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Lady Death stands tall her sword graceful placed against her shoulder as she awaits the challenger outside the Awesome Spot.  She picks a distance away so not to harm the place.  Smiling wickedly and her mind clear of thoughts of his demise. She lowers her sword to were the tip is on the ground and the handle rests in her hand.  She looks to the horizon...wondering how long he will take or if he will even show.

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As His Enemy stood in the the large green elegant meadow  awaiting her opponent, Sephirim Hovered high in the skies concealed by clouds glaring at the celestial beauty of Foe. Sephirim wondered how something so beautiful ,yet be so  Cynical. Sephirim began to slowly  Decrease elevation to get reach within at least 10 feet within range of his fierce looking opponent.  As Sephirim hovered lower through the clouds to reach his foe he began to sense  the dark energy with his challenger,Sephirim began to think.

This match should be interesting ...her heart seems to be filled with hatred and animosity towards  me.

as Sephirim  got closer to his disired range  he began to accelerate his speed. the more closer the more his clothes flutter in the cold strong wind, his hair also  trailed behind him following the motion where the wind took it, his cheeks began to flap creating a very akward sound until suddenly


Sephirim Reached the ground landing in a 3 point stance, His silky light hair Dangling in front of his face blocking from View. sephirim began to stand up slowly from his stance,as he did this the wind blew powerfully making the blades of grass Sephirims hair and clothes mover with it. Sephirim Was finally stood straight after a dramatic appearance. Sephirim said

Who The hell are You And What the hell do you want?

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Hearing his approach she faces him her eyes filled with fire,  pure hellfire.  The landing force causes her hair to move out of her face. The challenger speaks;" Who The hell are You And What the hell do you want?" I am the ruler of Hell.  I am Lady Death bringer of Chaos and pain.  Today is your unlucky day to die!  Her voice echoes a deadly sound one that would strike fear into most.  She looks her opponent up and down. 

Lady Death's wicked smile fades slightly as she grips the handle of her sword with quick speed and raises it almost beconing him to move.  As a warrior of old she knows more than most and is a fast learner.  Her skills are yet to be revealed and Lady Death will not show her hand of cards untill the bitter end.  Being an HFC member has taught her new tactics and Sephirim is in for some pain. 

The very regal and dominating Lady Death smiles wickedly once more as her powers ignite.  Her lust for blood in battle is strong.  Her eyes quickly glow blue along with her hands and feet.  The force of her power raises her off the ground.  The grass beneath her feet quickly weeps and turns black as her powers are ignited.

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After Sephirim asked his Indecorous yet  Soft Spoken Question,  His Opponent spoke  I am the ruler of Hell.  I am Lady Death bringer of Chaos and pain.  Today is your unlucky day to die!    Her voice was so Virile and in harmonic that  Sephirim Flinched at  the Surprising sound from the Beautiful Ladydeath mouth

Oh God Your Voice? it Does not Fit Your Look.. your sound resembles a dying Orc

After Sephirim Replied with his unexpected boast about the woman's voice he notices that her smiled begins to fade, as if she didnt take the compliment from Sephirim to well. Lady went to grab the handle of her sword a abnormal speeds.

Oh what the..!?

Sephirim Swiftly Back flips  away from his angered enemy , at least landing an extra  10 feet away from his opponent in a crouching stance. as  Sephirim Knelled  into the tall 4 ft blades of grass, he felt  a heavy gust of wind. the wind was so powerful That the g grass blades that sephirim knelled into whipped across his face leaving long thin welts on his pale face. Sephirim rolled backwards quickly another 4 ft away so he could  move more a far See whats happening from a distance. Sephirim   spread up quickly  from his crouch position to look at ladydeath. The sight of ladydeath brought minor intimidation to Sephirim.

Her eyes hands and feet were luminous with a blue power, her power was was so great that  it created a force Seperating her from the ground making her levitate.Sephirim yelled

WHAT THE f***K?! 

Sephirim began to dash from a far  24 for feet clucthing the end of his sword tightly  as he charged towards his godly foe, Sephirim
did not run straight foward at his opponent because he did not know what tricks awaited up her sleeve,he moved in zigzag motion trailing a cold icy blue mist behind him. when Sephirim Got At least 10 feet within range He drew his sword  from his holder  quiclky  from his  holder. When he got within  5 ft he Sprung up and prepared  barbaric horizontal slash aiming for lady deaths waist area

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Lady Death was not one to toy with.  She did not appreciate his comment over her voice.  She notices how quickly he moves and adjust her own movements to match them.  She opens her eyes using her sight to see into his soul and knows he now feels fear and this fear drives her on.  His blood will be on her sword before he will even know it. 

I am not that powerful only a minor demonstration to what I can really do.  Her smiles fades seeing her opponent come at her.  As he draws closer he exposes his sword.  Her body moves like a snake as the tip of his sword comes close to her stomach merely a dance of war to her. Lady Death uses her own sword to push his blade effortlessly out of the way and scrapes down his blade to block his attack.  

The sound of the swords grinding eachother is unlike any other sound a melodious miracle in the making.  She lowers her body some to get more force into her next hit.  With her free hand she balls into a fist and goes for an uppercut to his chin.

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As Sephirim Charged at his opponent Vigorously with his slash He notices Ladydeath Looking at him in a  unusual way but he pays no mind to it. sephirim Unleashed his power hack Towards His competitors  stomach, an dim sky blue light glowed from Sephirim forearm all the way up to the very tip of his sword




Ladydeath Readily  Prevented Sephirim attack by easily  Spanked out of sephirim hands into The Grass. Sephirim is not able to see the sword because there is so much grass in the fields blocking it from view. After the Sword was forced from Sephirim hands into the field ,Sephirim right rist began to ache,Sephirim was forced to clucth his rist tighly  because of the pain. But it wasnt over, As Sephirim Cluchted his injured rist he noticed that ladydeath was coming In with intense right uppercut.



Sephirim was Defenseless to the attack, The sound of a fist Connecting with Sephirim Lower left chin area forced an agonizing Scream from Sephirim. The punch impact was so great that Sephirim jaw bone shifted to the right ,along with saliva  flying through the air. the punch forced Sephirim To Spring into the air with his head jerking backwards to the right making him Execute  an unwanted back flip causing him to land on his neck, this was a very painful experience for sephirirm as he Conceived to the pain that he was experiencing

Grrrhhaaaa F**K C**k Sucking piece of  S**T

Sephirim laid in the grass holding his head and wobling uncontrolably , Sephirim was angered at the intense attack that ladydeath Proposed on him, he had never been took as a joke beforee in his life .Sephirim always thought  of himself as an elite warrior unbeatable, But yet a women steps before him and smacks him across the feild like a insect. Sephirim stood on his knee's and spoke.

How dare You?! i am the son Of A king?Do you know That?i Lead s vicious Maltia The Darkane Army ! and you treat me like a Infant? I will Carve my  name in you arm and feed your cadaver to the wolves of CRYSTAL  MOUNTAIN!!

Despite the aches sephirim had from lady deaths attack on his body, he Stood up quickly from his knelled position like a true warrior. Sephirim still could not see where his  sword was. Sephirim Began to channeled his ice energy through the Main arteries of his body, During the Process Light winds began to blow only around Sephirim. As the ice Energy raced through  His body ,Sephirim began To become radiant with a light blue light, his body began to rise from the ground making him levitate at least 2ft into the air. Suddenly Both of Sephirim Hands beamed with blue orbs  at  least 5 ft tall and 4 feet wide.

Lets See if you Could handle this


  The Two blue orbs in Sephirim's began to  hatch like eggs,  egg like blue orbs  cracked noisy you can see these bird like creatures appear. it wasn't to visible you could only see  Clear Crystal beak poke out or a wing. this process lasted about 5 minutes until suddenly  enormous flash  blinding of light appeared



These two Divine  Bird like creatures hatched, they were at least ten ft tall glowing a brilliant icy blue light. It was an heavenly sight to watch  these birds flap their wings behind sephirim,there  wing span was about 7 to 8 ft, each time they flapped they're wings you felt a cold blow across your face. the creature resembled overgrown hawks enchanted with ice. The ice birds glanced at Ladydeath for a moment unil


The two birds darted up into the skies like to legendary mythical god creature,they spiraled around each other jetting towards the earths atmosphere leaving a cold Fog trailing behind them. when they finally reached the earths atmosphere they paused.


The birds began to Cycle around each other creating a blue light in the center of them. they span faster and faster,and the light grew and grew. they birds where spinining so fast that it  created a giant torrential tornado, when the tornado appeared the light started to spark.


A massive blizzard arose surprising throughout the meadow, the blizzard  consumed the skies with a white coat of frigidly cold snow. the temperature of the environment became an arctic white heaven. The surface of the floor was covered with snow at least 3 feet deep.


The one bird began to sore down From the earths  atmosphere piercing  through the thick blankets of snow blowing at them, the bird was when the bird reached 50 feet away from ground it went towards Ladydeaths direction, the bird began to adjust its claw like feet to prepare to pick up  Ladydeath from the ground below. the bird reached 15 ft ,it prepared swoop in and take ladydeath by the shoulders and take her into the sky

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Lady Death smiles watching her opponent fly across the grass.  She is much smaller than him in size and it is victorious to see one so mighty fall to her.  She is almost having fun with her prey.

"How dare You?! i am the son Of A king?Do you know That? Lead s vicious Maltia The Darkane Army ! and you treat me like a Infant? I will Carve my  name in you arm and feed your cadaver to the wolves of CRYSTAL  MOUNTAIN!!"

Son of a King or not you will fall to the embrace of Death.  Leader of an army...hmmm....I am ruler of Hell and it's army.  I dare not treat you like an infant for I know I can and will strike you down.  As for carving your name I think not. Your wolves are no match for what I have to offer.

Watching the energy blossom into creatures she has never seen before doesn't suprise her.  He is using magic which is right up her alley.  The birds emerge from the energy orbs and rise to the air.  One races to catch her and Lady Death leaps to meet it grabbing its' leg and quickly climbing on it back.  She quickly sheaths her sword and her death touch goes into full effect.  She drains the beast of its energy as the bird falls too Earth she leaps off its back and lands gracefully in the grass.  She turns to watch the beast scream in pain its last death scream.

Looking to the air she watches for the other one as she takes a strike towards Sephirim knowing he is unarmed.  She doesn't draw her weapon.  Running at full pace , she slides a few feet before him to take out his knees with her feet,  and quickly flips to her feet.