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No one to hear

As Sadeko follows the map given to him into the deep snowy woods he couldn't help but be nervous. "I might not come from this battle" he thought to himself as he reoriented himself to the surrounding area. "Psyron is a strong guy, I hope he doesn't take this battle to seriously. Who knows what goes on in that twisted mind of his. And who could know?"

Sadeko got to a clearing in the woods and decided to rest for a while. "God knows why he wanted to have this fight so deep in the woods." Sadeko sighed. "Especially when it's so cold." Sadeko was beginning to shiver so he pulled his fire stone from his beard and whispered the elemental trigger word. "fenzu". A flame appeared in his wrinkly old hand. After about twenty minutes Sadeko decided to head back out. He whispered the trigger word again then put the fire stone back in his beard.

As Sadeko arrived at another clearing, this time there was a cabin. There were lights on in the cabin but Sadeko already knew it was a trap. He waited and after about 5 minutes the cabin exploded. It was in a flame and there was still no sign of Psyron so Sadeko pulled out his ice stone and triggered it. "fenzu." Sadeko shot the ice at the cabin and eventually the fire went down. Sadeko put back his fire stone and waited longer

Not to long after the explosion Sadeko heard a rustling in the woods. He looked at a tree and standing next to it, was Psyron. "Took you long enough." Sadeko said with a little irritation in his voice. Psyron was silent. "That was a nice trap you had for me." Now Sadeko was just trying to get a little reaction. "Ok I see how it will be." Sadeko reached into his beard and pulled out his fire stone. This time he said the blade trigger word. "dowten" His fire blade was in his hand. "Let us begin."

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"This old model should be just fine actually, keep the new one sealed until I return. By then I want it fully upgraded to the specifications that I desire, failure to do so will result in a dead relative." The technicians scurry away with the body as Psyron stood under the lights, he looked at his body and does a quick rundown of its systems. "fully functional" the reassurance gave him an air of arrogance as the takes his stride to the portal, for this task he is minimally but adequately armed. A chainsaw knife for close quarters and slitting throats of more persistent superhuman threats, the lucky bayonet which makes the kill easier akin to how AIDS systematically destroys the immune system, Gun fingers just to give the opponent ten good reasons to back off, some twenty knife bombs with their variants and the greatest weapon of them all. The Body. A portal simmers in front of his path and he steps forward into the chromatic glow Upon his entry to the ice zone he noticed that some thermic charges went off as expected, however it seems that signs of life are present in the area indicating that the opponent did not perish in the ensuing blast. The reaction is an interesting one, a javelin of frost which extinguished the hungry flames. Stealth moves naturally as he strides above the thin layers of snow, behind the tree he makes his observation before his cover was pierced by the greeting.

He initially heard that they wanted an assistant lecturer in the way of the sword. This guy looks over qualified. White hair, black beard, about six foot tall, judging by the biometric scan he is about seven decades old, and overall non-human somewhat orcish physique (very similar to the one featured in that popular online game). He initiated with a phrase and now Psyron reacts by picking up speed, first to remove himself from his opponent's sight but not to instantly dispose of him but rather to pick him from a safe distance. Speeding along the scenery he made several vapor cones which created sonic booms, eventually assimilating into a blurred after images in the snow. He is constantly on the move waiting in a reactive 'mode' set to counter attack at the given moment within the measure of a second's span.

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Finally Psyron attacked. Sadeko barely had any time to react but he did. As Psyron essentially disappeared Sadeko leaped into the air. At his physical peak Sadeko could jump 20 feet in the air, but the cold was getting to him. Sadeko only jumped about 13 feet in the air and came back down as the last few sonic booms were going off. Sadeko grunted in pain.

Now, all was silent. "Come out, come out wherever you are." Sadeko said in a mocking tone. " Fine then, I'll get you to come out." Sadeko said the elemental trigger word, "fenzu." and a flame appeared in his empty hand. He enlarged the flame and started burning the trees in the surrounding area.

All around the trees were burning and none of them seemed close to cooling off. "Now to make sure you don't try anything from above." Sadeko whispered as he made a protective twister of fire around him.

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He has planted the bumblebees in various hidden places while in continuous motion, from hidden villain academy surveillance only the image of a inky pinball reflected by the shivering trees. Blink and miss, it seems that his body had switch places with the the snowy winds. His presence can be felt almost everywhere, his respiration warms the icy chill and the breeze becomes thick with tension. Sticky for both combatants as each of them possess the means of completely destroying their opposition. However his opponent took notice is quickly against this maneuver, instinctively taking a leap of faith above teen feet up into the sky followed by a sudden change. Simply by the method of immolating the surrounding fauna in one move, a devastating effect which is stimulated by a key phrase. His body managed to record it but because he is moving too fast the recording got blurred, the activation phrase rhymed with 'kudzu' this mental note is kept within the memory banks for the duration of this event. The fire lights up the woods like sparkler candles, this phenomenon can only be described as magic. The psiborg abruptly stops his steps ten meters away from the green swordsman, close enough that his enemy can see but far enough that he is comfortable to shoot projectiles from. With all fingers pointed towards the opponent the psiborg lets out a shower, a horizontal rain of armor piercing bullets. hundreds, going to thousands at now closing towards his target.

"Time to analyze..."

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"To easy" Sadeko thought to himself as he dimmed the twister of fire. "Let me show you why they call me Blade Master " Sadeko said as he readied his sword. As the barrage of bullets came swiftly at him Sadeko ran forward blocking each bullet precisely and swiftly. As he move his head in motion with his sword he got nearer to his enemy. Nearing the last bullet Sadeko swiped swiftly to the right.

As Sadeko was deflecting the last 50 bullets he slipped in the snow and a bullet whooshed into his left shoulder. "Aaagh" Sadeko groaned in pain. Sadeko dug the bullet out of his shoulder and threw it on the ground. " The pain will ease." Sadeko said as he walked closer to his opponent

"Did you really think that would bring me down?" Sadeko said as the flame in his left hand re appeared. Sadeko shot the flame at his opponent and ran towards him. Ready to slash

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Gauging the reaction the psiborg made an analysis that a bullet had somehow penetrated his target's defenses, that bullet holds no special properties except that it may be made from radioactive material. The only reason that it made it into the opponent's hide is that it is made from depleted uranium. How this may affect his opponent is unknown judging from the obvious non human physique, but it bleeds just like the rest of them. If it bleeds it can be killed, but Psyron will toy with his target first.

The flame however is a very annoying resistance, if the body that was used is the updated one he could most likely be able to walk through as if it was a dry ice fog. This body however is an old model that is suited for torture purposes, it lacks the heavy durability however it still carries the fundamental features, with calculation the psychic rushed into the flames. His garb disintegrated due to the intensity of the flames, compared to that of a continuous explosion with more burn than napalm.

His outer layers are heavily damaged, internal circuits are somewhat functional but he is visibly damaged. His chances have become thinner but he can still capture opportunity. A second barrage of metal rain is fired from a closer distance.