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Au Cheval was widely regarded as one of the best burger joints in Chicago. It was always busy, and better yet it was only a few blocks from the pier, and some of the best shopping and attractions in the city. A few tourists had complained that the portions were actually too big for them to finish alone. Alex didn't know if this was really the case. He didn't actually go into the restaurant. That would cost money. He was crouched next to the dumpster outside looking for scraps, of which there were mercifully many.

Too much food? Blasphemy. These people clearly didn't know how to eat. Two weeks on caribou and a can of beans would teach them. He was still disappointed that he couldn't keep the antlers.

The sound of an explosion from a few blocks away pulled his attention from the quarter of a buffalo burger he had in hand. He vaulted over the edge of the dumpster, dusted down his dirty clothes, and peaked around the corner of the alley. in the direction it had come from. A deep orange glow like the sunset filled the streets for a few seconds, and his ears picked up someone yelling over the din. They weren't happy. Alex pulled the hood on his jacket up over his scruffy black hair and started off towards the sound at a run. He passed a few people along the way, but most of them were either frozen to the spot or running in the other direction and didn't notice the man with inhuman speed.

It didn't take long for the source of the blast to come into view; twelve humanoid animal men in intricate armour, all armed with some kind of weapon stood in front of a group of terrified people at the metro station. The one who was speaking was blindfolded and held a set of scales in one hand and a hammer in the other. A lizard-like tale hung down from her robes to the pavement. "People of this corrupt Metropolis! We are the Lords of the Zodiac, and we have come to cleanse the vermin and filth that plague this world! I am Libra the Drake, and I dispense judgment to the wicked!" The war hammer in her hand began to glow orange as she raised it up over her head. Uh oh. Alex sprinted towards the crowd screaming.

"Everyone run! Now! Move!" He bulled his way through them as Libra was about to bring her hammer down. He began transforming into his beast form; his muscles bulged and twisted and his clothes ripped as he threw his arm up to catch the hammer. The wooden haft hit him just below the glowing steel head and a wave of energy shot out in all directions. The force of the blow shattered his forearm and brought him to his knees. He screamed.

Through the tears in his eyes he could see that the people were running. Good. There were sirens nearby. Or were his ears just ringing? And the Lords of the Zodiac were closing in on him. Less good.

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@ferro_vida: So, lunch and a business deal wasn't all that was happening this fine Saturday. In fact, Shandian was going to make a good 20 million dollars just off of some weapons he had made. But no- there was always a freak show wanting attention. After apologizing to his associate and running off to the scene of the battle he charged up so he could save a civilian about to get pummeled by the- what was it, 'Lords of the Zodiac?' Crazy.

Suddenly a blue bolt of light zoomed in front of Alex. "You look like a nice guy. So run." Doctor Edward John Shandian said as he stood between him and the Lords of the Zodiac, lightning making a neat aura around him. "I only have 10 minutes in this state, Zodiacs, so make it quick." He narrowed his glowing, no, sparking blue eyes at them as he cracked his neck.

Obviously the good doctor had been hasty with getting there. He wore a torn blue tuxedo that probably cost a lot of money, and his leather, skintight suit was visible underneath. He had black hair that was somewhat long- it flowed in the wind wildly, and his glasses had shattered when he powered up like this. Quickly he looked at each one- he couldn't take them all. With luck he would be able to run and carry this person away, but he only had 9.46 minutes left. Licking his lips Shandian worriedly looked for someone to help, not wanting to fight 12 beings alone.

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@dr_shandian: There was a blue flash all around him and all of a sudden Alex was looking at the ass of some businessman. Who was this guy? "Nice?... Yeah, nice." Electricity seemed to crackle off of this stranger. Alex used his good arm to push himself to his feet, then stepped up next to Shandian. His transformation into his wolf form completed as he did. He looked at Shandian out of the corner of his eye. His left arm still hung limply at his side, but it would heal more quickly now. "Need a hand, chief?" He growled.

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@ferro_vida, @dr_shandian:

Ian waded through panicking people as they ran and screamed passed him. The sound of an explosion caught his attention and when he decided to investigate the source he saw twelve humanoid animal men near the entrance to a metro station.

Ian pressed forward but struggled to observe the situation properly due to everyone's confusion. Some were either running away or stood as still as statues. Over the sound of terrified people, Ian heard Libra the Drake as she addressed herself. Ian watched as the scaly beast lifted up her hammer as it glowed orange but his attention was quickly drawn towards someone else who soon appeared, transforming into a beast-form as he caught the hammer as it came down with force. Ian witnessed the wave of energy that emitted from the collision and spread in all directions. Ian momentarily lost his vision.

The next thing Ian saw was a blue flash of light, they appeared to be of electricity. A man in a suit soon stopped next to Alex. Now, being able to see the whole situation, Ian concluded that they were completely outmatched and outnumbered and he had to help, but knew that he was not strong enough to hold himself in a fight. He would have to assist them.

As many more civilians disappeared from the area, Ian was left walking closer towards Alex and Shandian, but his attention remained fixed on the twelve beasts. 'I think we might need more…' He uttered, in response to Alex's question.

Ian wanted to say something to Libra the Drake. To try and reason with her and the rest of them, but nothing came to him. His mind was blank. He felt unsure about the situation he was in. He could not think of anything to say but hoped they would not be impossible to reason with.

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@ian_idyll: @ferro_vida: "Oh great, 4 for each of us. Starting to love these odds." Shandian muttered as he viewed the people who had stood to help him. Inhaling sharply, Shandian fired a great bolt of lightning at the nearest Zodiac- most likely Libra the Drake. The blast hardly hurt him, due to his leather power suit underneath, nicknamed, 'the Skin.' But still, he didn't know if he'd have enough energy to finish this fight.

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@ferro_vida: @ian_idyll: @dr_shandian:

Bjorn wolfed down a double bacon cheeseburger, and shoved fries hand over fist in his mouth. He appeared like a savage to the many diners of the well-known burger joint known as Au Cheval. It was the first "real" food he had eaten in months, and he was beyond grateful for it. The diners inside the restaurant continued to stare at Bjorn Hansen as he stuffed himself, but yet they were blind to what he actually was. Only a few months prior, Bjorn's other half, Ajax had come back to earth and ravaged Washington DC and the world if he had a chance.

But now here he was, in the presence of the humans that hated him, and they were all but invisible to him. Suddenly, what initially seemed like an earthquake shuddered the restaurant. Several pieces of cutlery and plates fell from their tables, clattering and breaking against the floor. Everybody remained silent; Bjorn raised himself from his seat and walked to the nearest window, looking out to see what was happening. "What the hell was that he said?" As he finished his sentence, he could see smoke rising just a short distance away.

This could be his chance for redemption, or at least a step in the right direction, he had to act and prove not only to everybody on earth that he wasn't an uncontrollable danger, but he had to prove it to himself as well.

Quickly, Bjorn raced out through the door and down the street. He rounded a corner and was halted in his tracks; leaning back slightly as he was taken back by the sight he witnessed. Twelve humanoid animal men, all wearing intricate armour and wielding various types of weapons. He hesitated for a minute, afraid to change in to the might Ajax...but it was different now, he controlled it now, he understood it as a scientist and that allowed him control.

He began the transformation, his carbon atoms instantly exchanging for silicon atoms to alter his entire structure, both inside and out to something much more capable than any carbon organism. His bulk began ripping through his clothes, until there was nothing left but a pair of ripped up pants which now were more like tight shorts. He straightened his spine, now standing at much taller height; his body now a living geometric prism of perfection. Bjorn Hansen was now Ajax once more.

Ajax gazed ahead, seeing three men attempting to ward off the attackers - they must be heroes. Ajax sprinted, showing amazing speed and agility for his size as he moved to the three men. As he reached them, hoping not to scare them, he spoke, "Need a hand guys?"

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@ian_idyll: @dr_shandian: @ferro_vida:@_ajax_

It was a nice day out in the city of Chicago but in a world like the one the Sawyer's is in it would not last long.He got out of the Chicago Public library seeing having a peaceful time reading what books he could read although he read some stuff from before ,he still enjoy the time.Wearing a trench coat to cover himself of the robotics parts that may show and to blend in with the crowd.

The on wearing an eye patch over his missing eye to look normal in the time being but the sounds of explosion nearby coming from in front made the cybernetic swordsmen jump into action.While running towards the area of impact he pulled off the coat which reveal his robotic body and pulled out the sword handle from his right arm and extend to it's full length.

Between him and the crowds which were in chaos and running away from the problem he was going towards it.Sawyer was trying to get thought the crowd but it was making a hard time trying to get there .

When he got to the area he saw what looks like other people showing up that were facing ten strange looking creatures .In his mind he figure out that these creatures were the source of the attack , with sword in hand he walked next to the biggest guy wanted to help ."Looks like you guys needs some help." walking right next to the big guy.

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@ian_idyll: @dr_shandian: @_ajax_: @shadowswordmaster: @ferro_vida: Samson was making a trek through Chicago in search of a certain herb shop which carried the herb he needed when all of the sudden as he was walking through the the city the area in front of him exploded he shielded himself from the debris and as the fallout from the blast died down he made his way toward the source of the disturbance .

And as he did a man animal hybrid dressed like a gladiator appeared , the warrior began to stare Samson down, he heard other's begin to gather but neither he or the warrior took their eye's off each other perhaps they could sense a mutual love for battle in one another either way it was clear the two of them wanted to test the other's strength "What is you name I am Samson the dragon's fury "

The gladiator smirked for a moment before taking a stance "I am Liger Maximus i consider it a courtesy to tell a man my name before i kill him now then let's hope you last more then a few seconds "And with that Liger charged toward Samson brandishing his gladius not yet bothering to take out his shield yet he sliced at Samson the blade heading straight for his neck.

The blade pierced the air around Samson but failed to connect Samson did not give Liger time to attack again and launched himself at Liger he brought his knee up quickly toward's Liger's chin but it was a fake out in almost the same movement he went down for a sweeping kick one that Liger promptly dodged by jumping over it he then brought his blade down towards Samson's chest .

Samson grabbed Liger's wrist and jerked up throwing Liger over his shoulder although the gladiator landed on his feet and grabbed Samson's wrist and proceeded to hurl him over his shoulder farther then Samson had although he too landed on his feet albeit he slid back a little from the momentum.

The two warrior's looked at each other and rune's began to appear on Samson's body as Liger pulled out his shield it was apparent that both of them were no longer gonna hold back now that they had gauged each other's worthiness .And almost as if a starting pistol went off they charged each other begining round two both of them eager to tear the other limb from limb

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@ian_idyll: @dr_shandian: @_ajax_: @shadowswordmaster: @ownagepants:

Alex only recognized one of the men who stood with him; the news called Ajax a carbon monster after his attack in DC. He wasn't the only one here that was called a monster, though.

Libra held her scale up in front of her and tilted her head to the side. Through her reptilian features she looked almost disappointed. The scales shifted as if a weight had been added to the left side and a light like the sun burst forth from them. Alex's enhanced senses let him process the attack inhumanly fast. "Duck!" He tried to warn the others as the flared scorched his eyes. He screamed, but the sound was strangled when something solid and wooden struck him in the throat with immense force. He fell back, coughing and sputtering for breathe. His hind claws dug into the pavement to help him keep his footing.

Alex could feel his eyes bleeding from the sun blast. The beast in him let him cope with the pain, but only barely. A scent was approaching him. Taurus aimed a skull-splitting blow with his staff right between Alex's eyes. He threw his good arm up at an angle and managed to parry the blow. The haft of the bo splintered the ground where it struck. Alex's right arm stung from the blow, but by reflex it lashed out at Taurus' scent. There was a cry of pain and he could feel his claws tearing meat. It was only a flesh wound. It was a start.

Taurus righted his staff and triangle-stepped around Alex. He aimed a flurry of quick jabs at the lycans torso. Alex shifted so that his injured arm would act as a meat shield and absorb the assault. Pain would turn to numbness. He just needed an opening to counter. The staff glanced wide off of Alex's bicep. There! Alex rushed forward to get in measure with the Lord. He had to take away the monkey's mobility if he wanted to survive.

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@ferro_vida, @ownagepants, @dr_shandian:

Ian quickly noted that two members on his side already engaged in fighting. Ian desperately tried to think of a military tactic to use to outsmart the enemy- after concluding that the twelve beasts were not going to settle down peacefully- but nowhere in history, to Ian's knowledge, had there ever been a battle or fight similar to their situation. Ian recognised that there were six of them, which meant two beasts for each, but fully acknowledge that they were much stronger opponents. He had to try and assist his allies in defeating several beasts in one go.

Ian saw how the Taurus relied on his staff for attacks as he jabbed at Alex. Ian teleported above Taurus, noting how massive he was in comparison to him, and grabbed his staff to then teleport away again, with the staff. Ian hoped that the sudden disappearance of Taurus' staff would have distracted him enough for Alex to attack the opening counter with much greater ease.

Ian had also noticed Samson fighting the Liger, and once he teleported away from Taurus- hopefully with the staff- he would telefragged/teleported the staff through Liger's chest, where his heart would be, as Liger charged towards Samson.

If both attacks succeeded, Ian would teleport back to where Shandian stood, where he was before he engaged.

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@ian_idyll: @ferro_vida:


The sounds of Dresden moving around the room slowly wake Daemon from his slumber, Reaver laying next to him sound asleep. He glares at her in envy, slowly standing from the bed and walking over to the wall. It quickly collapses and window is replaced, Nerdal working almost instinctively with Daemons thoughts. As Daemon looks into the jungle outside his window a very loud ringing begins in his ears, trying to shake it off he makes his way towards the child only to fall to his knees as something overcomes his senses. Very familiar senses and smells fill his mind, the memories of an old friend fill every thought. It was Alex, someone he hadn't heard of or seen since he became Daemon Matthius.

He had tried to throw away that part of his life, and move on but somehow his past always continued to return to him no matter what he tried to do. He knew exactly what was happening, months ago he had saved Alex life. Bringing him from death herself and back into the world of the living. An act the demon inside him wished he hadnt performed, but deep down Alex was one of the few people from his past he wished he could have back. He and Zoe both were two people closer to him than anyone, even closer than Noir ever had been. Gritting his teeth and pushing the pain down deep inside his subconcious, he got to his feet and looked down. Dresden was playing with his new creature. The two were wrestling on the floor and popping in an out of reality as they teleported, smiling to him he patted the young child on his head "You get bored, wake Mommy Dearest." Dresden giggled hard before returning to playing with the creature.

The Demon inside him protested against what he had planned "Be quiet, I dont care if its against my principals. Maybe if we succeed we can use him. If you so wish to protest further you can go away for a few hours." The demon quieted inside his mind as Daemon disappeared into a cloud of insects. Appearing out of the fray behind Alex, he watched as Alex moved using what looked to be a broken arm as a shield. Next to him the man who had helped momentarily with Dresden both fought off a few of these villains bouncing around blowing sh!t up. Raising his hand a ball of dark energy formed in his palm "Alex...Duck!" firing the ball of energy it slammed into the one known as Taurus scorching his chest, and allowing Alex further ability to take the man out. Daemon rushed forward watching as the others were fighting them as well, he moved closer to Alex and with a mocking tone "So which one is the boss here, I dont follow all the inner workings of fools pretending to be villains. I am evil, but not a great multitasker.." Smiling to Alex as he formed a shield out of the exoskeleton and held it out in front of him "I have been in the mood to punch something today, so old friend which one needs to be punched the most?"

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@ferro_vida: @darkchild:

Why does it always have to be cold near the ocean? I mean, I completely understand why it's cold. I'm an amnesiac not a fool. It's just that such beautiful views hold the most terrible atmospheres.

As if almost on cue, loud explosions and cries and wailing were heard closer to the center of the city then to the actual pier, but John let out a pessimistic sigh as he knew what he had pledged to do. His ebony shirt gleamed a crimson S as his eyes became consumed by red sparks.

Time for this city to experience the assistance of Crimson S!

He sprinted at supernatural speeds to the source of the blitzkrieg and witnessed the destructive encounter between two different sides. "You!" He shouted as he made his stop to the combat zone, singling out one combatant out of all the rest. "I know you! This chaos must be by your insect loving hand without a doubt!" He continued to howl at who was famous for being a leader of one of the most diabolic and monstrous group of war mongers that had come to be recognized in the modern world. "Daemon of the Vine Villains. What have you done?!"

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@ownagepants: @darkchild: @ferro_vida: @ian_idyll: @john_steel:

The situation was heating when he arrived but now it kick up a level with more coming to help but by the looks of it they seemed to be fighting each other then fighting the real threat here.The arrival of the new people seem to be a good sign but when he heard something about daemon of the vine villains coming from the man with the crimson S on him.

This was not his problem but the ten strange looking creatures calling themselves Lords of Zodiac .He stared at the Dragon looking one before using his cybernetic speed in this robotic legs to give him enough speed that not even the human eye could see him.Sawyer in his mind knew that he had to stop these monster from harming any more innocent lives .

In this high speed attack he planned to use his adamatium sword in his left hand to cut the scales that belong to the Lord of Zodiac calling itself Libra the Drake.He plan to use his sword to cut the Drake at least two time make a x slash in the scales if the blade can even cut the scales of the Zodiac.

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@ferro_vida: @john_steel: As Daemon waited for Alex to see him and recognize his voice, he had allowed for a slight change in his voice so that Gio could be recognized underneath the bug. Daemon charged his fist and thrust it forward a blast of concussive force slammed into one of the Zodiacs. He hadnt cared who they were, only for his once close friend. Turning to his name being called he looked the man up an down chuckling "Alright S, calm down a moment please. These men have no finesse and therefore are not one of mine, you need not worry. So far this city has proved helpful in showing me people able to reach my paradise..." As he spoke a large man came up from his left side swinging a long tail. Slamming into Daemons side he was tossed into a nearby cafe, the window shatters and he slides into table after table before he stops against the pop machine. Pop pouring onto him he stands and shakes all the sticky soda off his arm, glaring at the man "Mistake bug boy, let me show you how to use power." Turning into an insect himself he transformed his backside into a long scorpion tail like his attacker.

Leaping from the cafe and dodging bystanders he leaped onto the Zodiac known as Scorpio plunging his tail into the mans shoulder and tossing him. Scorpio landed perfectly before he hit the ground, standing quickly he barked something but Daemon ignored it looking to the man accusing him "Well come on, I dont want to have all the fun. Flank em.." With that Daemon released a wave of energy that burned everything it hit, hoping it would vaporize the Zodiac Scorpio.

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@shadowswordmaster: @john_steel: @darkchild: @ian_idyll:

Alex braced for another bone-shattering blow from Taurus, but the blow never came. Taurus seemed as surprised as Alex was. The flow of his attack was thrown. A familiar voice boomed from behind him. Alex froze up. It was Gio. He had survived the battle. The crackle of raw energy from his friend's attack galvanized him into action. He dropped to the pavement just as the orb of raw power exploded through the space he had resided. He heard the sound of Taurus' shriek trailing off as the blast collided and he was knocked away; it sounded like his very soul was being scorched by fire.

With his good arm Alex pushed himself up. His vision was slowly starting to return beyond simple shapes and colours. His shirt and jacket had all but fallen off, and his dirty jeans had been shredded. And then there was his friend. His only friend. He had survived. Alex knew it. It had to take more than a ninja army to kill Gio. It had nearly killed Alex, though. There was burning, ripping, indescribable pain, then nothing. And then there was Gio. The man had brought him back to life. And he owed his friend twice over.

And now someone was threatening his friend.

"Touch him and I'll tear your arm from it's socket," he growled at the newcomer with the S emblazoned on his shirt. No. There would be time for that after. Finish Taurus while he's prone. Alex turned and, tucking his broken arm into his chest, lurched into a sprint. The bull-monkey was still stunned from Gio's blast. Alex pounced and his fangs ripped into Taurus' neck just above his breastplate. Alex wrenched his head to the side. There was a snap and Taurus' body convulsed and went limp. One down.

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@ferro_vida: Smiling as the wave of energy vaporized the Zodiac Scorpio, he had unleashed an intense blast of energy. The wave washed over Scorpio and turned him into nothing but a pile of Ash. Hearing the sound that was like music to his ears he turned to Alex, as the wolf man looked up blood covering his face. They had something special it seemed, even though he had hated all within or even remotely related to We Are Legend. Something was different between him and Alex, he had brought the man back from the land of the dead. An thus he was connected to him, something that no one else could show or give him. A connection that it seemed stretched the entire globe. The blood covered fur shined as the moonlight beamed down on him, Daemon smiled to Alex "Looks like we both took down an idiot tonight. How about we see who can take down the most no?"

As he surveys the area a Goat lines in his sight, smiling to Alex "I got the goat..." Daemon rushes the Zodiac and slaps the ground in front of him as he attempts to flip over the man. The slap sends energy through the concrete and erupts in an explosion, that hopefully would distract the Zodiac...it does not. As Daemon finishes his flip over the Zodiac he is hit square in the jaw with the butt of a weapon, a weapon he has seen many times in movies. But never thought the force of such a weapon could break his jaw in one hit, he doubled back flipping head over foot into a nearby car. Before he could counter and lash out with his own attack, a torrent of water slams into him peeling away skin as it hits him. Launching him further back and through the car splitting it in two, he topples over and into a nearby building.

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@darkchild: "Gio!" Alex dropped the dead weight clenched in his jaws and began sprinting towards his friend and the jet of water. A rifle cracked and a bullet passed through his body from his right shoulder. He spun forward and skidded across the pavement for a few yards before stabilizing himself with his claws. Another bullet ripped through him, this one hitting him in the abdomen. His blood squirted upon the ground and his legs began to tremble from strain. Capricorn had the sight of his rifle held to his eye. His canine lips were pursed into a thin smile and he shook his head gently.

The armoured boar charged and every step it took caused the ground to shake. Alex side-stepped it, but one of it's flailing claws clipped him and knocked him back. It was like being hit by a truck. Cancer skidded to a halt and squealed like a massive hog and Capricorn was lazily lining up another shot from his position across the street..Alex threw himself at the boar so that the mountainous beast was between him and the sniper.

Cancer's claws whipped around, snapping wildly for the Lycan's body, but he managed to get inside of their measure. Alex dug his nails beneath the plates that covered Cancer's cheeks and pulled to the right.Cancer shrieked in pain and began running again. Alex steered it by dragging his claws. He kept the boar between himself and Capricorn and aimed the behemoth that he rode at Aquarius.

The aquakinetic cried out in surprise and stopped it's assault to scramble out of the way and the boar kept going at full speed towards the river. Alex released his grip and jumped off as Cancer reached the docks. The armoured boar cried out once more as it hit the wooden planks and crashed through them into the water below.

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The last thing Sawyer remember was a flash of light before flying into the store nearby.He survive the hit and the crash but he had moment before he realize what was going.Slowly and careful watch his surroundings .He saw that the fight is still going but a few of the Zodiacs are still up and causing problems.

He saw people fighting the other Zodiacs and decide to go after the one firing the sniper at the feral looking man.

Using his inhuman speed that his cybernetic legs gave him.He planned to charge Capricorn with his blade pointing right at the beast chest.He was going to aim for the arms and the chest of the beast hoping he would stop it or get it's attention.Using his adamantium blade to slash at Capricorn at least five times to stop or help in stopping it.

He moved fast enough that no human can catch him , making sure that he jump over some of the mess that was still left behind from the attack but when came near Capricorn to attempt to slash at it the beast turn to his direction and firing at him with pin point accuracy even with Sawyer going as fast as he is.He got by one of the bullet in the arm but his adamantium shell kept him safe but he need to be careful now. He was slower now and more focus on dodging the bullets then getting to the beast but each shot was barely missing him or hitting the admanatium shell .He was able to deflect a bullet from his sword that was coming for his head but at this point the shots were getting closer to his head.

Then he heard a clicking sound coming from the the rifle that Capricorn was using. This was his chance to go on the offensive.At the moment when the rifle was empty Sawyer was about ten yards from Capricorn.He ran as fast as he could keep a good eye on his target by using his agility to make his but when got close enough to use sword Capricorn had put another clip already and instead of firing he use the butt of the rifle to hit Sawyer in the head to knock him out but the Cyborg even with his one eye was saw what was he was moved his head one inch to the left with the butt barely missing his head.When the butt of the gun dodged Sawyer adamantium sword cut the gun in half and cut little part of the left arm of Capricorn .Then a right fist came right at Sawyer and hitting right of the head making the Cyborg blink for a second.The he notice the he was able to disable the left arm but the right arm was still in full strength .

Capricorn the charged right at Sawyer with goat horn head straight for him.Sawyer then charged right at the Capricorn but instead of using his he use his right fist to punch right between the boat horns.The horns didn't reached the cyborg but the fist of the cyborg did hit the goat headed beast right between the horns knocking out Capricorn for now at least.The punch was strong enough to knock out a bull and hoping ending the fight.

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@shadowswordmaster: @ferro_vida: Hearing Alex cry out to him, made him chuckle "Still calling me Gio? Got to fix that." He thought as the boar slammed past. Aquarius leaping backwards to avoid the bumbling idiot, who swiftly took a dip in the drink nearby. Not wanting to feel the water torrent again Daemon charged, forming a long spear out of the insects all around him. They formed together amassing in a five foot long spear, spinning the spear between his fingers before letting it stop and gripping the middle he smiled holding it behind him as he charged the beast. Swinging hard against the Zodiacs side, he heard the crushing sound of bones breaking the instant the harder than steel midsection of the spear clapped against his armor. The force of the blow pushing through its armor and into the skin, using his momentum he leaped over Aquarius and then thrust the spear forward towards his shoulders.

Four swift movements and the armor that was strapped to the Zodiac was now on the ground at his feet. Smiling like a kid in the candy store Daemon mocked "Caught you with your knickers down?" Out of the corner of his eye he can see Alex and the Cyborg have Capricorn in hand. Daemon gestures with a over turned hand for Aquarius to attack, and the beast man does just that casting a wave of torrents towards Daemon. Who speeds away just as the torrents tear through a car, slicing it in half with its power. As he moves around to flank him the river swallows Daemon as a large arm bursts from the nearby river. Daemon wades in the arm swallows him, pulling him deeper and deeper closer to the bottom. Struggling for a moment Daemon dissipates entirely into a swarm of water bugs, floating up to the surface in air bubbles. Reforming bit by bit as he moves towards land and leaping back he smiles to the Zodiac "Really do hope the rest of your kind has more fun than you water boy..." Disappearing quickly he reappears behind Aquarius with the spearhead in hand and thrusting it up into his back. The Zodiac screams in agony and attempts to remove the spearhead, his arms flailing at it but its just out of reach. Daemon leaves the Zodiac to either die or retrieve the spearhead, leaping into the fray with Alex. Appearing beside Alex "Billy Goat Gruff taken care of already? Was in the mood for something more fun.."