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Waking from her slumber she was in the middle of downtown Solace City, It had been destroyed, Clue and Mercury were nowhere to be found, and there was an ominous silence present that became a characteristic of this dead city. “What happened here?” she said holding on to her sword and shield standing around in bewilderment. Something terrible had torn through Solace City; the bloods of citizens had been plastered all over the roads and large structures none of them stood a chance. As she took a stroll around Ninjeta, she saw Ancient Ninjan writings; most of which contained her name. She made her way to Main Street and she saw the main message; the one that all the branch line messages led up to. “For My Ziccarra, in the name of the Ninjan King Jean”… As she stood in awe at the writing she could feel the energies of people surrounding her. What made her a bit cautious was the fact that these people had a similar power output as she did. The air around her grew cold suddenly she began to feel as if she weren’t going to make it out.

“NOOO” she screamed kipping up in her own bed breathing heavily. She didn’t even bother to head back to Utopia just yet as she was still scared to confront her own father. This month was turning out to be one she would never forget, Mandrake attacking; her father’s resurrection; Mercury’s death and the prolonged absence of all her former friends. Though it seemed as if she disregarded Utopia, she had been keeping a close eye on everything that was going on through the use of Omega Justice. Her father had done something to the people of Utopia, they were different somehow through all the pain and suffering that occurred once the nutrients and riches were stripped from the country they had all gained a new sense of hope.

“I have to go back” Z said sitting at her mother’s old “Skyhawk” desk watching as various events took place within Utopia. “How are you going to put an end to rumors that you killed Mercury?” Z stopped in her tracks almost forgetting she wasn’t very popular right now. “That’s bullsh!t! You know I didn’t kill Mercury!” she said erupting in an almost feral rage. “I know that try explaining this to his adoring fans” Alexandria said again taking a moment to take a puff of her electronic cigarette. “I swear, you become a scapegoat once, and then you’re always a scapegoat”. Z said trying to focus on the task at hand.

Slowly levitating in the air, she turned back to her sister and delivered the bad news. “Dad… will probably hunt you and Maria down en route for me…so I’m going to confront him”. She couldn’t help but think that Kurrent and everyone else who left the Vine city had a good idea. Once they all left even DC disappeared; Then there was Jean she knew he was still out there however his whereabouts would only be known by a select few who had a clearance for such info.

The once decorated King of Ninjeta stood; in front of the masses; his demeanor was nothing less of regal. The Utopians stood in the common area right before the pyramid that Z had constructed in Jean’s honor. He could sense their uncertainty; many of them thought this was the start of an attack, which in a sense it was but only on SOME of them. Infiltrating deep within the cells of most of the people present was the same radiation that almost killed Feral Nova, however this dangerous radiation had its perks; those that survive would manifest powers much like Maya Lopez had done years ago.

“It would seem that your leader, my daughter has left you” he said with his hands behind is back still levitating in the air. “This world will soon be brought to its knees by a life altering choice and it’ll be the one’s bred for supremacy shall turn this “Utopia…into a UTOPIA”

There were people standing in the audience looking completely dumbfounded; he knew they would be there were only a handful of people who already knew what he was talking about. “Giving speeches was never something you excelled at father” Ziccarra’s voiced boomed thanks to her sonic scream; she descended from the heavens and landed right in front of him. “Oh what a happy day it is, the Empress of Ninjeta has finally made herself known” he said removing his helmet revealing his lush white hair. “Perhaps this isn’t the place for a reunion father.” Ziccarra said glancing at the local police already breaking up the huge gathering of people. “Perhaps it’s not my dear”. He said leading her into her own throne room.

“Ziccarra…for reasons I do not know…you fear me” He said standing in front of her with a disparaging posture. “I…I…” Z lurched over her words. “You do” he said finishing her sentence. “I didn’t come here to kill you baby” he said slowly walking towards Z and running his hands down her golden hair. “You’ve turned out to be quite the warrior and everything that your mother and I expected to see from you.” He said giving Z a hug, for the first time since she left Ninjeta. Z was overran by emotion she loved her father and the fact he was congratulating her brought some solace to this already abysmal week.

“Dad…I didn’t want to leave you guys on Ninjeta all them years ago, I wanted to stay and fight” Z said finally mustering up some strength to say something. “I know you did darling, that’s why we sent you away…your death meant the death of a whole regime, we couldn’t risk that; we counted on you to come back stronger and to reclaim our Ninjan throne… much like you’ve already done. I’m proud of you Ziccarra Liafador” He said hugging Z yet again. “I love you father” she said embracing his hug; it was at that moment that all her sorrow went away. “I have someone I want you to meet” from out behind her Zariah stepped holding Ka’len’s hands. “This is my daughter Zariah and my son Ka’len” Z said proudly. “Zariah…the only child of Hayden Miles….” The King said slightly bowing before Zariah as he too watched over Hayden at such a young age. “And this Ka’len…is a combination of your human race and our Ninjan race…how splendid” he said picking up his grandson. “Dad…what did you mean when you said this world would be brought to its knee’s with a life altering choice?” Z asked a bit curious.

Meanwhile In Los Angeles

The Lycra clad women stalked through the bar looking for someone she felt would be important for her plans to come. A coalition was being formed to take control of the free world; however this time she was not at its apex she was merely performing grunt work. Her efforts brought her here to California in search of the one called Manifesto. He would be a valuable asset in the future she could see it already. He was dressed in a trench coat situated to the back of the bar by his lonesome. She walked up leaving her body guards to entertain themselves as she sat down uninvited with Manifesto. “I heard about what you did…” she said softly and almost erotic. “What are you talking about?” Manifesto crackled whilst downing his 3 beer. “To Mercury…I know what you did” she said again this time being a tad bit more seductive. “What’s it to you?” He said now curious. The vixen began sliding her leg up his leg slowly teasing him with her slender figure. “It’s everything to me…a man like that is someone I want behind me…” She paused giving a slight wink. “What made you come all the way from China to tell me this for?” Manifesto asked finally realizing who it was.

“Because the GREEN DRAGONS have big plans…and we need big guns” Y said slowly removing her hood. Manifesto looked mundane about Y and her whole “kiss ass campaign”. “I know exactly who you want, but you’re not going to be able to get her…” he said taking another swig of his beverage. “Why not?” Y said starting to get annoyed. “Because there is another…he was almost the reason my plan fell under.”

“Whatever, I already have him accounted for, now are you in or are you out?” Y asked again. “I’ll get back to you on that, for now drink” He replied.

Meanwhile in Japan.

“This is where he was born, it’s only right to bury him back here” Maya said trying to restrain tears. I can’t believe he’s gone. She said watching as the Pallbearers dropped his Japanese decorated casket in the earth. “I bet you his mother and fathers are in pain” Sicily said to Maya while holding Alex. “No… they were far too strict; I’m not even sure they care” Sicily wasn’t going to act like she didn’t understand what Maya was talking about, she knew it all too well. Her Grandparents never liked her father; as a matter of fact they never even visited.

“Maya you’ll have to overcome this…” Sicily said patting Maya on the back whilst still holding the very Young Alex. “What do I do if Alex asks about his father?” Sicily looked down at the young boy. “You tell him what feels right”

Meanwhile in Utopia.

Z and her Father walked down the streets of Utopia, watching as the busy life continued to move around them. “These people have taken you being leader well.” Z’s father said whilst gazing around. “Most people on this side of the world love me, on the other side not so much Z responded. The two stopped in front of a huge statue of Jean. “Who might this be?” Her father asked very inquisitively. “That’s no one” Z said trying to take his attention away from the statue of Gambler.

“He was your husband…” Her father finally said. “How’d you know?” Z asked in awe. “Your still bearing his mark in your eyes and on your hands” Z looked down to see the her wedding ring; she and Jean never got a divorce. “Dad, I don’t want to talk about this…{JIMMY NOOO!”} Z was interrupted by the sound of a screeching mother. Both Z and the King turned to see a mother pointing frantically in the sky. Her son, began to levitate into the air on his own!

“What the hell?” Z said flying up to retrieve the boy. “What the hell just happened?” Z asked scratching her head as both she and the boy’s mother glanced at the boy in complete shock. However this same exact situation, was happening all around them.

Meanwhile in Japan

Maya stopped in mid step she had a vision, something terrible was unfolding something that she was going to have to suit up once more for. “Sicily…” Maya said turning around to see that her Chinese-American friend had already removed her dragon blades prepared for Combat. Maya cloned herself and left the baby with the clone, with strict instructions on where to go. As the clone flew off a horde of Green Dragon Mercenaries rained down upon them. "Sicily...I sense that...

Things will be getting out of hand
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"You built a new room." 

Below Blackman Manor, the Bunker

Blackman entered the bunker through the secret door, tipping his bowler hat back, watching Charles at the console. On the screen of the gargantuan computer were different areas in the world. It was interesting how only a week or so ago he was only worried about London, and now from his chair he was watching different points in the world. At the top left was Japan, where he was watching Marc's funeral on a number of different feeds, one of them being the news. The other screens that were filming the funeral were closed-circuit cameras and his own personal cameras that he had floating around.  
"I said...you built a new room." Blackman repeated, tapping his umbrella on the large steel door that led to a room that wasn't in the original plans. He'd literally came down to the bunker the evening before and this large steel door wasn't there.  
"Good of you to notice. I'm busy." Charles replied, his eyes trained on the screens. Shirtless, his mid-section was bound in bandages, his ribs were still in pain from the whole ordeal in California.  
"Now open the door and show me what you have in this room that you built in a matter of hours, yeah?" 
Charles looked at Blackman over his shoulder, his eyes narrowing, clearly annoyed by Blackman's presence. He couldn't exactly say no, Blackman was funding his war, he was keeping this whole thing secret, and this was his property. So he stood from his seat and ascended the small flight of stairs onto where the circular door was located. Blackman stood aside as Clue approached, pressing his fingers against the pad located beside the door. Anyone who was looking on would assume that it was reading his fingerprints, but in reality the pad read biological signatures. It literally read auras, something that Earth science wasn't capable of doing yet.  
The console beeped, the locks whirred and the ten foot thick steel door began opening.  
"This is the Fiction Den." Clue explained, stepping into the room that seemed to be very out of place. It was very much literally a den, a living area of sorts, complete with couches and television. "Things that don't or shouldn't exist on Earth and beyond I keep here." 
"Are you mad? This is merely a living room, Charles."  
"This room itself is one of the things that I wish to keep sealed away from everyone. This room is sentient, a living organism from a reverse dimension." Clue explained, "It can change it's appearance, change it's contents...among other things such as move from built structure to built structure. I call it a Chameleon Room. It is fond of the name Doris." 
"So it literally can be a room...anywhere? In any building?" Blackman asked, amazed as the room's architecture turned and changed around him from a den to something more oriental. Charles lifted a golden lamp that he had placed on the table in front of the couch, yellow light poured from it and a ring formed around his middle finger. 
"Yellow Lantern ring, something that shouldn't be too foreign to this world. Gained the ring in a reality that no longer exists." Clue explained, "Found the lamp on display in a Chinese museum. It was said to be magical, no one knew it actually fell from space." He placed the lamp down, then pointed to the mantle above the fireplace where there was a gauntlet on display. "That rips neat holes through time and space, creates controlled wormholes, anywhere in space and time and that gauntlet can take you there." Charles looked over, then motioned to the television on the stand. 
"That picks up channels from alternate earths."  
"Does it, now? Have you ever indulged yourself, Charles? What if there's an earth that actually got a second season of Firefly?"  
"Once. Apparently I'm dead on most other earths." Said Charles, he'd actually watched the news hoping that the killers of his family were caught on an alternate earth. He found nothing. Most of these items were only used once, some of them not at all. Clue deemed them too dangerous for the world, kept them hidden away. Blackman knew that Chalres was a dangerous man, but the scope of what he does is beyond the fantastic.  
"Should I be fearful that my questionably mad butler who stalks the night waging a war on criminals has weapons of mass destruction stashed away in a room that can exist almost anywhere?" Blackman asked as Clue led him toward the door.  
"Should I be fearful that I just showed the British government that I have these things?" Charles answered the question with a question. 
"So is this a trust thing? You trust me to not speak a word of this to anyone...?" 
Clue suddenly stopped and looked over his shoulder. 
"What is it?" 
"Nothing, I just..." Charles eyes fixated on the corner of the room. "I thought I saw something. Probably delirium."  
"When's the last time you slept?" Blackman asked as the doors began shutting behind them, their voices became distant. On one side of the Fiction Den, in a framed portrait, there was a duplicate of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", the painting moved and a dialogue balloon began forming above the fearful man's head which read, "There is another!" The painted words disappeared and new ones were painted into the portrait, "There is another room! Look! Look, there is another door! A door that does not belong!" The portrait was the only way the room had of conversing with it's inhabitants.
"He's trying to get in!" The painted man cried out. Across the room there was a door in the same corner Clue was looking at only moments before. The locks clicked shut that led to the bunker and the mysterious door that did not belong opened.  
"See what happens when I step away from my computer, Blackman?" Clue asked as the satellite images showed men and women flying high above the African nation of Utopia. "Things go to hell."  
"Getting you into Utopia isn't something I can do, Charles. Best to let this situation work itself out." 
"Can't." Clue said, pulling his shirt over his still bandaged ribs. Throwing his cape on, he pulled his cowl over his face. 
"So your little friend is in trouble so you have to come running? How heartwarming. How are you going to get all the way to Africa, chap? Grappling hook?" 
"You think I only have your resources. That's your first mistake, Blackman. You're underestimating me, and that's dangerous to do even with an ally." With that, he was gone, into the darkness of the cave that was quickly illuminated by the jet black car's headlights. The engine roared to life then purred silently, the tires screeched and he was gone onto the streets of London. 
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“What the hell?” Z continued saying as many people in Utopia began to fly around in bliss much like little Jimmy had done previously. Z and her father stood back completely in shock at what was going on, it was like a gene had been triggered in Utopia which caused them all to gain powers. “This couldn’t be from Jean’s mining…” Z said trying to come up with a reasonable excuse. Z didn’t know how to approach this; there were many variables that could constitute this being a good thing, however the negative effects that this could have continued ringing through her head. “Alex…are you getting this?” Z voicecommed into her little sister whom was down in the Interpol watching these events unfold. “How could I not it’s on every damn news channel!” Alex responded. “Get those News stations out of here!” Z screamed talking to her guards. “Don’t worry darling, I’ll take care of this” Derrekken said removing his hand from under his cape and extending it towards the multiple news cameras. “Begone” a silver discharge came from his fingertips. Multiple cameras exploded which caused a bit of a stir with the people. “Hey you can’t do that!” The reporter yelled pointing at the King. From his hands a white form of energy streamlined across the road en route to Derekken; the King pushed his hand forward; the blast hit an invisible barrier and crashed into a nearby day care.

“NO!!!!!!!!!” Z screamed running into the day care. Many of the super powered beings flew down to help Z in the day care. “It’s Saturday…” Alex reminded Z, which calmed the Utopian Queen down just a bit. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!” Z screamed at the reporter, it wasn’t her role as a queen that was speaking it was pure maternal anger. “GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY NOW!” her voice boomed through the sky. The reporter quickly took to the skies making a mad dash out of the country. “Alex I want you to find the source of this and report back to me” Z firmly commanded. “We’re not going to have this sh!t today…” She said growing very wary of her luck this week.

Meanwhile in Japan

A huge blast of pure light energy caused the area to implode with dust and debris. “You’…ve been training…” Sicily said to Maya as she quickly dispatched the horde of Green Dragon mercs. “They didn’t seem funny to you?” Maya asked wiping her forehead off. “Not really” Sicily said still grasping her blade. “They were all the same…” Maya said scratching her head. “They all bore the same fighting style, the same scratch over the eyes, even the eye color…” Maya placed her hands on her hips trying to put together some clues. “Sounds like we’re dealing with a dupe?” Sicily said biting her bottom lip. “Must be-…” before she could finish the rest of her sentence a huge burst of light energy ripped through the earth again, this time it pushed both Maya and Sicily to the ground.

“DAMNIT” Sicily said being taken by her feral instincts; “RAAAAAAH” she said pushing up her sword and jamming it into the ground. Through the sword she could find the direction of their attacker; without warning Sicily left Maya in an enraged state trying to draw out their attacker. “There’s more!” Maya said turning around, being pelted by multiple Ninja stars. The tore her causal clothes to shreds drawing blood. My bit her bottom lip in pain. She didn’t bother to get an updated Echosphere; therefore she couldn’t change her clothes. Two more members of the Green Dragons dropped down before Maya. “Do your worst!” Maya said standing with her energy swelling from her body.

As she prepared to attack, the two men jumped into each other as if they were fusing. A bright light energy came forth and when it dispersed the great king Derrekken stood before young Maya Lopez. “Maya Lopez…Greetings…” he said with his eyes turning a fiery red.

Sicily’s feral rage had finally subsided she awoke in a pool of blood; it was everywhere dripping from the tips of her hair down to her fingertips. “Maya…” Sicily said snapping out of her gaze. A huge red explosion ripped through northern side of the mountain. “MAYAAAAAAA” Sicily screamed quickly running towards her friend. “Nononononononono!” she said quickly and out of breath as she clasped her friend’s body. “Not you…not you…” she said holding Maya’s body.

London England.

The vehicle came roaring down the highway; the Jaded Dragon herself stood on top of a nearby building watching him through her thermal binoculars. “I have visual… Apaches…engage” as the vehicle came roaring over the bridge a helicopter rose over the side and quickly began opening fire on the car with Clue driving inside. “His vehicle is heavily armored…” the pilot said back to Y. “Switch to the HEAT rounds” Y replied back. These were rounds reserved for tanks, and they happened to be highly explosive. While the apache opened fire on Clue, three more henchmen from the Green Dragon clan hid on the side and fired a white energy towards the vehicle trying to spin it out of control. Y herself stood with a cocky bowlegged stance at the end of the bridge with her demonic blade slowly coiling around her ankles.

Back in Utopia.

“Your holiness, the humans. They’re protesting…” Z had her head face planted in her desk. “What do you mean protesting?” Z said slowly moving over to the window. As she pulled her curtains back she could see exactly what they were protesting for. “They’re protesting…me” She said watching as they waved Anti-Super signs and other anti-super jargon. “This situation could turn very hostile…” her advisor warned. “I have no idea on what to do…” Z said slowly running her hands through her hair. “Look at this” her advisor said pointing to a TV screen. “It would seem as if the former Chancellor of China, Zing is laying siege to the city of London, her and her own super human army.”

“Clue…” Z said pushing away from her desk. Getting ready to take off for London; Z strapped on her new Echosphere. As she began moving through the compound, it suddenly came under attack. Members from the Green Dragon quickly ran through the compound killing and destroying everything.

Z balled her fist up; the cosmic level light energy began searing off her body. “No days off” She said pulling her advisor under a desk. “Wait…where’s my dad?” Z asked concerned about his well-being. Enormous amounts of energy slammed into her throne room. The force knocked Z into a wall. “Ugh…dad…” Z said looking up to see the blazing red eyes from Y intercept.

“Zing…!” Z said trying to get up; she could just barely make out the sultry figure of the jaded dragon. Through the smoke the dragon stepped to reveal she was not Y, she was in fact Gwen. “GWEN!?” Z screamed slowly rising to her feet; she did this Gwen pushed her hands forward and unleashed a blizzard like chill that quickly depowered the Utopian Queen. “Ugh” Z moaned quickly falling to the ground with her body shivering.

Finally, Gwen transformed one more time to reveal that he was indeed the former Ninjan King. “Take her to the chamber, I want all her powers drained…” he commanded. Pushing back the curtains he could see the Humans protesting slowly beginning to turn violent. “It’s time for the purge”

Levitating through a hole in the middle of Z’s palace and levitated to the highest point of the city. “HUMANS…I HAVE CAST JUDGEMENT!” he said slowly raising his hand. As he did so a huge tidal wave slowly pushed through the city. “I’ll drown thee” Those who were blessed with powers took to the air, or found some other means of salvation however, the human race went extinct in the Kingdom of Utopia.

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Tzukazaki Shrine, Japan

On a small hill near the Tzukazaki Shrine, a green fog slowly billowed midair; until, it quickly shifted together to form a human silhouette standing 6'2. His glowing emerald frame gave the illusion he was an airy substance, but his flesh was firm. He was purely cosmic energy burning over one hundred degrees. The Earth below him singed as he stepped down the hill.

"This shouldn't be difficult" Divina said as they walked down the small hill towards Marc's unearthed coffin. “Marcellus...?" Marc was distracted.

I don't understand, he thought watching Maya and her friend. She fights for her life and I get to come back? It’s not fair…

"You can't save her until you get your body." Divina said flipping her glowing blonde locks behind her back. “And with haste would be a wise choice.”

Yashima, Tessa and Samara surrounded Marc's coffin preparing to take his body for Yashima's genetic experimenting.

"We're taking the coffin with us." Yashima said lifting up Marc's coffin door.

Samara tilted her head on Yashima's arm. "He looks comfortable." She grinned.

"Oh god. Close it!" Tessa griped covering her eyes.

Yashima glanced back at her. "Calm yourself, little girl."

Rolling her eyes, Tessa stepped back to keep Marc's body out her sight and crossed her slender arms over her chest. "Whatever."

Samara prepared to warp the sinister trio with Marc's body to their Kyoto lair. Purple psionic energy emitted under their feet and swirled like a frothing whirlpool.

Marc brightened as he arrived at his coffin. "Everything changes from here on out when I get my life back?"

"Yes and you will still be able to see me. Only you. -- But I digress. Let's get you back in your body."

Marc grinned and plunged into his vessel. As his soul connected with his body, his eyes glowed with green cosmic energy and warmth spread throughout his cold body. "AHHH!" Marc yelled as his coffin exploded in a green mist. Wood debris sprayed in every direction and hit Yashima, Samara and Tessa.

"The wrath of Marc--sss, ah!"Tessa said plucking out a fragment of wood from her cut up arm and seeing Marc standing. "Marc..."

"Hey." He said walking past her. "Uncle, this is over." Marc stood face to face to with Yashima. "You brainwashed my family, you manipulated me..." Lunging at Yashima, an Emerald Dagger misted into Marc's hand and he jabbed it into Yashima's neck. As Yashima choked on his blood and fell to his knees, Marc released his grip from the dagger and left it lodged in his neck. "Long time coming." Marc said before he ran for Maya. Samara ran to Yashima's side cursing Marc. He could care less.

Without a word, Marc knelt beside Maya and her friend. "Tell me she's okay." Despite the angry tone in his voice he was hurt. He missed his life. He missed his family, his friends, his son and he missed her.

Utopia, Africa

"He's the source. He's the reason these people have powers." Vangelis said reading over his earlier chemical scans. He recorded data into his Empyrean Carpus addressing the side-effects of Ninjan chemicals coming into contact with Earth natives.

Jovian sat back and rested his hands on the cement behind him. He raised an eyebrow." You sure? They're both Ninjans. How do you know it's not Ziccarra?" He mused speaking English with a thick Portuguese accent.

The two Utopia visitors staked out on top a hotel suite building, observing the building Sha and the Ninjan man retired to after their public debacle with newscasters. Vangelis and Jovian were here looking for answers to Mercury's death, but more conflict revealed itself during their arrival.

"Nice theory, Rico, but..." Vangelis signed out his codex and his hardlight keyboard faded from the two's sight. "Think about it. Sha's lived here for over a year and this issues never emerged. Now the Ninjan man arrives and the people suddenly start flying and shooting red laser out their eyes."

Vangelis brushed down an out place strand of blonde hair as Jovian stood on his feet and rested his arms on the roofs ledge. "Well, that Ninjan guy looks ruthless. I pray he's not plotting anything we have to fight him for. That's instant slaughter."

"A warrior doesn’t think like that." Peering at the building, Vangelis walked beside Jovian crossing his arms. "You go into a fight anticipating your death. You will get your wish."

As the sound of shattering glass traveled across the air, the Ninjan visitor flew out the building's rooftop opening in the distance.

"What is he doing..."Vangelis said awaiting the trouble he sensed the man would cause.

The Ninjan flew above the highest skyscraper in Utopia and slowly raised his hand in the air. "HUMANS...I HAVE CAST JUDGEMENT UPON THEE!"

Screams from the protesters around the building Sha was in broke out and Xechchellum powered people scattered into the sky. What sounded like an earthquake was actually a shimmering blue tidal wave ripping through the city and its people.

"Dammit." Jovian growled. "Why can't he just look deadly and leave it that."

"This is genocide..."Vangelis whispered resting his right foot on the building ledge. “We save who we can." The sky blue alien leaped off the ledge and flew over the city to rescue tidal wave victims. Jovian hesitated, but remembered the destruction of his hometown, Rio de Janeiro. This was similar and it inspired him to give Utopia's people an alternative and better situation than his own. He leaped off the ledge and followed Vangelis.

Together, they lifted people into the air and placed them on high ground. Vangelis carried two at a time with his super strength and Jovian pulled the most weight, carrying groups of 5 with his anti-gravity manipulation. Although the civilians lives were important, Vangelis needed to find Sha.

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The River Thames was the largest river in England, cutting through central London. The Tower Bridge, most often mistaken for the London Bridge spanned across the width of the river. A sleek, black hot rod roared from the tunnels beneath the grand city, swerving and proceeding onto Tower Bridge. Inside was Clue, his cowl pulled over his blank eyes that stared out at the vacant bridge in front of him. The city was eerily quiet, he heard the chopper blades cutting through the air, rising into view, and by then he was already prepared. Punching in a number of keys on the dash, the bullets that were shot from the side of the chopper ricocheted in different directions. 
He locked the steering wheel in place, opening what would be the glove compartment that was stocked with additional weaponry he couldn't fit on his belt. He drew a second utility belt from the compartment, his car spun out of control, rocking back and forth, he hit the brakes, reaching down and pulling a cylinder switch outward. It hissed, he turned it so that the handle went from horizontal to vertical then pushed it back down into the dashboard. The top of the hot rod flipped off into the road and Clue was ejected high into the air just before the car flipped and exploded on the center of the bridge.  
From the sky came small explosives, exploding and aiming to stun the cult followers. Two batarangs hit the apache's windshield, sticking to the tempered, armor-grade glass. The plastique C4 went off, the disconcerted pilot was buffeted by glass and the chopper began spinning out of control over the river. The hollow sound of his grappling hook over the scene as everything unfolded, it wrapped around one of the bridge's wires, reeling the seeming bat-creature toward it. He cut the line only halfway toward it, spread his cape and glided to street level in a squat. The heat that the flames behind him produced caused a warm draft to kick up his cloak as he approached slowly. Clue's blank eyes became a wince, his body was a silhouette, he knew her, there were very few that he didn't know. He dealt in information, there was a reason why he was named Clue.  
"Chancellor." The bat spoke up in his rugged British accent. "What brings you and your lot to my city?"
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Tzukazaki Shrine, Japan.

Sicily stood speechless in front of the almost godly presence of Mercury. “No…I thought you were dead” Sicily said being a little protective over her friend’s body, praying that this wasn’t a trick. “She’s inj…” before Sicily could get the words out Maya’s body slowly began to disappear. “It was a clone…”Sicily said taking a huge sigh of relief. “The real Maya must’ve seen this and made sure she personally got Alex out of harm” Sicily said sheathing her blade. “You missed it Marc, there was a huge ass explosion; then that was it I came over here and saw Maya in pain…” Sicily took a moment and looked at Marc, he looked different as a matter of fact it just felt different standing next to him. “The…The energy that hit this mountain was more powerful than anything I’ve seen Ziccarra do…” Sicily for warned.

Kyoto, Japan

“Please take care of my little man” Maya said looking at her friend Diamond with an utmost look of sincerity in her eyes. She rubbed Alex on the top of his head as he rested against her bosom. As she prepared to pass him off, an explosion ripped through the walls of the palace, tossing both Maya and Alex on the floor. The concussion from the blast knocked Maya into a wall; this resulted in her going unconscious. Diamond tried to step in-between the downed Maya and the King of All Ninjans; however she was quickly dispatched off by members of the Green Dragons. The piercing screams from Alex, awakened the young mother. “Marc…Sicily…Help” She said sending out a beacon to her nearby boyfriend and best friend. “Marc’s going to kill you” Maya said with an intense rage in her eyes. “Your boyfriend…doesn’t stand a chance against what I have prepared for him back in Utopia…” The Great King said. He commanded the phantom Dragons forward to apprehend Maya; however as they drew close; the crying Alex pushed his hands forward and mimicked Derekken’s attack on the mountain; the explosion was horrific. The blast engulfed the phantoms ending them in an instant. The King himself stood fully protected in a barrier much like the ones Maya used to protect herself. “You’re far too young to understand this Alex, but your mother there isn’t…I’m a collector of powers…and I do believe you are too” He slowly stalked Maya, she pushed up as hard as she could trying to get back to her feet but she couldn’t her muscles had almost completely given out. The supreme Ninjan bent down and unstrapped Alex from Maya and then cradled the little boy whilst looking down at his mother. “There is a whole nation of powers to collect…” and with that he disappeared at the dismay to the defeated Maya.

London, England.

It all happened it a quick matter of moments; he very expertly ejected from his vehicle; his aerial tactics proved to be much more advance then Y had originally accounted for. He dispatched gadgets that quickly put an end to her phantom dragons; on top of all that he put down the chopper and managed to land in a perfect squat back on the ground. The jaded dragon’s eyes screamed a beautiful emerald as he approached her. “Chancellor…what brings you to my city?” he said very coldly. “Just doing a bit of site seeing” Y said speaking with a bit of frost in her own voice. Within a parsec of the finishing of her sentence, her African violet blade quickly detached itself and quickly sped across the bridge hoping to stick its poisonous teeth into the cold flesh of Clue. This was just a precursor to what the Cocaine goddess had in store for him. Y was far from ignorant; she knew of Clue’s exploits and what he managed to accomplish here in England; for a while now she had been neglecting England because of its undesirable geographical location. However when The Ninjan King approached her about this assignment she didn’t hesitate to take the assignment with joy; Things were going to get hot quickly. Smacking the hilt of her blade on the ground; the kinetic energy propelled her high into the air. From high above she tossed an illumination grenade down towards him this created a bit of cover; she hoped anyway. Dropping back down to a squat, she came up quick striking towards his lower abdomen with her middle and index fingers trying to jam them in his ribcage trying to use that powerful kinetic energy to break his ribs...

“You’re not going to save her you know” Y antogized as she regained her previous position on the bridge. “Utopia is now a haven for SUPER beings, you aren’t super” Y said reminding Clue that he was just a mere man. “Mercury thinks he’s escaping this assault as well however we have something special planned for him”. Y said holding out her hilt, as the poisonous shards from the blade reattached themselves.


From the tallest tower in the Freedom pin tower; holding little Alex within his hands. “Your father will come for you…and when he does…he will die” he said slowly stroking the child on his head. He watched as the tidal water continuously rushed in and out the streets of Utopia. “Watch as I create my very own kingdom from the ashes of nothing.” The Ninjan king extended his hands and the land that was submerged began to rise. Utopia slowly elevated it’s self on top of a huge mound of dirt and rock. As the city continued to rise from the sea into the heavens; the bodies of the deceased plunged into the watery grave.

“BROTHERS…SISTERS OF UTOPIA… I have cleansed Utopia of every human specimen that once walked this country, now there is a nation we can call ours!” His voice boomed through the raven-like skies spreading a mixed feeling of confusion and fear. Needless to say most of the super-powered being in Utopia was not for the drowning of the humans, however there were still a large amount of people who felt like he was completely justified in his actions. However through all this chaos his attention stayed focus on a light blue man, whom he never accounted for. As The Ninjan King prepped himself to confront the blue skinned man and his apprentice; a thick cold front came over the capital city of Utopia.

A thick cold front that was slowly materializing and turning the rock the city rest on into ice; this was only for the sole purpose of making sure Ziccarra wouldn’t be a factor in the extermination of her friends. The City looked almost nightmarish in comparison to some horror films; in a speed burst he flew in a huge purple blur to confront this blue skinned man, and not in a civil way. Enroute to his destination, he pushed his hands right over his head and fired a terrifying burst of energy at them. His aim was to make it seem like the beam was still him approaching them. He knew if they got to Ziccarra things would be a tad bit hard for the rest of his plans he wasn’t going to risk it. He and Manifesto had been working on an illusion something that was going to turn this conflict in their favor.

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St. Petersburg, Russia

The palace was massive, sprawling across much of the frozen wasteland that was once St. Petersburg. It was more a complex of estates than a palace, but Tatu occupied them all, sometimes at the same time. As he sat in his chamber room, his "advisor", which was more a symbol than a real job in his Royal Assembly, sat on the marble steps of the throne dais, a needle in his left hand. As he found a vein, he inserted the hypodermic needle, injecting the heroin into his system. He let out a small sigh and leaned back, his head lolling backwards to come, upside down, with Tatu's boot. The boot raised and in a split second crushed the man's nose, splattering blood all over the white marble.

"Heroin is so passe." Tatu's cold, calm voice came from lips that never moved. He always spoke telepathically, not because his voice didn't work, but because telepathically, he could control his voice. His human voice, so young and Scottish, was not that of a supreme dictator... You couldn't invoke fear if you sounded like one of the Beatles was getting sodomised by a large Scandinavian. The booming, demanding voice cast by his mind was imposing, powerful and clear. As the advisor cleaned the blood off the dais, while holding a dirty cloth to his own bleeding orifice, Tatu's mental sensors exploded. At first, it was a miasma of confusion, the likes of which is split brain had never ever felt. As he began to regain control, the figure appeared in front of him, powerful and regal.

"I am King Derekken IX and I have come to this planet to cleanse Utopia." The extra-terrestrial king knew that Tatu was aware of the situations... This mutant's power levels read off the charts, and his power could be felt emanating from his body. As Derekken finished speaking, Tatu sat up, his black marble throne keeping him erect despite the dizzying nausea created by this powerful king.

"I am Tatu, ruler of Russia and Shaman. I am a man of little words, and fewer sentiments. I hold no duty to any being in this universe, and I hold no allegiance to any cause laid upon me. You have come to me because you can feel my extraordinary power, as I can feel yours, and I demand one thing in return... Wealth. I demand forty-billion Euros. Those are my terms. Accept them and we shall begin, or deny them and remove yourself from my palace..."

Derekken was not used to being talked to in a such a way, and at first, it angered him. However, as he looked more and more at the child, he could tell the mutant's powers could be used, and quite well. He nodded his agreement, and the two retreated to a small room, made of anti-psionic frosted glass, a secure place for them to discuss the plans.

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Tzukazaki Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

"It was a clone...the real Maya must've seen this and made sure she personally got Alex out of harm." After Sicily's words, Marc let out a deep breath. At that moment he realized he stopped breathing as he asked Sicily if Maya was okay. Okay, so she's alright, Marc thought as Sicily explained what she witnessed with uncontrolled excitement. "The....the energy that hit this mountain was more powerful than anything I've seen Ziccarra do...!"

Marc broke eye contact from Sicily and peered upland; the energy Sicily described razed half the Samei Mountain to a tar black contrasting the green vegetation on its left side. "Sicily we have to find..." Marc trialed off when Maya's voice screamed in his head. "Marc...Sicily...Help!"

"Maya.." Marc and Sicily uttered together. "She's in Kyoto...C'mon" He grabbed Sicily in a rush and took off skyward for Maya and Alex in Kyoto.


"Looks like we got help..." Jovian said watching three Xechchellum powered civilians carrying the powerless to buildings above the monstrous tidal wave. “But the water's rising though..."

75% of the Utopia buildings were plunged underwater. Jovian quickly learned to get the civilians to the highest buildings from watching an old couple. Earlier, he placed them on a nearby rooftop instead of a higher building. Soon enough the tidal wave rose three feet and mercilessly took the couple with the tide. Jovian froze up from the fatal error, but Vangelis knocked him back into the game, reminding him their were more lives to save.

"I'm running outta juice, Frank." Jovian landed on top the tallest Utopia tower with five floating civilians. He felt shaky and raised his hands up chest level. His hands shook uncontrollably. Concentrating on his body, he realized his head throbbed with his rapid heartbeat.

Vangelis grabbed Jovian's hands and pressed them together. “You’re exhausted. You saved an admirable amount of lives. Rest up here." Vangelis nostrils flared trying to catch his breath and hide his own exhaustion from Jovian. As Vangelis prepared to fly off, Jovian grabbed his forearm.

"Frank. You need a break too” Jovian narrowed his eyes at Vangelis. He expected him to deny his claim." We have help now."

"LOOK OUT!" A middle aged Utopian mother yelled, holding her daughter's hand.

Vangelis looked to his left too late; he pushed Jovian with his alien strength and sent him flying off the roof. Jovian saved, the purple beam of energy hit Vangelis in his ribcage. As his side burned and he spiraled down violently from the sky high building, his ears rang and broke his focus; added the ambush attack and hurting rib cage. "...Play possum, Rico.” Vangelis regained enough oxygen to groan out that important command to Jovian before he plunged into the tidal wave.

Vangelis drifted with the tidal wave dodging cars, corpses and debris to regain a third of the energy he lost. Partially rested, he shot from the water searching for living Xechchellum source. "Stay out of this Rico" The blonde haired alien said into his comm link. Jovian's reluctance to battle the Ziccarra's alien earlier possibly changed, so Vangelis made it clear to the boy.

Soaring skyward, Vangelis' eyes searched below him as he drew dual needler guns. He didn't have enough energy for a hand to hand fight so he planned to keep his distance as much as possible. "Spotted." Vangelis aimed and fired off sending a flurry of red plasma needles at the Ninjan that would pierce and sear his skin on contact. After the gun recharged he fired off again his face illuminated flashing red from the radiant red needler bullets. He predicted the Ninjan would charge from his attack, so he typed on his Empyrean Carpus and equipped his plasma grenades. He waited to throw two plasma grenades, billowing smoky green energy, in each hand. When the Ninjan approached throwing distance, he tossed them off and attempted to distance himself for another attack, hoping the Ninjan didn't get him close range.

Kyoto, Japan

"This is Diamond's place" Sicily said as Marc landed on the manicured lawn of the Japanese palace. The two walked across the green grass with urgency. When Marc's foot hit the stepping stones leading to the side of Diamond's Palace, he took off into a sprint. The silence felt unnatural and foreshadowed trouble in the house. He cast off his white obi as his black and green costume cosmically cascaded onto his body. Marc saw a bamboo door and broke through it, ignoring the damage he done.

"Maya!" Sicily yelled spotting her before Marc did. As Marc knelt beside Maya he realized the baby carrier was empty. He clenched his hands and they turned white, but his face suffused red. "Maya...." He set her up against the wall and moved strands of hair out her face. "What happened?" Embracing her he talking in a furious whisper. "Who took Alex?" His body shook and he felt his anger screaming for control, to make him destroy anything and everything until he found his son.

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The grenade whizzed through the air, almost catching Clue off guard before he took his cloak and shielded his face with it just as it went off. The stink of the chemicals that triggered the blinding light mixing with the black smog produced by the smoldering slag that was left of his car was all he could smell. Despite covering his eyes behind the opaque cape, the light still managed to have him seeing spots, but it didn't put him out of the fight. Not at all. He saw her form drop before him, he knew he only had moments, against one of the deadliest martial artists living there was no margin for error. Her strike was quick, like a serpent, her digits were fang-like, looking to impair and handicap her prey. Charles was far from her average prey, though. With the arm opposite to the one he was gripping his cloak with, he brought it across with a low palm block, simultaneously striking at her wrist and putting the trajectory of the strike off just enough to sidestep in the opposite direction and narrowly miss having her fangs dig into him and snap his already injured rib. 
Instead, her fingers pierced through his cape that was trailing behind him, tearing a slit in the durable cloth.  
"Adept observation." Clue commented as she retreated, he figured she was just testing his knowledge of the arts which is why she didn't try to kill him outright. "I'm not super, at all." He continued, his eyes locked on the predator of a woman who watched him like he was a prized catch, "I'm better." He unhooked his cape and pulled back his cowl, for a fight like this, they would only get in his way. Casting the black cloak to the air, he started toward Y with a steely gaze. It hardly mattered if she saw his face or recognized him, he wasn't anyone important under his cowl.  
"Mercury is dead, unless you plan to attack him in the afterlife...I think he's safe just where he is." Once he was just outside of her reaching distance, he took a short bow out of respect for the despicable and underhandedness that she sought to kill him with, it was nothing he himself didn't understand or know fondly. When he rose, he rose with a fist full of sand that he hurled at her face with intent of blinding and throwing her off her guard. Without giving her a chance to respond to the sand, he stepped inside of the radius of her guard, not underestimating her by dropping his own in a brash show of his own certainty but keeping it up. His right arm swung around, seeking to chop her in the neck to further stun the woman. 
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London, England.

Y stalked forward with her blade ready for combat; she had to hand it to him; he proved to be most adept at handling her novice level strikes this gave her an indication on who she was dealing with. “Surely…I’m smarter than that…” Y said slowly walking forward removing a white phosphorus grenade. “I wouldn’t have brought Mercury up if I didn’t know about his situation…you’re just as ignorant as those fools in New Jerusalem” Y said still molesting the safety pin on the grenade. “The world is ignorant…” Y said in a cocaine fueled rant. Clue wasted no time in attacking using a handful of simple sand to blind the jaded dragon. His tactic worked without flaws the sand blinded the vision of the Chinese ruler; however in this other sense got greatly increased. As he came in attempting to strike at her, she could feel his hand moving in the wind. This caused her to throw her arms up to block his strike; now that she knew he was in close, Y quickly kicked her foot out hitting his utility belt; using her momentum she quickly pushed back and somersaulted away, as she did so she pulled the pin and tossed the White Phosphorus grenade. She hoped the very viscous intent of the grenade would subdue him for the time being. She landed in a squat on the ground, but quickly ran forward towards Clue; extending her arms for some sort of aerodynamic control; the jaded dragon left the ground and attacked Clue with a Butterfly kick. While she twirled in the air, she quickly pulled out her Green Dragon blade; the demonic blade enhanced her everything thanks to the cocaine. The blade detached it’s self from the hilt and spun towards the waiting Clue in a rose petal like pattern. As the jaded dragon landed back on the ground she slammed her hilt on the ground, this caused the pavement to erupt in a shockwave towards Clue.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Derekken stood with his limbs completely hidden by the innards of his silk cloak. “I’m sure you heard about the events going on in London, an associate of mine and a political rival of yours; Xiao Zing is already engaging an ally of my daughter. You could be a great addition to this “Trinity” these euros are yours” Derekken gladly obliged. In this world were influence and power was everything money meant nothing to the great king of Ninjans. His plans were going well despite a few minor speed bumps were going exactly how he planned it to go. “Your services are needed right now…Currently Mr.Mercury and Maya Lopez are en route to Utopia…I need them dead “He said slowly starting to vanish from in front of the Russian Monarch.

He didn’t really feel threatened by Maya or Mercury; his Ninjan pride made him think he could take the Ninjan Chancellor and the Guardian of Nirvana, however dealing with Vangelis in Utopia was going to keep him occupied for the time being. He didn’t need Maya and Marc, meeting them in Utopia and spoiling his plans for Alex. As he continued to fade away he continued speaking with The Russian Monarch until he was gone. “It’ll behoove of you to get on that now”.

Derekken’s plan was almost done, son Ziccarra would be drained almost to no power, and his evil Trinity over the now Dark Utopia was going to gain control over the whole middle east; thanks to Y intercept she would have control over the whole pacific; while his buddy to the north would claim Europe; he hadn’t heard back from Manifesto he figured he denied his request. He couldn’t wait anymore he appeared right in front Maya and Marc whom were en route to Utopia.

New Jerusalem Utopia

The alien plunged into the ground, having taken the full force of King Derekken’s attack. The water below then slowly began to rise; Derekken could see himself in the “Pyramid of the messiah” he appeared to be angered threatened by the presence of another alien race. This however wasn’t something he could control, over time Z learned to deal with these feelings however his animalistic nature wouldn’t allow him to do it just yet. The alien emerged from underwater and quickly pulled a weapon; nothing Derekken had seen before. As the needles from the foreign weapon approached they slammed aimlessly into Derekken’s magnetic shield.

“You’ll never injure him; you need to find a way to use that magnetic shield against him, maybe an electromagnetic pulse?” Maya said to Vangelis via her telepathic powers. Derekken slowly moved through the barrage of needles watching as the pelted off his magnetic shield. The continuous pounding from the needles turned his magnetic shield red, making him appear godly.

Elsewhere in Utopia

“Her power is all gone” the scientist said watching as Ziccarra lay in a chamber completely drained of all her skills. “Began the transfer process” the head scientist said watching as a vial that contained unhealthy amounts of Xechcellum from the Ninjan Queen got pumped into Alex. Alex’s advance healing allowed him to not feel much as he was injected with the deadly virus. His childish screams grew manly; his small arms quickly bulged with pulsating muscles. “You’re wanted up with King Derekken…” the scientist said quivering in fear. “Roger that…” the young boy said with a booming voice. He quickly exited the building to join King Derekken.

“Alex…” Z whispered trying to pull herself up but the chains she was hooked on to kept her weak and near death.

New Jerusalem.

“You’re not going to need those grenades, I’m officially forfeiting this bout” Derekken said with a sadistic smile on his face. “I cannot keep up with you… however my apprentice…” Before he could get the words out, and enraged Alex backed by the powers of his Ninjan Aunt sped past him in a blur. The two grenades; latched on to his clothing exploding instantly; through the thick smoke his red eyes pierced the smoke. Cracking his knuckles he prepped himself for battle. “I’ll be looking after my daughter Alex…have fun…” Derekken said fading out. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Alex let out a piercing scream, his eyes flashed a candy apple read and with a powerful burst he let loose an omega level eye beam, at not just Vangeils but his friend as well.

Elsewhere in Utopia.

“You’re a monster…” Z said chained to the wall unable to move, the power drain did much more than sap her power, it also weakened her senses. “You’re the monster for living and co-existing with these humans darling…” Derekken said picking Z’s head up. “Your mother would be highly upset if she were here”. Z didn’t care about any of that; her mind was on her supped up nephew. “What have you done to Alex!?” Z screamed.

Let's just say i've always wanted a son.
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New Jerusalem, Utopia

“You’ll never injure him; you need to find a way to use that magnetic shield against him, maybe an electromagnetic pulse?” Vangelis searched the sky for the female voice. Gritting his teeth, Vangelis tossed the smoking green plasma grenades as a diversion. The grenades exploded in front of Derekken dealing no damage, but leaving a green smoke cloud. Vangelis used this smoke veil to equip his EMP blaster. The gun was large and had to be wielded with both hands. As soon as Vangelis pressed his finger on the EMP trigger, starting the gun's charge, the green smoke cleared. The green smoke revealed Derekken shield anew, emitting red and threatening energy.

“You’re not going to need those grenades; I’m officially forfeiting this bout” Derekken oozed malevolence when he spoke to Vangelis. “I cannot keep up with you… however my apprentice…” Appearing out of thin air, a young boy vehemently flew beside Derekken. “I’ll be looking after my daughter Alex…have fun…” Derekken left the battle as Vangelis fired off the EMP blast. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Vangelis realized that young boy was Marc's newborn son with accelerated growth. "Craven bastard!" Vangelis yelled at Derekken. His fear and slight respect for Derekken was destroyed in that short moment. He drugged a 5 month old child to fight his battle. But at the end of the day, Vangelis knew this Ninjan was twisted. Alex's fate didn't matter to Derekken as long as the child played his role in the plot.

Far off in the distance the EMP blast finally made contact with matter; and crumbled building structures as Alex fired a crimson neon red eye beam at Vangelis."FRANCHE! “Jovian flew from nowhere and pushed both his hands forward sending a powerful gravity wave at Vangelis. The gravity wave pushed Vangelis out the path of the power eye beam, but Jovian didn't know Alex already noticed his presence. The eye beam blasted him in his shoulder and threw him across the city like he was flicked by God himself.

"RICO!"Vangelis yelled with dilated pupils. He watched the teen fly across the flooded city until he heard a large crash and a building crumble to the water. As he watched for Alex he heard a comforting voice.

"Go after Jovian. I'll handle this..." Marc said descending from the sky with Maya. He heard Vangelis gasp silently when he glanced over he shoulder. "Your grace...that's your son" Vangelis said flying eastward for Jovian.

"You don't have to do this Maya. I'll fight him..." Marc's eyes flashed green and he flew forward rapidly volleying cosmic spheres at Alex. Although that was his son, he had to take him down. No matter the consequences. "Is my little man still there?" In close range an Emerald stick, modeling a bokken, flashed into his right hand. He brought it over his head and swung at his son's upper body. Marc chose the stick for the blunt edges, this prevented slicing. To replace that missing effect, he added a crippling charge felt on impact. Each strike would slowly weaken Alex's nervous system and momentarily paralyze him.

On the Westside of Utopia...

"Too bad you can't you fly, angel face. " The blonde held a helpless Utopian citizen in the air gripping his collar. "Where do you want me to drop you?" She smiled locking her light brown eyes on him. "On the roof....over there...wi-wi with my family..." His breathing was fast and heavy making it hard for him to speak clearly. "Re-lax you're safe now. What's your name?" She always asked for names. "Preston..." They landed on a skyscraper and his family ran to him with open arms: A mom and dad. "Oh, Thank you!....Thank you!" The mother praised holding her hand out to the costumed blonde.

"Byyye, Preston" She smiled and waved flying away. From above she watched as the entire rooftop exploded into a yellow flame. Every last survivor's life was taken. Except one, a 30something man taking flight. "Hmmph. He thinks he's special." The girl said diving down to chase after the straggler. Two Smith and Wesson's faded into her hands as she hovered over the escapee. She pressed down both triggers and fire bullets shot from the pistols. "AGHK!" The Xechellum powered man cried as he fell 600 feet to the tidal water to bleed to death.

A burning blast hit the beautiful killer in her back and she fell forward. Since she was in mid-air she caught herself and faced the blasts direction. She threw back her hair that covered her face and another blast shot towards her. She floated left and noticed a blonde woman, with natural power smirking in the distance. Her body shook with anger and clawing her hands vanilla colored energy charged in her palms. She reeled back, burst forward and targeted two shocking energy blast at her challenger. "You got my attention and I'm not impressed.."

"I'll make this quick!"
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Claire smirked, a passionate determination burning in her blue eyes as the psychotic murderer flew towards her. "Come and get it." She murmured to herself confidently. Two bolts of energy sped towards her faster than the woman, sizzling heat threatening to sear her skin. She lifted one hand, a wall of telekinetic energy surrounding her as she deflected the bolts effortlessly. Wind tossed her own blonde hair around wildly, the dangerous killer drawing closer and closer. "You're going to have to try a lot harder than that." She taunted. Mere yards from the unstable woman, Claire vanished in a flash of pink energy. Reappearing several meters behind the psycho, she laughed smugly. "Marcus told me to be careful with you, but I honestly don't see the threat. You're hardly a challenge." Proving her point, she examined her fingernails, obliviously disregarding her opponent. But Claire wasn't stupid, and focused her attention quickly after teasing the crazed woman. Although she was confident in her ability to defeat her, she knew this woman posed a decent threat, not to be played with. An aura of pink energy surrounded her hands as she summoned a spell, easy enough that verbal reciting wasn't necessary. Titanium chains appeared around the infuriated killer, battling to contain her. Claire knew it would only be a mere set back, but she had plenty more in her arsenal when necessary.

"I think he overestimated you."
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St. Petersburg, Russia

Tatu floated from the room where he and Derekken had met. The small smirk on his face dripped with malice as he surveyed the chamber around him, imagining the riches he would purchase for it. Not like he needed money, but it wasn't ever a bad thing to have more. His directions were simple: Help Derekken complete the takeover of Utopia. And hostile takeovers were what Tatu did best. Not only did he take control of one of the largest countries in the world, he'd assumed the body of another. For a shaman, possession was usually a simple thing, but to take a sentient human, that was a real gift. And to fully possess the human, to suppress his will and interests and completely erase that person's personality, it was nearly unheard of. And now, the Shaman was being approached by a being who is so powerful, even dimensions cannot suppress him... Tatu relished the feeling. He knew he was powerful... Hell, it was unusual for him to deny his immense power. Without another word, he stepped into a warp.


Tatu stepped out of the warp portal with a malicious look in his eyes, and he began to assess the information around him instantaneously. Derekken had spoken of the city... New Jerusalem. What a fitting name for the city... A place of science, medicine, faith... This place looked like just the city where people advanced. As the Xechellum-powered Utopians rushed around, Tatu focused on the massive tidal wave pushing through the city, and the frantic attempts to save its citizens. A moan of near pleasure pushed from his lips as he smelled the pain in the air, and Tatu floated higher in the air, continuing to survey. Just as Derekken had done, Tatu raised his voice to all in Utopia, the psychically enhanced burst excited.

"Humans. Friends of the refugees. Enemies of King Derekken... I am Tatu, leader of the Communist Party of Russia and chief-in-arms. You have all been marked by King Derekken for execution. I have been instructed to allow those who wish to escape a certain amount of time. But I do not wish to allow any more time than necessary. Flee for your lives, or perish by fire!"

The last bit was emphasized by a large mental blast, designed to imitate fire. The actual effect was non-existent, but the blast would feel to anyone as a massive, fiery heatwave.

"Ten minutes before I begin to destroy each and every one of you individually."

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"Awful chatty woman--" His body armor was smoldering, he'd managed to shield his face and eyes from the white phosphorous that managed to make skin contact. Through the white smoke came a blade, Clue was no slouch, he slipped to the side of it's path, clapped his hands down on the spinning blade, harmlessly capturing it and using it's momentum to twirl himself and hurl it in the chancellor's direction. The shockwave overtook him, it lifted him from his heels and tossed him further down the bridge. Blood trickled from his forehead into his eyes, he lied there for a second before noticing that his utility belt that was kicked off landed a few feet above his head. 

He couldn't lie still for too long or he was surely going to die, but he was in no shape to take on Zing, either. 

"What am I doing...?" He asked himself, using his unbreakable will, he scrambled to his feet and dashed for his utility belt, he could feel the white phosphorous sinking into his skin, scorching and burning away the top most layer. He threw the belt over his shoulder then sprinted to his right while rifling through the pouches. He bit through the pain of the willie pete eating away at his skin and the burning sensation of his ribs being broken all over again. Lancing out over the side of the bridge, he took a swan dive, the only thing that could be heard over the sound of the flickering flames that was once his car was the hollow pop of his grappling gun going off. 

If this were any other day, if he was in top form, if the world wasn't in crisis he would have stayed and gave the woman the fight he wanted to, but that wasn't the scenario. A line shot upward, clinging to the top cable that ran from the second tower to the smaller outer tower, reeling himself up, he was nothing more than a blur trying to keep his rib cage intact by holding his side. "Hff..." He stood atop the cable, wiping his face burning face, pulling out some putty explosives. He rolled the putty into a ball and waited, for he knew she would come for him like the predator she was. 

He'd make his last stand against her here. He'd asked himself what he was doing, he smirked at the answer he'd given himself. 

"Being a sore loser." 

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New Jerusalem.

The world watched as Utopia became a battle zone; its effects were felt all the way out to Japan.  There were people from many nations already involved; however the situation got worse once those in favor of a Liafador regime and those who opposed it began butting heads. The super-humans in Utopia began to fight the battle was wide spread; the citizens of Utopia lit up the skies with their Alien given gifts.  However they were smart to stay out of the way of Young Alex; who had the Cosmic level powers of his Aunt Ziccarra.  Alex’s eye beam just barley hit his foe sending him soaring across the red Utopian sky, where he smashed into a building and fell into the water. Alex was ready to continue his assault when he saw them, his parents. The kid that lay dormant within the body of this behemoth wanted to call out to them, but the growth serum kept him angered.  From afar he saw his mother fly towards Jovian with Vangeis; and his father came into the forefront. “Is my little man still in there?”  Marc said with heighten suspicion.  Alex allowed his hulking figure to just tower over his father. “Dad?” He said with his eyes starting to fire up ruby red. Marc moved quickly bringing some sort of weapon in for an attack, much like Ziccarra would do; Alex split into a dark and light version of himself; the two halves jumped out of the way, slowly meshing back into Alex once they were in a safe spot. Alex traditionally chose not to speak, even though he could; nothing to him made sense. He couldn’t tell why he was fighting his father or even why he was angry.

However since his father did attack, his natural instincts were to fight back; Alex dropped down low to the  water line and began spinning on an axis; as he spun a huge typhoon of water cocooned him inside the epicenter.  The Typhoon spun around sending razor sharp winds in each direction causing damage on a bigger scale than what his dad probably hoped for. “I don’t know what makes you think I’m easy old man…but you’re going to have to come harder than that.” Alex said with a slight smile; as if he didn’t get the severity of the situation.

Maya tried her best to think Marc had the situation under control, but she could foresee the battle between her boyfriend and son getting bloody. “He has it under control” Vangeis reassured her. The world was once again in crisis Maya couldn’t understand why it always involved, her, Mercury and Clue. She thought after the Reality “M” fiasco that the fate of Earth would be changed, however Reality “M” only pushed along a process that wouldn’t be stopped. She had vision of a one world entity taking over the very world they lived in; however this was an evil empire constructed by none other than her very own sister Ziccarra.

Though Ziccarra was probably unaware of it at the time; this Utopia would turn into the capital of the world. The Annexation of Greece, Turkey and modern day Iraq proved that. Maya then felt something break the wall of psikenesis. “What the hell?” she said taking off in the northern direction in a streak of light. There was fighting going on all over; Derekken was nowhere to be found; Y intercept was doing her best to keep Clue out of the fight; and now there was another huge energy source appearing in the city. The thing about it; was Maya knew the energy was not friendly; as a matter of fact it was terrifying. As she continued to speed through the city she caught glimpse of Tessa McIntosh in a fight with another blonde haired woman. “Wha…” she said stopping in her tracks. 

"Humans. Friends of the refugees. Enemies of King Derekken... I am Tatu, leader of the Communist Party of Russia and chief-in-arms. You have all been marked by King Derekken for execution. I have been instructed to allow those who wish to escape a certain amount of time. But I do not wish to allow any more time than necessary. Flee for your lives, or perish by fire!"

Maya’s attention quickly shifted to the new advisary; she couldn’t believe there were more people joining the fight. “You’ve got to be kidding me…” Maya said standing in full uniform a few paces away from him.  As she stood ready to engage; something happened that made her tremble at his power. The people of Utopia were reacting to some type of mental attack. “It’s not nerve gas” Maya thought to herself. Her immunity prevented her from being affected by this type of attack. “STOP IT!”  Maya said pushing her hands together as if she was going to pray, when she brought them apart a huge circular blast of energy formed; as it crackled in her hands she pushed it outwards towards Tatu. The energy was followed by a trail of light; as soon as Maya released it, it began to evaporate the water it scorched over. This was it all the pieces were in play, everything made since now. Y intercept was in command of China, and currently trying to take England; Derekken was currently lying seize to Utopia; and now this Tatu guy was here calling himself the King of Russia. “This is bad”… Maya said getting ready for what seemed like an ensuing battle.

Deep within the catacombs of Ziccarra’ palace the Ninjan Queen rested in the floors of her prison. The temperature in the room was strategically kept low so that Ziccarra body temperature would be at freezing. Her face was a pale blue; her green veins were visible through her skin; and she was lying face first on the concrete floor. “Poor child” her father said looking on from the outside; as he walked past her prison down a narrow corridor; there was no light down here at all. He slowly disappeared into the chasm of darkness leaving his daughter to die.

“F-F-ffff-ATHER…” Z struggled to get out, trying to pull her nearly frozen head up off the floor.  The ice could be seen dripping from her lips; and her long golden hair almost stuck to the floor. Derekken made sure his daughter looked fit to be a queen; he placed her in the wedding dress she wore when she married Gambler and left her there to freeze to death.

“D-a...dd….y” she let out a hoarse call for her ignorant father, she tried to grasp the ground but, her fingers were blind to the sense of touch, she could feel nothing. “J…ean” she whispered in desperation; however she could do nothing but continue to breathe in the chilling air from the dungeon.


Y watched as Clue’s theatrics spared his life for the time being; however Y knew the dangerous White Phosphorus was slowly eating away at his carcass. Her job was simply to keep Clue out of the events in Utopia; he had come to Z and Mercury’s aid on more than one occasion. She watched as he grappled up the huge tower on top of the bridge.  Jumping on a beam at a diagonal back and forth until she was up the tower; no sooner than she landed on the tower, Clue’s strategic putty capsules exploded; Y braced herself by covering her face with both her Green Dragon blade, as well as her Black Rose blade; this putty for the time being left her susceptible to all of Clue’s maneuvers. “Looks like you’ve won” she said as if she almost didn’t care. “My mission is complete” Y said, and no sooner than she said it, a huge explosion ripped through the bridge sending one half of the bridge quickly dropped into the ocean. A second explosion toppled the other half; Y used the razor-sharp edges to cut herself free. She then leaned backwards and fell off the submerging bridge. As she fell from the bridge; she extended her hands and a glide mechanism opened under her pits. She used this mechanism to glide to a nearby yacht. As the ship slowly said away she leaned on the edges marveling at the fireworks.

New Jerusalem, Utopia

She lay on her frozen floor, motionless, not able to accurately grasp what she was feeling, her mind scattered, lost in a void that separated reality and her thoughts. She couldn’t be at ease with her self-knowing her father was killing her people, and that she had laid in ignorance as the goon who did it still ran free, tears streamed down her eyes, she wanted to stop to show her father that she was still the strong mother that once was the ruler of a proud race of females. She lay with a streak of black coming from her eyes, stretched out across the floor. Being a hero didn’t give you the fame and fortune that comics made you to believe. Z couldn’t help but think about her friends, Nova,Risky,JC,Prima,Andy,Tj,Obi,Acer,Vann,Kurrent and so many countless others were there lives protected, and if they were not who would save them.

Sha learned a thing or two from being on this planet, Anxiety can lead to fear, fear can lead to paranoia, paranoia can lead to death. But this lesson wasn’t in the mind of Z because of her enraged state of mind. Z looked up to see a dark force manifesting it's self in her room, she had seen this force before the first time she had taken Chaos Black. It was at that moment that Z thought about Nova; and there countless efforts together; the feeling for her friend became almost surreal; she could feel the warmth starting to heat her frost bitten body up; it took her maybe a matter of moments to realize that this wasn’t a dream, Ziccarra was literally on Fire.  The heat she emitted melted the bars that confined her to the room.  Her eyes turned completely black, giving her a evil aura. The Queen of the Ninjans had gone cosmic…  

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Alex shrugged off Marc’s modest attack and dished out a powerful typhoon. “Alex!--” Building debris smacked Marc across the torso and knocked off his concentration. He splashed into the lashing water and felt the full power of the typhoon his son summoned. His arms and legs made no difference in the water tossing him every direction. Expecting to plunge, he tilted his head back to suck in air before the typhoon pulled him under. Taking his last breath he descended underwater. He waved his arms and kicked his legs to push up, but the water sucked him lower and lower, until finally he heard a voice.

“Marcellus, stop downplaying your strength for your son. It’s going to get you killed!” Divina opened their spiritual line pissed. “You’re the Cherub of your loved ones, don’t forget that.” A white light flashed before Marc and golden ring appeared as the light faded. “It’s the Jundo Ring. It purges all impurities form a pure spirit. ”

With puffed cheeks Marc drew his eyebrows together. “Mm?”

“When you wear the ring it converts your cosmic energy to divine energy. But hurry Marcellus, every second counts….good luck.”

Marc slowly touched the golden ring and traced his finger across the ring's Kanji engraving that read ‘Tzu’. With his touch another blinding light flashed. Eventually the light faded and he gradually gained sight of the dark water noticing he now wore the Jundo Ring. With his eyes flashing gold, Marc shot up from the water.

Soaked and above water, Marc locked his blue eyes on his drugged son. “I had enough!” He screamed through the Typhoon wind and charged forward channeling two golden whirlpools beside his hands. Marc pushed his hands forward and two golden energy dragons shot out the portals. The monstrous dragons roared towards Alex at an astonishing speed. They bore their sharp teeth preparing to bite and purge Alex of his drugged state.

Vangelis wanted to help Maya fight the Russian, but Enrico needed his medical attention. "I apologize, but I have to find Enrico." He quickly bowed at Marc's girlfriend and flew off in search of Enrico...

The Western District of Utopia

Titanium chains magically binded Tessa's slender body and she hovered through the air trying to writhe free. "Marc can't seem to keep my name out his mouth." A vanilla light radiated from her body and an angelic whisper echoed through the air as she broke free from the restraining chains. "I'm flattered." She pointed her fingers and a sparkling transparent wall flashed between Tessa and the blonde magician.

"You're boring in person, Claire" Tessa pushed her right hand forward and the sparkling transparent wall shattered into sharp fragments. "So, I'll kill you quicker" Usually Tessa conversed with her victims, but she had no interest in Claire's life, modeling career or anything else floating in the woman's brain. The sharp fragments drilled at the supermodel with bullet speed. Tessa followed behind to follow up her finishing attack. She decided to use her combat skills.

After the boring model was stabbed with diamond fragments, Tessa planned to thrust her knee into the girl’s stomach and bring her clenched fist down on her spine for a hammer strike. Then grab for the model's blonde locks to finish her attack by swinging her and slamming her into a stone building.

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Marc had informed Claire of Tessa's powers, and just how powerful they were. As soon as the blonde broken free of the chains, she was already on the offense. A quick insult matched with a quicker attack, several shards of razor sharp light flew towards Claire at blinding speed. She caught a glimpse of Tessa speeding behind them just as fast, probably looking to finish her off with a physical attack following the impact of the shards. Claire had to think fast, dodging both would be challenging. Holding up her right hand, the air in front of the shards rippled as Claire recited a quick spell. The shards seemed to fly into the rippled air and disappear, saving Claire from one of the psycho's threats. But just as the shards were removed from their trajectory, a forceful impact smashed into Claire's stomach. Her breath knocked out, she knew she had to recover quickly before Tessa could do anymore damage. As she hunched over to grip her injured stomach, she continued rotating until her feet were level with Tessa's face. Pushing out as forcefully as she could, the impact would not only smash Tessa's face in but send the two flying opposite direction from each other. She knew Tessa possessed wildly powerful abilities, but her hand to hand training couldn't be as refined as her own.

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Marc blasted divine energy from his palms and edged down closer to his resistant son. There was no physical hint to his son's condition, but Marc felt his child's rage subsiding. Alex's hands were poorly blocking the energy and it began engulfing him. "Don't fight it." Marc's eyes sparked a golden yellow and he took hold of his son's sweating hand.

"I hate you! You let this happen to me!" Alex's eyes blared crimson red and Marc knew his anger was the drugs talking, fighting for control of his five month old child still deep down in there.

Marc tightened his hands and the intensity of the gold blast increased. Alex's eyelids began to drop and his chest was noticeably heaving. Alex's neon red burst of energy waned, but he gripped his father's hand tighter. His son's blue-brown eyes quickly opened as the golden energy finally slammed into his juiced body. He screamed in pain and squeezed his father's arm. Marc's eyes locked on his son's with an unflinching gaze. The monster before him wasn't his son. A pitch ascending bubble resonated through their perimeter and overpowered the typhoon waters once more.

Alex's body shined a golden shadow and the coldness in his body faded to warmth. Squeezing Marc's hand Alex's body slowly reverted in size until he was a golden infant, the aura slowly faded to his normal vanilla skin tone. Marc cradled his son and tilted his head down to kiss him on the forehead. The ring worked, but oddly enough it faded from his finger after his son was cured. His body slowly dropped towards the water and he noticed he completely exhausted his energy. He smashed his foot through a nearby skyscraper window and crashed to the carpet floor on his back. Alex started crying and Marc rubbed his back trying to hush him while typing on his Empyrean Carpus. “Vangelis, is Rico okay?"

"..H-he'll be okay. I hear a baby. Good. You're sons alright."

"Yeah." Marc sighed and a weak smile spread across his wet face. “Vangelis I need you to zap us to the Tzukazaki Villa in Kyoto."

"Of course" Marc could hear the relief in Vangelis' voice. His Earth friend and potential King was alive and well.

An ascending static cracked through the office and finally a loud boom wiped Marc and his son from sight, only leaving an aftershock of loud scientific thunder.

The Westside of Utopia...

Tessa screamed in pain and rage when Duchess's heel smashed into her face. She beamed down towards the water below, but snapped back into focus grazing the water with her white heels. She pressed her white gloved finger under her nose and brought her index finger to her eye capped with blood. Something clicked in Tessa's brain and a red rage broiled in her core. She turned her back to Duchess; flew past the nearby building and sent a large crowd of screaming survivors off their safety roof to fall near a thousand feet to be taken by the typhoon. She thrust her hands in different directions, exploding rooftops in a yellow plumes, launching civilians off the safety of their high ground to plunge into the crashing water to drown.

"I'll kill you!” Tessa screamed at Claire with blood trickling down her face. Fighting Claire was never her main goal, but she had a score to settle. A red aura violently exuded from her body and she broke gravity flying towards Claire. She kicked her left heel at Claire's chin and continued with a rotating fist strike for her temple. With her anger rising with each attack she thrust her hands at Claire to clutch her throat and pile drive her hard into a skyscraper

Tzukazaki Villa, Kyoto, Japan

A loud thunder cracked throughout the Tzukazaki villa as Marc and Alex scientifically appeared on the land. It was late in the night and he saw house light flick on and predictably two shadows looked out the window. Marc rose to his feet and strode across the lawn to face his parents. So many whispers about his current life and all the tension would come to a head here.

Marc beat his parents to the front door steps. He was tired of hiding important parts of his life because of his parent’s traditional outlook. When his parents flicked the porch light on Marc stood with a proud smirk on his face. “Meet your grandson, Alex.”

It was a waiting to exhale moment. “Yes mom and dad. I have a son and you’re gonna accept him and love him like the family he is to you.”

“Son..”His father's face was snow white stepped down the four porch steps. “No, we welcome him into our family.” He pulled Marc in for a hug and smacked him on the back. Marc apprehensively returned the hug. He expected his father to mock him. "We thought you were dead..."

His mother joined in the hug. “You're alive...” She said in a breathless whisper.

Embraced for a minute, the three broke from their hug and Marc looked at his mother Carmen. “I have to go back. I just brought him out of Africa. I’ll talk to you about it when I come back but I have to go. Watch him for me.” Marc held Alex to Carmen.

Carmen covered her mouth with the tops of her manicured fingers. “There's a war there...you're not...” Johto wrapped his arm around his Columbian wife and let her cry on his shoulder. He looked at Marc like he wanted to comment, but decided against it. Without a word he took Alex.

"Marc, I expect you to stay when you come back for your child. We have matters to discuss...as a family. Your cousin Sean is here as well."

Drifting into the sky Marc's fingers typed onto his Empyrean Carpus. "I'll be here." A loud thunder clap echoed over the villa and Marc was nowhere to be seen.

New Jerusalem

If an observer kept his eyes open he wouldn't catch the moment Marc virtually returned to Utopia from nothing. Floating over the city he flashed cosmic telescope lenses over his eyes. "Vangelis take Enrico to my families house with Alex." His grandmother Grace could tend to Jovian's fractured shoulder and minor battle wounds.

A few of the Derreken supporters dropped from the battle, but Derekken's wrath waged on. Marc didn't understand how Maya and Ziccarra managed to summon such chaos. When they did they tore down cities. Utopia was another casualty on their list. The city was literally wiped clean of humans.

"Maya I'm going after for Derekken, Alex is safe with my parent's." He communicated to her through a telepathic link she created for them "Don't follow me."

He sensed the tyrant's energy north. He flew over the city and a dome building stood out to him, so he hovered closer. The roof window was open and he dropped in. He could feel the alien energy rubbing against him . "Come at me, you f#cking coward!" He yelled with the rage of his son being exploited, the rage of the lives wasted. He yelled with rage that caused his body to diffuse a cosmic wave through the empty room. He looked in every direction for the Ninjan, he could sense him, but he couldn't see him.

Fire poured unnaturally from a connected room and Marc approached with caution. Two cosmic orbs engulfed his fist ready to blast whatever threat he faced. A green shield naturally protected him from the torrential fire at his feet. The energy signature wasn't Derreken's like he thought it was.

"Ziccarra...?" Marc didn't know much about her, but he knew she didn't possess fire power. Her eyes were demonized and Marc held out his cosmic charged fist. He was unsure of her intentions. "Maya, does Zicarra have fire power?" He asked stepping back as the fire pushed harder against his cosmic shield. The contact made his shield vibrate meaning it would shatter. That happened after minutes of energy blasting against it. The energy she carelessly exerted put that strain on his shield. With that in mind, he hoped her mind was in the right place and she wouldn't attack him.

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The Tower Bridge was torn asunder, Clue took a leap, his arm wrapping around one of the wires that came loose as half of the bridge was being submerged underwater. From there, with amazing agility, he swung to the tower that was still standing, posted up on the side, his gloves adhering to the rough surface. He watched the woman as she glided to her yacht that sat out on the river Thames. There was no way for him to pursue, and even if there was he had no real way of combating her. His mending ribs were broken, again, and logic dictated that if he faced her in the shape he was in now that he wouldn't walk away.  
Charles counted his blessings, but he knew that this was a hit, some sort of job, he'd suspected that he'd garnered the interest in the wrong people and they sent her here to kill her initially, but she said her mission was accomplished. His mind wandered to the probability that this was a test, but her methods didn't really fit if she were testing him. He narrowed his eyes when he realized that this wasn't a job or test, it was a distraction. Pushing off the tower he was on, he dove into the river, bubbles engulfed and peeled away from his burning skin. Inwardly he smirked, all of that crap she was spilling about him having no powers and the entire fight was a ploy to keep him out of the conflict in New Jerusalem. It worked, though, he was out of commission, his equipment was done for and the closest safehouse was ten blocks away. Even if he made it to his safehouse with London on fire, he was in no shape to keep going.  
The lights and sirens on the water startled Charles from falling into a deeper sleep. Bubbles rolled from his lips as he swam upward and surfaced on the top of the dark waters. A chopper circled above, it's blades made the waters turbulent, it's light threatened to uncover him as it scanned the waters. Taking in a breath, he dove back under the water, found an access and pulled the grated cover loose, slipping inside and swimming in the inner bowels of London. For the first time in a long time, Clue had to deal with defeat. Her declaration that he'd won wasn't true, she had him beat, she took the Tower Bridge and she walked away without a scratch on her. Gritting his teeth, he emerged in the London Underground, the Thames was an open sewer once upon a time and much of the sewage poured into it, meaning there were a number of tunnels that led to and from the Thames, including tunnels that led to London's expansive rapid transit system.  
"I thought I'd find you here." A voice called out as he climbed onto the empty platform. Charles' head rose, looking eye to eye with Blackman who was standing a few feet away. "You and your friend sunk one of my Queen's greatest landmarks." 
"She did it to keep me here and out of the fight. Dealing with Chancellors are more your speed than mine, don't you think?" 
"She has diplomatic immunity. There's much too much red tape and not enough evidence, believe me." Blackman tucked his umbrella under his arm as Clue neared, he handed him a suitcase and nodded toward one of the public restrooms. Though the subway was empty, that didn't mean it couldn't be occupied. The subway system was shut down due to the bombing of the Tower Bridge, but there were still layabouts and bums around, and Charles didn't have a mask on. He took the case, but Blackman refused to let it go, he looked Charles directly in the eye. "I'm not allowed to touch her...we both know how I feel about red tape." 
"That's why you keep me around, isn't it? To deduce what you can't...to touch the people you want to." 
"It's not exactly a secret why I fund you. This is a working relationship, chum." 
"Wetjobs aren't my area..." 
"Just make sure we're even with the Chancellor, Clue." The man in the bowler said, releasing the suitcase. "Now go get changed, we're needed."
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Z held him in her arms; she didn’t want to let Jean know; she didn’t want her precious beautiful child being turned into a monster much like both, she and Jean had become. She wanted him to live a free life. One away from even Ninjeta; for now that it orbited Earth it would be too chancily to be that close. She loved him and he was even 15 mins old. “What’s his name?” Zariah asked in excitement of her new brother. “His name is Alistair Aton Liafador” The young teen looked a bit confused. “Mom, you’re a Lebeau” Zariah added. “Yes darling I know…but as death Ka’len has no last name; you’re a female, Alistair is the only one who can be king.”

She opted to do something she had never done before; which was breast feed her child; this was to ensure that from a very young age he’d be blessed with her Ninjan strength and durability. As the young child slowly drank from the bosom of his mother; Z thought on what exactly she should do with the child.

Several months later

The old woman’s voice cackled as she sat down with a young boy; a little boy who had grown extremely wise since his first peek into the world. He sat with a stick in arms watching as the old woman constructed a fire preparing for him a feast in his honor. “Your mother has thrown you out here on this barren planet to the wolves; my boy but do not fret when you are ready she shall return for you” the old woman said plucking the feathers from the bird prepping it for dinner. The boy hadn’t eaten in a few hours and the almost demonic growl resonated from deep within the bowls of his stomach. “Do you know why you’ve been treated this way boy?” the old woman asked again ripping some bark from a tree and slowly pounding it to get the natural taste of nectar. He could only shake his head no whilst starring at the now rotating bird and listening to the woman’s tales. “Your grandfather was born nearly three centuries ago and was the last king of these Ninjan Planets; however with your birth my boy you are destined to be king; you were thrown out here for tough training, training that will be put to the test by enemies of both your mother and father. “You’ll join them soon” she said watching as the boy looked on attentively as if the mention of both his mother and father made him curious.

“He will have the mastery of the mind like his father; his dialect and discipline will be greater than any solider in any military; no one will be more professional than he” Z’s voice could be heard in his head as if his mom were present talking about his father. “You will be the envy of all the Earth’s kings; there won’t be anyone who outranks you; your grace and speed and strength will be your greatest attributes. His father responded talking about the trait she would receive from his mother. “Soon boy your life will have great meaning” The old woman said levitating leaving the boy to his meal and his training.

New Jerusalem

The regal King Derekken stood in front of his powerful seed watching as she stood with a serene demeanor coming off of her; it was if the frost temperatures didn’t affect her anymore. “Where is the boy” Derekken said glaring into the eyes of his almost godly daughter. “You can keep me locked up; father but you’ll never find my son…he is destined to be the King of Ninjeta; and soon the King of Utopia” Z said with a smile on her face.

“You have great faith in the boy, but he won’t withstand my influence” Derekken said removing his helmet allowing his pale hair to wave wildly in the wind. “Ziccarra…you will tell me where the boy is…” Derekken said watching as two of his super powered henchmen brought down Ziccarra’s son. “No…” Z silently whispered as they tossed the boy on the ground before his mother. “I will Kill this child right now if you don’t tell me where my NINJAN grandson is”

Z’s anger grew; however she noticed a few loop holes in what her father was saying that made this situation a little less stressful for her. Back when Z was a member of the OSC she and teammate Stormy Gold engaged in sexual intercourse; his role as death and her role as the Ninjan Queen were shown in their seed. Ka’len. “When will you learn that everything that comes from me is so much more powerful than you” Z said in defiance. “Surely you can feel how much stronger than you, I’ve become “Z said pulling her arms and breaking the chains that once bound her to the wall.

 “Very well than” Derekken said picking the boy off the ground; his daughters resolve was much more powerful than he thought; she saw right through the ruse as the morph transformed back into his regular state.

“Darling; can’t you not see what’s coming; I have a gathering of Earth’s most powerful nations willing to back me; Utopia, Russia, and China will rage a war against these humans and populate this planet in our image is that not what you want?” Derekken said already foreseeing the answer.

“If there is one thing I learned since my time here; it’s to pay strict attention to detail; while here I watched as my husband stripped this land of the black vibranium it was once so rich with; it was in this excavation that I learned of a powerful new element” Z said staring at her curious father with pure white pupils. “This war your creating father, will not be beneficial to you” Z said with a smile on her face. Derekken let out a hearty laugh in the face of Z and watched as she in turn folded her hands.

 “You’re a foolish man father, Alistair would never stoop so low that he join you and neither will I. “Maya, Mercury, and Clue are getting near and pretty soon; I’ll be free and I’ll kill you…for real this time” Ziccarra said with power in her voice.

“That maybe Ziccarra, but the War between the Humans…is only a pre-cursor to the war on the horizon, ask your friend Maya what I’m talking about IF you manage to make it out” Derekken said walking off with his guards following him. Extending her hands Ziccarra flames got to such hot temperatures that the very wall she touched melted into liquid form. “I make my escape” Z said in a demonic tone walking not towards her father but towards the entrance of the castle.

“Maya does Ziccarra have fire power?” Marc asked Maya telepathically, the young warrior with the help of Sicily Boss began targeting Derekken’s help. “No Z doesn’t possess fire power…why?” Maya asked a bit concerned.

“Julius Basqiaut” Ziccarra remarked as she floated through the halls. “I have failed the people of Utopia, this battle is now far over our heads, we must retreat.” Z pushed her hands forward; suddenly her eyes glazed over with that they were in the stars literally. Sicily, Maya, Z and Mercury were standing in a room somewhere in space. “This is the new…Trinity HQ” Z said using all of her cosmic level powers and passing out. “Z!” Maya screamed running over to her downed sister. “What’s that on her arm” Maya said confused. Sicily walked up slowly she knew what it was. “She has cancer…bad”


“I want him” Y said whilst looking back at the submerging bridge; “What do you mean you want him?” one of her closest commanders said looking with bewilderment. “Think about how powerful I’d be with a child from him…I want him” Y said again sipping some moscoto. “Surely by now he already knows I only attacked as a ploy; but what he doesn’t know is…”I’m watching him”  (Y returns in Trinity Limit 2!)

The old Capital of Utopia

“I received my powers on accident and in turn it killed my wife; while these Aliens blasphemous lead my people into a life of sin; I will be there hero. Utopia is my Kingdom now!” Trojan said surrounded by hordes of super powered individuals; whom all bowed before his presence.

New Jerusalem

“Z will be dead soon enough; the cancer is eating her alive; I need to find my grandson; with him we can shape this planet in our image.” Derekken said turning back to his assistant. “The Trinity will come back stronger” the assistant said for warning Derekken about potential dangers. “Myself, and Y intercept shall take care of them; but for right now Utopia is my kingdom” The assistant bowed in agreement; and both looked outward as the super powered citizens slowly tried to reconstruct their beloved city.

Trinity Room

She saw the man with the black hair; leading his legions; she saw the King of Ninjans leading his legions; Utopia was split between two factions now; “The Dark Trinity” Composed of Derekken, Y intercept and Tessa McIntosh; then there was Captain Trojan a man using his powers to seek retribution for his lost wife. “The great Schism” Maya said looking at Sicily. “What?” Marc said interrupting. “There is a S.H.A War brewing…” 

Trinity Limit #2