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Albert is now sitting alone in a plastic seat while being self-confined in a dank apartment space. A building set for demolition in day to come, there is but no other furniture except a television set atop a cardboard box. His Mercy Sheridan mask gave no expressions, yet his eyes frantically agitate with unstoppable glee. Increasing the volume when the mother of Adam Jackson, a smart boy from 4C breaks down in tears as she pushes against the policemen. They held her back as she screamed profanities at God for taking away her only child, on Albert's lap is a lock of that child's hair. He took the time to scalp him before offing the runt with a scattershot.

Fox blames this on the muslims, while MSNBC puts the coverage on stricter gun control. CNN remains with the flow of the event as they go closer with the investigative team, the eyes of the cameras molest the damaged heart of the families as their grief are whore over to the collective masses. Their agony being immortalized in a series of pixels, yet in the internet he made several offensive 'memes' regarding one of the kids. Sally Carruthers, otherwise known as 'beehive' girl who was shot repeatedly as he held a honey jar in the cafetaria. GIF's and image macroes of beehive girl became viral to the detriment of her parent's dwindling mental condition. Good luck taking that off the internet.

Black Comedy at its finest, or lulz as they were to say it in this day and age.

The car is left at the scene of the crime, as he wore full body plastinate the only traces of bio residues left wil be that of an avid web-reporter, a two bit woman who seems to respond to Mercy's insightful expose on one of her blogs. She 'dissapeared' a while ago as her blog seems to stop with all its updates, a certain Catherine Wilkinson, valedictorian and studying off scholarship who one day may become somebody who will make changes in this world. Instead she changed a community, along with somebody's good image. Cartridge shells at the trunk and several other 'evidence' in the glove compartment. It was not death metal or even gangsta rap, it was Pop Music as in several CD's of Justin Bieber along with a wrapped up poster of Selena Gomez.

To make his fun last a while longer he sent 'photos' to the parents, all by mail and an anonymous pen handle. Sent from fresno, not all of the children are dead. But the ten children that are currently alive are not in a condition where they want to continue living. One such family had begun to organize a vigilante group dedicated to hunt down the shooter, this is sweet. Albert is a man of many vices, yet nothing is better than the act of denying one of righteous vengance. Plus death is an amazing motivator to create vigilante type heroes, as these parents will maybe become punishers of crime.

His plans were set with a trail, for a few perceptive people to follow. Watching the news he saw the same bumbling policemen, yet when the cameras pan across to see the faces of the enraged masses there was an individual doing something odd. Albert can see this where most others would see a blur, it was a man in disguise who mimed the events. He almost got the killing of the guard right, now things are getting interesting.

During the killing of Larry he did a deliberate mistake of machine accuracy, but when doing in the children he went extra sloppy. Going as far as overkill, he is amused at how the man would dance to his more unspeakable acts.

At the scene of the crime he also left a note, A3 paper smudged with lipstick

Mercy Sheridan, turn yourself in...

There are cutesy hearts adorned all over the words.

The internet cafe in san fransico shows several unusual fellows, an asian man dressed in fu-manchu, a caucasian man dressed like mister rogers ,a black man dressed as Sisqó, an indian man dressed as Dhalsim since there is a cosplay event nextdoor. All other visitors at those times were children playing a LAN game of TF2. The person that bought the headset from craiglist used the handle of 'curvygurl967'


Cont'd from the school shooting

Next up on Ithaca

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*gulp* This....is....0___0 Cool....Luckily...Stark is unaware that this is happening >_>...Naughty Bodyguard xD

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@nerx: Yeah let us have one stark at-a time >__>

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@nerx: Stark only has one brother for now <_<

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@anthony_stark: dun-dun-dun

[useful when the real stark does something bad, like a black sheep to take the blame :D]

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@nerx: @mercy_

Out of the countless families devastated by the senseless tragedy, a few were willing and able to sit down with Quintus still under the guise of a Federal Agent they opened up to him. Revealing how after the shooting they had received taunting letters naturally untraceable except for their point of origin, Fresno California. Approximately 192 miles away from the internet cafe in which the video headset had been purchased off Craigslist. It wasn't much of a lead but it would have to do.

Parked outside the cafe in a late 90's model Pontiac, the diligent Knightfall watched as patrons came and went. The convention next door making it all but impossible to identify anyone by conventional means minus one. Her movements and body language were as uniquely identifiable as a finger print to Quintus' photographic abilities. What are you up to Ms. Sheridan." her own investigatory prowess having led her to the same dead end lead as the resurrected Knightfall, but perhaps she knew something he didnt. Or perhaps simply her presence would be enough to draw the madman out of hiding.

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@nerx: @quintus_knightfall:

It had been an ever-escalating situation over the past week. She had expected the government to come after her full-bore, not some psychopath so seemingly intent on luring her out. She'd never been one to let things sit, especially what was so obviously a bid for her attention. Under no illusions that if caught alone with whoever was behind this, things would not end well for her, Mercy had taken her own safety very importantly.

Her biggest commodity was that, as far as she knew, nobody knew her face. She could walk amidst the public and not be recognized. That did not prevent her from taking steps to further ensure her own security. The belted Maz Azria wool pea coat and the stylish fedora that sat atop her black hair were two simple clothing items, but ones that allowed her to obscure herself just enough to not be obvious.

Flat leather boots padded across the sidewalk as she entered the building. In the purse she was carrying was a specially developed tablet, one which could hack and trace signals. Casually looking from side to side as she entered, Mercy proceeded to the back corner table of the establishment and set up shop.

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@mercy_: (nice) I'll wait on Nerx

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At the scene of each crime, Aidan found himself similarly disgusted at what he saw. Conflicted feelings rushed over him, rage being the most prominent among them. But rage at whom? He hadn't an inkling of a clue who the murderer was or what he looked like. The United States government? Supposedly the land of the free and the home of the brave. But now, it seems freedom is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and those brave enough to challenge, as well as others not involved, are being punished for defending that freedom. Mercy Sheridan spoke out with evidence damning the president and a few others in questionable acts overseas, and while he'd been feeling inspired to take action to help, others were inspired to do just the opposite.

He gripped his camera tight, just barely restraining himself from crushing it. It felt wrong even thinking about taking pictures, emotional scars of those still living and related sure to be salted. But as with similar situations of the past, people needed to see. See exactly what their government allowed trying to get back at dissenters. Remorseless killers sent out, like trying to settle a petty grudge match. It was highly unlikely any reputable news sources would pay him for his work, or publish them at all, but in that case he would take to the internet.

Though not a journalist quality writer, he snapped pictures of the scenes, watching with pity as the police tried, in vain, to get a beat on the happenings. Following the initial blog, this would be the final galvanizing force. Rushing away from the scene, Aidan would run home to his grandparents' place, up to his room, where he would begin making his to-do list.

  1. Get the pictures, and maybe a few words up on yamblr.
  2. Spinning a largely intricate web, and sewing.
  3. Either find the killer, or
  4. Get to work trying to find the woman of the week: Mercy Sheridan.
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@mercy_: @quintus_knightfall:

Trauma is a good tool as shown by the soldiers in Congo who had used sexual harassment as a weapon of war, his method is less intimate but in such an asymetric way that it literally screws over with their way of life. But that is what makes a good news story, the formula of a tranquil town addled with drips of carnage. Paying kindness with bits of malice, a viper nestled on the farmer's chest.

Fresno California, a seemingly random location. However deeper research would point to the area of Catherine Wilkinson, a fan of Mercy Sheridan. She was about to turn 22 last month, but she never got a chance to blow out her candles, all she got is sleep. Resting, as she went out screaming to her bed.

The internet cafe is a unique place in itself as it hosts several annual FPS tournaments for the whole community to partake in, yet in every Halloween they switch to a play together of vintage macabre games. One such game was a 1981 classic 'Velvet Undergrind' unlike Mortal Kombat which got slapped with ESRB this game was banned into obscurity. It can be find in details under the Deep Web. A milk white cartridge, and a retro sticker with the abstract drawing of a woman outside. It is text based.

It was not much of a secret, however only 'regulars' will understand how to properly read it.

The Con was an open event where people come to play as their childhood memories, the initial camera shows a new footage. A native american dresed as Ming the Merciless with his black friend dressed as Flash Gordon.

He begins his move to Ithaca as his trail began to expand into multiple directions, he did not take the train. He did not take the car, he took commute. There was a chance that perceptive people are on his trail now, and if he is right then there will be something that is within his needs. Yet now he steers the SUV with a fruit knife leaning on a man's carotid.

He is lois, but he demands every living victim/survivor to address him by Mercy Sheridan. At times he thinks of avenging his partner, but then he decides to have fun at other's expense. He the good guy, right or wrong.

The idea of a black black ops party van was too much of a bore, the idea of a goose chase however was very amusing in its own way. A strong woman like her won't remain hidden in the cover of a confined location, and if she is then tracking will be easier.

She might bring reinforcements, an assumption taken from his experience in Iraq when he shot a reporter with an armed escort. It takes him fifteen minutes to botch an interview, yet five to die properly. He did not have a name, yet he did have accurate knowledge of her public works and what her real name is.

Albert i his salmon face, now he is simply known as Lois.

Which does not do anything to lull his sense of arrogance as he dresses up to 'feel' like a Mercy Sheridan. Women's underwear, kneesocks, garter belt and other articles of feminine accessories. He wore tampon as well, keeping a lock of Catherine so that he can sniff adoration of Mercy.

The man of the cafe register is Bob Benez, he always had a habit of chatting up with visitors. He can never be seen without a pack of cheetos, knowing full well that it would not be beneficial for his health.With his habit he approached the lady, and starts a simple conversation. His outward appearance might be off putting with unkempt hair and bad teeth yet he is a valuable source.

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@mercy_: Shouldering past the congestion of creatively attired conventioneers he quickly arrived in back standing over the secluded reporter. "May I?" rhetorically asking. Taking a seat across from her before she had a chance to respond. "Ms. Sheridan" removing his sunglasses as he proceeded. "You're risking an awful lot by exposing yourself like this. If I know who you are, and where, chances are this maniac does as well." showing moderate concern for her well being.

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@quintus_knightfall: Her physical reactions had been schooled from years of hiding boyfriends from an over-protective father involved with the government in some hush-hush capacity. The deep timbre of the voice addressing her as a name that had not been used since she posted the evidence on the internet took her by surprise - although only the incredibly astute would know that.

Not even deeming to look up from the tablet that was currently running a program that wormed and backhacked all suspect IP's, Mercy languidly took a sip of the foamy hot chocolate that sat by her elbow. "I'm sure you've got the wrong person."

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@mercy_: Without warning Quintus snatched the peerless reporters wrist flipping her hand over. Slight but visible indentations along her fingers from tirelessly hand writing articles as a way of honoring the vintage reporters that had proceeded her was a dead give away. Releasing her hand somewhat ashamed for having been so physically abrasive, he relaxed back in his seat. "I apologize, I shouldn't have done that, but we are running out of time." his Iphone suddenly vibrating in his jacket pocket. Shaking his head with obvious despair Mercy knew immediately what it meant. "Where?" she asked. "Fresno....come on, we need to go."

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@quintus_knightfall: "Grab me again, I'll break your fingers." Her voice was ice cold as her eyes tracked the program. The minute he said Fresno he had her captivated attention, as the program she was tracking had led back there. He wasn't an obvious enemy and at this point, that was good enough for her.

She moved fluidly, shuffling her purse over her shoulder as she strode out the door, knowing that her mysterious ally would follow shortly after, so as not to be conspicious. Immediately scanning the street out of a safety-induced paranoia, Mercy continued towards the vehicle that was clearly his; it was the most nondescript car in the lot. Standing outside the driver door, she feigned opening it with a key, waiting for him to arrive.

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@quintus_knightfall: thats for dark knight, I meant one for ya and mercy to continue the thrill :)

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@nerx: Nice. Once I finally post I'll jump us to Catherine Wilkinson's house. Then depending on what, or if, you've posted, I'll throw in some more.

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*picks up a cat and puts it in pin*

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