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The sunset, blackness encased the deserts of Israel like the shadowy hands of the angel of death, his face was the dull bone colored moon casting its gaze over the seas of sand. The grains of ancient rock shifted in the wind causing small whirlwinds, empty and lifeless were this area, not even the scurry of a mouse penetrated the void until the eerie cry of a raven, like the laughter of a demon. It squawked like a buzzard, circling Tenjin as he walked slowly down a hill of sand with blood trickling down his chin from his mouth. The blood splashed onto his bare pale chest slowly running across his stomach and chest muscles. The air was freezing and bit at his flesh like wolves but he smiled at the pain, the blood of a farmer and his family fed him, making him strong. His crimson eyes glistened and his long black mane flowed like a river to the shoulders. A full length overcoat fluttered and rose when the wind went from simple whisper to a powerful howl. His leather pants fit snug and shined in the low lunar light and his bots clanked like the sounds of dragging chains. His face was painted like a ghoul and black tears were drawn in a single line down his face. Across his back two katanas crossed each other forming an X letting of a low rattle as he walked coupled with the sound of guns along his waist and knives lining inside his overcoat. A blood covered sawed off shotgun was clenched in his right fist and it rested on his shoulder, the barrel staring at the midnight sky. Making his way to an abandoned underground bunker located in the heart of the desert only visible was a concrete building only the size of a small house. Inside the hollow construction was a small brass colored door laying flat against the ground. Raising the metal bar the ebony bird perched on his shoulder as he descended the forty foot drop in a single bound. Inside the hollow catacombs were complete and utter darkness but Tenjin could see perfectly, to him it was as bright as day.

The low rumble of his boots filled his vicinity and he made his way through the empty halls until stopping inside a large open area appearing to be an old cafeteria still tables covered the tile floor and large thick pillars rose to meet the twenty foot ceiling. His comrade the raven took flight and perched high above along a metal beam and settled itself to watch his vampiric friend battle two enemies he has meet before, one calling himself his ally. Slowly the trio gathered and without haste Tenjin opened fire at Platinum Warrior with his shotgun letting loss a flurry of steel pellets. He fired three times before sending a mass at his other enemy. The mechanical fiend known as Warsman, tossing the empty gun to the left he reached to his waist and pulled from black leather holsters two 1911 pistols and leaped towards the nearest pillar and pressed himself up against it without falling. Tenjin was defying gravity and stuck to the cement column like a spider but only used his feet and faced his enemies with his pistols aimed

“I love the scenery, fitting, it reminds me of a poem.” A demonic laughed echoed as he chuckled like a madman. “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before” He continued to laugh, his ghoulish face gave off the last bit of humanity left in him. Tenjin literally flew upwards and stood upside down and walked along the ceiling laughing as he recited his favorite poem “But the silence was unbroken, and the stillness gave no token, and the only word there spoken was the whispered word, "Lenore?" He began to fire his handguns at both his opponents from the darkness above launching vibranium dipped bullets at his enemies with extreme precision.

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The three worst of enemies had agreed to one final battle to end the quarrel. Platinumwarrior: The living weapon, Warsman: The Russian cyborg a leader of armies and Tenjin: A noble warrior now turned vampire. They had arranged it through numerous means of secrecy nobody would know .


Sebastian had been waiting for hours until finally Tenjin and Warsman arrived on the misty night in a small bunker on Israel. Sebastian stood his hands pressed against a nearby table cluttered with numerous automatic weapons. None of them were needed though as Sebastians amazing stash of weapons would not fail him and if they did this was not the time for it. A cold chill flew up Sebastian's spine as his enemy Tenjin walked into the room a overcoat covering his body along with leather pants and more basic clothing with chains rattaling behind him. It seemed as if a dark aura followed his pale vamparic skin oozing into the cold air and penetrating the cold silence. Using his armnent a sawed of shotgun Tenjin sent three steel pellets from the gun causing an echoing noise to take place. With one right sweep of his hand Sebastian caught all three pellets dropped them and let them roll aside.
"I see you have changed much since our last encounter old friend but my agenda still remains the same"
Sebastian's voice echoed throughout the bunker as he remember to him and Tenjin's first encounter. The cold blizzard stung the twos open wounds as their blood poured onto the snow the right ended with a new found ally but this creature was no friend of Sebastian's. This beast that held the name Tenjin had no right too and put shame upon its legacy. Sebastians thoughts were interrupted as Tenjin defied gravity jumping on a nearby piller and hung like a spider unloading many clips of his two pistols on both Sebastian and the cyborg menace: Warsman. Grabbing Tenjin's discarded sawed off Sebastian used it as a small shield quickly lodging all of the bullets that were aimed at him in it then propelling it forward at Tenjin with great force in a attempt to distract him momentarily.

"You are a beast and an animal that does not deserve the slightest bit of mercy DIE BEAST"
Sebastian shouted as he reached for two P90 sub machine guns on the table and shot crazily with each in Tenjin's direction putting numerous holes in the wall and causing the pillar to collapse brutally causing a massive income of dust and white marble to pollute the air of the room. Sebastian then reached for a flash grenades and two frag grenades and ripped the pin off of them hurling them at Warsman with a brightening explosion of shrapnel and fire of the frag grenade consuming the corner in which he resided. Sebastian knew if he didn't avoid it he would easily live as for the vampire Sebastian could not be sure. Sebastian looked the beast straight in his glowing red eyes before reaching for one of his two katanas. Sebastian would then attempt to grab Tenjin by his overcoat and impale him with the blade then kick him off into the wall causing a large rip in his chest. If not Sebastian would be forced to prepare for a oncoming attack.

"Today we settle this friends"