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sephirim is waiting for rayne to arrive at the gardens where is grand father Dio sephr died. the garden was a vast field filled with life. the grass was wet because of the morning rain that passed,the birds flew in the air chirping in a joyful matter, the sky was cloudless and blue with the sun beaming its rays on sephirim face. the giant bird fountain poured the music of white noise.

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Rayne Came Down From Above,Almost As If He Had been Born out Of The Sun Itself.He Hit The Ground With A Thump.Grass Swaying The Opposite Way From Where He Had Fallen,Moisturized Drops Of Dew Spurting From The Grass At The Impact.

Hey There FrostBite,Hows It Goin?

Rayne Commented As He Grinned A Smirk At The Icy Warrior.

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Post Deleted.

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As soon as Sephrim Heard Raynes voice he turned Around from the bird fountain.


Sephirim replied

Sephirim walked over to rayne to rayne and looked at the attire he had on. Sephirim looked at it in amusent

HAHAHAHAHAH! what are you a monk? Sephirim Boasted Out

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Rayne Giggled At The Comment That Sephirim Had Stated.

A Monk?Haha.Far From It!

Rayne Dashed At The Unsuspecting Sephirim With A Balled Right Fist And Threw A Left Round House Kick Followed By A Right Elbow,After The Combination Rayne Somersaulted Backwards And Skid Across The Ground With His Right Hand Slowing Him Down,Feeling The Wetness Of The Grassy Field,Awaiting Sephirim's Actions.

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Sephirim Was prepared to block a right hand punch form rayne, but unexpectedly rayne went for a left roundhousse kick to sephirim right cheekbone. the kick hit sephirim so hard that a mixture of salivia and blood flew from his mouth. Then Sephirim shifted his body to the right swiftly and prepared for a massive uppercut aiming for raynes gut.

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from the side lines woooooo yea wushkulastayloff

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As Rayne Connected With The Roundhouse Kick To Sephirim's Face He Smiled.He Had Drawn First Blood,But He Had Gotten Too Cocky.By Smiling,He Had Let Down His Guard And Took A Hard Uppercut To The Gut


Rayne Blurted As The Punch Dug Into His Stomach.His Eyes Widened Spit Had Flown From Out Of His Mouth.The Punch Had Left Him Winded And He Fell To His Knees Clenching His Stomach From The Pain.Head Bowed His Right Fist Began To Glow.He Had Been Preparing An Attack And When Sephirim Came Close He Would Unleash The Fierce Blow

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jesus christ i sucked...

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It was fun to write short post back then