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School Shooter

He's been scouting this town in particular because the lack of metahuman activity within the scope of the area. Albert had even made friends with some of the people living there, attending family roasts and helping out in the community. Outreach programs and the like, Donner is viewed as that nice guy from out of town. But as he is a monster all of this would vanish sometime later, he will reveal his true character and turn their lives upside down. It is a question of when such an event will occur. After a certain somebody decided to play whistleblower the man-monster had decided that the perfect time is now.

The extend in which he had familiarize himself with this area speaks for itself, especially there was this public elementary school. He had talked to the principal about how children are the future of this nation, he picked up street children and paid for their tuition where they performed beyond their peers. It was wonderland when he was there, he was not a member of the faculty but teachers would not mind if he substituted for them. It was almost too good to be true, and in this case that will be reflected in years to come they were not far off from that assumption.

They called him Mister Smiles, because of how his radiant expression would fill the children with enthusiasm. Whenever the school lacked funding he would step in and help their small projects. Setting up events for Christmas. Once he was dressed as Black Pete while a local took the role of Santa Claus.

His gloved hands went over a file to review several pictures of the children, all whom he had known on a name basis as students. Some as friends as families are open to him, now he will know them as targets. Fodder to fill with bullets bought at the city mart, oh the irony.

He parked his car in front of P.S. 218, an elementary school in Maryland. Dressed in a drag to mock a certain reporter (@mercy_), showing his distaste after she had made fun of his Boss (@anthony_stark). He'd give her something fun to report about, something away from he international scene, a good old fashioned American domestic tragedy. He got out of the VW as his lipstick is still drying on his latex mask.

"Don't make fun of my boss," then he activates the head-mounted camera to record this event "my name is Mercy Sheridan. Down with USA!" a piece approximately the size of a Bluetooth device attached by a headband above the ear, streaming every time he makes contact with a person. At the end of the kill, the recording will be uploaded to a internet.

He began to mimic her article, paraphrasing her speech with his blend of macabre "So what is it that I want? I want people to know" slow steady steps towards the school grounds, a guard in front of him. One silenced handgun pulled out, Mozambique drill. Two in the heart, on in the head.

He looked forward to this day, when he would wear the skin of a woman. Plastination done to give it a more 'fake' look, he knows the schedules of every child in class 4-C. He reads to them in English class a month ago.

The camera was purposely shaken to give an extra oomph to the death of the security guard. Larry Knowles, 41 years old, divorced, reformed alcoholic. Albert helped rebuild this man's life in rehabilitation, then he taketh away.

With the gun still in his right hand he pulls the fire alarm, immediately the doors began to open as children escape to the doors. Albert is standing on the main exit, one such of the main doors that he had locked with a chain. Along with other 'key' exits, in terms of hope they still have the windows.

Pigtails, pink clothes, braces. He remembers her as the girl who puts the apple on the teachers desk, first one to enter the class and always the golden child. Shot. Screams began to gather around the hallway as her hair fell to the floor. Her blood made it into Albert's pearl earrings.

In the aftermath all weapons are exhausted, the last video-clip shows an entire school 'reunion' in the Gymnasium. The perpetrator is still at large, and she is dangerous.



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( woah nice! - @mercy_ Nerx is after you 0_0 )

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@nerx: I used your Armour btw , check my Dark Knight vs Stark fight. I used it as defense!

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@anthony_stark: First activation may incur immense hunger, you might want to bite him :)

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lol crazy

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@quintus_knightfall: If you think that's zany hop over to the LA branch of G&G

If the president damage starkey I might blow up the senate or shoot congress

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@nerx: Mad dogs need to be put down regardless of who their owners are.

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@quintus_knightfall: Ain't a mad dog up in here, just a concerned citizen with a different set of values

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@nerx: Jus cause you pour syrup on sh!t dont make em pancakes

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Swiftly stepping underneath the plastic yellow police tape inconspicuously sliding past the various law enforcement agencies still on scene, Quintus made his way inside the now infamous elementary school. P.S. 218. The media had descended upon the community who's tragic tale was only the latest in a long line of unspeakable carnage. Their pain and suffering shared by the nation. Dressed in traditional ERT (evidence response team) attire, straight leg Theory Cody khakis and dark blue nylon FBI field jacket, the copy-cating Knightfall utilized his peerless mimicking abilities to mirror even the smallest FBI procedures. His photographic memory replaying the video streamed tragedy over and over again allowing him to walk through the scene as witnessed on youtube. Starting back before entering the building as he imitated the shooting of forty-one year old Larry Knowles, two to the heart one to the head. Precision shoots, a clear indication that the perpetrator was an experienced marksmen. Every impersonated step painting a vivid profile of the monster responsible. From the weapons having been stolen from the towns own police station, the unique video headset having been purchased off Craigslist from an internet cafe across the country in San-Fransisco, to the bogus Disney clips on youtube which were sadistically cut to include pieces of the shooting, to the Buffalo Bill style drag comparing, it was clear the shooter was a methodical blend of horror and genius unlike anything the authorities had ever dealt with.

<But if I track him down its a Black Bag party for his ass>

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You plan on having it revealed that this was not actually Mercy...right? O_o

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<But if I track him down its a Black Bag party for his ass>

me rikey, will set up another post so we can play detective cat and mouse


Well nobody would be dumb enough to believe it is you, Its not like they know you face fight? did she post her face in yamblr?