always felt like… she WANTED to fight Nova The silence hung there as nothing was spoken between the two, thick and heavy like a Snorlax blocking the bike path.

Then on cue, it all began, the broken Earth began to crumble as Stephanie’s eyes widen, forcing her to stumble back as storm clouds ominously began to roar with thunder. The beating inside her chest became more forceful, she could literally hear her pulse. “Z, please, stop this, let’s just go home.” She plead once more. “I don’t want to fight you… you’re… all I have left.” Her throat tightened in a knot. NeVann was gone, Captain gone, Obi gone, Acer gone, Hotaru was dead, Mistress Redhead nowhere to be found, Blair missing, the hero had never felt so alone before.

But her words fell on deaf ears.

A massive blast of air and sonic frequency rushed towards the hero as she assumed fighting stance, crouching slightly as she balled her hands in fists. A roar of power escaped from her as her body exploded in a raging inferno, thrusting her fists forward at the same time as fire and air collided, cancelling each other out as Stephanie lowered her fists, her power faded as she looked up to see Ziccarra gone. “Z! Stop!” She twirled at the balls of her feet, knowing well she was coming from behind. But before she could completely turn around, there she was, pushing another attack out that slammed right into the former WALlies chest, sending her flying back into an already crumbled wall of the building. She flew through the heavy cement like paper before tumbling to a stop on the ground. With a grunt of frustration the uniformed hero pushed her body up from the ground, grabbing a handful of rubble. “Fine!” She barked, pushing herself up from the ground her eyes glowing yellow with power. Giving in to the blood lust of the Ninjan.

Without hesitation she pushed her palms forward, a consecrated blast of crimson fire shot forward like a beam with precision towards Ziccarra. But right behind that attack came the power house hero, flying at ground level with the fellow warrior at amazing speed. Pulling her body upward at the last minute she swung a hook with her right fist towards her face, maneuvering her body to put her weight and power in the punch. As her feet pressed against the ground she then pushed her body up, launching herself forward with a tiger knee.

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Stephanie was right, any and every one they once knew; vanished with the remnants of the old world. She no longer desired to retain the memories of those she loved. The pressurized attack blew her golden locks wildly across her face. Her eye’s temporality met Nova’s, she could see the Ninjan blood pumping adrenaline through the body of her best friend.

Z didn’t fear Ninjans, she fought them most of her life; she feared the determination of Stephanie. If she was going to go through with her plans; she’d have to condition her mind t best Nova in 12 rounds. Z shifted to the balls of her feet and, awaited the stream of fire. It was customary for the two to fire; the most basic attack in their arsenals, before closing the distance. The battle always began that way, this one was no different.

Crossing her body; she allowed the searing flames to warp her body; she protect herself with a thin wind layer; to prevent the flames from doing any real damage. Years of battle, allowed Ziccarra to underestimate the boost the Ninjan blood provided. Stephanie closed the distance with an immaculate blitz tactic.

Ziccarra’s face jarred violently, as Nova’s fist made impact. The force sent her speeding across the area until a building halted her. The debris filled the air; once it begin to dissipate, the Ninjan Messiah could be seen on one knee; her entire figure cloaked by her cowl.

“Heh” She grunted, this time allowing Nova’s knee to make contact; this drew blood. Ziccarra’s body tumbled across the compound; with small puddles of blood indicating her start and finish point. It was foolish to allow Nova’s supplementary strike to connect, but it was necessary to gauge the augmented speed.

Her bones already begin to ache; blood incessantly drip down the corners of her mouth and nose. “Well now.” She quickly retort, removing her cowl Ziccarra; dawned her black and white WAL uniform.

“My journey…. has brought me to an understanding of the divine forces which we have all been bestowed It was in this search that I came upon a revelation. Which has called me to guide millions of people towards their righteous destiny.”

As she quoted Napoleon Hill; the presence of darkness could be seen manifesting around her person. When she was younger, Ziccarra’s darkness overran her; that same darkness was now hers to control.

Pushing her hand toward the grown; a wave of darkness tendrils streamlined toward Stephanie, while she simultaneously opened darkness portals around Nova.

The Ninjan Queens eyeballs filled with an ambient light energy; pushing both hands outward; the surrounding portals eject the same explosive light energy toward Nova. Hovering with her hands folded; Ziccarra prepared to pick Nova apart; spiritually, physically and emotionally.